Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Is From The Perspective Of Frank West

By Ishaan . April 12, 2011 . 9:16am


Even more Dead Rising 2 is headed your way, courtesy of Capcom Vancouver, who are working on a reinterpretation of Dead Rising 2, titled Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, from the perspective of Frank West.


Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is a reimagining of the Fortune City outbreak, with Frank’s interpretation of the events. Capcom say it will have new missions, enemies, vehicles and weapons, as well as a new Fortune City attraction. Since Off the Record takes place through Frank’s eyes, you’ll also be able to use his camera to earn Prestige Points through photo opportunities, graded against criteria like horror, drama, erotica and brutality.


Capcom also say that Off the Record will bring enhancements — although, these aren’t detailed — to the save system and co-op design of the game. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is slated for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC “this autumn”.

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  • Frank looks like he bathes in douche, but I might consider this if it’s more fun than DR2 was. That game kinda bored me, actually. Not the first time I played, but having to do the same day over and over again to level up.

    • malek86

      And that’s why the small $5 prologue was enough for me. I wouldn’t mind if more games had that. Instead of having to buy a $60 game which I know will get boring quickly, or a short 10 minutes demo, it’s better to just pay a little money and get a bite-sized version of the game, which will be over in 2-3 hours, before it can bore me.

      I kinda miss the ’90s though. The shareware version of Quake had a fourth of the full game’s levels, all the weapons, almost all the monsters, and all the deathmatch maps. And you could even load mods and custom maps on it. And it was free. Good times.

      • daizyujin

        Totally agree. Bought the Prolouge, 200/200 it, and I was done. The series is just too repetitive for me. Plus I hate how the time limit works. It is kinda sad, but I didn’t finish the first game until I played the Wii version, only because I kept having to restart on the 360 from missing time limits.

      • Bwahaha, funny how we were talking about Dissidia Prologus a few days ago and some people said the same thing…

        • malek86

          Well, I don’t care about Dissidia, but I might have actually bought Prologus for just $3 (the only reason I didn’t, was because it would be too annoying to get a PSN card just for that).

          But those who care about the game, I don’t think they wouldn’t buy the full version anyway. So this method actually gives Squenix more money: they get money from those who buy the game, money from those who buy the game but still want the Prologus too, and money from those who wouldn’t buy the game but might get the Prologus because it’s so cheap.

          In my case for example, I didn’t care about DR2. If there were no Case 0, I simply wasn’t going to buy the full game anyway. So it’s not like Capcom lost any money by putting it out.

    • Code

      lol, you say it like DR is a game where you need to grind to level up opo; You reach level cap easily just playing the game. Although yeah DR2 was very flat for me opo; Dead Rising 2 made me realize you don’t play Dead Rising because it’s a zombie game, you play it because it’s a Frank West game >w<' Without Frank in DR2, the whole experience was just dull, but the bigger problem is; even with Frank I still think DR2 would be dull omo;

      And that says a lot, because it's rare I think Frank can do wrong, I mean what with all those suplexes omo; But yeah I kind of agree with people below, Case West I think was a marginally better (wasn't as keen on Case Zero afterwards) but Case West was more fun.

      I should be excited by such a prospect omo; Frank basically saying "screw that noise, this is how it should’ve went down!” But I’m just not feeling this omo;

      • I was doing just fine until some random hippie shanked me with a shard of broken glass in the men’s room when I went to save. I had to level up a bit before I could beat him. Then the next time I died, I just had no interest in playing anymore and returned the game 5 days earlier than I thought would have.

        I mean, Frank seems like just the sleaziest guy on earth, but maybe that’ll make the game a little bit more fun for me. Dunno.

        • Code

          Nahh, your taking Frank all wrong, you gotta look at him for what he is; just your regular-joe reporter, who just happens to have covers wars; yet this man could single handedly end wars, and has no problem laying pure smackdown, suplexing, facecrushing, and disemboweling, zombies left and right! And then all the crap he goes through and solves in the first game, (not sure how much you’ve played of the first game, but it’s so over the top) but Frank West is like the most well prepared unintentional action hero/hulk beast ever devised. And then on top of that he’s started to channel Dan Aykroyd of all people. I mean he’d totally be sleazey; if he wasn’t so incredibly badass at everything he does.

        • Code

          rarr moderator ate my post T_T; Please give it back Siliconera~! I’m not sure how anyone gets away with colorful language on here at all omo; I sometimes just slip up in my posts usually saying “sh!t” >ww<~!

          • You know, I figured out what it is. He reminds me of some of my dad’s friends. Frank West totally looks like the type of guy who hangs around a porn director, hoping he’ll get himself some. Hell, looking at him, I could imagine him being a producer.

  • DanteJones

    Hmm, if this ends up being like the Red Dead Redemption expansion, I might consider getting it (see: $40 price tag + physical disk).

    We’ll see though, depends on what new things will be coming with it exactly.

  • eilegz

    well i was expecting a goty edition… lets hope the ps3 version include all those EXCLUSIVE dlc that only x360 owners could get.

    • PrinceHeir

      yes please, a Gold Edition(much like RE5 and SSFIV) is welcome, plus i don’t haven’t bought Dead Rising 2. so its all good for me :P

    • Guest

      Yeah I held off getting this game because of the stupid 360 exclusives.

      • I did a “Gamestop rental” for the PS3 version, where you buy it used and then return it within 7 days, to get your money back. I would’ve bought it new, but the 360 exclusive DLC made me pledge to not give Capcom any money for that particular title.

        Looking back, I’m a bit glad I decided to get it that way, because I ended up getting bored and returning it the next available day (I got it the day before Thanksgiving, so I had to wait until Friday to return it).

    • thebanditking

      While that would be nice for the PS3 owners who felt burned I would much rather Capcom improve the game engine for a PS3 re-release more then anything, the framerate, screen tearing and 576p resolution is embarrassing for a PS3 release this late into the systems life cycle.

  • Dimentionalist

    “I’ve covered sequels, y’know.”

  • thebanditking

    So is this a re-release or just a DLC extra? I would prefer a re-release. Also why does Frank look so fat and old? I thought the two games were only a few years apart.

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