Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Slated For June In UK, Says BBFC

By Spencer . March 28, 2011 . 11:48pm


Remember the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition leak from Korea’s Game Rating Board we discovered two weeks ago? The British Board of Film Classification also rated Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.


In fact, they even have a date for it. The BBFC rating, found by Eurogamer, states Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition will be out in the UK on June 24 with "new cutscenes."


Super Street Fighter IV has more than that though. Capcom added balance tweaks and new playable characters like Evil Ryu. It remains to be seen if this will be a digital download and/or an upgrade disc.

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  • Guest

    Three version of SFIV….
    If Capcom can pull this off in this day and age they’re brilliant. Not saying I agree with it, I think this is BS. If its DLC….I still don’t agree with it but at least its not a retail release. SFIV3D just came out I see no reason why all this content isn’t on it. If they can bring this as DLC to the 3DS the only positive is that it proves patches and stuff are possible on the system.

    • Code

      There was like 8 versions of Guilty Gear on the Playstation 2, and that was before the “fighter boom” so I think Capcom won’t have any trouble pulling it off — but I don’t think they’ll find the mainstream success that they had with the original SF4.

      • urbanscholar

        I don’t believe so as well. Supers whole sales point was that it was far superior to vanilla due to extras and tweaks. Now we have another coming and it’s not going to go over well. It may depending upon how they advertise it. What I find odd is in 2011 how they chose to repeat what they did before with revisions. I guess its true when a business tactic works, keep on using it.

      • Guest

        The fighter boom was in the 90’s…there has been a resurgence this generation if that’s what you mean Last generation was very different from the current generation. With all the new methods of distribution and the fact that everyone broke. Releasing the same slightly tweaked version of the same game isn’t feasible anymore…or so I thought. Street Fighter is global though. There is no way in hell you could release Blazblue twice.

        • fermented

          *ahem*, Blazblue Calamity Trigger, Blazblue Continuum Shift + DLC characters, and Blazblue Continuum Shift II (updated arcade, PSP and 3DS release)

          • Guest

            That’s not the same. BB is BB. BB:CS is the sequel and BB:CC II is for handhelds.

            It’s not the same as releasing BB and a tweaked version again at retail.

        • But that’s how fighters works. You gotta understand that this is not for everyone, but is more catered to players who want a more balanced game and also competitive players. Casual players won’t find anything different about the game aside from 4 ‘new’ characters, because they’re not the focus of this iteration. So yeah, just don’t get it if you don’t support it ( I don’t mean that in a harsh way ).

        • Code

          That’s just splitting hairs, you know what I mean the fighter boom this generation opo’ SF4 definitely brought fighters back to the spotlight after a long lull, and that’s what I mean. Although I do agree re-releasing tweaked versions in the manor of Guilty Gear is likely not going to happen, (and it was almost aksys’s undoing when they lost GG’s license) tweaks and updated versions are just part of the genre. I think they could get a 3rd or 4th version but with every version they are pairing down to just the core fighter fanbase.

          Also Blazblue was released twice already, with Continuum Shift II patch probably on the way, and a 3rd game down the road according to the storyline opo;

    • But fans are asking for it…lots of fans. You should see Ono’s Twitter feed. Literally, every second of every day, people ask for more characters or Arcade Edition or something of the sort. They aren’t doing it without reason. :)

      • Guest

        I’m sure they are and I’m not blaming them for doing it. I just don’t like it =P

      • z_merquise

        How about Darkstalkers? Lots of fans were requesting for it yet higher-ups from Capcom won’t approve it (at least that’s what Ono said). Kind of frustrating that the game had great potential for this current generation and it even had a huge fan support yet Capcom were ignoring it.

    • mikanko

      The 3ds version of the game doesn’t have this content because Capcom still needs to appease people who shelled out thousands of dollars on SSF4AE cabinets back in December. Arcade owners are still making bank on this, and were more or less told they’d have it exlusively till June when the got the machines.

