An Un-bearable Trailer Of The Persona 4 Anime

By Spencer . April 17, 2011 . 11:01pm

Index Holdings and Gun X Sword animation studio AIC A.S.T.A. are working on a Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 anime series slated to air this fall. This teaser trailer takes us back to the beginning of the story where the silent protagonist Yu Narukami arrives in Inaba.


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  • So…you posted a misleading title for a Teddie pun?
    And Omg! Badass Persona Action! No more of that Trinity Soul crap! :D

    • Ryos

      Misleading? You can’t beary well have a Persona 4 article without at least one prominent Teddie pun.

      • What about “Beary Awesome”?

      • papuruka

        “I hope you’re beary brebeared for this unbearable bear of a battle”

  • Bear-sona!

  • Last 5 seconds = epic win

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol After just playing that part your fascination with it is really funny. ^_^ I thought it was hot at first but now that I know it was Shadow Yukiko I’m just scared that it will challenge me to a boss fight and beat me twice ;__; Darn her making me level up to beat her :U lol

      • I’m waiting for the Shadow Rise episode… oontz oontz oontz oontz

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol Don’t say any more I’ve only beaten Yukiko so far >_< But yes that should be hawt XD

          • Ren

            No, it won’t be, trust me.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @[email protected] Ugh If PERSONA can find a way to turn that into anything but hot than I’m very scared. *shivers* lol

            So far really fun though. I forgot how hard PERSONA can be. >_< Bosses who aren't weak to anything are the worst.

            Also I was able to figure out the timing and the card grabs after battles. It has become pretty much child's play now. Super easy. ^_^ Got so many PERSONA's I can't even add any more. lol

            Done some Fusions too. Very nice. They even made that better. So far it's been fun. =)

          • Ren

            Well, if that part ends up being sexy for you… well, there are people who like tentacles after all(no, no tentacles on that part). Rubber squishy sounds FTC.

            Wait until later in the game, the shuffle becomes insane. And it has multiple variations too, like memory games and whatnot. They even put the remade shuffle mechanics on P3P.

          • Ohh Rise’s dungeon is like… O_____O!!!

        • Going to be interesting to see how much fanservice they put in. The game is fairly tame for the most part but this is the same studio that is responsible for Sora no Otoshimono…

      • Ren

        Actually, that was probably Yukiko. Shadows have yellow eyes. Wait… Yeah, it doesn’t make sense anyway, let’s just handwave it.

        • That was fan service, they put her those eyes so we can think it is the real Yukiko

      • Wtf how can you be scared of a girl looking for her prince?! I’m disappointed ZERO!! ALL YOU NEED IS THE RIGHT PERSONAS MUAHAHA

        • Zero_Destiny

          lol But she became a giant fire bird and beat me up!!!! Twice!!!!!!!! How can you not be scared XD

          • Because… I’m a “M” o_O

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol ^_^ That explains so much about you. >_<

          • lol, since i said that joking i dont know if i should feel happy about that last sentence xD

          • Ren

            Don’t worry, Rise will be far worse*ominous haunting theme*…

  • Chippel

    Wish I were more interested, but I don’t see watching an animated series being better than replaying the game. Perhaps there’s a new ending or something?

  • Zero_Destiny

    Random but I thought I should post it. Lee was already talking about the site and it’s trailers. I think every once in awhile at midnight (and maybe noon?) we’ll be able to see a new one on the site. Something like that. Well anyways here’s the discussion we were having on Bounce:
    lol I love the Teddie puns. ^_^ He makes the best puns ever. :3

    • Nah, they’re just playing the PV every midnight now. At least until they release a new one.

      2 more hours before they play something(most likely this PV) again as of this edited portion of this comment btw. (That was 16 minutes after the original form)

  • Blue skidoo, we can too.

  • Man, and I thought P3 had the best of all popularity to warrant an anime, but when you have…

    -A tomboy
    -A potential pop star girl
    -An almost heterosexual manly man
    -A lady’s man
    -Androgyny of Awesome
    -And a bear who happens to have been deported from Ouran Highschool

    P4 was bound to rule.

