Nintendo Patent Reveals Unreleased "Wii Light" Accessory

By Spencer . April 5, 2011 . 4:02pm

Nintendo was (and perhaps still is) working on a mood lighting accessory for the Wii that reacts to how you play a video game. A patent filed back in Japan circa 2009 reveals the device, which has not been released to market yet. Plug the "Wii Light" into your console and the LEDs blast a rainbow of colors.




The Wii Light is made up of red, blue, and green LEDs. By turning on different LEDs and adjusting saturation the accessory can output 256 different colors.


image image


Light from the LEDs go through condensing lenses to blend the colors from each LED so the light appears as one colored beam.




In addition to changing colors, the Wii Light can output different intensities and patterns, like blinking. The patent also details how developers could use the device with games. Take a fighting or shooting game, the Wii Light could change color when a bullet hits its mark or if a fist reaches a face. Games could be programmed to synchronize button presses with light flashes or changing colors too.


Perhaps, more interesting application is a proposal for music games. The Wii Light can change colors to match a game’s background music. For music games, the light can sync to a player’s plastic instrument so players can hear and see how well they’re playing [insert instrument here] Hero.


If Nintendo decided to go through with the Wii Light, would you buy one? Better question what would make you want one?

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  • Flashing lights can lead to seizures, so I have a fear of this like these, I can foresee possible health risks as why its not come to light since 2009. In my opinion, it offers as much gameplay innovation of Wii Motion Plus, which I thought didnt add much (nor have widespread games support it), so like my answer for Motion Plus, I will answer the penultimate question presented in the write up and say that I would want this device if it was widely supporting in games I enjoy.

    • Zero_Destiny

      No my friend. Flashing lights DON’T lead to seizures. To have epilepsy from being exposed to flashing lights is absurd. It is something people are born with it’s in there genes. It has to do with their brains. You can’t just spontaneously become epileptic. Likewise a simple warning will do. Anyone with epilepsy in their family should be weary of it and and should adhere to the warning but that’s that. No big deal.

      WiiMotion Plus provides the Wiimote with a greater range of motion and is needed in order to play some newer games like Red Steel 2 and Zelda Skyward Sword. And maybe you didn’t hear so much about it because they are now all built into the Wiimotes so no one buys the motion Plus unless they already have a old Wiimote. :P

      • Dude, unfortunately, I think you are making some dangerous and mighty claims that may put people at risk. For some people Photosensitive epilepsy may happen to occur from being exposed from flashing lights. People happen to get it from a videogame or even a tv experience without it ever occurring before.

        While computer displays in general present very little risk of producing seizures in PSE patients (much less risk than that presented by television sets), video games with rapidly changing images or highly regular patterns can produce seizures, and video games have increased in importance as triggers as they have become more common. Some people with no prior history of PSE may first experience a seizure while playing a video game. Often the sensitivity is very specific, e.g., it may be a specific scene in a specific game that causes seizures, and not any other scenes.

        I also do not see any genetic testing that shows that we have identified the genes that lead to this and that we also carry out genetic testing of this on all people. I for one have no clue if I will happen to be sensitized to a specific occurance of flashing lights like this, hence why Ive been scared to be around rapidly blinking lights and etc, its a risk not worth taking especially when Im not near other people.

        There has been strong firsty party support for the Wii Motion Plus so I had no reason to get it. Wii Sports Resort was essentially a waggle fest for me, being able to just waggle to get through all the events and such, so it wasnt compelling or lasting gameplay, and to my knowledge there has been no other first party support of the device, so I, as a one of the legacy Wii owners, have not had incentive to get it.

        • Zero_Destiny

          *sigh* Having grown-up with one of my friends with it you told me complete and told BS. Thanks. I know it may come about suddenly I was there when it happens but it IS in the genes. We haven’t found it yet but it’s there. Likewise, most people don’t suddenly get it. You’ll have a history of it. If it’s in your family you should be weary. All your doing is being and @ss and assuming that it will come out of no where. Grow up and stop believing in scare tactics. It’s childish. :( Next you’ll tell me you’re scared of spontaneously combusting. :P

          • … Well, *I’m* scared of spontaneously combusting. It really does happen, and no one knows why.

            Y’think Eve really exists?

