Xenoblade Leaving Japan, Landing In Europe As Xenoblade Chronicles

By Ishaan . March 31, 2011 . 1:59am


Yes, at long last, we have confirmation of a Xenoblade localization, at least in one territory. Nintendo of Europe just confirmed that they’re publishing the game via a new teaser site for Xenoblade Chronicles.


Xenoblade is a Wii role-playing game developed by Monolith Soft, developers of the XenoSaga games, in collaboration with Nintendo. To read more about the title, you can follow our coverage using the Xenoblade tag.

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  • :D This is good news. Congrats to Wii owners. Nintendo sure took their sweet time.

  • At freaking last. Now I have a reason to get the wii out *blows the dust off*

    • malek86

      I actually disconnected its video cable to make space for the PS2, since I wasn’t using it anyway.

      What am I going to do? My A/V doesn’t have enough Component-in’s for the Wii, the 360 and the PS2 together.

      Maybe I should just let it die peacefully. After playing the FF2 remake, that is.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Simple. Plug out the 360. Its not like there are any good games for it or anything. :P

        • Hraesvelgr

          If you don’t have a PS3, there are tons of games for it. Otherwise, yeah… And same for the PS3 if you don’t own a 360, really.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            I made that comment as a joke. Obviously, whether or not someone thinks games for a certain system are appealing or not is left for each individual himself/herself to determine.

            For example, I don’t like the libraries of either the PS3 or the 360. I don’t find most of the games they have to be appealing and the rare ones that I do tend to be titles I would rather play on a PC anyway.

      • Probably you should buy a multi a/v adaptor? That’ll solve all your problems with a single switch >_<

        • malek86

          But that’s the easy solution, and I don’t like easy solutions.

          It’s probably better if I connect the Wii through composite cables. Mmh. It will also make Fatal Frame darker and grainier to see, and thus more horror-like. Awesome!

          • Pfft, hardcore people >_>


          • Aoshi00

            It’s a little pricey, but for component switch I used this guy (cost me $109 at the time), I have my PS2/ 2 Wiis/PSP/old 360 all hooked up to it via component, I was sick of plugging and unplugging component cables.. stuffs just look too dark and blurry w/ composite..


            For HDMI, I used the OPPO switch, it cost me $100 back then, but it was a good solution when you ran out of HDMI ports.. also it could sense which system is on and switch automatically… they both come w/ remotes too..


    • More like a reason to put down 3DS, and go back to Wii.

      • Isn’t everyone waiting for some games to come out for that?

        • puchinri

          Most everyone I see and hear of with one is enjoying it and what they have already. But yea, a wait for the games that are more fun is what plenty of people are doing.

    • Maxwell3000

      Wasn’t the last decent Wii rpg Arc Rise Phantasia? That was like last spring lol. I’m you’ve found a home on another console in the mean time.

      • Arcm

        Exactly Arc Rise Phantasia was the last time I played my wii lol

      • puchinri

        That is true (as far as I know), but wouldn’t MH3 been a good reason to be playing the Wii? I’m surprised at how many people have to ‘dust off’ their Wiis. (Then again, I let my Wii/PS2/PS3 sit for a month or two before I get back to any of them really.)

        • Maxwell3000

          Actually great point. I played most of the MH games but I don’t own a Wii, so it slipped through my buying list. I guess its just a strange change this gen because the PS2 had a large variety of RPG’s to choose from in each season, from year to year. Really the only platform that is getting a good helping of JRPG fun is the PSP with like 7 well-received games since fall. But don’t get me wrong…PS3 still gets some that I highly enjoy. Call me crazy OR perverted but I LOVE Ar Tonelico Qoga. It hasn’t left the system

          • Zero_Destiny

            Ah Monster Hunter Tri!!!! ^-^

          • I like how they jab at A*&T in that commercial.

          • puchinri

            Ahh. Yeah, actually, I love my PS2 and Wii the most. My PS3, I have RoF and Bayonetta I love (and haven’t started WKC yet), but it’s basically just there for me to play PS1 games on. But the PS2 and Wii are where it’s at for me, but I also don’t own a PSP (but I want one). I do like the RPGs the Wii has, but I also tend to play more obscure titles on it, while my PS2 is basically my RPG console only. Hah! Well, I hear good things about Ar Tonelico, especially Qoga. (I’m at a point where I’ve become picky about fanservice and kinda sick with some of it, so I don’t know if I should get Qoga…)

          • There’s an option to turn the purge scenes off.

