The “Kill Leon Kennedy” Part Of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

By Ishaan . April 14, 2011 . 11:31am


You may recall one of the objectives of the Umbrella Security Service in Operation Raccoon City is to kill Leon Kennedy. Actually, that objective appears to be “kill all Raccoon City police officers,” and Leon just so happens to be one.


While the Umbrella Security Service’s primary goal is to get rid of any evidence of a virus outbreak in Raccoon City, the Spec-Ops unit has the opposite goal: to secure evidence and expose Umbrella.

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  • shion16

    i smell online multiplayer matches

  • Yukito

    The flesh of zombies isn’t the only thing rotting anymore.

  • Bakuryukun

    It seems to me like the american government is trying to expose Umbrella to cover their own involvement in the T-virus research, so essentially this is like a war to see who will take the fall for the incident. That’s so cool.

  • Eddie

    Leon’s face looks weird now’a’days….

  • Subsenix

    Dont like that

    Leon is the best RE Character…Kill Chris but probably when he dies and the zombies eat the corpse they get infected with tons of steroids and mutate even more

    • Hraesvelgr

      I think it’s pretty safe to say that killing Leon wouldn’t be canon… Or that Capcom just doesn’t care about potential fan backlash anymore. Either one works, really.

    • it is said that others can be killed also. It’s a what if game anyways

  • Dimentionalist

    Fun fact: the guy who voices Leon also voiced the Merchant in RE4.


  • I miss the ol’ Resident Evil games. As a fan, it hurts me to see this.

    • To me, as long as they keep this sort of thing to spin-off titles, I’m fine. I will be furious, though, if RE6 is something like this. RE6, if anything, should have the controls of RE4/RE5 but be back to being scary, kinda like the Lost in Nightmares DLC, which felt like what the series had been lacking, to me.

      • Well yeah, I’d like to see that happen as well. But let’s face it, the RE series won’t get back to being scary like that. At least not in the home consoles. Sure, the upcoming 3DS game is probably going to be like that (according to the info we’ve got on it thus far), but they’ll keep on appealing to the shooter/action game crowd on the home consoles.

        It’s what pays off the most, when you put it in perspective. But I’m to blame, since, after all, this is a business, and companies simply want to make money, period.

  • eliel

    cool i like what i see can’t to 4 this to come out

  • Poor Leon, first he arrived an a city full of zombies while being the new guy in the police and now he has to face the Umbrella’s special force and they are expert in the battlefield.

  • Whoever said three man and one woman team totally nailed it.

  • I can’t say I appreciate a bunch of new characters stomping in and killing off my favorite characters, even if it is non canon. It feels like they added this feature solely to stir controversy and interest in the game.

  • Guest

    “Kill Leon Kennedy”

    aka don’t put him in Mercenaries 3DS.

  • PrinceHeir

    i don’t remember having multiple forces invading Racoon City during RE2/RE3? heck if multiple organizations did appear, they should have tried to eliminate Jill and Carlos as well. all i remember pretty much everyone is dead minus the main characters and the villains, no outside forces interfered with this not to mention what about Nemesis?

    it looks like this game is not canon, it’s more of a reimagining of the RE2 events(think Silent Hill Shattered Memories)

    oh well, im wary of this :

    • In fairness, there were a few teams in Raccoon City from Umbrella. For example, the team that went after William Birkin. Not to mention, it was Umbrella that dropped Mr. X in town, probably for the same reason. I would assume that since Carlos’ team is more for PR than anything. It looks good for Umbrella if word does get out to the media. “See? We were trying to help!”

      At the same time, the USS gets sent in to do the dirty work, covert-style. As for going after Jill, well, the Nemesis was enough for that.

      With the team, though, it is only a four person team and you did spend most of RE2 and 3 in either the police station or underground.

      I’m not sure if this is meant to be canon, but it’s not that hard to write it into the existing canon, as long as the team fails in their mission to kill Leon.

      • PrinceHeir

        yeah im still confused, luckily i bought RE0 and RE1 Remake as well as RE2/RE3 and Umbrella Chronicles. only need RE Darkside Chronicles though. i don’t have to buy RE1 for the PS1 since i have the REmake, but i might buy it just for the sake of the voice acting XD

        i guess i just have to finished everything in order, i still don’t know why they want leon dead? i mean he’s only a cop for one day, yet they want to eliminate him just like that?

        currently playing RE0 for now, so far it’s been one hell of ride, the limited ammo and fight for survival are soo good, the monster are hard, especially that zombie that pukes acid, it takes nearly 1/2 of a clip to kill it.

        • Chief Irons was on the Umbrella payroll. Who is to say that he didn’t let other cops know whatever he knew too. Best to just kill them all to be sure word won’t get out. Not to mention, if you eliminate law enforcement, you’ve eliminated the only chance of survival a lot of the people in the city would have.

    • Carlos was part of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. It’s only natural that they would also have squads there doing other activities.
      It’s also only natural for the US Government, who also had fingers in the Mutagen-Pie as it were to send special squads to perferm activities.

      Also, keep in mind that over the course of the Resident Evil games that took place during the Raccoon City Incident, you only saw a VERY small portion of the city. Couple that with the fact that you are only every in one location at one time. So it is VERY easy for other things to be happening elsewhere in the city.

      • PrinceHeir

        yeah that kinda make sense. i mean if you were look at outbreak, there were other people still alive and fighting for survival.

  • “We’re sending in a B.O.W. It won’t discriminate.”
    All I could think was, “Why the hell not, command? Can’t you program them to not attack people with the Umbrella insignia or something? You people suck!”

    • It’s about par for the cource for Umbrella. They ALWAYS suck with BOW control. It makes me so excited and nostalgiac to not only see Umbrella back, but to see them using their broken tools of destruction again.

  • It also occurred to me while watching this, while it does certainly seem like a non-canon “What If?” story, it would be incredibly easy to retcon this into the canon if they were to ever remake RE2.

  • I am extremely excited for this! I mean people are acting as if it is RE6. It’s a “Spin Off” soo I am open to this entirely. For example, FF7’s spin off was a shooter which actually turned out pretty well. People shouldn’t judge so quickly

  • Thiefofhearts

    I love how a female commando in the battlefield is wearing a skirt. Guess they really want to make sure we know she’s a girl, right?

  • eilegz

    so this its a fanfic or filler game…

    • Funny thing is, “fanfic” games tend to be some of the better ones of a series (See Dynasty Warriors Gundam), or just enjoyable games period (see Super Robot Wars).

      • eilegz

        somehow agree so much fanservice on those games…

  • It is GREAT to see a return to Raccoon city. That alone is worth the deviation from the standard gameplay. I also approve of ANYTHING that is different from Resident Evil 4/5 controls.

    I find the very concept of taking control of one of these two groups, and combatting the other while ALSO having to deal with the constant environmental hazards that are the T-Virus shamblers to be VERY intriguing. And while the animations look pretty iffy, there have been plenty of games that prove animeations!=good game(read Elder Scrolls).

    TL;DR It is nice to see them trying different things instead of falling into a mold. People may complain, bye people ALWAYS complain about even the smallest of changes, that is inevitable.

  • cpt_Tabor

    This series becomes more and more dead to me with each iteration.

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