Xenoblade Chronicles To Include Dual Audio Tracks

By Ishaan . March 31, 2011 . 12:01pm

Last night, we reported that Xenoblade Chronicles is making its way to Europe sometime this year, courtesy of Nintendo of Europe. We can now confirm that when the game releases in Europe, it will contain both the original Japanese and the localized English voice tracks on the disc and subtitles in the usual five languages (English, French, Italian, German and Spanish).


Nintendo of Europe still haven’t provided a release date for Xenoblade Chronicles yet, but you can watch their debut trailer for the game in last night’s report and catch up with our in-depth past coverage using the game’s tag.

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  • Would’ve loved it if they had German dub too, they’re usually not that great, but sometimes I like to play them in German..lol. Well whatever, for the love of this localization I’m playing it in English first no matter what! xD

  • HarryHodd

    Is this game 480p? Hope so. Glad it has dual audio.

    • malek86

      You’ll be hard-pressed to find anymore games without 480p on the Wii, since pretty much 2008 or so.

      • HarryHodd

        Cool I don’t play my Wii much at all anymore but this game will change that.

  • Wow! This is good news. I wonder when it will release and if it comes to CONUS (would it be an E3 announcement in week 1 of June?!). I do not not even know the characters or anything, hopefully Ninty gets fresh faces and talent. (Special Edition too?). This is definitely a highlight of the year for Wii

    • Ren

      Isn’t Conus a kind of snail?

      • CONUS here is the term for the portion consisting of region where approximately all of the inhabitants of the United States live, which is technically more correct than saying the USA, I believe.

        • Ren

          Yeah, I actually know that, it just annoys me for some reason when you use it, like your ‘isshu’.

          • Cause Ninty ridiculously chose to use UNOVA instead of Isshu! I wont ever let it go, I will always remember Isshu. When people use US, it just ignores those who are living in the territories and extraterritorial jurisdictions, which I think is unfair, as Americans every where should always be included.

          • Ren

            Wait, CONUS excludes Alaska and Hawaii, how does that include every american? USA is term for all 50 american states.
            Wikipedia says:
            “The contiguous United States are the 48 U.S. states on the continent of North America that are south of Canada, plus the District of Columbia. The term excludes the states of Alaska and Hawaii, and all off-shore U.S. territories and possessions, such as Puerto Rico.”

          • @Ren WOW!!! You’re right! I’ve always read that CONUS was the term to use since it incorporates essentially the entire population of the US…since the term actually excludes people and the lands that I was trying to include, I guess I’m forced to just say _____. Actually I honestly don’t know what to say anymore, Americans? US Americans? Help?

          • I think you’re a CONUS.

          • Aoshi00

            We’ve tried to explain to him that we live in the USA and not CONUS numerous times but he never listens, so we gave up :). The way he says it is like Hawaiians and Alaskans are barred from playing US games, and they aren’t even Americans :)

        • NO ONE SAYS THAT

  • jj984jj

    I hope NoA does the same if they bring it out here.

  • At least I’m glad to see that Europe is getting a sweet deal.

  • This will make some people happy… ahh, why couldnt the world be just NTSC or just PAL T_T

  • Sheesh. First I had to watch as the game released in Japan, and now it’s gonna be in English just out of my reach! This is brutal

    Don’t you dare leave me hanging, NoA! D:

  • eilegz

    wao this should be a default option to all jrpg, lets hope that NOA will release it here

  • godmars

    And its likely to be region protected?

    How much is a EU Wii?

    • Gelsa

      100% certain that it’ll be region protected considering that every Wii game is :P

      As for european Wii, just check amazon.co.uk or somewtinf. Don’t really know the price, sorry :/

    • The other problem is that it will be made for PAL based TVs, as far as my knowledge takes me, i think even with digital TVs, the PAL and NTSC issue is present.