    • Ren

      Almost heterosexual? Surely you jest! The only man more heterosexual than Kanji could ever be is our own Sawada ‘Trist’ Tsunayoshi! They have both reached paragons of heterosexuality!

      What does paragon means anyway?

    • Are you saying Kanji likes dudes?

      • kanji is gay yes

        • Spoilers -_-

          • To be fair, that’s a rather “You should already know this” spoiler.

          • Not if you dont have the game and the person might be expecting to get to know the series with the anime.
            I think people are confused if they think the ONLY people that will watch this are people that played the game =/

            Btw if you look down you can see someone that is playing the game, these kind of things are better to start understanding as you progress in the game, rather than being told about it D:

          • papuruka

            On the other hand, everyone’s gay for the MC.

        • “Get bent.”

        • That’s not true at all, he does have some affection to dudes yes, but he isn’t flat out homosexual.

        • Bi, Maybe, but definitely not gay. Like he said “Dudes, chicks, it doesn’t matter. I just want to be accepted.” (Paraphrased cause i forgot the actual quote). Mix that with the fact that he showed affection for Naoto before AND after the reveal, and you’ve got a Bi-winner.

          • *subtle spoilers*

            Naoto was like made for kanji xD

          • Ren

            Well, none of the versions never really state it clearly, and there are many things one may argue to prove whatever sexuality they want Kanji to have without being wrong, even if the consensus goes to bi. I only remember him showing affection after the reveal on the drama CDs, and besides, does Kanji see Naoto as a guy or a girl? Well, AtlusUSA thinks he’s gay, at least from the pre launch interviews.

          • Well, in the beginning (Going only by the game), he had confused feelings about Naoto and blushed around him and whenever he was mentioned. Then when it was revealed, he still would blush and junk, but a lot less confusedly than before.

            Of course, that’s just how I saw it.

          • noxian

            word from the writer’s (of Persona 4’s script) mouth is that he intentionally left it open to interpretation whether Kanji’s gay or not.

            Kanji’s gay if you look at it one way.
            Bi if you look at it another.
            just incredibly sexually confused if you look at it a 3rd way.

            however you take it, as far as the source writer is concerned, he never definitively establishes what Kanji’s sexual orientation is.

      • I need to finish that webcomic sometime…

  • That didn’t sound very much like Meguro’s music… Hope they reveal more of that before the thing actually airs. I’m really curious to see what he does with this.

    • Ren

      Huh, sounded like Meguro for me, principally when I noticed there was probably three different musical pieces on the trailer. The first until 0:16, the second until 0:24 and the third from there on.

      • Moriken

        Yes, completely did sound like Meguro, right down to the mixing…

    • Ummm… It did had a Shoji Meguro air around it O.o

    • puchinri

      It sounded like Meguro’s music, but not entirely like the sound he had going for P4. But I really want to know how the music will be handled too, especially if it’s Meguro. (If not, then, er…. Maybe I care a little less.)

      • Ren

        The site lists Meguro as the composer of the music of the anime, like he did for Trinity Soul. Going from what we got on the trailer, I expect mostly remixes and new tunes with similar arrangement.

        • puchinri

          That’s kind of what I expected too. Because some of the music from the game (Smile, Brand New Day, etc) would fit with the tracks on the trailer pretty well to me, but I can see how some tracks would be remixed/arranged.

  • MarkMario

    I still have so many other anime to watch!
    But this looks so awesome.

  • Wow. I guess this was bound to happen sometime.

  • PrinceHeir

    hell yeah :D

    will watch this along with Persona 3 Anime, havent finished the FES chapter yet and Persona 4 is just sitting there.

    the animation is gorgeous, definitely a huge improvment :)

    hopefully we either get Cahterine Anime or Katherine game :P

  • joesz

    Good music.But they’ve should have gone with weya ribing aoru raivu.


    Meh, still don’t think this is a good idea… Lol.

  • It’s going to be so weird hearing the Junes slogan in Japanese…

    Anyway, AIC Asta are a fairly under-rated studio and I almost always like their stuff, I’m really hoping this breaks away from the curse of mediocracy that afflicts pretty much every anime game adaptation.

