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    rar, mobility is killer important to me in fighters, and from watching some Arcana Heart 3 can definitely tell it’s a strong point in in the series. I’ve been a fan of Guilty Gear and BB because they both stress freedom of movement owo;

    To me I really struggled with SF4 really weighty feel, only character I’ve felt really at home with in it is Juri because of her ability to move around a lot, and her general assy attitude >ww<' What Arcana effect movement? I see Wind gives a triple jump?

    I was kind of curious though, I know it supports traditional 4:3 and widescreen, but how does that work out? Does both screen types have there own online lobbies I take it? Also is the network same/separate from disc owners? rar, I'm seriously interested, price point is delicious, but I gotta find some people to play opo;; only one local friend really interested in giving it a shot. omo;; gotta fix that.

    • http://thrust-the-sky.deviantart.com/ WildArms

      We can play too :D, once i somehow get money into the psn…

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        Man, me and you Wildarms we are TOTALLY going to play this; as soon as you somehow get money on your PSN >w<~! That alone is a selling point!

        • http://thrust-the-sky.deviantart.com/ WildArms

          Yeah, that’s the only giant bulder in front of me T___T i have to destroy it!!

    • PrinceHeir

      oh god we’re the same way :D

      add KOF, Samurai Shodown, Melty Blood too :P

      these games definitely features fast paced and non-stop action :)

      i feel juri and viper are the only one’s that have great mobility and offense(though Juri’s defense and pokes are very strict)

      hey2 i want to join too :P

      would love to have this and a Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code in HD :)

    • fermented

      From what I hear, playing in widescreen effects the spacing of a lot of the moves, combos, and setups, so I’d imagine that each would have their own separate lobbies, but I’ll have to check it myself.

      The 4:3 aspect ratio is the tournament standard since it’s the screen size used on AH3 arcade cabinets.

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        Yep! I know 4:3 would be tournament standard, but at least for showing people it locally, widescreen might help it a little more, since I know a few people would be like omo; What is this old-timey screen ratio business!? opo; Then if they get into it we could switch over >ww<'

  • IceRomancer

    Can’t wait to try this for myself :)
    I’m downloading it right now and boy is it a hefty one lol

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