      • malek86

        Anything from 480p onward doesn’t have the PAL/NTSC problem anymore. So, no, there is no issue with that, unless you are playing without component cables (and even then, most european Wii games, especially first party ones, will support 480i60 too).

        The PAL60 might be somewhat of a problem, but I can’t tell you anything, because I’m not sure whether the Wii uses that or the standard NTSC format.

        • oh cool, that’s good to know, yeah i imagined the later consoles already solved lots of those issues, i remember a friend brought little king story PAL, and it didnt worked on a TV here, it couldnt be played -_-

          • malek86

            LKS was a Rising Star game, and they seem to almost always go for 50hz only. Too bad about that.

    • malek86

      “And its likely to be region protected?”

      Not “likely”. To my knowledge, every single Wii game out there is region locked.

      Anyway, it’s probably better to just softmod the console.

      • I looked into it and the process seems awfully lengthy and somewhat risky.

        Could just be because I’m not familiar with all of the terminology associated with Wii hacking, but the “List of things not to do” that I read made it seem like running a modded Wii was more trouble than it’s worth.

  • More developers need to include Dual-audio tracks.

    • godmars

      If you mean Square when you say more developers, best to forget it. They’ve had the odd mentality to ignore their anime based fan base since FFVII. Earlier in fact.

      • badmoogle

        I really hate how stubborn Square is about this thing.

        • Guest

          They have to RE-SYNCH the lip movements in their real time and Pre Rendered 1080p CGI scenes. That’s a lot of freakin work and disc space (which the 360 discs do not have). Xenoblade, while a huge game in scope, is no where near the detail FF XIII had in CGI (basically had none) and detail in character models.
          Try to be realistic here.

          • badmoogle

            Sorry but i prefer to have lip synch that doesn’t match than not to have the option to experience a game in its original language.I guess it has to do that i grew up in a country that never dubs foreign movies and tv shows except if they are for kids.

            Which reminds me when they bring foreign movies to your country (i’m not referring to you personally,i speak in general) do they ask the actors to play the movie again in your language just so you can see their lips in synch with what they say?No.Instead they dub it and your suspension of disbelief kicks in and you don’t care anymore about lip synching.

            They can still do the subs with the adjusted lip synching,but just include the damn Japanese audio in there for those of us who don’t care about lip synching.I mean the disc space is there,and there is no additional cost to include the original language isn’t it?

          • Actually, dubbing voice actors are TRAINED to lip synch as best as possible even real image movies.

            Also, they need the translator or the editor to adjust the script so it the lines can match. If they are good enough, it can be done without changing the meaning of the script.

            Of course, it never gets a 100% match, but it can be good enough so people don’t notice unless they really pay attention to it.

            Redo the lip animations is a nice touch, but maybe it is not worth it most of the time.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Well I love when developers do give dual audio I don’t think SE should get as much hate as they do. SE doesn’t aim their games for the niche audiences they aim them at a general audience. It makes sense to not include dual audio because a huge amount of people who go out and buy the next final fantasy aren’t looking for the Japanese audio track.

        Besides SE goes out of their way and delivers high quality English audio tracks. You may disagree with it and not like the track but it doesn’t mean SE doesn’t do a good quality track. They even release the names of their actors something most niche companies can’t do. SE also actively tries to not reuse a lot of their actors. Once again something not a lot of niche companies can do.

        And they re-synch all the lip movements to refit the English acting in some recent games. It’s really a great localization. Hey I’d love to have dual audio too but I don’t know it sounds like your making too much of a big deal out of this and are acting like SE doesn’t care about you. They do. :)

        And I know SE can do these things because they have more money but still, no one’s forcing them to spend more money on their localizations. SE isn’t being mean or lazy. There trying to deliver the best possible product they can to a bigger fanbase. Sometimes that means no dual audio for us. :( But their not just sitting there laughing at us and doing it to be mean. Really SE is great. They have done some really good work over the recent years.

