Gun Loco Was So Crazy Square Enix Canceled The Xbox 360 Exclusive

By Spencer . March 18, 2011 . 1:42am


First unveiled at Gamescom, Gun Loco was one of Square Enix’s riskier games. Defined as a sprint action shooter, Gun Loco had players run, slide, and shoot each other. The game was set on a prison planet with wacky inmates and used plastic models as the base for the character models. A playable build was shown at Tokyo Game Show last year.


Gun Loco was slated for release only on Xbox 360 this year, but the game won’t be released. Square Enix announced today development on Gun Loco has ceased. No specific reason was given regarding why the game has been canceled. I suppose the winner(s?) of theme song contest will be the most bummed to hear the news.

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  • It’s not like a lot were looking forward to it nor are there high expectations. In other words no biggie.

    SE must have realized the FPS genre isn’t their forte.

    • Guest

      its a third person shooter where you race. Thats actually a pretty unique concept

  • LOL! I thought they canceled the exclusivity of this game that it would be coming to the PS3 as well.

    • I think this would have been right up there with Vampire Rain among titles we didn’t want ported. lol

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Wasn’t looking forward to this, but cancellation is often a bad sign of miscalculation and mismanagement. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence partially owing to the quakes but these cancellations are becoming a recent trend and I don’t like it one bit.

    • I wouldn’t be worried about this particular cancellation being a sign of miscalculation and mismanagement. To be brutally honest, I found this heartening because I think it’s the wisest move S-E could have made regarding this game.

  • I guess they no longer have any funk in their junk.

  • Despite the vast majority, I was absolutely looking forward to this!
    Then again chances are they either went ‘woops’ when they saw the sales for MIND JACK, lacked direction, saw all the negative comments made in any Gun Loco thread [ignoring any made on MIND JACK <.<], or redirected the funds for this game towards a donation on the disaster.

    In either case, disappointed.

  • Subsenix

    Haha now the 360 has only 2 non kinect exclusives left for the year xD

    • *sigh* you must be one of those people that don’t count XBLA or XBLIG…

      • How many PSN games do you count as PS3 exclusives?

        • Frankly, I don’t compare games.
          If I’m interested in something, then that should be enough.

          No point in a console war [this late in a generation].

          • So, in other words, you don’t count PSN titles as PS3 exclusives. Got ya.

          • mmm?
            whatever floats your ego.

        • The fact alone that Microsoft facilitated small game developers such as myself puts them ahead there alone. Sony does not have anything the least bit similar. From that you get an absurb amount often good games made by small developers for less than 5$.

          • SlashZaku

            Sony Pub Fund?

          • TechniMyoko

            Actually Sony does. Everyday Shooter for example was made by a single person. I think The Last Guy was made by a small team too. LittleBigPlanet was a small team, that got bought by Sony.

          • Hell, you can go even smaller. Flower, Journey, Joe Danger, the Pixeljunk games, all the stuff from Rockin’ Android…And that’s just the stuff off the top of my head. There’s a ton of smaller teams working on the PSN.

            I’m not even going to go into the bigger PSN-only titles like Siren or Wipeout HD or Dead Nation or any of those.

          • Riiiiiiiight… Because there’s absolutely no small game developers on the PSN, just because they didn’t want whatever it was you were selling. Are you sure it wasn’t Reggie at Nintendo you spoke to? I can name plenty of titles on the PSN developed by small, independent teams. Reggie, on the other hand, just came out and said that Nintendo weren’t interested in working with “garage-based developers.”

          • Sorry, they don’t. Those games are games that Sony themselves saw has having potential and chose to publish.

            Xbox Live Indie games on the other hand have no required criteria that has to be met thus allowing ANYONE with an XNA Creator’s Club Membership to publish up to 10 games per year.


      • HarryHodd

        It’s just well there’s bigger and better stuff out there. It’s cool if your into smaller d/l and Indy efforts, I totally respect that, but that’s not what many of us bought into this hd gen for.

        • Those lines have greatly been skewed since the start.
          It’s just a shame that the perception isn’t all that pretty.
          They can be just as long and good as retails for 3-4x its asking price.
          Though I do understand the sentiments of actually owning it and expecting different things.

          To be perfectly honest, I haven’t exactly gotten what I’ve been wanting on any platform. RPGs. Though, that is more my problem since I don’t consider a handheld experience the same. Perhaps if we weren’t rushing ahead so quickly in terms of graphics… we could have gotten more, or not. *shrugs*

          • HarryHodd

            Ar Tonelico Qoga is really good.

            Disgaea 4 is coming along with
            White Knight Chronicles 2
            Tales of Graces f
            Dark Souls
            Atelier Totori (most likely)

            I’d say this year is pretty good for RPGs.

      • I wouldn’t count XBLA ’cause there’s always the possibility that those games end up on PSN or Steam later (Monday Night Combat).