            Ar Tonelico Qoga is totally worth it although by the time you’re done playing it, you’ll probably hate the words “Executive District” with a passion.

          • Joanna

            I wouldn’t say the PSP is the *only* platform getting RPGs. DS has been getting plenty as well (We got DQVI and Radiant Historia just this February, but now the releases are dying still there is plenty to buy, I have over 100 DS games and I still haven’t picked up everything I want for it, RPGs included!)….and really the DS has twice as many RPGs as the PSP has in total, but both are really great for RPG fans. I love this generation since I’m a handheld gamer and for once I’m getting spoiled. :P

  • Whoomp

    Looks like I am finally getting a Wii. Thank you Nintendo for not pulling a Fatal Frame IV on us with this. Now we just need to get some words about The Last Story and my old gripes will be (pretty much) forgotten.

    • Guest

      Dont forget Earth Seeker, Zangeki no Reginliev, Night of Sacrifice, Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory

      • You sir win fifty golden awesomes for name dropping Battle Road Victory.

        Xenoblade getting localised is brilliant news.

      • puchinri

        This. Especially for Earth Seeker and DQM Battle Road Victory (I’ve been excited over that since forever).

      • Joanna

        I’d just be happy if we see Earth Seeker since this one really stands out with the interesting setting and enemy designs.

  • malek86

    Cool, but why Europe? Our territory has traditionally never been very interested in RPGs.

    • Let’s not question it, and let us all buy ten copies each so we can at least get a chance of having the Last Story ported over as well to the old continent :3

    • It’s not like it was not interested: it’s that we got very little of it over the years.

      The problem with RPGs is that they have a ridiculous amount of text and it needs to be localized to several languages in order to have a truly decent success throughout the entire territory. But even with that success is not guaranteed.

      We’re talking about localizing to at least 4 different languages: French, German, Spanish and Italian. The four biggest markets in Europe along with the UK. 5 if the English translation has not been done yet.

      That’s a lot of money (specially if they translate directly from Japanese) and a lot of risk. That’s why many Japanese companies don’t even bother. The rest, mostly just put the translation for the US and hope for the best (which almost never is).

      However, the hostility against JRPGs of the last 4-5 years is way more prominent in the US. FPS’s rising popularity over there doesn’t help either.

      In Europe things are not that bad for the genre, so I guess Japanese companies are trying to penetrate more in that market in order to find the public they lost in the US. That would explain too some marketing stunts from Square Enix like some collector’s edition for certain games.

      In any case, the localization for “Xenoblade” is only good news. Let’s all rejoice! ^^

      • Hostility? What, its not like the quality in most JPRG’s have been there as if we have been living in some golden renaissance of JPRGs or that they didnt target niche markets, and FF13 did well, Persona’s too, and that SMT game, didnt Vesperia too?

        • It’s not like the quality in most JRPGs has been the post-apocaliptic wasteland that most haters make it to be either.

          But since most of the great JRPGs in the last 5 years have come mostly from outside the usual company (Square Enix) and in niche products and/or handhelds, most people don’t notice. For instance, the (arguably) only two truly great JRPGs from Square Enix in recent memory are “Nier” (niche product) and “The World Ends With You” (handheld game).

          But the bad thing is not that people don’t notice them. The bad thing is that they don’t even TRY and yet, they bash the genre big time.

          So yeah: hostility.

          “Tales of Vesperia” was positively received by most of the people who played it, and the “Persona” games earned a lot of critical respect. But neither of them were particularly successful in sales, and definitely light years behind the numbers of “Final Fantasy XIII”.

          • Persona was successful for Atlus exceeding their expectations based on articles posted here. If the company’s arent capable nor are targeting people beyond their “faithful” then the games are not necessarily unsuccessful if they arent selling >500K units. People cant notice that which they cant see or even know exists. Sales are limited when there is nothing out there to get more people interested.