        • Although I agree that Square puts in a lot of effort in localization but there are a few games where you’d really wished that the game had dual audio like Birth by Sleep especially Terra. I still remember the lip-synch in FF-X was really weird especially when they had sped up certain dialogues.

    • PrinceHeir

      definitely :D

      im actually surprised that Dynasty Warriors 7 are making a japanese voice track up for download for PSN and XBLA for FREE.

      please nintendo of america, announce this along with The Last Story and Fatal Frame 4.

      • Aoshi00

        Would’ve been nice if Sengoku Basara had dual track.. that’s the game I really wanted to play in Jpn…

      • Well I’m sure that The Last Story will definitely get localized and it would be awesome if it also has dual audio tracks.

      • vadde939

        I think its way too late for any chance of a Fatal Frame 4 localization now but we can still hope Nintendo make up for it by localizing the Fatal Frame 2 remake.

  • Time to buy Wii. Once again… PAL version this time.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I’m sorry to say this…
    Ignition’s job with the Arc Rise Fantasia was not done, but I remember Siliconera interviewing someone from ignition and the guy too admitted it was not well done. So I’m guessing they could not get the rights/license to the voice acting?
    I usually assume that there isn’t enough space for a dual-audio track, but maybe I’m always thinking every game takes full advantage of its physical medium haha.
    Well i don’t know the culture in Europe well, but I do notice they have a much more appreciation for other cultures and preserving what they bring into their country as much as they can with as minimum changes as possible (Or maybe that’s what I think too lol)
    Glad to hear Europe is getting this, with dual-audio too! (Though I speak English, but usually prefer the Japanese dub I always like the option of having the English one to listen to, because my main spoken language is English lol)
    I hope this comes to America or… or this may be my first imported game! haha Thanks for the nice read!

  • Jenova2212

    Ok, this is just stupid and upsetting. (not the dual audio thing)

    It’s kind of neat that they’re bringing this game outside of Japan, sure, but it’s so ridiculous how everyone is all “OMG!!! Now I need to buy a PAL Wii, and a friggin PAL television set…just so I can play one mediocre game.”

    I mean…seriously, guys. Let’s just stop for one second: This game is actually fairly unremarkable. There’s NOTHING special about it as an RPG. *NOTHING.* It’s remarkable in it’s own…unremarkableness. It’s the definition of “so ordinary, it’s ordinary.”

    I mean, the game isn’t BAD…but it’s not worth full price. Nor is it ESPECIALLY worth buying or modding a whole godamn system over it.

    You guys need to get a wee bit moar realistic. :/ If the game comes to the US, I mean, sure, if you really, REALLY like the genre, it’s a good pass of time. But nothing more than that.

    • Aoshi00

      Well, the Wii does have a lot of good games making the system worth owning. But for an RPG fan, Xenoblade and Last Story would be the reason to own a Wii (I beat Last Story in ~45hrs, but only played Xenoblade for 20 hours though)… it’s like if SNES had no games other than Chrono Trigger, it would still be worth it to get that system just to play that game.

      Heck, there really isn’t that much reason to own a Jpn Wii (even Fragile got localized), but Xenoblade and Last Story made me glad I got it..

    • “I mean…seriously, guys. Let’s just stop for one second: This game is actually fairly unremarkable. There’s NOTHING special about it as an RPG. *NOTHING.* It’s remarkable in it’s own…unremarkableness. It’s the definition of “so ordinary, it’s ordinary.””

      One piece of advise, pal.

      Some people have actually played the game already. And we all know that your “so ordinary, it’s ordinary” statement is totally full of it.

      Better luck next time.

    • Did you just post a comment to pointlessly express your dislike for something other people are excited for? I do believe that’s the most useless waste of time I’ve seen today. :)

      It’s not the first time you’ve done it either. I believe I remember you making similar comments in the past about games like Dissidia as well. Please knock it off with the pointless negativity or we won’t hesitate to show you the way out. That sort of nonsense has no place around here.

