Ougon Musou Kyoku X Finds Gold On Xbox 360

By Spencer . April 19, 2011 . 8:55pm

Alchemist is bringing 07th Expansion’s fighting game based on Umineko no Naku Koro ni (When the Seagulls Cry) Ougon Musou Kyoku (Golden Dreams Song) to Xbox 360.


Ougon Musou Kykou X is based on the PC version, so let’s take a look at that first.



The Xbox 360 release includes three additional characters: Jessica Ushiromiya, George Ushiromiya, and Rosa Ushiromiya. Famitsu didn’t specify a release date for Ougon Musou Kyoku X, but we’ll keep an eye out for one.

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  • Exciel

    Only Xbox? ;_;

    • Blame @Playstation #SCEA’s priorities and policies.

      • This has absolutely nothing to do with SCEA whatsoever. We’re talking about a Japanese release here, and Sony in Japan have no issues with visual novels (or related content) on their systems. I’m sure the fact that the original release was on PC has more to do with it, since porting between PC/360 is relatively easy.

    • Belenger

      “Hey lets totally disregard that Umineko was released and that we even sold a dynamic theme of beatrice, so why pursue that fighter for the market that already bought or other items” -Awesome Sony Rep(most likely).

      Please microsoft pretty please with mayonaisse dont do a region lock on this.

      • malek86

        If I remember well, Umineko on PS3 kind of flopped, so that might be why they are not intent on releasing this one.

        That said, the 2D fighters market on 360 is still unproven (Phantom Breakers got delayed), so a 360 exclusive sounds a bit like a gamble here.

        • do you have info relating to umineko on ps3 flopping?

          • john411

            Just look at its sales: much much less than Higurashi PS2/DS sold, and on the PS3 no less.

        • I wouldn’t say it totally flopped…it did around 20k by the end of 2010. But then, I have no idea how much Alchemist were expecting to sell. I suspect this is on 360 because it’s easy to port games to and from PC.

          • malek86

            Well, I’m not sure about this. But Higurashi on PS2 did sell about 100k, so it seems a lot lower in comparison… sure, the situation is different now.

            Either way, considering that straight visual novel ports on the 360 sell more than 20k, the number can’t be good. Especially because this wasn’t a port but a total remake. Tears to Tiara sold a whole lot more.

          • That and 360 is the go to system in Japan for getting almost any concept approved game wise XD

      • iirc it’s up to the developer if they want it region locked ot not.

  • Now I only wish I could get this. This looked so cool.

  • Kris

    I think this needs to be region free, and I need a 360 arcade stick.

  • I hope @Microsoft would go out of its way to crosslink PC and 360 players for this game, since the 360 has a rich Live content… in America!

    This game would make its fighting games selection even richer.

    • Wouldn’t be possible in this case. The only way for cross-link to happen between PC and 360 is if Microsoft implement Game for Windows in the PC version in which they didn’t. As far as I know the only game that does this is Shadowrun (2007). Even if the PC version did have Game for Windows I doubt you would even be able to play with the Xbox 360 version because of the difference in content (new character that isn’t included in the PC version and both version may have different bugs or something like that)

      Other than that it would be nice if the game is region free.

      • Shadowrun, Lost Planet, Universe at War, and several others iirc.

        • Blazblue: Calamity Trigger and Game Room…that’s it.

        • Which all run on Windows Live

          This, however, would be unprecedented (and has a -100% chance of happening)

  • >Playable Jessica, George, and Rosa


  • 駄目だ。。。ぜんぜん駄目だ!

    “dameda… zenzen DAMEDA!!~ “

    • Ren

      Who writes dame with kanji these day?

      • Actually, I see it a lot in games lately

  • Barrit

    Well I definitely learned something from the video.. there’s a fiery pitchfork move!

    Seriously though, why is that player doing the same move over and over?? wtf

    • Nite

      It was one of the trailers leading up to the release. In one of the earlier videos (or the part in this video you see in monochrome), that character was spamming that move, making people think it was really abusable. Then they released this video showing all the different ways to punish it.

  • Code

    Wow, kind of ironic I was literally JUST talking about this game with a friend, as I had rolled from the Arcana Heart 3 Wiki to some the the doujin fighter wikis opo; Looks a little too chunky for my tastes, but I still support the cause of getting more doujin fighters on consoles >w<

    Was saying to friend my personal interpretation of the game's plot solely judging from the character select was; that this game has to be about a world where fighting is now reserved for only the world’s wealthiest of people! So all the royalty, and billionaires, from around the world must fisticuffs! +o+! That’s the only way to explain everyone being so well dressed and formal! If the plot is anything but this I’ll be sorely disappointed!

    • Nite

      I can assure you the plot this game is based on is much better than that (I love that idea though). This game however hasn’t been as enjoyable for me, but I’m not that much into doujin fighters and haven’t played anything past the initial release version.

      • Code

        Is it, is it really >ww<

  • PrinceHeir

    wow i was finished the 2nd season of higurashi, i was actually thinking of a fighting game similar to Melty Blood and Arcana Heart but with Higurashi characters. that being said, will definitely watch the anime. err sucks no PS3 Version.

    i want my doujin fighters, Melty Blood and this O_O

  • mirumu

    As an owner of the PC original this is painful news. I want the new characters (Rosa especially), but I can’t say I’m optimistic of being able to buy and play this on my non-Japanese 360.

    • BTA

      Don’t worry! They already announced a sequel for this winter, and unless this is that sequel (and I really doubt that it is), it’ll be for PC. Wonder if it’ll basically be a port of this or even more, though…

  • MisterDandylion

    YAY for Battler Ushiromiya’s boob gropping of doom!XD

  • KyoyaHibari

    Lol one of the only reasons I’d want to get an Xbox again ;P

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