Radiant Silvergun For Xbox Live Arcade Retains Sega Saturn Animated Cutscenes

By Spencer . March 17, 2011 . 2:10am


Treasure created a story mode for Radiant Silvergun when they brought their shooter from arcades to the Sega Saturn. Gonzo, the animation studio behind the Lunar cutscenes and a decade later Afro Samurai, created cutscenes for Radiant Silvergun starring a R2-D2-like robot.


And that’s the content the ESRB had qualms with, apparently.


This is an action game in which players pilot spaceships to defend Earth from impending destruction. As players fly through each vertically scrolling level, they use specialized guns (e.g., Vulcan, Homing, Spread) to shoot lasers at waves of futuristic aircraft and robots. Battles are accompanied by colorful light effects and brief explosions. During one animated cutscene, a character is punched in the face, resulting in a brief spurt of blood; this character is later depicted on the floor with a small pool of blood under his head. Another cutscene briefly depicts two human clones (both male and female) that appear to be nude, though no details (i.e., nipples or genitalia) are shown.


Not mentioned by the ESRB are features like online cooperative play, replay sharing, and upgraded graphics.


I think I know what scene the ESRB is talking about. Without spoiling anything, did you pay attention to the mannequin-like characters or the story?

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  • For once, ESRB has failed us…

  • Aoshi00

    That’s great the anime scene is intact, like Hard Corps Uprising’s intro.. this is a HD port like Ikaruga right? The game was very good, but missing the gallery from the Gamecube ver..

    • Code

      Still for like $9-$15 Ikaruga on 360 is still a pretty nice option (although the gallery was really nice for the Gamecube release) >ww<' Especially since I'm not going to be able to get an original copy of the game any time soon for less then the cost of my undying soul xpx

      • Aoshi00

        I know, I actually never touched the GC ver anymore since it’s not HD.. and the 360 controller plays much better (I can’t play Ikaruga w/ the arcade stick, my reaction is not fast enough). I just wish all the hours that I put in the 360 game I could unlock the nice gallery :) I actually got the game for 400 MS points when it was on sale, so it was a huge bargain. I still can’t get an A score even for the first stage though.. I saw other players’ video, I just can’t do it :(…

        • Code

          Yeah, Ikaruga is tough as nails opo;; I only ever got an A on Stage 1, I find the best way to getting an A on it, is if you can combo most of the first half of the stage, the second half you can play it more safe. I found I was screwing myself out of it in the later half where there was more enemies and it was easier to make mistakes. But I’ve wanted to go back to it sometime omo; I feel like I could do better at the game with more focus and practice. I really love it, but yeah I just feel like I’ve never tried as hard as I should at it.

          • Aoshi00

            I know, that’s what I was trying to do, have as many chains in the first half and hope I don’t mess up at the boss.. I think I got B or B+ for my best score… I can’t imagine getting a good score on the other stages though, you’d be lucky to not die, let alone chaining combos w/ all the chaos..

            BTW, Phantom Breaker is finally available to silver today, grab it :) darn the wait.

        • sfried

          “I actually never touched the GC ver anymore since it’s not HD…”

          What kind of stupid excuse is that? Also I use the GameCube/SNES Hori pad on this and it feels perfect (Of course, it’s nothing like playing it on an actual stick).

          • Aoshi00

            What’s wrong w/ playing the version w/ the better controller and in better HD graphics? I don’t have the Hori pad. It’s like Castle of Shikigami 3, I prefer playing the 360 ver. w/ either 360 controller or arcade stick (+ HD graphics that’s not stretched from 4:3 to 16:9 like the Wii ver), both feel much better and more responsive than the GC/Wii classic/remote sideways, felt like a half sec lag to me, not to mention the pretty awful Eng dub (though the Jpn dub was also chessy, but better).

            Since I have bought Ikaruga on XBLA w/ achievement, leaderboard, HD, etc, why do I need to go back to play the SD version on GC? It’s on my 360, I don’t even need to pop in the GC disc. It’s like you bought Gunstar Heroes on either PSN or XBLA, why would you need to go back and play your old Genesis copy.

            I do have an arcade stick I play shmups and fighters w/, but for Ikaruga I can’t use a stick, I can’t react as quickly compared to the 360 controller.

  • Arcm

    The closer to the Sega Saturn port the better in my opinion. I played it a lot in college since a friend of mine was loaded and loved expensive imports. : )

    Now, if only some miracle will happen and Sega finds some way to release Panzer Dragoon Saga on PSN or XBLA I can play it without spending $150.

    • You can play it on the cheap, if you own Panzer Dragoon Orta and an Xbox/Xbox 360. It contains an unlockable copy of the first game at least.

      • Kris

        Saga is unfortunately the Saturn-exclusive RPG in the series. It’s never been ported to anything and had a ludicrously small English print run, so it’s sadly bank-breaking.
        The Panzer Dragoon 1 in Orta is based off of the PC version, since it was easier to adapt than the Saturn’s.

  • When!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!??

  • Oh I wish it was on PS3… I hate having to buy points and have some left over, doing nothing. Plus harddrive space is much easier to get on PS3.

    • mikanko

      You buy points by 400, 800 or 1200 points now, so if you’re getting them just to buy this game you won’t have any left over.

  • Oh ESRB and your spoilers :D

  • I just hope the animation is cleaned up. That ending is, well…

  • Happy Gamer

    im really glad i didnt get the urge to buy this game back in early 2000-2001 when i went on a saturn collection spree lol. i was fortunate enough to buy panzer saga when it came out however. it was very expensive for its time too at 57.95 at babbages lol remember that name?? oh and my avatar pic! :)

  • TrevHead

    Im looking forward to this. It was a good move for treasure to retain the saturn version including the FMV. I hope just like the saturn original they include the arcade mode aswell as the saturn mode.

    The saturn mode has an rpg system where the game save your exp level so the game gets easier to play by grinding

  • PrinceHeir

    heard many good things about this

    sadly i don’t have a 360(might get one in the future though)

  • WyattEpp

    Mother of god, this is the best news I’ve ever had ever.

    Still…you singled Gonzo out for Afro Samurai when they were responsible for Last Exile? Bad mojo, man. Bad mojo.

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