          • Well, if you expect to sell 300K copies and end up selling 500K you made successful numbers, but it’s not like you made a big hit either. I mean, I know that the “Persona” games had good sales. What I’m saying is that, despite of that, they still aren’t as successful they could be. Their quality deserves a lot better than they actually get.

            And seeing the (undeserved) sale numbers of “Final Fantasy XIII”, it’s not like they can’t get more because there are no people who want JRPGs. It sold 6M copies, for crying out loud!

            THERE ARE people who are interested in JRPGs and THERE ARE great games in the genre, even though you find them in a different place.

            There is no reason why those people wouldn’t know that those great games exist and be interested in them, specially when you have the internet. Which all makes the JRPG bashing more absurd.

        • NoElixirs

          “FF13 did well” – I see this largely as an understatement.

      • malek86

        Europe is definitely less receptive of JRPGs. There must be a reason if we haven’t got any SMT game after Persona 4. Also we got Etrian Odyssey, but not the sequels. And we haven’t seen a Sting game since Riviera PSP. Let’s not even get into the various Xseed, Falcom, etc. games, where the only time they throw us a bone is through PSN.

        I think the problem with Europe is that not many companies have an office here, so they have to rely on different publishers (Atlus in the past years had their SMT games published by Koei, Ubisoft, Squenix…), thus the conditions are less favorable.

        The translation shouldn’t be a problem in itself. If companies want, they can just make the games in enligsh, and only translate the manual. It’s happened many times before. In fact, it’s actually harder to find a JRPG with Multi-5 localization than an english-only one.

        Besides, I don’t have trouble believing sales are lower. We just prefer different kind of games. See Layton or Singstar or Brain Training. Europe has always been more of a casual market.

        • Trust me: we are definitely NOT less receptive to JRPGs. Worst case scenario, we are, but the difference is pretty small. However, I must point out that “being less receptive” is not necessarily the same as “buy less”.

          The problem, or rather problems, are somewhere else.

          The fact that many companies don’t have an European office is indeed part of the problem, but many of them don’t have it simply because they can’t afford it. But even if they do find an European publisher, they still have to invest a lot of money, since they still have to pay them for doing the localization and/or distribution job.

          And yes, translation is a HUGE problem. If you are from the UK or are a fluent English speaker this is easy to overlook, but the fact is that most people in the big European markets don’t have enough English level to fully enjoy a game like a JRPG without at least subtitles.

          And even if they are fluent speakers, a lot of people prefer to play in their own language anyway, for obvious reasons. It’s their mother language, so they are more comfortable with it.

          In Spain, if a game like a JRPG is not translated to Spanish (subtitles), there’s no way in hell it’s going to sell too much. As in, not every translated JRPG is a success, but every successful JRPG is translated.

          If there are so many JRPG with only English is because that translation has been made for the US. It’s not an additional cost for the European release, so publishers can kinda live with it.

          Most of the time, when a Japanese developer does that in Europe is because they gave up in having a true success in our territory and only release it for having some left-over profit.

          And BTW, Europe is definitely NOT a more casual market. Just because those games you speak of are more successful here, it doesn’t mean that more hardcore games don’t sell that much. The “BioShock” and “Fable” games were really successful, and the “Call of Duty” franchise is quite huge.

          This is specially true in Germany, probably the “hardcorest” country in Europe.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Alright!!! Now just give it a little bit and we’ll see the game in America. :D I’m glade it was able to keep the name XenoBlade. Such a better name. :)

    *runs in circle*

    This better be a taste of things to come (over from Japan).

    • I’m holding my breath until it comes over.

  • I guess we can call this confirmation: a U.S. release simply isn’t going to happen.

    Look. If Europe gets it before America, then that means that NOA has officially passed it up. So yeah, it’ll probably be playable in something resembling English, but I’m not modding my Wii for a half-baked Euro translation.

    • maxchain

      I dunno, that Tingle game turned out alright. But that’s different, since you can just jam anything from whatever region into your DS and NoA can’t stop you.

    • Kaoro

      I really doubt NoA isn’t bringing this over as well.

