BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II Strikes 3DS And PSP On May 31

By Spencer . April 15, 2011 . 10:47am


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II will be available on Nintendo 3DS and PSP on the same date. That’s May 31 for North America. Aksys made the announcement today and blasted us with a combo of screenshots from both versions.


Nintendo 3DS version

3DS_L_Titlesheet_NOA 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3


PSP version

BBCS2_PSP_boxart Abyss4 Abyss5 Abyss1 Abyss2 Abyss3 Battle3 Battle4 Battle5 Battle6 Battle7 Battle8 Battle9 Battle10 Battle1 Battle2 Story3 Story-EX1 Story-EX2 Story1 Story2


As you can see on the cover art, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II includes the three DLC characters: Makoto, Valenhayn, and Platinum the Trinity. Actually, this portable BlazBlue game has the same balance tweaks as the 1.03 patch for the console version. The big difference (aside from screen size) is story mode. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II includes the story data from Continuum Shift and still manages to squeeze in a brand new story.

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  • I love you Aksys <3<3

    I'm not sure if I should get the PSP version, or get a 3DS and get the 3DS version… :T I'm thinking it might be easier to play on the 3DS, but I'm not ready to invest in one…

    • Exkaiser

      If Street Fighter is any indication, fighting games are a lot less painful with the circle pad than with the PSP’s d-pad. Part of this is because it’s not as close to the edge, so your back fingers won’t cramp up, and part of it is because it’s not as hard and won’t cut a ridge into your thumb.

      However, the PSP is acceptable for fighting games- having played plenty of Guilty Gear on it.

      If you think you’re going to get a 3DS in the future, I would personally buy the 3DS version and hold off on the system itself, but I wouldn’t advise buying it for BlazBlue alone.

      • neo_firenze

        Of course, the PSP’s screen is larger and looks nicer to me than the 3DS. Having both systems, I’d lean toward PSP just for the display.

        That being said, I’d wait to see if one of the two is actually a better port. If one has a better frame rate, more animation, etc – I’d go with that version if I got one of the portables at all (PS3 version is still ideal since you can play it with a stick on a monitor of your choosing).

        • I dont know, since the PSP is not future proof, it is probably wiser to go with the 3DS, plus the UMD isnt backwards compatible with NGP…unless its put up on PSN.

          • neo_firenze

            I’d be shocked if it isn’t on PSN. Aksys has been releasing all of their PSP releases on PSN, including the previous BlazBlue PSP. And since NGP will be able to play PSP downloaded games, kind of a non-issue.

            Actually, that’s a good point though that you made me realize. The NGP controls/screen look to be even better than PSP, so if you’re talking about “future-proof” that might be the best portable option for playing this game once the system eventually releases.

            To me:

            1. PS3/360: Clearly the best option, since you can play with the controller of your choice on any screen you like, and the ports are proven to be excellent. Same CSII gameplay after the May patch, the three new characters are available as DLC. The only downsides are (a) apparently some of the added CSII story will not be in the patch, and (b) it’s not portable.

            2. PSP: Better screen, adequate controls. Bonus of PSN version being playable on NGP and its even BETTER screen and controls.

            3. 3DS: Nice circle pad, but I’ll take a better display in a fairly close call.

            And again, big caveat is that I’d need to see how the actual port quality is on PSP/3DS.

          • I wish there was a 3DS trailer for it, I have no clue how the game looks, lol.

          • Barrit

            Maybe even add the whole ad-hoc party thing for those that like to play their PSPs online. I’ve never tried with a DS, but I always hear the whole online thing isn’t the best with it. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

          • PrinceHeir

            there still no PSN release of CSII PSP :(

            and yeah, will wait for the update with story mode :P

          • Guest

            whats up with your new creepy avatar

        • Of course I’d rather go for PS3, but I probably can’t afford one :( I play mostly handhelds anyways, since I’d rather hole up in my room than go outside ^^;;;;;

          I played BB:CT on PSP and I thought it was great, but I was forced to use the shortcuts since it was difficult for me to get combos using the d-pad.

          I might end up getting the PSP version, and possible getting the 3DS version too if I decide to get s 3DS…

          • I find it odd, though, that you’d prefer handhelds over consoles if you’re going to hole up in your room. I always look at a console system as the thing you play when you’re home and a handheld as something you play on a car trip or a subway ride, but that’s just me.

          • Look at this way; portables are flexible in the sense that you can play them anywhere in the house (in bed, in the loo, while watching TV etc). I actually find myself not playing the portables outdoors too much just because when it’s really bright out, it’s hard to make out the screen, unless you turn up the brightness…but that comes at the cost of battery life.

            Well, that and…when I’m outside, I’d rather “be outside” than be playing a game, haha.

          • Hm, I think half of my portable gaming takes place when Im just laying in bed at night/waking up in the morning and then just riding the bus hither and thither. Well when I was at my parents house I would game on the portables since consoles are only enjoyable when the volume is at full blast and this generation of consoles are actually pretty loud (PS3 fan, Wii grinding like theres no tomorrow)…With my own place its pretty easy to choose between gaming on a 42 inch display versus on a 4 or so inch display…

          • Suicunesol

            Not everyone has a TV in their room.

            I usually like to sit at my desk with a handheld while listening to music from my laptop.

