Konami Open “Konami Cardgame Station” At Tokyo Midtown

By Ishaan . April 30, 2011 . 3:01pm

Konami are already doing some interesting things in the realm of arcade games with initiatives such as their e-Amusement service, which lets you create save data for arcade games on your mobile phone and their Paseli service, which allows arcade operators to price games more flexibly. Now, they’re looking at their trading card game business.


Konami have opened a “Konami Cardgame Station” at their corporate headquarters in Tokyo Midtown, moving operations from the station’s former location in Shibuya. The Cardgame Station requires a free membership, and after signing up, you’ll be able to play trading card games at the location at no cost.


The station will play host to trading card game events and contests, including release events. Konami will also hold classes to teach beginners how to play trading card games. For instance, there’s an event calendar that mentions Yu-Gi-Oh classes and tournaments on the Konami Cardgame Station website. They hope the station will help “stimulate communication” between trading card game fans.


Additionally, the Cardgame Station, Konami hope, will also provide them with a better understanding of customer opinions that they can take into consideration while designing future products.

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  • Shuryou

    Sponsored by Kaiba Corp.

    • Needs some billboards from Industrial Illusions

    • We just need some holographic systems in here and we’ll truly be in the future.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Personally if you gave me a working Duel Disk, I could die right there and be a happy man. Way better than the duel disk we have now. ;__; So needs some holograms/Augmented Reality Duels up in here.

        • Why not the holographic Duel tables introduced in the manga first? (The giant duel fields were an anime only thing)

          • Zero_Destiny

            Because everything is better when it’s portable. Why want a table when you can get a disk. lol

          • Agreed, you could just go on the street and battle with anyone you like! Boy, a tournament would be great too, I would kick so much butt’s!! Bwahahahah!!!

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Raioh Life like that would be so great. :3 Maybe a little inconvenient because you’ll end up dueling people right and left whenever you leave your home to accomplish some unrelated task but it would be so awesome.

            So want a tournament. I want to be the King of Duelist. :P Ha ha ha. But Someone who plays a burn deck isn’t very marketable. :( I guess I can’t be the main chara. At least I can be the [email protected] though like O’Brien. ^_^


          • Nah, you can always decline if you don’t want to battle, I agree though, life would be like the best thing ever, hell for what should I stay home, I would be like outside forever! xD

            A tournament would be great, world tournament with holograms and all, exactly like how Kaiba’s tournament was with the 6(?) scan cards and all, bwahah I would end up as the main only because I have a deck of totally different types and no real strategy!! And then we would duel in the finals on top of a plane or whatever that was(can’t remember)!! And the semi final and the final battle would be on top of a giant tower and and and…before that we would end up in a game world from some rich kid and all!!!! :D

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Raioh No you can’t refuse. It’s like the Pokemon games. :P If you walk in front of a duelist an exclamation mark will pop up and he/she’ll run towards you and challenge you to a duel. There is no escape. You’ll have to duel him/her. lol

            Six Locator cards/puzzle cards (whatever you want to call them). You put 5 in the magic/trap card zone and one at top in the field magic holder. ^_^

            You can only be the main in the original though. All the other mains have themes to their decks. Judai uses a Hero deck that focuses on fusions, Yusei plays Junk deck that focuses on Scynchro’s and powering up weaker cards, and Yuma’s deck has this Indiana Jones Adventurer/Onomatopoeia kind of theme thing gonna on for it by the looks of it. lol

          • Oh shoot, well then I have to walk really carefully, though, that won’t help in those narrow paths. >__<

            True enough..well then I'm the classic main, that's good enough, now all I need is some ancient accessory on my neck and a second far stronger persona!!
            Lol, at Yuma's deck though, I quite like it~ :P

          • I said first. >=| We need to work our way up to portable duel disks just like in the manga.

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Lee Too late. We have come too far. No working our way up we need our duel disk now!!!!! lol

        • Suicunesol

          Technically, augmented reality duels are already possible with AR cards. Imagine if every Yu-Gi-Oh card was an AR card. :P All you’d need is an AR-capable device to see your monsters pop into the world.

          • Who would really buy cards to augment an augmented reality game? I would never get it as once I buy a game I do not want to have to still go out and buy cards and etc.

      • One should think with all the technology we have that it’s since long possible…seems it’s not productive enough to design it, sadly. I for one would love my holographic battles!

      • Hexen

        Yes, and let us fight inside of a volcano or a pyramid or a city in peril if i can’t beat this card master guy.

