I Unlocked So Many Costumes In Dead Or Alive: Dimensions

By Spencer . March 18, 2011 . 6:08pm

bs_doa_c05_tif_jpgcopy1Team Ninja loves to play dress up so it’s no surprise that Dead or Alive: Dimension has lots of costumes. When I sat down to play the Nintendo 3DS game I unlocked half a dozen of them.


I jumped right into arcade mode and tried the new control system in Dead or Alive: Dimensions, the touch screen combo interface. Instead of using buttons you can tap a combo and Ryu (the first character I played as) will follow the moves. It sounds like a balance breaking dial-a-combo system, but Dead or Alive: Dimensions is so fast playing with the touch screen only won’t get you very far. See, you still have to scroll up and down to find specific combos. The fight doesn’t pause while you’re searching for that sweeping kick move, so you’re just standing there waiting for Kasumi to toss you off a cliff. Yes, Dead or Alive: Dimensions has screen transitions too.


The core of Dead or Alive: Dimensions is countering and the touch screen combo system doesn’t provide players counter and combo options. Don’t worry, Tecmo Koei created Chronicle Mode, which teaches players what to press when. Chronicle Mode also has a story to follow and 3D cutscenes to see. One interesting thing to note about event scenes is they’re told with figurines, the same ones you can collect and battle using StreetPass mode. While Ayane breaks into a room, the camera turns so the static figures pop out of the screen.


Dead or Alive: Dimensions keeps track of player patterns and creates ghost data of sorts. When you pass another player on the street Dead or Alive data is wirelessly exchanged. This player profile constantly updates, so if you practice and pass the same friend they will receive updated data showcasing your new skills. The build I played was near complete. Photo mode was fully functional and localized. Yes, you can take photos of the Dead or Alive characters by moving the 3DS like a camera. This mode utilizes the motion sensors on the hardware. Players can save and share pictures, 3D pictures.


bs_doa_c18_tif_jpgcopy1 This is a good time to mention Dead or Alive: Dimensions has the most in-your-face 3D effects out of Nintendo’s 3DS launch lineup. Before a fight begins the words “Fight” fly at players. Life bars float above the action and there is a clear amount of depth between the fighters and the background. Each match ends with more screen popping effects. Ryu’s hand jets out of the screen with a congratulatory knife hand. Hitomi’s arm pops out of the screen if you with a match with her. In both cases, I unlocked costumes as a bonus. One of them was a suit for Ryu. Hitomi has an extra dress and Ayane has her Ninja Gaiden garb.


After running through arcade mode, I tried tag mode where you can call out a second character. My Zack/Ayane team worked well especially because Ayane rushes enemies with a forward roll and a flurry of spinning kicks.


As a nod to Team Ninja’s work on Metroid: Other M, you can fight in the Geothermal Power Plant in Dead or Alive: Dimension. Ridley hovers in the background spewing combo breaking fireballs if you get in his way.


Dead or Alive: Dimensions was recently bumped off its March 24 release in Japan. The game is still slated for a May release in North America.

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  • kylehyde

    In certain way I’m glad that this wasn’t a launch title, because the 3DS itself, SSF4 and okamiden are going to hurt my wallet a lot for a long time.

    • Arcm

      I feel the opposite I would much rather have this game at release since as of right now I wont have an actual 3DS game till this releases. ;_;

      Since, I already own super street fighter 4 and I’m not a big samurai warriors fan(Can’t wait till Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 comes out!) there are no games on the system that looks worth it but this game. That is till Kid Icarus and Zelda: OoT get an actual date.

      • andref

        just to let you know gamestop speculates that Kid Icarus will be here in August and they list OoT to be released June 2nd

  • Kacho_ON

    anyone else just saw that the japanese cover art has more ass than the american box art?

    • Testsubject909

      Despite the fact that the US has more porn and a greater obsession over sexual beauty and sexuality in general, as well as a more socially open attitude towards sexual behavior and greater troubles with hypersexuality in it’s society as well as more sexual innuendos and intent in it’s live shows.

      It’s a damn prude when it comes to sensuality and to the public awareness of such desires… Which is odd considering how Japan behaves.

      And they’re also damn prudes when it comes to such showing on game boxes. Because “Games are for keeds”.

      You’d think the US would grow some balls and acknowledge that it’s as much a pervert as any other countries.


      Which is to add. So much for being a country that idolizes freedom when it constrains itself and chains itself down with such a curious attitude… Of course, one can enter a lifelong debate over what truly is freedom in many different ways to perceive it, and etc etc.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        The US may have MORE porn, but Japan has *kinkier* porn. And *animated* porn. And *prettier porn actresses*.