    • Ren

      Everyday, young life JU-NE-SU!

  • Needed more Yosuke! I would love it was dubbed in English because Yosuke sounded so awesome! (and I loved their laughs). I really should check youtube to see if anyone put their full playthrough up, Im in the mood to replay the game again.

  • LynxAmali

    “Yu Narukami”

    Am I the only one who noticed this? Wasn’t the canon name Souji Seta?

    • It was changed for the anime, it would seem.

    • That was kinda first mentioned and talked about in the announcement of the P4 anime. But it’s not a first.. look at P1’s main character.. he has like, what, 3 or 4 names thanks to all the different forms of media?

    • Zero_Destiny

      There has not ever been a canon name for the main in P4. Souji Seta is just the name that the mangka used in his “adaption” of the game. It has nothing to do with the official canon of the series and since the game’s original writers are working on this adaption it’s best to assume Yu Narukami would be the more canonical name if there is ever to be one.

      • Ren

        We still have no confirmation if the writers are involved, only that the game’s cast is participating of the development, like what they did for Trinity Soul. But even then, the amount of canon is substantially higher than the manga anyway.

  • I’m totally looking forward to this. The animated bits of the game were pretty great, so having more of that is gonna be so cool.

    Lovin’ the heart-hand Princess Yukiko though at the end there.

  • ohayougozaikuma

  • Day2Day

    I’m really looking forward to it, but when I think of the fact that the protagonist is silent throughout the entire game, I can’t really take it seriously…

    Although they’re probably going to give him dialog…

  • amagidyne

    New countdown finishes in 12 minutes.

    Nevermind, as someone else said, it’s the same thing.

    Anyway, since there can be only one romantic interest character, they had better make Chie x Yukiko canon. That is the only way to justify the anime adaptation.

  • I’m curious, out of all the anime AIC has done before why mention the relatively obscure Gun x Sword instead of their other more well known works?

    • Just because Gun X Sword is that badass of a show! :D

  • MisterDandylion

    ……And on the 8th day, God gave Shoji Meguro his wisdom and instruments, and everything was better.

  • moe~ moe~ kyun!

  • Zeonsilt

    I like the music in the trailer,and it really feels like Shoji Meguro.
    And characters design not screwed with TV series.(but overall animation feels a little cheaper,than in-game).Oh well,this is TV,i’m glad we have even this.
    WTB>Persona 3 animated.

  • ninjaonizuka

    This is great :D im glad to see this i never beat P4 cuz i jus bought a ps2 all the .hacks and persona games so this will definitely make it more enjoyable

  • KyoyaHibari

    Lol Kuma pun XD, I should go back to P4, haven’t played for quite some time, love the gay-Kanji thing I lmao’ed even though he isn’t ACTUALLY gay

  • puchinri

    I’m not really excited for it, but it looks like it could be good. And that was new music, right? Or did I just not recognize the track?
    Because if the series does get some new music, that would be nice. I wonder if they’re going to explore every social link or just a select few.

    • I’d say probably just the Fool, Hierophant(maybe), Justice, Star, and Judgement links. >=)

      • puchinri

        Bahhh. That would be so much disappoint. ;u;
        I want my Daisuke (and Kou)! And well, basically everyone… The nurse would be great to add… Pfft, every social link would be great. But I gotta face the truth and accept reality I guess!

  • raymk

    Well I can’t wait to this comes out. Yukiko looking like that sold me(well I was already sold on it but this makes it better)

  • I sure hope the anime will be good, cause I never play P4 before.

  • papuruka

    I’m Kanji Tatsumi and I enjoy naked men.

    Ohh yaaahhhh~

  • papuruka

    I wonder how the anime’s going to treat the whole Margaret+P3 MC part?

  • papuruka

    Here’s to Johnny Yong Bosch voicing Yuu when the English dub comes around!

    ps: Sorry about the triple post, but I’m just way too excited about this :D

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol The funny thing is that he does the voice for the main in the game so he would be the perfect fit. XD

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