The Delay Of Haruhi Suzumiya’s PS3 / PSP Game

By Spencer . March 8, 2011 . 11:42pm

imageClose to the eleventh hour, Namco Bandai pushed The Reminiscences of Haruhi Suzumiya back from March 25 to May 12. Why? To have increase the quality of the game for customers.


The Reminiscences of Haruhi Suzumiya takes place right after the movie The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya at the Kita High School Festival… but the SOS Brigade doesn’t exist because you’re in a parallel universe.


Namco Bandai developed The Reminiscences of Haruhi Suzumiya for PSP and PlayStation 3. Aside from more voice acting and sharper graphics on PS3, it’s the same game. You can even transfer save data from a PS3 to PSP so you can continue the story on your daily commute. If you missed it before, here’s a trailer for Haruhi’s upcoming work.

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  • M’iau M’iaut

    Hey parallel universes in Haruhi. I’m glad they are trying out some new ideas! Maybe they are holding back this game so they can bring out 2-3 sequels in quick succession where the gang is in a time loop in said alternate universe.

    • I don’t think I could handle the seven other sequels of that time loop…

    • doomspeller10

      The gang in a time loop but no Lavos? Do not want.

    • Ren

      They are holding back to coincide near the release of the 4 years awaited 10th and 11th novels on May 25th.

  • nyoron

    I’m sure it’s because the long, long, long awaited 10th volume comes out on 5/25. Releasing them closer together makes a better promotional tie-in.

  • kroufonz

    in my dream they delayed this to add english subtitle option, and prepared a package containing the disappearance movie and The Reminiscence game, for overseas release :P

    i am quite interested with this game since namco bandai recently manage to produce some nice visual novel based on anime like TORADORA portable, OREIMO Portable (oreimo even manage to get more than 100k sales in two weeks, which is very good sales for visual novel)

    warning*may contain spoiler*

    if this take place in the parallel universe shouldn’t this game started in the middle of the movie not after the end of the movie???, unless this game is using scenario where kyon choose to stay in the parallel universe (where long haired haruhi and extremely moe nagato exist)

    *spoiler end*

    • *spoiler*

      It must be in the middle of the movie, it wouldnt make sense that is in the end, since at the end of the movie everything goes back to normal… Ummm… what i wonder is… will this really have different endings or something…? Somehow i dont see that attracting on a haruhi game, at least in a game where i know there is still much more to see from the novel… And the ending Kyon did was pretty epic xD, i wouldnt want to change that.
      Also, the fact that there is a movie for this story is also kinda a let down… It would had been better if they release the movie after the game

  • So the game basically is a “what if Kyon typed in no in the movie” scenario?

    If it means more insanely adorable Yuki, I’d play this.

    • What I’m worried the most is about the lenght of the game… I mean, if it starts in the middle of the movie… i can’t imagine a normal lenght game… even if they add some things… ahhh, i dunno, will it just be the movie scenario with different endings…?

      I wouldnt mind an ending with the long haired haruhi…. but ahh, is weird xD i have mixed feelings about this game

  • Guest

    Is there a franchise managed worse than Haruhi?

    • Cloud_ST

      Lol yeah,I seriously can’t look at anything Haruhi-related with good expectations after the endless fiasco.

      • I found that more funny than anything xD. But you should watch the movie, is full of epicness and the reason why i loved the first season appeared again in my eyes.

        • Cloud_ST

          Well I haven’t seen anything Haruhi since finishing the 2nd season but I’ll try to watch it later,I don’t have great expectations though xD.

          • Don’t worry haha, i lost some of my interest with season 2, but the movie just made my interest meter go up again D:

    • Seriously… But at least the movie was pretty epic x-x

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I’d say it’s either the same thing that happens with endless sequels in the west (i.e. RE movies) where for some damn reason enough folks buy so the creators don’t care what they put out or the creators came up with some amazing initial concepts but then the well ran completely dry.

      Or perhaps it is realized the franchise is at the point they need to explain what’s ‘really going on’ but someones worried a change for the dramatic will take away from dancing criminals and whatnot.

      • Worst part is that they already have the story written on novels, so is not like, they have to think what to do that much… I imagine it’s about to end soon? O-o The novels?

        • Ren

          The worse part is that the novels have been in hiatus for 4 years. The damned tenth one finnaly has a release date. And the story on the novels is already kinda far from what the anime has showed. Just look at the difference on the release dates of the 9th and 10th novels

          • Rofl, well, the author really complicated everything when he started to make 2 different stories at the same time for kyon -.-

  • -sigh- I wish this makes it way to English someday, somehow. To think this is an official story and I’m gonna miss it because it’s a VN and has no chance of making it here.. :( The publishers of the Anime here should try to get this or something I dunno someone do something!!!

  • Guest

    will there be a shower scene?

  • renkun67

    I see what ya did tharrrrrrrrrrr….

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