          • I like playing in bed :) I especially like playing games before I go to bed, and sometimes I play in between studying/doing hw… I don’t like going outside of my room and play my consoles unless I have a lot of time I can dedicate to playing.

        • Exkaiser

          The PSP’s screen is barely better than the 3DS’. It’s a tad larger and a tad higher resolution. The quality is the same on both.

          Playing both regularly, I can’t say the PSP’s stands out as “nicer.”

      • I was planning to buy it eventually :( But I kinda doubt the price going down any time soon…

      • malek86

        For some reason, I can’t fathom playing 2D games with an analog stick, except maybe shmups (and even then, I prefer a digital stick, if possible). DOA and Tekken, maybe, but wouldn’t a 2D fighting game feel better with the d-pad?

    • The only fighter I’ve really played on PSP is Fate: Unlimited Codes, so I honestly can’t say how BB would feel. I will say, though, that I find it really hard to play Street Fighter with the d-pad on 3DS. I’m really, really glad that the analog is as good as it is (even though it’s not the perfect solution, just like a console analog) because it makes movement more comfortable.

      For PSP…it also depends which version of the PSP you have. There’s a few slight performance differences in multiplayer with CSII depending on your PSP model:

      • Thanks for the link! I have a PSP-2000 so I should be fine.

        The nice thing about BB is they have shortcuts for supermoves by using the analog stick. But doing combos and specials were hard using the d-pad. I’m actually terrible at fighting games, BB was one of the few I enjoyed a lot ><

  • urbanscholar

    Obligatory Platinum is so moe comment. Ok now that’s done, I’m very surprised the handheld versions sport more story. I wonder about the online with the 3DS version.

  • So do we know the price, if both $39.99, Ill get the 3DS one so I can have a robust collection of games. Cant wait to see if I become part of the fanbase, wonder what some popular ships are.

  • Dammit! This is the choosiest choice. On the one hand I have the PS3 version with the DLC, and I probably wont be able to play it nearly as well on a handheld. That said, having the latest BlazBlue installment on a portable is incredibly tempting, especially with Abyss mode added in.

  • BlazBlue for PSP and 3DS :D Get HYPE! ;)

    Hope you guys enjoy!

  • Pichi

    Will get it for the DLC character stories and extra goodies.

  • VWinds

    I’m tempted, but neither has online play. And I already have it for consoles, which is getting the CSII patch.

    I suppose it’s good for practice on the go.

  • Does the 3DS version suppport Spotpass/streetpass? If so, I’ll the 3D version, else I’ll go with PSP.

    Either way, I’m glad Aksys brought this quckly on 3DS before all the first party title from Nintendo on the upcoming summer.

    • 3DS version has nothing over the PSP version except for 3D. I wish Aksys had more of a choice with the timing though…it’s getting sandwiched between Street Fighter (which is going to keep selling through word of mouth) and DOA, and all of the bigger releases in June. :(

      • sfried

        Actually 3DS version does not skip frames like PSP version. Also owners of BBCS 3DS in Japan can play against owners of the US version of BBCS 3DS, whereas the PSP could not.

  • kylehyde

    May is going to know as the month where my butt is going to get a lot of kicks, this game and DOA: dimensions are my mandatory buys of that month.

    • My butt is already getting kicked left-to-right. I swear to god, some of these online Super IV 3D players aren’t human. I played some guy named cloud yesterday, and he kicked my ass every single match with Ryu, Guile and Cody.

      It’s super-interesting, actually. I suspect that in the console versions, I wouldn’t have stood a chance against this chap, but the touch buttons really do act as an equalizer and level the playing field to a great extent. I didn’t mind losing at all, because we could both do the moves but he was just better than me with his timing and his mix-ups, plain and simple.

      Of course, occasionally, you come across the type that spams hadoukens over and over with the touchscreen, but thankfully, the community seems really sporting overall. I’m honestly very impressed.

      • kylehyde

        Is kinda funny I came across with some cloud dude, and yes he used ryu too and he launched and insane amount of hadoukens, yeah I know that there is more than a cloud outside that use ryu as his prefered character and use a lot the touch controls, but still is pretty funny that probably we get kicked by the same dude, and you are right, the key is on the timing and the mix-ups, not only on this game, but in every fighting game

  • From now on I’ll just stick to the portable versions as they seem to include just that little bit more.

  • MarkMario

    I like the addition of the Stylish control mode. Makes it easier to fight.

  • Guest
    • DanteJones

      Lame. ;(

  • Lordphantomhive

    Too bad Dead or Alive is coming the week before.-_- I probably going to stick with Dead or Alive for now. As for which version to get not sure, heck maybe I go for the PS3 version when it gets the CSII content. And lol they cover Makato.

    • Aoshi00

      And we thought the US Dead or Alive Kasumi cover was bad :(… underboob is one of the awesomest thing and they have to take it away (just like Arc Rise Fantasia…), total lamo…

      So which version plays better again, 3DS or PSP? Loading time better on 3DS since it’s cartridge? It’s too bad the console patch doesn’t include the stories from the portable version..

      • Lordphantomhive

        The only difference between the 3DS and PSP version is the 3D it seems. It a shame that Arc System Works didn’t seem to take advantage of a lot of what the 3DS offers.

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