    • Otomedius X and Muchi Muchi Pork! & Pink Sweets?

      • MMP/PS has already come out, but there is Eschatos (which has been delayed indefinitely—sadness!)

      • Code

        rar, I want Muchi Muchi Port & Pink Sweets omo;

  • I’m actually surprised an idea this awful even got green lighted, quite honestly.

    Is this, hopefully, the first of many smart ideas from Squeenix?

    • Out of interest what makes it awful?

      • 360-exclusive in a country where no one cares about the 360. Stupid characters models in a game that seems like it was completely based on mindless shooting (although that is pretty much the definition of a game made for the West). It seemed like another example of how far Squeenix has fallen from their PS1 days, where they could literally do no wrong. The only difference between this and Front Mission Evolved is that this wasn’t ruining an old franchise, just creating one that was worthless from the beginning.

        • ummm kotaku’s that way >>>>

          • First. Don’t steal my line.

            Second, if you actually ever read their comments, you’d see that unlike here, Kotaku’s fanbase was about 50/50 for/against this game (while over here, most people were against it).

            Not to mention Kotaku commentators are usually the first people to go with the whole “Japanese gaming is dying. They must copy the West to survive” thing.

          • FireCouch


        • PurpleDoom

          In all fairness, it was always planned to come out internationally, so the choice of platform makes more sense in that case.

        • I guess you missed the part where 360 gets alot of exclisives in Japan. Eh?

          • to be fair, a good deal of those ‘exclusives’ are arcade/pc ports or later get ported to the psp / iphone :-P.

            whatever helps you sleep at night as they say.

          • “whatever helsp you sleep at night” would imply that I give two damns about exclusives. And a gread deal? Really? Hardly any have ever even touched another platform. And even if it is in an arcade, that does not change the fact that that it is a console exclusive, nor does it change the fact that ports from arcades to other platforms tend to see a bevy of additional features.

          • TechniMyoko

            “”whatever helsp you sleep at night” would imply that I give two damns about exclusives.”

            “I guess you missed the part where 360 gets alot of exclisives in Japan” implied that already

          • Nah, I didn’t imply you at all. Sorry if it seemed that way. It was aimed at those that let their fanboyism get in the way, like how 5pb ports their visual novels to the PSP 1~2 years after release [or back in the day when 360 rpgs were getting ported the ps3], or how the same publishers keep throwing out games to a system that supposedly no games or audience to sell to. [of course, I DO wonder if they’re even managing to break even with the declining sales…]

            And I do agree with what you said, it was not something I meant to take to another level. ~~

          • Thought you didn’t give two damns about exclusives?

          • I am sorry that you lack the ability to comprehend that stating a fact does not mean I care about something in the least.

  • Gamers – “We want Sqaure Enix to take risks”

    Square Enix – “Okay people, we have this game called Gun Loco” *Shows the trailers for Gun Loco*

    Gamers – “Wha…It has no RPG elements, let alone not being an RPG…no we don’t want this! Just go back to doing your usual stuff”

    Square Enix – *facepalm*

    • Who said we want Squeenix to take risks? They had a winning formula. Every time they “take risks,” it usually comes out horribly. This. Front Mission Evolved. Mindjack. If there was ever a company that should’ve “played it safe,” it was Squeenix.

      • Over the past few days on various Square Enix posts I’ve seen people complain about Sqaure Enix not taking risks anymore.

        In fact my point was people can’t seem to agree whenever they want Square Enix to take risks or stick to their winning formula.

        • Winning formula`?
          Last I checked, it was too expensive [cough*towns*cough], or on handhelds.
          [Yes, I’m in the crowd that would prefer NOT to game on the go. I admit it.]

          Ermm, I mean to say, I agree with you :).
          They just have to give it to the right personnel…
          It’s hard to believe that there was actually any investment…
          Or that the staff actually put any effort into it. *sighs*

          I felt Gun Loco was so out of it that it had something going for it. But all it got was that it was ugly :/.

          • No, the winning formula I’m talking about is the one they had pre-this generation. This generation, they’ve been pretty bad.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I know it’s not christmas time, but imagine this megaton:

          On the first day of E3, Square Enix said to me,
          Our direction’s changing,
          Macho guns ablazing,
          No more monster slaying,
          (Causing eyebrows raising)
          FIVE shooter gaaaames!!!
          Gotta make more cash,
          Buy our online pass,
          Sorry KH fans,
          Sooo don’t be a bunch of pansies!

          In all seriousness, I believe there’s plenty of room to tinker around with beyond the polarizing shooters vs. jrpgs.

      • Sadly, the idea of “taking risks” got warped, to the point it’s about making a clone of a game genre they’re not adept with.

        PS: I wonder what would Keiji Inafune feel if Capcom westernized his creations (AKA Classic Megaman FPS, Blond, non-Japanese main character in Onimusha, and converting Breath of Fire into an ARPG?)