      It looks like this press release came during the night. Who’s to say in 5 or 6 hours, once people in Redmond wake up and get working, there won’t be a similar US announcement? I expect we’ll hear about it soon, unless NoA plans to delay the release compared to Europe.

      • Phlo

        Trace Memory for the Wii, Disaster Day of Crisis, Hotel Dusk 2….if NoA skips this and NoE doesn’t, it definitely wouldn’t be the first time.

        • Kaoro

          You… you… dream crusher.

          I still have faith we won’t have to chalk it up to NoA ignoring core fans again. Then again, their Wii release schedule is pretty crowded this year. They should probably wait…

    • “Half-baked Euro translation”?

      NOE works as hard as NOA in their translations, you know?

      Yes, they use British idioms, but they HAVE to. Their work is for the UK, after all. Demeaning their translations because of that is just stupid.

      And for other languages, I can speak for Spanish translations and they are mostly top notch.

      • “I can speak for Spanish translations and they are mostly top notch.”

        French too ! ;)

    • Hraesvelgr

      FEDS was released in Europe before North America and it had the best localization in a Fire Emblem game to date.

  • Now I have a reason to reconnect my wii component cable lol

  • If this gets released in the US, I hope it will just be the beginning of a great year for Wii RPGs. Last Story, Dragon Quest X and Skyward Sword… hopefully. *crosses fingers and sacrifices a chicken*

  • I guess Reggie isn’t a big fan of Monolith Soft in general, as opposed to just Disaster: Day of Crisis. :C At least us Australians can import it is it doesn’t eventually come out here.

  • Yup.

    Looks like I’ll be getting a Wii after all. If only to show Nintendo we like jrpgs in Europe and, who knows, we’ll end up getting The Last Story sometime.

  • kroufonz

    Great and Perfect News, a great nintendo JRPG finally coming to the west with dual voice option!

    something really bugging me after wkc 2 announced in europe and still no words for US release, this one also announced in europe first too, i am still wondering will there be US/NA version of both games??????????????

    • Hraesvelgr

      Where do you get dual audio out of this, though?

      • Pichi

        From their PR. Here’s what they said:

        “Xenoblade Chronicles will be launching later this year for Wii featuring both English and Japanese voice-overs and will be fully subtitled in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Keep checking http://www.nintendo.dk for further information on this epic new adventure for Wii.”

        • Hraesvelgr

          Oh, my bad. I guess this means there’s no chance of getting a better name than “Shulk”, though…

          • jj984jj

            They already changed the names of the Gods (which I’m not thrilled about since I liked the names Kyo-shin and Ki-shin better than Bionis and Mechonis), so they’ll probably give him a name that sounds better in English as well.

          • Aoshi00

            I liked Kyoshin and Kishin too, was wondering how they would localize it, I guess Bionis and Mechonis sound pretty cool too and fitting. I agree, I bet Shulk would be changed to something else.. I mean they even renamed Neptune to Neptunia…

          • Aoshi00

            I think most likely they would change it to cooler names, especially Shulk.. Shuruku doesn’t bad in Jpn but Shulk sounds and looks weird in Eng.. Even Chrono Trigger had lots of name changes, like Magus’s kid name was changed from Jackie to Janus..

  • Amazon is still accepting preorders for Xenoblades original title, maybe nintendo never took it off it’s release list and is simply dragging its ass?

  • There is a way to mod your Wii to play import games right?

    • malek86

      And suddenly, modding doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

      • I support System modding 100% as long as it is used for this purpose

  • Wiccan1109

    I’d heard about this aaaages ago but i thought i saw somewhere it was all hack and slash, which im not a fan of when it comes to JRPGs, however after seeing this trailer it really looks worth getting. The enviroments and characters look beautiful, it seems like something you’d feel chilled out playing. I could live with a battle system that isnt to my tastes aslong as it makes me feel good playing it. Shame its on the wii though, those controls just feel really alien to me.

  • Aoshi00

    Would be nice if they give us more than 3 save slots.. so many jaw dropping mind blowing epic cutscenes every time I need to struggle and decide which to save over, like Nier… even Last Story has 16 save slots.. Layton 3DS takes the cake w/ 1 (but at least you could unlock the theater mode at the end)… Xenoblade is one good looking game and amazing RPG.. I’m so behind :(…

    • puchinri

      Wow, only three? I hope they add more too. 0A0;
      And seriously!? Layton only has one!? That’s… That sounds kind of evil.