    • PrinceHeir

      do they allow some Pokemon Cards? :P

      imagine if they made a real life Poke Center in the same building here. that would be sweet ^^

  • How man, that’s sounds so simple yet so great. I love trading card games, I almost play anything that is released here, and some of the Japanese ones too, sadly there aren’t enough players in my area to play with..would love to have something like this near my city.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I gave up at trying to find someone to play cardgames with. Just play the videogame of the cardgames. Then all your probs are solved. lol Also I like this:


      Want a game based off of that released here. The cardgame looks really fun and all the rules make it interesting.

      Oh but I really did love this game:

      And this was a pretty good sequel:

      • I know, I do, but playing cardgames as videogames is just not the same…
        Lol, Vanguard is great, first I thought it would be a generic cardgame anime, but I actually like it, like you mentioned the gameplay looks very interesting, and I love the OP song, JAM Project always deliver the most awesome songs!!!

        I had the one for the DS, but I think I stopped playing after hearing it was buggy, and didn’t let you complete the game and all~

        • Zero_Destiny

          I really want them to use the song from the commercials for it already. That’s the best song. All the best anime songs are on commercials. lol It would be so awesome to hear this play in the anime or be used as the next opening or something.


          I still can’t believe Aichi is voiced by a man though. lol That’s so crazy I thought it was a women this whole time:


          I really loved both those game. I didn’t have much problems with the DS game. It froze once or twice but that was it. No damage and it was all good. ^_^

          • Lol, that’s a commercial song? Damn, what a waste..

            At first I thought Aichi himself was girl, would’ve loved that(cardgames need more female mains), but I still like him, his deck is cool! Though, I’m really in love with Misaki, she’s beautiful~

          • Zero_Destiny

            Yup only for commercials. All the best songs are commercials only. :(
            Just like in Heroman. They never used this song Once. WTF? Why not use an awesome song like that?


            This needs to be the Opening for Season 2!!!!! XD


            It’s official. The west needs this cardgame. And those awesome gloves. ^_^ Misaki is supper hot. Aichi needs to get with that. lol

          • @ZD
            True enough, that song is great….OH man, Heroman, another anime I began to watch only for the girl, like Gurren-Lagann and Code Geass…lol, can’t help myself, Lina is soooo sweet~ x3
            I liked the show, but I think it could’ve been a lot better, there’s going to be a second season??

            Holy, first yes, the cardgame and the gloves, we totally need them! Second, the second commercial was awesome it’s like “Ok, now you have to do this and-! Wow you have Vanguard cards? Come on let’s battle!!!” XD

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Raioh It’s unknown for how long the anime will run. I really want at least 52 episodes myself. And of course that means time to change the Opening :D Let’s change it to that song. ^_^
            Heroman was best in the Middle when Joey was on the run and fought the Mad Doctor. The end was good too in a filler ending kind of way. That needs to have a season 2 really badly. :)


            No shame in only watching something for the girls that’s why they’re so hot. To get our attention. As long as you KEEP watching it for the right reasons, no shame in that. lol

          • @ZD
            Ah, no I’m sure Cardfight!! Vanguard will run long enough, I thought you meant Heroman, you’re right it really needs a second season.

            Haha, yeah sometimes I wonder how easy it is for an anime to get my attention only from one picture of a girl…I’m so weak..though, it always ended up good, I mean alone with Gurren-Lagann I did right in following Yoko into her show!!!

          • PrinceHeir


            oh my god it’s Daigo from Stardust Productions :P

            remember this commercial, sooo funny XD

          • do you have an account on mal?

          • Zero_Destiny

            No I usually just use it as a database and lurk a bit on the boards. No account on My Anime List. I don’t even have an anime list on it. lol

          • :(

          • Zero_Destiny

            lol Don’t be sad. If I make one you’ll be the first person I’ll tell. ^_^

  • Yugioh, but only if its PSP version (well I do have tons of actual cards) but Ive moved on the Naruto Shippuden Card Game (Which is awesome (so many Naruto versions, and in school outfits, Naruto and Sasuke! AU!)

    Nice Konami, nice!

  • So what’s next, they’ll teach us how to duel in motorcycles? xD

    I’d much rather see Duel Disks, just like in the original Duel Monsters series. Regardless, this is a start.

  • Interesting. I’ve never been much into trading card games, but if they could finally teach me how the hell to actually play the pokemon game, it would be nice.

  • yugioh only? i thought bushiroad’s games are on the rise

  • Dimentionalist

    Not pictured: the gate to the SHADOW REALM *dun dun dunnnn*

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