      • Jenova2212

        Don’t be a sour fanboy. :/

        I’m not trolling you guys or anything, but some of you all *are* being…well…unreasonable?

        Oh, and it wasn’t Dissidia. :) I like that one. It was actually the 3rd Birthday. I was originally curious about it, but, well, ironically, like what I’m doing right now, a couple others told me otherwise. Recently, I checked the game out (rented), and they were right! It’s actually pretty bad! :O The story anyway. Gameplay is mediocre, but not unbearable (like Dynasty Warrios with guns).

        Which brings me to the next point… It doesn’t look like you guys take too well to criticisms. I’m allowed, even encouraged to criticize 3rd Birthday, yet I can’t do the same for this? That makes no sense. That’s being super selective.

        It’s like, as long as I’m disowning games you guys personally don’t like, it’s all good. That isn’t fair. Do you guys have some sort of hierarchy on what we’re supposed to like and dislike? Is it taboo to go against that ladder? It’s good and acceptable to be harsh towards The 3rd Birthday or Mega Man Universe, but you won’t hesitate to show me the way out if I speak out against Xenoblade?

        Dude…. Dude. Not awesome.

        • Criticize a game all you want, that’s cool and even helpful if one has something important to criticize(I always like readin informative text), but stay objective about it. Your first post was specially directed at the fans who look forward to this game and that was not cool bro, all you did was making the game bad and looking “kinda” down on the excited people here. I’m not defending myself or flaming you, I just wanted to help you understand the situation a bit better, I hope it helped. :)

          • Jenova2212

            Well, I didn’t really go in-depth, but it’s in general the gameplay about Xenoblade that turned me off. The story isn’t anything to write home about either.

            Between the two, Last Story is a considerably better game. Still not something someone should buy a whole friggin system over… And keep in mind THAT is my original criticism.

            No single game is worth a whole system. Especially a more inflated, foreign region system.

          • Kaishounashi

            I’ve played both of them, and my opinion is quite the oposite.

            Xenoblade is the best rpg since Chrono Trigger. Last Story is just a normal game with nothing to brag about at all. The battle system is fun at first, but it get tedious fast, specially because the game is so easy that you don’t need to level the chars and follow the strategies. It’s not a great game at all.

            And it shows. Xenoblade got the highest ranks on japanese sites, where last story was just ranked as a mediocre game. Wasn’t for shiggy, it would be just a normal rpg out there.

        • malek86

          People are usually expected to motivate their criticism, not just spew it out.

          Besides. While it’s true that taste is subjective, the thing is a bit… overrated. People with similar tastes tend to band together, and thus, taste is actually more relatable to groups rather than individuals.

          If you enter a group who likes one thing, you may criticize it, but you should damn well back it up with good reasons, and even then, don’t expect a warm reception.

          For example, I could go in a community of people who hate FPS, and make an entire essay about why I think Halo is awesome. It would still be frowned upon, even if my reasoning is perfectly good. Their point would be “but if you don’t like our tastes, why are you even here?”. People don’t take kindly to interlopers. Which makes sense. You are the one intruding their personal space, so you are the one at fault.

          Um, some fine psychology here.

          • Jenova2212

            …Ugh. It’s like you’re basically admitting that this whole site is comprised of “pseudo-fansites” and fanboys.

            It’s fine when like-minded people gather. Really, man…that’s WHY I’m here, right? Or you? But it’s a bit ridiculous when people get some godamn butthurt over something. I never dissed anything. I just criticized it a little. And what’s with this sense of self-entitlement? No offense…but who exactly are you for me to have to justify my dislikes with you?

            It’s sad to see people get some butthurt over things. But it’s downright…sorry, to see a WEBSITE EDITOR contribute to it. Even threatening me: “If you don’t like what I like, I’m gonna kick you out of here.”

            That’s so godamn deplorable it ain’t even funny. Sorry, I really tried to…hold back on that. I don’t want to get banned over something stupid, but you know what? If I at least get to get that off my chest, then fine.

