Catherine Patch Dodges Deadly Fork, Reaches Xbox Live

By Spencer . March 31, 2011 . 1:00pm

imageIt took a couple of extra weeks, but the Catherine balancing patch is now ready for Xbox 360.


This update adds super easy difficulty, which grants players a power up drink when they press the back button. Atlus also gave players more retries per pillow, Catherine’s take on an extra life, in easy and normal difficulty levels. Check this article for more details about the patch.


Want to brave through Catherine’s puzzles without the extra help? Then press both analog sticks down at the title screen. This reverts Catherine to its original state.


Catherine is slated for a summer release in North America.

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  • good thing that they let you play in the ‘original difficulty’ i recently played the japanese demo off the psn and didn’t find it too hard, although the only setting you could choose was easy :P so i’d like to try the ‘original difficult’ mode before screaming ‘oh this is too hard X.x’

    • The difficulty ramps up significantly — but it definitely isn’t impossible like players tell you, it just requires you to understand the advanced techniques and know when to utilize them.

      • Aoshi00

        I’m pretty sure almost everyone who bought the game completed it alrdy by now at least on easy.. but it’s useful to go thru the game again to get all the 8 endings.. (I did it before the patch came and it took me a long time)..

        I tried normal it’s definitely much much harder, the puzzle layout was more complicated and no re-do btn at all, so if you mess up near the top and no check point, it’s the beginning again.. Easy was not impossible if one kept at it, but everyone was indeed correct that it was no cake walk either.

        The patch is nice, but I suggest not to activate it on first playthru unless one is really really stuck, but keep at it you would be rewarded :) Actually the 3-step climb drink still appears “randomly”, except frequently, and it happens to appear when you push the back button since it goes back one move and the drink appears by chance.

        It took me a while to figure out how to activate the “more continues” and “3-step drink”, they require separate input. If you press L3+R3 at the same time, it only activates the “more continues”. Additionally, if you “hold” the select btn in the menu for about 5 secs before you start the game, then it activates the 3-step drink feature.

        So one could opt for more continues and not use the drink, and just play the game w/ original difficulty intact.

        • I tried it out, the drink really makes the game far easier than it is on easy mode lol. You can just blow past significant parts of the level.

          And I finished it on normal. Its definitely tough(I think I died 20-30 times…?) but when you get a hang of the techniques the game becomes much easier.

          Empireo is friggin’ insane, though.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, the drink just lets you breeze thru the game.. so kinda takes out the fun.. but if one is really stuck for a long time it’s helpful like the Mario/Donkey Kong super guide I guess..

            Exactly, Empireo on easy was so hard on my first playthru.. I didn’t play too much normal though.. I finished stage 5 on normal but stopped.. I was trying to tackle the babel tower, only finished the 2nd but couldn’t finish the first… I did die a lot on easy before the patch though, I didn’t really use the undo button (I forgot it was there) until the last stage of the empireo when the boss was being so cheap because of the random element..

          • lol

            more than a 1/3 of my deaths came from empireo alone

  • MisterDandylion

    Thanks for the tip Siliconera! :D

    So by pressing both the stick I can unpussyfie the game? ;) Awesome!

    • Zonic505

      Yes, this also works on the PS3 version.

    • It makes me wonder why they couldn’t add a menu option to change the mode from Original to Arrange or something similar.

      • Aoshi00

        I thought it was tricky as well, I think it’s done like the up up down down left right left right b a start Contra cheat code. There’s actually two things to activate on the menu, pressing the L3+R3 first for more continues, and then hold the select/back button for the drink. If you just press L3+R3, then the 3-step drinks won’t appear in the game (there are 2-step drink as one of the helpful items that you could pick up or purchase in the original game).

        It actually took me forever and I couldn’t figure out how to activate both features.. and eventually I had to consult a guide lol..

    • Aoshi00

      You need to input 2 things, pressing L3+R3 only activates “more continues” for easy/normal mode. In addition to that, if you want to activate the “3-step drink”, you need to “hold” the select/back button in the menu before you start the game, and then the cheat drinks (that lets your climb 3 steps for a short amount of time) would appear “randomly”, but rather frequently, especially if you use the rewind feature.

  • Pfffft pansies… >_>

    • Aoshi00

      but why? Just because SFIV has super easy mode/MvC3 has simple mode/Bayonetta’s super easy mode/Mario & Donkey Kong’s Super gide, it’s less fun for everyone? I think it just means it’s more fun and accessible to everyone..

  • Zonic505

    I wonder if Atlus plans on adding this patch right on the game for the US version or we’ll have to download it as well.

  • Aoshi00

    Great, I’m going to get the other endings for the 360 ver as well, the patch made it much easier for replaying the game and getting the different endings..

    • What’s really useful for getting multiple endings is completing the stages on gold, you can skip past nightmare stage you have completed by utilizing that functionality.

      • Aoshi00

        But only gold on normal w/o the rewind right? W/o the patch I was able to get gold on some stage on easy, after the patch I got gold on all easy stages except Empireo.. On normal I only got gold on 4 stages (I think it’s very hard to finish the ice stage w/ gold on normal, there were many more ice blocks), that’s why I have only unlocked 2 out of the 4 babel stages… and the babel stages are so hard, I think I only finished the 2nd babel w/ luck, there was like almost 200 steps… and I kept hitting a dead end at about 100 steps for the first babel tower.. I think I read that after you get gold you could skip the nightmares, but it’s still pretty hard unless you try many many times..

        I did put about 60-70 hours into the game alrdy btwn the PS3 and 360 ver, but haven’t played all normal or hard stages yet.. I just wanted to see all the endings..

        • I…am not exactly sure about this because I only played normal, but if you start a playthrough on super-easy can’t you just skip past the nightmare stages? If you just want to see the endings play it on super-easy and skip everything. I’m pretty sure the difficulty doesn’t effect the ending you get. At least that’s what people on the internet say. I was able to get lover’s marriage ending in my first playthrough on normal.

          60-70 hours? That’s a lot! How did you spent all that time?:P I didn’t do a lot of “sidequests”, but my first playthrough was 13 hours.

          • Aoshi00

            I think you need to finish w/ gold on normal or above in order to skip the nightmares… I’ll check in a little bit after I get my 360 ver patched..

            Finishing the game on normal must be hard.. I got all the endings alrdy before the patch came out (I played it on easy first), the difficulty and now cheat code do not affect anything, you just need to get the gold on normal to unlock the babel towers. The first ending I got was the true Katherine ending.I bought both PS3 and 360 verion :) Just trying to get all 8 endings on both, get gold on more stages, and get the achivement/trophies etc.. I spoke to all the NPCs and never missed answering an e-mail, so it took me about 23 hours to finish the game the first time… Oh yea, Rapunzel! I played about 11 stages of it the first time.. now I could only get to stage 18.. and it has 64, it’s demented… but yea, I take my time w/ games and I always try to do as much as possible (only for games I like though, otherwise I don’t bother w/ trophies and such), I just wish I could finish the first babel tower..

  • not interested…..


  • Press both analouges to go to hell.

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