The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D To Receive Small First Shipment In Japan

By Ishaan . April 30, 2011 . 4:32pm

Japanese retail blog, Sinobi, has an interesting post up regarding distribution of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in Japan. Sinobi reports that the Nintendo 3DS game is being given a very small first shipment.


Japanese 3DS owners that hope to pick up Ocarina of Time may want to pre-order, Sinobi says. have already discounted the game’s price by 18%.


Sinobi appears to have indulged in a bit of speculation that has now been taken down from the website. Initially, the proposed theory was that Nintendo would like to avoid another situation like The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, which was sent out in considerable supply, and was soon relegated to the bargain bin as a result.

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  • I cannot think of OoT having a hard time selling. Then again I”m not looking at hype on the Japanese side.

    • Pichi

      I think Zelda is more popular overseas nowadays than Japan, so I can understand why Nintendo wants to be conservative in this approach. Overseas will be a-okay.

  • CleruTesh

    I wonder if I should buy this. I loved Zelda 1&2 and Link’s Awakening, but I honestly have never gotten into a single Zelda since the shift to polygons. The combination of high praise for OoT and the general lack of decent 3ds sodtware make me think I should give it a shot.

    • If i were you, i would definitely give it a shot

      • Ditto: worst case scenario, you get to plan one of the classic, most quoted Zelda titles to date all over again, on the go and/or/while in 3D. Hopefully the special surprise Miyamoto hinted towards is at least the addition of Master Quest, but who knows.

        • andref

          master quest has already been confirmed

    • I would buy it, especially if this will be your first time it would be way more fresh of an experience. The price and if you didn’t like 3D Zelda though, may make you hesitate you can always download the Virtual Console edition.

      If you didn’t like the 3D Zelda games, OoT is similar to those but I dunno maybe you will enjoy this one more it is the most pure of the bunch and represents the genre in 3D quite well.

      If you haven’t played much of the series I recommend getting Minish Cap for GBA that was a excellent 2D Zelda. I didn’t play Phantom Hourglass but Spirit Tracks is okay, it is 3D but has the 2D gameplay style. Though I didn’t like the train gameplay as much as I thought I would.

    • Exkaiser

      To be frank, if you didn’t enjoy it then, you probably won’t enjoy it now.

      I didn’t get anything out of Ocarina. Some people just don’t.

  • I guess this game wont be moving hardware in JPN, nothings gonna save it form sub 20K levels. Oh well, for those Zelda fans in JPN this is great news, nice to get a hotly anticipated game early.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Hopefully, it won’t be like this in America. That’d be dumb.

    • Ereek

      Dumb for you, or dumb for Nintendo? For Nintendo it’s a smart move, as it artificially keeps quantities limited and demand up, therefore keeping the price at a higher point for a longer period of time.

      • cydre

        I’m not sure how the Spirit Tracks situation played out in the US, but it’s pretty rare for Nintendo’s first party games to ever drop in price (regardless of how many copies are sitting around). Hell, Mario 64 DS is still almost $30 on amazon.

        • Joanna

          Yeah I agree. Spirit Tracks is everywhere but it’s still at 40$. Phantom Hourglass is a little rarer but is also at 40$ at most big chain stores and a few places have it priced down by a mere 5$. Even Mario 64 DS is still 40$ over here. I think the only game from Nintendo I’ve seen actually drop price is Glory of Hercules (first 20$, which is when I bought it and now 10$) and that’s mainly because it’s a new I.P. that didn’t sell well. Of course this is the situation in Canada where I live. Oh and a few of the older Nintendo Wii games dropped from 60$/55$ to 50$ but that’s hardly bargain bin prices.

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        Which is precisely what Nintendo is trying to avoid, isn’t it? They produced a bunch of 3DS’s so they WOULDN’T go out of stock.

        Besides, Nintendo games keep in demand for practically the entire lifespan of a console. Wii Play, Mario Kart DS, Super Mario 64…those are freaking long term sellers and they were sold at mass quantity. All Nintendo is doing by limited OOT’s release is limiting the amount of money they’ll make over time. I mean if this was Sony or something, this would be an interesting idea, but this is Nintnedo. And their products sell long term.

        • CleruTesh

          I never understood why Tetris DS was so limited. I didn’t buy it at first because; well, I’ve bought Tetris so many times already. By the time I decided to buy it, it was too late; it was impossible to find.
          Since Nintendo doesn’t profit off of used copies with inflated prices, it does make you wonder why they didn’t just print more.

          • Joanna

            Maybe it has something to do with the Tetris license? They may feel the price involved isn’t worth the projected profit.

          • CleruTesh

            Because if the last 25 years have taught us anything, it’s that Tetris DOESN’T sell.

          • Joanna

            Something was wrong with disqus and it wasn’t showing any replies until now but I’m guessing that maybe because of that the license fees have increased and well, once you have one version of tetris you are pretty much set. (Unless you’re looking for multiplayer). Or maybe Nintendo felt it served it’s purpose (as a popular brand to launch the system with) and now they didn’t want to promote a label they don’t own. Who knows, but they must have had some sort of reason. 

      • kupomogli

        Nintendo doesn’t need to keep demand up in order to keep pricing higher for a longer period of time if they never drop their prices in the first place. Not counting a store sale, when is the last time you’ve seen a first party developed title receive a price drop?

        You can’t really count store specific items being clearanced out, much like Metroid Prime Trilogy at Best Buy. The last time I can think of an actual Nintendo price drop was the Gamecube.

        • Wii Party and Wii Sports Resort price drop:

          Anyway, its zelda I cant really imagine they need to keep demand up, system availability should keep demand up.

        • Joanna

          The Nintendo Selects line that came out recently?

          Although it’s actually smart on Nintendo’s part. Giving the Wii one last boost before the new console.

          Then there was the Touch Generation which dropped Hotel Dusk from 35$ CAN to 20$ CAN (and by that time Hotel Dusk was hard to find.) Funny thing with Touch Generation is they never did another reprint like that again.

          And I know this is more of a store sale but Glory of Hercules is 20-10$ everywhere now (well except Gamestop I think).

          But I agree. The majority of the time and especially for renown I.P.s like Mario and Zelda, price drops are rare and almost unheard of.

  • kupomogli

    Small first shipment. Can anyone say “fake shortage?”

    Just like Super Mario All Stars Nintendo is going to fake a shortage to sell more copies. The first shipment of Super Mario All Stars was a joke, second shipment was a joke, now you can find them all over the place. Nintendo knows that people won’t be able to find them so they’ll panic and assume that it’s just a limited run and want to make sure they get a copy. As soon as the third shipment hits there’s already a good supply but as the consumer you’re assuming it’ll be rare.

    • Did you even bother to read the post? Spirit Tracks hit the bargain bin shortly after release. Japan does not care for Zelda the same way the overseas market does. I really wish some of you would take the time to read before commenting.

      • Do you think the big oversea market does care for a remake? I’m not so sure about that, for the big fans sure but for most realistical people that know that a link to the past + majoras mask where the better game.. ;)

  • I hope there is enough to honor my UK pre order…

    • Retail store will all way have enough to cover people who has preordered it. After all their first stock is partly based on how many preordered it. Off topic, how much are you getting it for? I’m trying to look for a store that is selling it for less than £30

    • There’ll be more than enough. This news is strictly for Japan. :)

  • In the new Ocarina release for the Nintendo 3DS, theres this new option known as “Boss Mode”, you can battle the bosses one at a time, or one after another. You can get hints when required eliminating the need for endless internet searches! Looking forward to it!
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