• http://twitter.com/EdgeKun Ed Powell

    Awesome review. I find it amazing that your VO experience growing up is near identical to mine. (Grew up on VOOM in arcades, missed out on Tangram due to no ‘cast and no arcades anymore, picked back up for Marz, then Force on 360)

    Sadly, I haven’t really played much since going through the trouble of importing this on release. I really should find a guide or two to navigating ‘dem Japanese menus and get back to that. I think another obstacle arises from the feeling that I really should be playing this co-op.

    Last, well, I’m kinda surprised you didn’t mention two of the glaring issues with this game. First is the weirdness of saving a co-op profile. A friend and I found that your co-op buddy’s progress isn’t saved unless they have a pre-existing save file (you can’t create one on boot up), and that it doesn’t seem to save progress unless you -lose and don’t continue-. Picking “exit to main menu” seems to ditch any progress you made for your sync ratio.

    Speaking of, what is the deal with the sync ratio? I love the idea that you as a character become better with your preference in Virtuaroid. I’m trying to figure out if this affects my speed and performance at all in piloting and if it does affect anything, it feels extremely frustrating and grindtastic that you get a whopping 1% per victory. =

    (Also, yay for delicious music select options. Variety and selection of music is something every game should have as a bonus for us audiophiles. :P )

    • Kris

      I can’t believe I forgot to mention the coop issue! It was on my mind the whole time, but somehow didn’t find its way into the about 2000 words that I wrote. :p Yeah that’s a total pain, especially when you have a ton of options and your friend has like ten. I actually didn’t really notice the progress saving thing outside of mission mode (since I didn’t play much arcade mode) but that’s ridiculous.
      As for sync ratio, the higher the ratio gets, the slower it increases. Since I like to hop around between a few different VRs, I doubt I’ll ever reach 100%…

  • Code

    Netplay sounds like my experience with Senko DUO; Japanese players generally avoid playing with anyone with a less then full bar connection if you ask me. I mean I can totally understand, no one wants to play on a crappy connection (which is why I seeked out other importers) but it does make online play feel like paradise lost omo;

    Could never get into Virtual-On myself, although the temptation to keep trying is always there, if nothing else because of how closely it’s related to Senko >w<'' But also seriously 91 characters, even if most are just variations — that is pretty badass xwx;; Do you unlock them or are most of them already unlocked? It's regional free isn't it?

    • Kris

      Haha, no worries about not being able to get into VO, I’ve not played much Senko myself (despite my love for G.Rev). If I were you, I’d try the trial for Oratorio Tangram (and use twin stick type A controls!) to see how you like it before you run off and import Force (which is region free).
      You only start off with 10 or so VRs, and unlocking them all definitely takes a while, too! It’s kind of like getting a trading figure when you beat a mission, it’s really exciting to see if you’ve unlocked something new or just an alternate color.

      PS: Senko Duo isn’t region free, is it? I know you have a Japanese 360, but I was wondering if I should go for that or just get “Wartech.”

      • Code

        Nah, Senko DUO isn’t regional free, it’s locked to Japanese systems but Wartech: Senko no Ronde, is bargain bin, usually between $8-$15 (new) and regional free to boot >www<;; Still I had no idea though that Force has so many VR.

  • malek86

    I haven’t played many of these giant robots games.

    The only one I’ve finished is Slave Zero, but that was very different (still cool though). I tried the VOOT demo, but it looked too much like something that should be done with friends, not for the single player.

    Is this one any different? I’m not really into multiplayer.

    • http://twitter.com/EdgeKun Ed Powell

      While it’s all a matter of opinion, Virtual On (to me) really is a game all about playing and getting competition going with friends. Sure you can play through arcade or mission mode, but it’s going to be hardly as much fun as throwing it down with friends and seeing who is the superior pilot. ;3

      So that said, if you’re not into multiplayer I personally wouldn’t recommend VO. Maybe Oratorio since it’s only $15 on xbla, but not a 50-60$ title like this one.

      • Exkaiser

        I don’t know, I always had a blast playing V-On by myself in the arcades. Such a great game.

  • MisterDandylion

    The fact that this classic was remade just…..too…. *starts crying like a little girl*

    This game was part of my childhood (this and Time Commando) and I’m grateful…. fully grateful that despite it’s flaws, the game itself, can be an enjoyable gaming experience :)

    Thanks Kris for bringing back memories to this grumpy gamer :D

  • Zero_Destiny

    I remember going to the arcade and playing the game in the big booth that was made to look like cockpit and it had all the mecha controls and I was just like “YES! I’m in love. <3" When the Dreamcast came around I had to get it. Well when I finally got my Dreamcast since it was pretty much on it’s last leg by that time. Some fond memories of my childhood right there for you. :) I see Kris was kinda similar. ^_^

    Loved that Dreamcast game so much. Should probably import this puppy. Well that is if I can get more money. :( Oh well at least I still got my Dreamcast version. XD I have to say on an unrelated note that at least I got my Custom Robo the GameCube and DS games were fun. They make the lack of Virtual-On feel a bit less painful. :)

    • PrinceHeir

      oh my god same2 O_O

      i played this in the arcades, soo much fun. it actually feels like your a mecha pilot :P

      this game is basically the “mercenaries” modes of the mecha genre. one on one fights in a arena with timer and all.

      soo much fun, hope they bring a brand new one instead of a remake.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Yes :D Such good times in the arcade playing the game. It really does bring back some good memories of that time. Would love to see a new one come out in the west. But I am really just happy with Custom Robo. It is diff but it does make the lack of Virtual-On easier.

  • AaqibRawat

    listen up everybody you have to list your fav robots you can only have 5


    great review i am so happy that this is region free
    man i could do with some nostalgia!

    • Exkaiser

      The Viper II is my favorite, followed by the classic Temjin.

      • AaqibRawat

        Man the viper 2 transforms into that plane !

        I would love a model of that thing !

        • Exkaiser

          Well, Kotobukiya did make a Viper 2 model!

    • Kris

      1. Apharmd
      2. Temjin
      3. Fei-Yen
      4. Specineff
      5. Angelan, maybe? I love that dragon she summons.

      I was never a big fan of Cypher/Viper/MYZR for some reason…

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