          • Lol seriously I think I read something similar to spontaneous combusting a few minutes ago in Air Gear…gotta love Oh Great and his nonsensical love for “details”. xD

          • How can you have a history of epilepsy if your first occurring may occur from some random sensitivity to light at one point. If no one in ones family has experienced it and their child has, how would “genes” have predisposed them to knowledge of it. Random and spontaneous mutations can happen, as well as events during the time that one is experiencing playing or being in light conditions, perhaps biological conditions in the body such as an alteration in blood composition of nutrients, etc. Sure we may have personal run ins with people with some type of epilepsy, but there are many other types of epilepsy that, although some can be correlated to “genetic effects” but WebMD and years of scientific research, suggests that genes are not the only culprit, which is all that I was getting at.

            A little bit of research in the matter immediately shows that which I posted isnt a lie and supported by years of research and a research community of scientists and doctors, and that I was simply supplying information to augment that which you posted since not everyone knows. So I do not need to see why you shut it down so rudely and call me such names when I did not call you any such thing at all.

          • Zero_Destiny

            I’m done with you. You are perhaps the biggest @SS I have ever had the displeasure of communicating with. Just to be a gentlemen I will state that your points are all valid, kudos for that. Your environment has a good effect on how your genes react, and of course there may be other aspects not yet known about it. But your just pushing a whole lot of BS onto other people and trying to scare them. Grow up. Think before you speak/type.

          • @Zero_Destiny What is up with you and the name calling? My initial statement said “flashing lights can lead to seizures”, a warning at the beginning of games and other media states this, while you say “flashing lights can not lead to seizures…” how am I being wrong, childish, idiotic, etc in this manner when physicians, game companies, and media agree while you disagree? Are these media instilling fear in others by having the warning? I simply posted the warning.

            Supplying facts, logical reasoning supported by a large medical community, scientific research, and suggesting that “genes” are not the only causes, leads me to instilling fear in others, being childish, idiotic and spouting trash? Certainly supplying credible evidence is better than just immediately casting down the other person as childish.

      • Maxwell3000

        Wii motion plus is an AWESOME idea. But why the heck is there only -2 games that use it and are fun. Zelda and Red steel are beast…but common thats it? The shovelware for Wii makes me shutter so perhaps my tolerance is low for how much potential the Wii has for more motion based games but yet nothing comes out. PLUS we know Nintendo made a good dollar off of this non-cd playing hardware, I wish there were just more deep games for the thing.

        • Zero_Destiny

          There are more I just don’t any the others/these were the first to come to mind. Anyways I see the Motion Plus as something to expand the Wii’s life by a little. It came in kinda late and is meant to give Wii players something else to make the games more fun. Anyways for what it was worth I think it was a fine thing.

    • Maxwell3000

      Wholeheartedly agree with the Motion plus idea. How many fun games incorporated it probably can be counted on one hand. Your mention of seizures brings me back to the porygon episode of Pokemon that was banned in Jpn

  • … and they thought this is marketable, why…?

    • kylehyde

      I think that they didn’t think that.

      There have been many patents like this before of products that never saw he light. The patent never guarantees that the product is going to be launched. Heck, there are even products that were displayed or even tested and ended being canned.

  • Zero_Destiny

    It sounds trippy but I think it would work well for a music game like Spencer pointed out. I also think a horror game would do well with it. Really it seems fit for that. Turn the lights off and leave this thing on *shivers* I think it would be really cool.

  • MarkMario

    That sounds pretty cool, as long as it isn’t too expensive, I would probably buy it.

  • kylehyde

    Personally I think that in good developers hand (or minds) it could give a good range of great games. However I think that is too late for using in the current console.

  • This sounds like a good accessory for dancing games like DDR but I don’t see it fitting for any other types of games.

    • Maybe rail shooters that seek to emulate a muzzle flash?

      • kylehyde

        The problem is that even the wii owners are tired of rail shooters.

  • Suicunesol

    Unless this accessory eventually leads to a device in the near future that will put out 100000 LED lights at once to form a projected holographic image, this device is just too purposeless. Televisions already display enough flashing lights. As if we need a few more?


    It seems kind of pointless at first, but if there was a game that required you to respond to the lights (rather than having the lights respond to you), I can definitely see the appeal.

    With the 3DS, it seems like Nintendo is really trying to blur the line between video games and reality……. Or maybe that’s just what I want to believe. Of course they are taking advantage of trend, but I hope that’s not all they are doing. I really want them to take this to the next step, however far in the future it may be, and intergrate holograms into one of their future systems.

  • When I first read the title, I assumed that the device would just be something that freaked you out by dimming the lights at scary points in games. After reading what it actually is, I think I’m going to pretend to myself that my first assumption was right. I don’t think I really need a disco going on while I’m playing a game. :D

  • depend on the game … if this is not applicable in any game … i won’t buy

  • alesnive

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