More Marineford Characters Join One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP

By Spencer . March 14, 2011 . 10:15am

onep3dsOne Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP has both episodes of the Wii game plus a made-for-3DS Marineford mode. This extra episode follows Luffy and crew as they rescue Portags D. Ace. Shonen Jump announced Marco and Jozu are new playable characters for this arc.


This commercial has a glimpse of Marineford mode.



One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP also has a boss rush mode to play after you clear the game. Luffy’s latest adventure arrives in stores on April 7.

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  • The aspect ratio of the cutscene in the game is widescreen even on the 3DS’s large screen? I guess thats odd, though it looks so awesome. They need to announce this here in the US too, I would love to finally play a One Piece game. Only isshu with Marineford is that Zoro x Sanji werent present at all. Oh well game looks awesome though.

    • ToSeektheChosen

      Zoro and Sanji couldn’t have been in Marineford. It wouldn’t make any sense, story-wise. Kuma used his powers to transport them to different islands/continents around the world.

  • Guest

    Bring to U.S.

  • [Insert whatever Tsuna would usually say when it comes to Naurto but instead replace it with One Piece content]

  • joesz

    Yay!~ Denaburu!

  • karasuKumo

    The graphics are really impressive! I haven’t watched past episode 10 of OP so I don’t have a clue what’s going on lol but it looks seriously badass.

    • Hahaha, you have a long way to go xD, but it gets a lot better

  • Arcm

    I finally decided to give nintendo another chance by preordering a 3DS so I hope this comes to the US since nintendo had to be a dick and region lock the system… I’m still grieving the loss don’t mind me

  • All over that!

  • Ahhhh i wonder if this would come to the US T_T

    • ToSeektheChosen

      I wish it did too, but here in the U.S, One Piece isin’t that well know, and not that popular.

      • Testsubject909

        Blame 4Kids for that. “Let’s take this mature minded anime series that displays a jokeful and jovial exterior and completely neuter it and remove anything remotely Japanese from it because I, the director of 4Kids, believe American audience should be presented American entertainment, despite the fact that I’m an immigrant! I’m a genius!”

        Yeah, freaking bastard.

        • ToSeektheChosen

          Yes, 4Kids was horrible, complete trash. FUNimation was doing a good job, but OP got cancelled anyway. I still remember the 2nd episode of 4Kids OP. Instead of using a gun, the guy that tried to kill Coby, had some hammer thing in has hand. And instead of Nami stabbing her hand to pretend she stabbed Usopp(to save him), she used a rubber knife, yes A RUBBER KNIFE. And Luffy didn’t kick Buggy on the groin, he kicked him on his ankle, yes ANKLE…I could go on and on of how 4Kids ruined One Piece, if they wanted to ruin a series with some mature, or unsuitable content, they shouldn’t have used One Piece.

          • I dont think it got cancelled. I think Funimation just decided to not pursue putting it on any channels, they dont even have it on their own Funimation Channel the last time I checked. At least they add episodes to their website, which is a great benefit.

          • Woah that sucks, some of that got also dubbed to spanish, it only got like 20 chapters though…

            I remember Sanji’s cigarette was a lollypop…

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        Isn’t that well known? It may not sell as well as Naruto, but it’s still a top seller every month

        • Joanna

          I wish I could share your enthusiasm because I really want to see this game over here, but even Bleach, which is pretty well known (second to Naruto here), gets sporadic releases here. We got the DS games, but not the PSP ones. As of right now, it seems only Naruto and Dragon Ball are guaranteed to make it over. Oddly enough, Europe has gotten a few OP games….I guess it’s more popular in Europe. I’d say Europe is the best chance of this game seeing a western release, but the 3DS being region locked, well it doesn’t really help fans in other places. :(

  • ToSeektheChosen

    How awesome would it be to play as Marco? I hope they”ll let Marco grow the wings of blue fire on his arms, without transforming into a complete Phoenix. And with Boa Hancock, I hope they’ll let you turn people in to stone ;)

  • MisterDandylion

    I’m really excited about this game. This one and One Piece: Gigant Battle.

    I’m wondering about this Marineford Mode, I mean, you go from wave after wave of enemies and bosses going through the different climaxes of the war with or without saving? :O

    Anyway I so wanna play this game.

    And just like the Funanimation version of We Are: “So come aboard and bring alooong~~ all your hopes and dreeeams~~ So together we can can find everything that we’re looking for~~~!! ONE PIECE !! :)

    • I love that song, Im gonna be so mad when I get past the episodes where they use it for the opening. Ive played it over and over again cause it just sounds so epic!!!

      • MisterDandylion

        Still, there’s are some really good opening songs.

        For instance (just to name a few), Opening 6 Brand New World by D51 is awesome! :D

        Also, Opening 13 One Day by The Rootless is a very touching song :)

        Man, when I grow up I wanna be like Whitebeard! XD

        • I love the current opening and the one that was before it. Oh wait that is opening 13 (never knew the name), and whatever 12 was called. Actually that was when I first got into One Piece, I just jumped right into to Impel down

          • MisterDandylion

            Actually, the first time I watch an animated form of One Piece was the 10th movie Strong World (pretty decent movie haha)

            I usually recommend to start reading the manga after the get to Grand Line the first time. (Actually I though that the story went uphill during the Baratie arc with the introduction of Mihawk – nice way of showing how different One piece is from other shonen series-)

          • IT took me like a month or more to get caught up on the manga (well it was fortunately my last semester in undergraduate so I was reading it while in classes, lol…) but it takes me so long to finish a chapter too. I like the anime, its a great review and they do the manga great justice I think in my first time starting from episode 1 (On like 50 or something now, Luffy defeated Arlong or something, I think they are going to whatever that island where they met Teach the first time or something, I dont remember.

            I loved Barate, I wanna see Arabasta, that was my favorite arc in the manga, so epic!

          • phi

            The first time I watched one piece, the latest japanese anime episode was just in water 7 arc, thats around 6 years ago. I watched all 200 episodes continuously, and started reading the manga aftgerwards. Waiting for the latest episode and chapter is a pain, specially when they do 4 weeks hiatus.

        • Joanna

          I really liked Bon Voyage. It had this cheery, let’s go on an adventure, atmosphere that I felt reflected what One Piece is about (well most of the time).


    Sad because One Piece isn’t as popular as Naruto in the US. In Japan though, they’re number one. That’s why we see so many localized Naruto games and not as much One Piece TT_TT

    • Well One Piece is only second most popular in the CONUS. So I do not think its popularity, maybe companies just arent taking it up.

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