      Have you played Monster Hunter Tri? I know you have Last Story, how does Xenoblade compare to TLS and MH3? I personally like how Xenoblade looks, but I know some of it isn’t as ‘omgHDperfectyesss!1!!1!’ (which is perfect to me).

      • Aoshi00

        Tell me about it, 3 save slots, what were they thinking.. so many breathtaking and amazing cutscenes I want to save (you know like those in Xenosaga you can’t take your eyes off of…), pains me every time I have to overwrite it… all RPGs should have unlimited saves.. or at least more than 3… Layton’s 1 save was not cool at all, means you can’t share the game w/ family or friends, but at the end you could still unlock all the videos and rewatch them at any time if you have enough picarots (I always restart if I mess up lol)Nah, not a Monster Hunter fan.. one really can’t compare Last Story and Xenoblade at all, totally different types of RPGs, both I consider are masterpieces but different, battles are different, story and presentation are different.. the main quest of LS is linear and Xenoblade is more open world as you know, the world is vast, so big w/ minimum loading screen I dunno how they did it.. It’s hard to say which looks better either.. something in Last Story looks better.. but some cutscenes in Xenoblade just make you go “wow!! this looks better than FF13”, even though it’s SD.. Oh yea, the mechs, the mechs look amazing! Takahashi really knows his mechs inside and out :)

        • puchinri

          Oh man, one thing I loved about P4 was having tons of save slots, I had so many for scenes that I liked… I always hate when there aren’t at least five save slots. ;u;
          (Haha, I do too! I guess I’ll be restarting even more this time, lol.)

          Ahh, I see. I was thinking maybe the settings (I can see some small similarities between them, but Xenoblade reminds me more of Earth Seeker with more nature). Wow, seriously!? That is impressive! I am really looking forward to it. And I mean, FF13 looks good (that’s one thing I give it a lot of credit for, but I felt like I was watching a Macross movie in the beginning and not playing a FF), but I think Xenoblade’s world look waaaay better. One of the best I’ve seen (and very few go on that list actually).

          That makes me so excited! x’D
          I haven’t started Xenogears yet (but I did get it on PSN! Just trying to get halfway through Grandia before starting it…) but I do like the designs of the mecha, so I’m looking forward to seeing them in Xenoblade.

  • Hell Yeah!!!
    After the disappointing news of Maga Man being cancelled, localization news is way better.

  • God finally…! I shed some manly tears of joy when reading this, finally a reason to bring out my Wii again~

    Now please for the sake of me, bring over Arc Rise Fantasia from the US and if possible all of the damn awesome JPN only games like Last Story and Reginliev!

  • exhume

    Frankly, this doesn’t really look like my cup of tea but now I will buy it anyway, to show my support. This is great news.

  • Yamaneko22

    Yes!! It’s coming!! And Europe is not being left out!! Fangasm ^o^

  • Extra_Life

    Best news my Wii has had in some time! And this time I don’t even have to import!

  • Lenne

    yay xenoblade! this game looks so beautiful can’t wait to play it.

  • Oh, hell yes! This another title I’ve wanted to head my way. Great news!

  • Rupee11

    Been waiting for a strong JRPG for the Wii, and I hope the European release keeps the Japanese box-art. It’s lovely.

    Edit: http://www.nintendo.co.uk/NOE/en_GB/news/2011/xenoblade_chronicles_to_reach_europe_32586.html

    NOE confirms Japanese and English dub along with a teaser site.

