Islands of Wakfu To Blend Beat-em-up And Shoot-em-up

By Ishaan . March 20, 2011 . 2:58pm


Wakfu is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game developed for the PC, that has has its cartoon series on TV, and is now spinning off into an action-adventure game for Xbox Live Arcade, titled Islands of Wakfu.


Islands of Wakfu includes two playable characters – Nora and Efrim – and focuses on local cooperative play. The game comes with with 14 stages and developer, Ankama, say that it switches between adventure and combat, with the fighting sections being described as somewhere in between beat-em-up and shoot-em-up.


Ankama have Islands of Wakfu slated for a release on March 30th on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points (that’s $10).

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  • I honestly don’t know what to make of this game. Early on, I heard it described as a strategy-RPG. Now it’s an action-RPG shooter?? A strategy MMORPG in the style of Tactics Ogre or the Final Fantasy Tactics games sounded fun… but I’m not sure about this one now.

    • Guest

      The MMOs combat is like an SRPG. You mixed em up. Islands of Wakfu is a spin off game based on the MMO. It plays completely different. Also the MMO is nothing like those (terrible) games. Combat is like an SRPG other than that there is no similarities. I was gonna comment on the horrible Japanator article but I was too lazy. ‘least I think I was I can’t remember if I did…

  • And a stupid question: Since it’s a MMORPG, is it going to be just $10 or $10 plus a monthly fee?

    • I think Ishaan was just pointing out that Wakfu is an MMO, and this game isn’t an MMO.

      • godmars

        Well it should be the full MMO version. Really don’t see why MMO of this type aren’t on consoles, though there is Angel Links(?) on the PS3 in Japan.

        • You realize they’d probably have to remake the entire game from scratch, yeah? On top of that, Microsoft makes people pay to host free stuff on XBL. It’s kind of why Valve hasn’t bothered with updating the console versions of The Orange Box.

        • Guest

          No it shouldn’t. Islands of Wakfu and Wakfu MMO are completely different games. They’re just in the same universe.

          • godmars

            I’m saying that instead of trying to blaze full into MMOs on consoles, and have to wait till people are earnestly starting to talk about the next generation, there should have been lighter types of MMOs like Wakfu or Ragnarök.

            And of course MS would still have run into a self made hurdle by insisting such a thing required XBL Gold.

  • Wakfu is the MMO, this is Islands of Wakfu, an offline spin-off game for 1/2 players (couch co-op).

    • I read that as “half players”.

  • Dimentionalist

    I read this game’s name as “Islands of Waifu.”

    • Day ruined.

      • Your day is ruined? You ruined Guts whole life, you heartless monster!

    • SolidusSnake

      I would totally buy a shmup entitled “Islands of Waifu” >_<

  • I played Dofus for a good while before… I check every now and then to see how the new game, Wakfu, is going, but they are taking too freaking long, and is only in french..

    • Guest

      NA version has been in closed beta for a while now. No npcs = no direction so I’ve stopped playing for now.

  • wow, that art style is gorgeous! i may have to partake… :D

  • eliel

    is there a chance for a psn release?

  • kupomogli

    Based on the name only, I’d figure it to have been a sequel to some fighting game everybody hates but without a certain basketball player. Instead it’s some DLC based off a cartoon series that no one has heard of that’s still probably not very good.

    • Shuryou

      I’d buy ‘Islands of Shaq’Fu’.

      • Kunio_kun

        Exactly what I was thinking… New final boss in Islands of Shaq-Fu? Def. has to be Kobe Bryant…

  • Alexisonfire

    Eliatropes. Eliatropes everywhere.

  • JustaGenericUser

    And PS3 owners are neglected again.

  • This Dofus franchise is cetrianly creeping up. I played Dofus a while back and enjoyed it a bit, though you have to pay to get anywhere significantly (at least back then).

    So I might check out Island of Wakfu and the MMO Wakfu as well.

  • I didn’t even know about this game before I saw a list of upcoming XBLA games. The cartoon was pretty good stuff. I was even more impressed when I learned it was made completely in flash.

    This game is definitely on my radar, and I can’t wat to play the demo.

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