      • Jirin

        Square hasn’t really had a winning formula since the 90’s. Now their formula is “Pour a lot of money into the game and people buy it because it says ‘Square’ on the box.”

        What I really want from Square is simple. Keep your style of storytelling but bring back good, quick moving combat. Make your tutorials 100% optional rather than crammed down my throat for ten hours per game. Make cutscenes quality over quantity, and let me explore the world freely. FFXIII with more freedom, no tutorials, and less cutscenes would have been my GOTY.

    • The problem with Gun Loco was not that the game wasn’t an RPG, and has nothing to do with whether Square-Enix should take risks or not.

      The concept was shallow and juvenile even for gaming standards. Hey, I’m probably lower-brow than you; I get a chuckle out of Mortal Kombat, Splatterhouse and Duke Nukem Forever. But the promos for Gun Loco were just asinine, not amusing. And they were the entire draw. “LOOK HOW KA-RAAAZY ‘N’ RUDE THESE DUDES ARE! YEEHAW!!”…because aside from the sprint mechanic, there was nothing else to make the game stand out from every other third-person shooter/brawler.

      • Guest

        Explain Heavy Metal Thunder then

        • …what am I supposed to explain about this game that I have only heard of now that you’ve commented :|

          • Guest


  • Finally a glimmer of sense from SE. This game was gonna bomb harder than Mindjack and Front Mission Evolved. Hopefully this marks a turnaround for them.

  • 4shiki

    Aw, it looked very interesting to me so this is sad to hear.

  • Releasing a shooter in the era of shooters isnt taking a risk. It’s just a bad idea plan and simple. This game could have been great but the odds are already stacked against it because there are too many great shooters this generation already. Everyone already gave a collective “sigh” as soon as they saw “gun” in the title. The game looked a lot like The Club and I loved that game but it didnt help Bizarre Creations from getting bought out then closed down.

  • Christian Wright

    best news i’ve heard so far today other than rebecca black telling me what day of the week it is

  • Probably just trying to maintain a healthy image but they already ruined that by pumping out FF13 so what’s the point. Whatevs, wasn’t super hyped for the game or anything but I do enjoy sitting down with a “bad” budget game every once in awhile, would have probably gave this one a shot just like I gave Onechanbara a shot and I had fun playing that despite it being a terrible game and who knows, maybe Gun Loco wasn’t all that it presented itself as, plenty of real gems are presented as budget crapware so nobody should make the assumption that this would have turned out to be another Onechanbara when it might have been an Earth Defense Force so screw the people that are celebrating this as good news

  • neo_firenze

    Take risks? I’d be much, much happier with games that felt like classic 2000-era Squaresoft RPGs but with today’s technology. Judging by the excitement I see from people about PSN re-releases of that classic era (Parasite Eve, Xenogears, Vagrant Story, Legend of Mana, etc.), I’m not alone. We all know what kinds of things people would love (and buy lots of copies of) – a gorgeous FFVII remake, a new Chrono game in classic style, a main series FF that goes back to being a more traditional RPG. Not exactly risky propositions.

    Besides, when they do take risks people complain. Look at the recent FF series – they’ve made efforts to be fairly risk-taking and what did that result in? XIII is a linear bore-fest, XIV actually might end up crippling the entire company with its failure, XII (which I personally love) gets a lot of whining about the gambit system, the PS2 era had spin-offs like people complain about like FFX-2 (unfair complaints, because the battle system is fantastic) and Dirge of Cerberus (completely valid complaints).

    It’s also a bad complaint because it’s just not true that S-E/Squaresoft sticks to one genre and doesn’t take risks. Sometimes they get something good (Einhander, Bushido Blade), more often they fall a little flat (The Bouncer, Driving Emotion Type-S).

    • hey! I loved the bouncer! :<.
      though I wouldn't mind another bushido blade… mmm

    • See, I love XIII and hate XII, but you’re completely spot-on about how everyone gets upset when they take risks.

      And as I’ve said before, there was a time, during the PS1 era, where a game from Square equaled automatic buy, because I knew it was going to be a high quality product. They’ve fallen far, far from those days. During the PS2 days, they had started to go a bit beyond what they should and now, they’re just completely off the rails, even if I do happen to like FFXIII and Star Ocean Last Hope International. But this, Front Mission, Mindjack, FFXIV…it’s a sign they really need to just stick to what they did best.

  • It’s a pity. That actually sounds like it would be interesting.

  • HarryHodd

    SE finally makes a good decision. Now about that 3rd Birthday….

  • ToSeektheChosen

    I still think this would’ve got pretty decent sales. Not because it’s original or anything, but because of the Square-Enix logo.

  • SS

    I seen videos of beta tests of this game…
    i WAS looking forward to this game something a little different to GEARS … Was going to pre-order it too.


  • SS

    I seen videos of beta tests of this game.
    i WAS looking forward to this game something a little different to GEARS Was going to pre-order it too.


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