    • Aoshi00

      And people kept saying space is an issue for no dual audio when it comes to RPGs shared by both PS3 and 360… this game is long and has a lot of dialogue. It’s pretty awesome they include dual audio like Sin & Punishment 2…

      • puchinri

        I remember reading on one of the articles here that the game is long and there’s a lot of audio. I hear it has a lot of interactions wih the NPCs? Is that true? Or is that another game I’m thinking of, and it’s only a lot with the PCs?
        And I forgot S&P2 had dual audio. I want to pick it up each time I see it, but I’m so broke. x’D;

        • Aoshi00

          yea a lot of NPCs, but mostly text only.. there are quite a lot of dialogue in cutscenes though.. I would say Last Story probably has more dialogue, but I haven’t even scratched the surface w/ Xenoblade yet.. there’s a lot of sidequests from NPCs, buy they mostly request you to defeat monsters and fetch things.. Not S&P2 yet!!?? It’s $18 on Amazon now, but not in stock currently until April 31.. so maybe order now :) And Fragile dropped to like $20 too, huge bargains.I heard Xenoblade is long.. I felt like I played a lot of it but only clocked in 20 hours, I think the game could be as long as 100 hours (not sure if that includes sidequests or not)… Last story I did all the sidequests and some multiplayer mode I beat in 45 hrs, otherwise I could’ve finished it in ~35 I think, the main quests is pretty short and compact, but sweet pacing… you’re probably like if Xenoblade is that good why haven’t I finished it yet.. long games just seem daunting to me.. and I got distracted by many other games :).. lazy me.. Last Story was more of my type of game though..

          • puchinri

            Oh, okay, that makes sense~. I suppose that is cool, though not entirely as in-depth as I thought it’d be.

            I know. x’D; / D’:
            I was actually considering buying it and another game from Wal-Mart for their $30 deal, but I had to remind myself that I wanted to buy it at full price (I keep telling myself I’m supporting the title better that way). I did notice Fragile though! I was really back and forth with it before, but I have convinced myself to get it for sure now!

            Yeah, I heard 80-100 hours (I don’t remember if it was with or without either, sadly). Last Story sounds short, but still at a great time. Haha, I understand actually. I love long games and wish more were as long as Xenoblade, but they do take a while to get through. I actually left a lot of short games sitting too, even though I’m actually at the very very end (Zack & Wiki for instance…).

            Laziness all the way! :’)
            Was it the style? Or the length?
            I think I have a preference for Xenoblade just by the look and scenery, but I love everything I see and hear about both of them. They make for a nice pair of titles together (a good balance, I guess one would say?).

  • rock1644

    I really, really hope this gets released in the US. Otherwise, I will have to import it. This and The Last Story are pretty much the only reasons I still have my Wii.

  • This is my face when I’m not seeing a U.S. release any time soon.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I swear to God NOA. Do not disappoint me again. The way you’ve been ignoring my favorite developer is really, really terrible. Honestly, every time you guys pass on a game from them my respect goes down a bit. You guys were talking so much about how you wanted to please the core gamer…well, localizing these games is one way to do it.

    Just at least give me this game. Okay? Please? I’ll try and get over the sting of having no Disaster or Soma Bringer if you just give us this game, okay? Please, NOA?

    • lostinblue

      They have it listed on their roadmap…

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        They still have it listed as Monado and as TBA. I’m not too hopeful. I’ll be extremely exuberant if it shows up, but I just have lost trust in NOA.

    • ryebot

      NOA stopped caring about “core” (ugh) gamers long ago. Don’t hold your breath, friend.

      But yeah, your post is exactly what I had on my mind.

    • Arcm

      Honestly, if this game doesn’t come over I’m selling my Wii since I haven’t touched it in over a year and the new Zelda isn’t looking impressive since it’s motion controlled.

    • Joanna

      Yeah, I’m still peeved about Trace Memory 2/Another Code R being Europe-only. I don’t want to mod my system….I like having access to the shop channel. :<

  • karasuKumo

    YESYESYESYESYES!!! Bohahaha! This shall be a day one buy for me, damn it’s been a while since I played the Wii!

  • Europe only huh?

    I guess this is the tradeoff for us getting DQ6 here but no EU release.

    … that and Inazuma Eleven.

  • Oh ho! This provides hope for a US localization, but Nintendo of America has a history of making disappointing decisions regarding cool games being ignored for the US.

  • Now all I need is a Last Story announcement…..

  • Oh good. Hoping it comes over to NA then. If it doesn’t, well, I’ll still do what I can to get my hands on it.