        All which I know absolutely nothing about, of course. Wink-a-blink-dink.

        (Also, I happen to agree with your lamentations.)

        • PrinceHeir

          fully agree :D

          especially the actresses ^^

          Japan’s Porn>>>>>>>>>US Porn all the way :P

      • PrinceHeir

        yeah it’s kinda funny also that the US is hostile to any sexual image on entertainment purposes especially video games. but when you see those big guns, mucho men with girls hanging around. and blood all over. people will go crazy for that :P

        and lol at the freedom debacle XD

        • Testsubject909

          Guys with big guns.

          You know, I always find it funny how women are complaining that they’re held up to impossible standards in games, whilst men are subject to the very same deals.

          Though, granted, we’re given a larger repertoire to choose from so we’re bound to have more male characters that can better represent us.

      • Zero_Destiny

        I kind of just want to talk about this. If we’re going to talk in broad generalizations when it comes to the US it’s more of a conservative country when compared to places like Europe. Typically speaking the United States was founded on and has thrived on protestant beliefs. Throughout the history of the United States you’d be surprised how many rules and regulations were atcually made based around these ideals. They have been many temperance movements and such throughout the early history of the US. But most of the regulations and ideologies you’ll see now in the modern United States come from the industrial/Progressive era. Really if we had to narrow it down I’d say about the 1870’s to a bit after World War I so like 1918 maybe 1919. This is a time of great change and is also the time that defined modern America in both it’s infrastructure and it’s beliefs. This was a time of rapid expansion and a lot of change. Many good things came from this change like the expanding of the US’ economy and creation of big businesses but a whole lot of bad came. I’m sure I don’t have to remind everyone that the benefits we enjoy in our labor is worlds different from back in the day. Labor was pretty much unregulated and people were treated like animals really. People flocked together in cities all crunched in unlivable poorly kept living spaces. Diseases were common. The work environment wasn’t very safe ether. Many deaths or injuries at work and no aid or benefit. Tough luck. The US government was mostly uninterested in manners like these though. The US operated on a laize-faire policy. So it was really up to the people. Nothing would really of been changed if not for people’s protest and all the muckrakers. Of course this idea of the importance of the people and the everyman and the desperate need for change in America would go on to create such political movements as the Progressive party. Concepts like lobbying in and directly voting for senators become the norm for the people. It became the “IN” thing for politicians to try to “better” life for the citizens of our country. Many new policies were made. Some of course good like child-labor laws and some just down right awful like Black Codes and Jim Crowe laws. You have to take in account that during this time of major reform in the US that things like Sociology were just starting to be created and unfortunately ideals of scientific racism, social Darwinism, and eugenics were pretty popular. People felt that they needed to eliminate the filth in this country and that would be the only way to make it better. The US started to make it, it’s mission to eliminate all that was “dirty” and unchristian. Vice-Movements were quite poplar and also helped to fuel the politicians in this vendetta. One of the big things that was attacked was prostitution. Believe it or not it was perfectly legal and some people viewed it as necessary for the mankind. They thought it was the only way to calm a man and keep him from abusing his wife. But it was attacked and soon enough become outlawed. Ideals about where woman should fit into this new world was one of the biggest debates. Many women where educated but not accepted into the workplace. A lot of women become reformers and tried to reach out to those less fortunate. The question of sexuality is brought up as well and for the most part the general conscious became this middle ground between traditional christian humble attractiveness and new modern attractiveness. This would become the norm ideal for the US today. The thought that a women would be hot but not a skank kinda of thing if I would put it in modern words. In 1918/1919 the US made it’s first policies ever that limited the rights of it’s citizens. Times were changing. Unfortunately the thought that the United States need to stay clean and has filter out all that’s dirty has stuck in our general minds. Things like censorship as well have become poplar because of how we feel that we need to protect the “weak” and keep them away from materials that can dirty their minds. But in recent years these ideals have finally seemed to fad away. The younger generation seems to care less. But really the grip of the older generation is still strong on the country and it’s effects will be felt for a good while. Because of that we have a sort of don’t ask don’t tell thing going on. Which is incredibly ironic. We’ll make all these statements about how sex and violence is bad (especially sex because the ideals of sexuality was a hot debate that helped to create our modern society) but then have all our younger generations engaging in just that. The US is at a standing point right now. You’ll probably see it lighten up in next decades or so as the older generations die off and the mindset of the country changes. I hope that helps to give you a better idea on why the US views sexuality in such a way that it does. Plus you have to take in movements founded by people again. Like the vice-movements of the past soccer-moms are very dangerous. And unfortunately very uneducated in animation. The seem to think that anything animated is meant for children and will protest sexuality in animation simply because their scared their child will see it. And likewise they doubt things like the ESRB. Oh how I’ve heard so much about how they fear that a child will pop in a rated M game without them ever figuring out that A.) It’s illegal for a child to buy or rent and if they obtain it by any other means it’s really their fault for not properly watching their child and B.) There have been childlocks in videogame consoles since like 2001. Don’t want Johnny to play an M game then sit down for 10 minutes and read the instructions to the games system you just bought him and make a childlock.