            So, there we have it. I’ll make it clear here: I think it’s ridiculous that people are clamoring to buy a PAL system for one average game, which will likely get localized here if it’s getting dual audio in Europe, since they have to contract an American or Canadian voice studio… Localizing it would be thusly *cheaper* and more efficient. Yet, people are still panicking to buy a PAL system. THAT, I find to be friggin stupid. At least, they could wait it out and see how things play out. Secondly…I didn’t even fully criticize the game. I didn’t even say that it was BAD. All I said was it was very, very standard RPG fare. Nothing stand-out about it. THAT TOO, I find to be slightly weird to get so absurdly excited over that you’d be willing to buy a whole PAL system and TV over. I THINK, that people should be a wee bit more reasonable.

            Now, Ishaan. That’s my opinion. That’s what I think on this matter, and honestly, I can’t really see much changing on it. I mean, I played the game. I know how it goes. However, if my opinion is still something that you can’t tolerate here, if it’s something so unacceptable that you have to give me the boot, then by all means. Kick my ass straight out of here, and into Broadway. But at the very least, I’ll know exactly what sort of person you are. I’ll know the petty “logic” as to why I can’t equally enjoy what this site has to offer as others – that I disliked something you liked.

            And know what? I think you’ll realize it yourself a little bit too. So, dude, be cool. I’m not causing anyone to bleed here, nor am I trying. I may have been the first to stand on the soapbox, but I sure as hell wasn’t the one who threw the first stone. Be easy.

          • CashmereFungus33

            ive always followed this site but i thought to register to say something.

            I think youre dead, dead wrong with Xenoblade. Its a bloody awesome game. But youre argument is dead, dead SOLID. I find it funny how everyone is getting worked up over pretty reasonable thinking. No single game is ever worth a system or especially a region locked game. Maybe if youll buy more games, but I think not because most everything these days is the same in the USA and Europe. Its also too bad how the sites chief writer got so upset over what looks to me like a misunderstanding.

            But don’t be too surprised if you get banned. Ive seen a few people before argue against Ishaan and never again post. Its very immature from them, but you should still behave so you dont get banned!

            I hope you guys can resolve this without violence. Well, not violence but you know what I mean! There’s no reason to kick anyone out here! I think you all just misunderstood what he was saying originally.

          • malek86

            “…Ugh. It’s like you’re basically admitting that this whole site is comprised of “pseudo-fansites” and fanboys.”

            That’s not it. Every group has its preferences. And it’s not only the small communities, it works with much bigger groups too.

            This is just how everyone behaves, not some kind of insane thing that only fanboys do.

            About the whole “I’m buying an european Wii” problem, well… most people tend to exagerate when taken by excitement. Bet that most won’t really do that in the end, after all we’re talking at least $300. Maybe someone will, but if that’s how they chose to spend their money, no point in trying to talk them out of it – they probably have their mind set anyway.

  • This is nice — I just like listening to voice performances — but if the dub performance was great, I wouldn’t care either way.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Dual Audio! :) That’s nice of them. I’m still hopeful this guy will come stateside. And if we’re lucky with dual audio. :)

    • Subsenix

      No you have Call of Duty and GEars of War
      You dont need RPGs!^^

      • Zero_Destiny

        But I never played either of those game series and I want this ONE!!!! >W< lol

    • Aoshi00

      Dual audio and 5 languages of subtitles, and people thought 360 was the reason why some PS3 RPGs didn’t get dual audio..