  • SneakyHawk

    Watching that trailer REALLY made me want the game even more. Now I just need to mod my Wii.

  • This is such awesome Thursday morning news! Time to learn how to mod my Wii, or find someone who will! I haven’t updated the firmware since I first bought it (and cough, was also when I last played it) many moons ago, so firmware, at least, should not be an issue.

  • HarryHodd

    Will buy if it comes to NA

  • jj984jj

    The best RPG to ever grace the Wii is being localized?!?!???? **** YEAH!

    • Aoshi00

      wouldn’t be a stretch to say the best RPG to grace consoles in the last decade :)..


  • eilegz

    now what about the US?

  • PAL PAL PAL PAL Ahhhh!

  • FX102A

    There is a God and he’s a JRPG Fan!

    Now how about The Last Story? If its release is going to be based on sales of Xenoblade, please say so. I’ll spread the word and even buy multiple copies at launch.

    Perhaps ourselves and the Aussies will no longer be the screwed-over continent any more. Whilst I really hope it also makes it Stateside as well for the fans’ sake, you’ve had it a lot better than us over the years with regards to JRPG localisations.

  • The plus side…I can play it in English. The downside…may have to import it. Come on NoA!

  • badmoogle

    Can you imagine this to be an early,cruel April fools joke from Nintendo?
    It would be a nice way to ruin their public image,lol…

    Anyway day 1,and i hope The Last Story is next!

  • gatotsu911

    Okay, now Nintendo of America’s just fudging with me.

  • MrRobbyM

    I see a light…and I have a feeling it’s going to be blocked off by NOA with a giant boulder >_>

  • English & JAP dub… u know what you’re doing Nintendo and I love it ^_^

    • Aoshi00

      The Jpn dub is really really good, and the music is amazing :)

  • PrinceHeir

    lucky son of a—

    i was just playing my wii awhile ago. Oneechanbara is awesome :P

    please announce this also on US along with The Last Story and Fatal Frame 4.


  • Guest

    crossing my fingers for a NA release; xenoblade has quite the soundtrack as well

  • Guest

    crossing my fingers for a NA release, xenoblade has quite the soundtrack as well

  • oh please come out in america…. p–lease!..

  • If this gets released in the States, that brings the Wii titles I really must play all the way up to 8! Only another 12 more and I’ll buy a Wii as my secondary console.

    • Charles, seriously, stop posting inflammatory comments for no reason unless you want to give us reason to show you the way out.

      You’ve been upsetting people with your recent comments (see: February’s NPD post). If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything. We understand you have certain systems that you like, and that’s great, but we’d appreciate it if you didn’t feel the need to voice your dissent for anything that isn’t a PS3 or NGP as often as you do.

      • I actually wasn’t trying to say anything upsetting to anyone. I was saying something positive about the Wii (which is rare for me, I admit, but they haven’t given me anything positive to say for years) and that I do hope it comes to North America and how, if enough good games come out for the system, I will buy it. You don’t see me asking for it to come out on an HD system, do you? I’m glad to see the Wii getting an exclusive I’d like to play for a change. It’s been a while since I could say that (you do remember that I’m all for exclusives). If the trend continues, probably by the end of this generation, I’ll be picking one up myself. That’s all I’m saying.

        • gatotsu911

          Honestly, the system is so cheap and the (admittedly few) worthwhile games for it so worth playing that I’d suggest just going ahead and getting one if you’re considering it. 20 must-have exclusives is a pretty steep requirement for any system. Did you own an N64?

          • No, I never got an N64 or a Gamecube. I had a NES and had planned on getting an SNES, and then Howard Lincoln narced on Sega to Senator Joseph Liebermann about Mortal Kombat and I started boycotting Nintendo products until he left the company.

            After that, I just never really saw much on Nintendo systems to interest me. I almost bought a Gamecube at one point and then, literally, the week before I was due to buy it, Capcom announced RE4, Viewtiful Joe, and Killer 7 were all going to PS2, which I already owned which dropped the number of games I wanted for the system below the required number.

