Bullet Soul Demo Locks On To Xbox Live

By Spencer . April 11, 2011 . 4:04pm


While 5pb is known for publishing visual novels, they stepped out of their comfort zone to create a vertical shooter. Bullet Soul is 5pb’s first foray into developing a shooter from scratch. 5pb has something to prove and they’re going to let their game do the talking.


A Bullet Soul demo is available on Xbox Live in Japan. Unfortunately, it’s limited to Xbox Live Gold members. On April 18, roughly two weeks after launch, everyone will be able to give Bullet Soul a spin. If you dig it, you can import it. Bullet Soul is a region-free Xbox 360 game.

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  • Sheesh, I’m really falling behind on these shmup releases. MMP! & Pink Sweets, Eschatos, Strania, EspII Platinum, Bullet Soul..

    To think that I complain when a game isn’t region-free, as if I could afford it at this point. D:

    • Code

      rar, I know the feeling, to be fair Japanese games are just downright expensive. But hopefully I’ll be able to turn it around in the near future and pick up some titles >w< It's a shame though that they never drop in price unless they go platinum omo;

  • Zonic505

    Awesome, I’ll have to download this next week once it’s available for everyone else.

  • Code

    What is this madness!? Demos for shmups!? rar, I’ll definitely be giving it a shot — and no one can stop me! Only this two week waiting period omo; *waits patiently*

  • Oh gawd. Being a bullet hell nub like me, I’m probably going to end up smashing my face to a wall trying to get through the demo.

  • MarkMario

    I do love me region free games.

  • Aoshi00

    They should’ve put out the demo before the game was released, even though there’s still the week-wait.. I would’ve liked to try it out before buying.. So far there’s 4 positive reviews on Amazon Jpn and one negative review in Eng. I read from a Cave fan.. not sure who to trust..

    • Code

      Yeah, I kind of feel like that is sort of a flaw in the plan opo; Still at least right now buying on launch isn’t happening for me so it won’t kill me to wait a week, but yeah still seems silly.

      • Aoshi00

        By not releasing a demo before release.. it just gives me the weird feeling the game is not that great and they didn’t want people to try it before hand, I mean there are gameplay and tutorial videos, but still.. If the demo’s really good, like Catherine or Bayonetta, it would spread good word of mouth you know..

        Have too many games to play anyway (I just didn’t want to miss the first print soundtrack since I collect them).. Steins;Gate and Gyakuten Kenji 2.. I just started Costume Quest yesterday and couldn’t stop, the game was so awesome :)!

        • Code

          Haha yeah Costume Quest is pretty slick >w<; On the easy side, and I'm maybe a few too many years beyond the demographic — but be damned if I haven't wanted a Halloween game omo so I still enjoyed it for what it was.

          But yeah I know the feeling, with money being tight, I really gotta make sure I spend well, if possible I'm always going to be trying demos before putting my money down. But yeah I know the feeling, it feels like there trying to net early adopters buyers opo; Still I have a feeling it probably will be AOK, it seems like 5pb even if they still don't quiet get a lot of things, that work with other shmup companies might have finally rubbed off on them. Now they just need to do something for Aksys or something, in hopes of them making a better fighter down the road xpx;

    • neo_firenze

      I have Bullet Soul sitting unplayed, because it came in the mail on Saturday along with Eschatos, and I played Eschatos and Strania all night with my Saturday gaming time and had no time for shooters on Sunday. Soon, I’ll get a chance to fire it up and post some impressions.

      Eschatos I enjoy, but it’s not for everyone. Simplistic (but bright and crisp) graphics, focused on stages instead of bosses (I like it but some won’t), and fairly pared down gameplay. In many respects it reminds me of Triangle Service’s games, particularly Trizeal. It’s also clearly strongly influenced by (practically a more colorful remake/reimagining of) Judgment Silversword – the Wonderswan game which is also included on the disk along with it’s remixed pseudo-sequel Cardinal Sins.

      • Aoshi00

        Thanks for the input on Eschatos… the graphics does look a bit too simplistic, retro to every sense of the word, but the effects look very cool.. and the soundtrack sounds pretty amazing.. so it includes the other two games too?

        I haven’t tried Strania yet.. will need to get it later..

        Cool, it would be nice if you could post some impression once you get to try Bullet Soul.. There was no demo yet and I just wasn’t very sure w/ 5pb stepping out of the genre.. since Phantom Break was a bit boring… there are some good Jpn reviews.. but this one Cave fan said he didn’t like it… the lack of demo (late demo now) didn’t inspire confidence..

        • While EOJ is obviously knowledgeable, it’s important to remember that he is a high-level player and some of the complaints he has will not be applicable to someone who hasn’t played Cave PCBs for hundreds of hours. If you really hate simple scoring systems, definitely avoid this one. (You might want to skip Eschatos too.) But Bullet Soul will not be that boring right off the bat from just a survival standpoint for you and me.

          Impressions have been somewhat positive elsewhere. The main complaints seem to be that the “bullet souls” don’t do anything (which I agree is unfortunate) and that it’s light on content—it doesn’t have a bunch of arrange modes or difficulty levels like many of the other 360 STGs out there.


          • Aoshi00

            Thank :) Guess that guy was just too spoiled.. he rated it pretty lowly so it had me wondering.. and I’m definitely not high level.. I’ve heard many people just enjoy Bullet Soul a lot in general.. from the videos I’ve seen of both Bullet Soul and Eschatos, they look fun and I like the music..

  • If you’re so apathetic, why did you bother commenting?

  • Any reason you don’t post links back to the Xbox Marketplace?

  • nice.Anyway i dont really need the demo im gonna buy the full game ^^

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