Beyond the Future: Fix the Time Arrow Is An Otome Game From Rejet And 5pb

By Ishaan . April 26, 2011 . 7:59pm

5pb are publishing an otome game titled Beyond the Future: Fix the Time Arrow, developed by Rejet, on the PSP and PlayStation 3. That isn’t even our interpretation of the name — it’s the game’s official title in Katakana.


Rejet have previously worked on games like Scared Rider Xechs. While no real details on Beyond the Future are available yet, Famitsu magazine points out that the game’s character designs are provided by “Ginka”.

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    • kroufonz

      because girl need their bishie fix:P

      • Guest

        And that Tsuna guy on this board too :P

    • Why not Otome? Scared (yes, the article made a minor typo) Rider Xechs has sounded interesting to me (haven’t been able to get a copy yet — but come on, being part of a Evangelion type of scenario, and being able to date my sexy suited comrades? AWESOME!), so to know that the same people are working on another Otome game makes me pretty happy.

      • But, but!… That’s a realm i dont want to touch D:!, i’ll stay with my heroines xD and dont become the target and center of attention for 10 “super” males haha xD…
        The animes have already taught me that that is a dangerous world to get close to :0

        • puchinri

          I actually think reverse harems end up way better than harems. x’D;
          But I think reverse harems also work very differently than most shoujo and harem standards, which is a relief.

          • lol, im sure it will feel weird to see how prince-like guys hit on me >.> i leave that for girls to enjoy xD

          • And believe us, we will do so. :3

          • puchinri

            Lol, indeed. I’ve heard of some guys who don’t mind and play otome games, but I don’t mind either way as long as us ladies get something to enjoy.
            And I agree with miruki, we shall do so. x’)

      • puchinri

        I’m so sad I never heard of it before, it does look really cool. I don’t care for EVA at all, but I do like that general scenario in stuff, so it sounds more schway.

    • puchinri

      The girls deserve something too. ono
      Pretty much every game is designed for guys. =u=
      (From the fanservice of mainstream and even niche titles to most dating sims.)

      And heck, you guys are getting Kagura. Girls will probably never get a fanservice-y game like that aimed at them… Which makes me woe. vov

      • haha i know, but still D: T.T i hope Kagura comes in english or i wont be able to play it, freaking region block

        • puchinri

          Hey, you should be hoping devs make more otome games for us! Because it seems like with every otome game, there’s five more games aimed at guys, lol.
          I won’t be playing it myself so I don’t mind either way.

          I would think the level of fanservice in it might influence its release, but I think it probably will see localization. I just wish they bumped up the characters’ ages so it doesn’t feel so squicky. They could make Hanzo a college or something. x’D

      • Roses4Aria

        Amen. ^^

  • puchinri

    I’m just glad to see an otome game announced. And for PS3. ;u;
    Hopefully it’s awesome~.

  • It sounds so time-travely… that title. *drools*

    Hope there’ll be more news soon. :3

  • Roses4Aria

    Please, please, please, Aksys, follow through on that otome survey from a while back and put us otome fans out of our misery. :)

    • puchinri

      ( Heck, Xseed is open to localization, I may have to mention this on the forums. >u< )

  • Xechs was really fun game XD Ototme games in general have even less of a fanbase here than just regular visual novels (Fate, Chaos;Head, Ever17 and a lot of other examples at least have a large English speaking fanbase and and translations, fan or official). Personally, I don’t see the issue. It’s weird how it’s like a reverse double standards. A lot of girls have no problem playing the normal harem type VNs but guys freak out over reverse harems? *laughs*

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