        • Jesus Christ.

        • ToSeektheChosen

          I already learned this in social studies >.>
          lol jk, well said.

        • … I read all that but, er… I think now is a better time than ever to tell you to start using the enter button to separate your ideas into paragraphs.

          • Zero_Destiny

            At 4 or 5 in the morning the ENTER button doesn’t exist. lol You got me. I’ll make it clearer next time. XD

          • Testsubject909

            How about… using the edit button?

          • You beat me to it, Tommy. Yeah Zero the enter button should be your best friend from now on! I’m constantly in a state of oonfusion because I have no idea which line I am now and there’s no line break.

        • “It’s illegal for a child to buy or rent [M-rated game]”

          Not true at all. Stores typically have a policy against selling/renting M rated games to minors, but it’s not illegal. In fact, state governments (especially California) have previously tried to outlaw it and it just didn’t go through.

          • Zero_Destiny

            By law all the stores where I live have to ID you when you buy alcohol, tobacco R-rated movies, and M rated games. No if and or buts. Even if your 80 still need to be ID.

      • terribleshoes

        Hey genius, the box art is the same for the US and Europe. Tecmo, the Japanese company, decided for the box art to be different than in Japan. The US as a country didn’t decide anything.

    • WonderSteve

      Oh yeah totally,

      For some reason, US is totally cool about sexuality in the “3D” world, but sexually in “2D” is blasphemy.

      It was the same case for the Samurai Warrior 3 box art. The Japanese version show more boobs.

  • So exactly how many costumes did you get?

    • Just like I said in the first paragraph – 6 or half-a-dozen and that was in less than a half hour of playing.

  • The golden question:
    Do they bounce?

    • Zero_Destiny

      I don’t know but this does: XD

  • 3D custscenes means … FMV? wow, now I’m interested … collecting and watching all DOA opening and ending movies is one of my dreams

    • The cutscenes in chronicle mode are not FMV they use figures, the same ones you can collect to tell the story. The camera moves, which makes the figures appear to be moving.

      • Yo Spencer man I don’t understand what you mean.

        Real Time events are not FMV but real time in-game engine or technically cutscenes.
        How can they be figurines? wtf exactly are the figurines???
        you mean like Marvel vs Capcom 3 character figures? or Resident Evil 5 character figures.

        is that what you mean?
        because I think you are getting this whole Figures, in-game, fmv, real time mixed up>:/

        • I seriously think you need to re-read Spencer’s statements. The story mode uses figures to tell the story. Not pre-rendered 3D FMV scenes. He’s been a game journalist long enough to know what’s the difference between various methods of storytelling.

          • or maybe he should use the term everybody is familiar with and everyone uses “in-game” or “realtime”:/
            seriously wtf is figures?

          • You probably missed this, but we’ve covered the figures before –


            In Dead or Alive: Dimensions you earn digital figures, which have a variety of poses. These are models are used to tell the story. So, the figures are in-game graphics, but they are static *they do not move*. The camera pans (i.e. changes angles), which gives them the illusion of movement.

          • lol…that is messed up!
            anybody would think they are actual animations.

            what a bummer! :/

            damn man!

            wait…are you sure!?
            because the Beta version I tried, well the 3DS Tour. The chronicle mode I played was with Ayane+Kasumi at the Majin mon path bridge. That was full animation.

            so how can the rest become figurines static scenes?
            unless the scenes not seen from previous DOA are in static while the well known scenes are in full motion.

  • I didn’t even understand some of the text Spencer wrote:/

    “Before a fight begins the words KO fly at players”

    “Ryu’s hand jets out of the screen with a congratulatory knife hand.”


    • The first part was a typo – it should read fight. (Thanks for the correction!)

      A knifehand is a common martial arts strike perhaps similar to a karate chop i.e. I was saying Ryu’s flat hand was jetting out of the screen.

  • Sounds like an very fun game, so I’ll be picking it up sooner or later.

    Also, ass. Because that word seems to attract more replies :D

  • imma buy this on release.

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