            My 20 must-have exclusives was something I came up with back when I still owned a Saturn and was debating on whether or not to also get a PS1. I was a huge Sega fanboy at the time and I was fairly bitter that Lunar had been canceled for Saturn and moved to PS1, so I said to myself that I would finally pick up a PS1 if it had 20 games I wanted and not before. When it got 20 of them, I picked one up.

            It’s also why I almost never buy a system first day for precisely that reason. I want to get as much time as possible with a system. I own something like 150 hundred games just between my PS2/PS3 and I’m not even going to try to count the games I’ve owned for previous systems (my NES, Saturn, Sega CD, and Genesis collections, especially, were huge and I think I owned every single game that ever came out for the Colecovision, at one point). I know so many people with Wii’s that haven’t touched them in almost a year (mostly since that Metroid game came out by Team Ninja) and I feel like that’d be a waste of money to have a system collecting dust.

            But if this, Last Story, and Dragon Quest X all come out, then that puts the games up to 10 and we’re halfway there. It wouldn’t be the first system I bought towards the end of its generation. I mean, as I said, above, I bought a PS1 pretty late in its lifetime.

            I know that certain people are very quick to paint me with the fanboy brush because I happen to enjoy my PS3 and want previous PS2-established franchises to stay on that console. But they seem to forget that I like it when other systems get good exclusives. When they get enough, I pick up the system. I don’t have a problem with the Wii because it’s not a Sony system. I have a problem because there’s very little I want to play for it. This is a definite step in the right direction. I loved their previous titles and this would be great if it came over here. It would be one of the first titles I’d play when I’d pick up a Wii. But they have to step it up before I do that. My fanboy days ended when Sega dropped out of the hardware race and I realized how silly it was to just support a company because they were a particular company. Now, I just support those who support me and give me the things I want to play.

          • puchinri

            I kind of thought the issue was more with how you worded it rather than your own decision in buying a console. The comment did sound condescending/mocking to me, and I actually thought it was meant to be at first. x’D;

            I suppose it also implied a bit that the Wii has no worthwhile exclusives, even though you did say for you, and that is a matter of personal taste. (I feel the game has a lot of worthwhile exclusives, but it all depends on what you’re into, willing to play, etc.)

          • Yeah, I was specific about games that I was interested in. I have friends who love the Mario series and that’s part of why they bought a Wii. For me, though, having not enjoyed one since Super Mario Brothers III, they’re not a selling point. For my own personal tastes, there are currently only 7 games for the Wii that I really wish I could play. There were a couple more, but they’ve all been/being ported (Tales of Graces, No More Heroes, Dead Space: Extraction), so the list fell back down to 7. If this comes out in the States (and honestly, that there is even a question of whether it will or not is one of the problems I’ve had with the system), that’ll bring the number back up to 8.

            Also, keep in mind, I never count multiplatform games as a reason to buy a system. When a friend who only owns a Wii asks what games I recommend, “Sakura Wars” and “Okami” always come up in my recommendations, but I wouldn’t buy a Wii for them, because I have them already on PS2. Just like how Resident Evil 4 is my second favorite game of all time, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy a PS3 just to play the new HD edition coming later this year.

          • puchinri

            Since I couldn’t respond above to the Ar Tonelico thing, I’ll just respond here.

            But really, the purge scenes are just a small part of it. Fanservice sounds pretty much ingrained in the series as it is though.

            And it does sound worth it, but it gets to a point where even things that are worth it just make me go ‘oh, yay, more (male gaze) fanservice. /eyeroll & passes on’. I’ll probably try and borrow my friend’s copy, but from what I’ve seen of the gameplay (of the JP ver at least), I’ll like it enough but still get sick of it and only be able to take it seriously so much.

  • fallen

    I will pay up to $200 for this game. And I am super poor.

  • Well, it’s a step forward.
    I want to see this and Last Story over here, NOW.

  • puchinri

    For some reason, I got really excited when I heard Gaur Plains. ^u^;

    But I’m excited for this news. I can now import and actually understand it. ;u;
    And looking at the vid, I am reminded that Xenoblade isn’t the prettiest of games, even/especially as a Wii title, but I can forgive that because it has so much going on.

    I’m excited to play the game~. Hopefully NoA and/or NoE get Last Story too. (And some other titles.)

  • vadde939

    *dies of joy*

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