      Hopefully the Eng dub would be nice, the Jpn cast is really good, I love Dunbar’s voice by Vegeta, Horikawa Ryo used a very different voice it was even hard to recognize at first, but he sounds so cool :) It would be nice if they’re adding more save slots, most likely not…

      Hope they’re not skipping this for the US though… Another R and Disaster might be more niche.. but I think this is one of the best RPGs in the last decade, this game is gigantic in every way…

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yes!!! I always wanted to play games in Japanese with French subtitles. That way I can learn two languages at once. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. :P lol

        I’ll probably play the English. I hope it’s good. I dig the Japanese cast but I like to play most games in my native language it resonates more with me. But I dig the option and if the English turns out bad I got the Japanese. And hey the second playthru is always more fun when you change the audio. Makes it almost a whole new experience. :)

        Also I don’t buy the BS about the 360 ether. I have at least two or three Wii games with dual audio and so many PS2 game were dual audio, Why the hate for the 360? That’s just silly.

        • Aoshi00

          I agree, playing it in a language that you’re more familiar w/ is definitely better especially for a long story oriented RPG, provided the dub is good, and the Jpn dub is kind of a fallback (like Arc Rise’s bad Eng dub wouldn’t have been an issue if it had a 2nd Jpn track), or for people who just like to listen to the original. Speaking of French, I tried playing Lost Odyssey in French and Italian one time (watch some cutcenes and fight a boss battle) just to see what they sound like, Italian sounds the most strange to me because I really haven’t listened to much Italian before compared to French or spanish.. I couldn’t make head or tail the commands at all, even fire, water, wind look so different lol.. it’s like sometimes I accidentally touched the language setting on my cellphone, that it takes me forever to find “idioma” to change back to English :) If it’s Arabic (or Korean), forget it (not sure if you’ve watched the movie “Buried”)… So I dunno about playing a game in two languages you don’t understand simultaneously though lol…

          • Zero_Destiny

            Nah two languages at once strategy is a stroke of genius!!! lol I know Italian from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. It’s easy. XD Don’t feel to bad. At least you got Japanese and English down pretty well. Speaking of which I should probably get back to working on my Japanese. Just don’t have the time to, sadly. :(

  • puchinri

    Wow, I missed that news, but I know what I’ll be getting when I have money (freeloader disc and Xenoblade~).

    Very pleased that it’ll have dual audio too, that’s excellent. I can’t wait to hear the EN and JP voices during gameplay.

    • OneOkami

      If you’re up to date on firmware then Freeloader won’t work.

      • puchinri

        Ah crap, seriously? I guess it’s unlikely that there’s going to be another Freeloader to work around that too, huh?
        (Softmod or whatever is the only way to go, isn’t it…?)

        • OneOkami

          Yeah I think beginning somewhere back around firmware 3.4U or so, the Wii refuses to load freeloader. So short of buying a PAL Wii, you’d either have to try to downgrade your firmware or softmod your Wii. Both method can introduce compatibility issues with software so make sure you know all the risks if you indeed go for it.

          You may want a wait a little while, though, and see if NoA announces it as well. For a game as massive as Xenoblade is, and the amount of voice work required, I don’t imagine the localization budget being trivial, and it’d be a shame to waste the resources put into the PAL version by not reusing them for a U.S. version.

          • puchinri

            Oh wow, that sucks.

            Yeah, I figure they will announce it at some point (and hopefully with dual audio). I agree, I was thinking the same.
            I think I’ll wait a while longer before making a decision.

            Thank you very much for the information! ^u^

  • Now I just need to go wheedle my friend’s region unlocked Wii off of him for a while. :D Thank you Europe. It’s funny, the few games I really wanted to play (Unlimited Adventure, Over Zenith/Sword of Etheria, and now Xenoblade) were all released in Europe while America got shafted @[email protected]

  • epy

    Glad to hear its dual audio. I am really happy to see this released outside Japan

  • Oh boy, barmy English accents! I thought I was excited before, now I can’t wait! Great gameplay, good graphics, amazing music, AND silly voice acting sounds a-okay in my books.

  • I take this as a “sorry we’ve held this away from you for some time” kind of an apology


    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Should I buy this or wait for the US version …

    • Consider that there is no release date you have to wait anyway…

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