      The diehard SF4 fanbase are also console owners who wouldn’t take a handheld iteration of the game very seriously (hassle to run local tournaments with a 300$ new handheld+game that no one can use their arcade sticks with)

      The game has been tweaked quite a bit, and plays incredibly differently from SSF4 at a competitive level. In many ways for SF4 fans it is a totally new game, turtling being heavily nerfed being the most obvious difference.

      As far as Ono’s twitter going off the hook, the guy is such a good troll of his fanbase. =/

      • fermented

        For competitive players, SSF4AE definitely seems like a very different game with the shift in balance from projectile, zoning, and defensive characters to the more offensive characters like Fei Long, Makoto, and now Yun and Yang.

        But for casual players, they’re still going to be just mashing DPs regardless, but now they have 4 new characters with DPs that they can mash. For these players, it’s easy for them to see SSF4AE as little more than the same game as SSF4 but with some new characters.

        That said, I really hope that this is DLC and not a new disc release, or they could release it on both and give players the option of buying either one.

  • cmurph666



  • Capcom I bought the 3DS version because it the only version I own. I find it hard to believe in 3 years time you release 3 versions of the game. On internet ready, built in hard drive consoles. Even Namco has cut back on the fighters this generation. So far only 1 Soul Calibur, and 2 Tekkens on the home consoles. If you can get away with it then do it. Still for all those people complaining about Madden, and Call of Duty games. This is far worse!

    • Guest

      Um no its not because there no new “characters” in FPS games to “master” as everyone plays equally the same. Same with Madden really even if the roster is updated.

  • The release date is listed for th 24th – which is a Friday.
    DLC is virtually always released on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, whereas brick and mortar releases usually fall on a Friday in the UK and Ireland. Sounds like we’re getting a third disk.

    Honestly though, I’m big into the SF tournament scene and DLC is a pain in the ass for running events. Trying to ensure all the consoles at events have access to all the BlazBlue characters is a nightmare. I’m glad this is getting a disk release.

  • If it’s not DLC, I’m done. Point blank. At the very least, if there is a disc, it better be like RE5: Gold, where there’s both a disc and DLC. Otherwise, I like Street Fighter IV, but not enough to buy a third disc. Better open up some space in that landfill you loaded up with SNES/Genesis SSFII copies, Capcom.

  • Arcm

    As long as it has ALL the DLC costumes and such on disc as part of the new content I will not complain. I have only bought one costume pack and that was to pimp out my Gouken. :)

  • PrinceHeir

    hope they release the AE the same way in arcades. no changes at ALL. why? because it doesn’t divide the community between arcades and consoles. they could update/balance a few(since they can also update the arcades. i believe they’re using Nesica Live? not sure but i can know they could balance the game without making another cabinet out of it ala Guilty Gear XX series) i mean SSFIV is supposed to be the last iteration of SFIV but because the demand for arcade release in japan(let’s be honest, japan loves their fighting games on arcades and console are there for their practice) there’s another one.

    i just hope it doesn’t divide the community. though if AE can release a few new characters without releasing a new variation(which i don’t think it’s possible) so yeah let’s just hope the same is for everyone.

  • Wiccan1109

    I love SF4 but i really cant spend any more on it, espescially not for another Akuma (i dont even like him) and leprosy Ryu. Only things i’d probly pay for at this stage are Karin and more swimsuit costumes for Abel.

    • I approve.Karin’s definitely a better roster filler than Evil Ryu/Gouki, but the Abel swimsuit part is a bit too disturbing. What if he wears a mankini?

      • Wiccan1109

        Noooo no no, he’d wear trendy trunks. If anyone would enter mankini territory my money would be on Zangief, and lord help us if that happens.

        I’m still quite surprised Karin hasnt popped up yet because i see a lot of people everywhere seem to want her in, i think when they did the original polls she was one of the higher votes too. I’m pinning my hopes she pops up in Street Fighter x Tekken now.

  • kupomogli

    And Capcom learns that they can still milk the Street Fighter franchise by releasing the same game over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and get millions of sales out of each. My respect for them after their donation is going back down again.

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