Chrono Trigger Ready To Robo Tackle Wii In North America

By Spencer . May 1, 2011 . 7:35am

ctriggerdChrono Trigger is on track for a Virtual Console release in North America too. The ESRB spilled the beans by re-rating the Super Nintendo classic for Wii. Since Chrono Trigger is already available via a Virtual Console download for Wii in Japan and a European release was announced we’re not too surprised.


Square Enix also plans to bring Chrono Trigger to PlayStation Network too and its slated for a spring release in Japan. So, if you have a Nintendo DS, PSP, PlayStation 3, Wii, PsOne, PlayStation 2, i-Mode enabled mobile phone or Super Nintendo there’s a way to play Chrono Trigger.

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  • thaKingRocka

    I played through it for the first time about a year and a half ago and I really liked it. I hate time travel as a story element, but it did not interfere with my enjoyment of this game. It was fun and charming. Those things count for a lot with me. As simple as that sounds, these are things that very few games even consider aiming for today. I couldn’t really care less about the replay value the game offers, but there is a ton of depth there for people who can find the time to replay games.

  • Chestnut Bowl

    I haven’t really had a need to buy Chrono Trigger again as I still have my SNES copy and a working SNES. I am curious about the PSOne version, though.

    • Alexander Le

      PSone version is going to have some CG mixed in

    •!/SplashdownTiger STiger

      Just get the DS version. More story content.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Chrono Trigger for all. ^_^ It’s slowly making its way on all the consoles. lol That’s great though more CT the better.

    I’m actually really tempted to get this. I already re-visited CT with the DS version but this will be on the big screen. @_@ I prob shouldn’t buy a game I already own (twice in fact) but I just might it’s Chrono Trigger after all. Plus I got some Wii Points that I need to burn through. =]

  • Tsunayoshi Sawada

    Maybe I’ll cave in when it comes to the PSN. But, Im fearful that they may remake the game in the future since they are on a remaking spree, lol.

  • Croix

    “So, if you have a Nintendo DS, PSP, PlayStation 3, Wii, PsOne, PlayStation 2, i-Mode enabled mobile phone or Super Nintendo there‚Äôs a way to play Chrono Trigger.”

    And if you haven’t played the game, there is now little excuse not to do so. So do yourself a favor and play it.

    • PrinceHeir

      hell yeah, will play it now for sure :)

  • Tim_at_where

    Let me double-check: this is the original vanilla version, correct? No extra ending, a la DS, no anime cut scenes, a la PS1.

    • GVmanX

      No better translation a la DS, either.

      • Tim_at_where

        I guess some people are fonder of the Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe characterization of Sir Frog then, huh?

        • GVmanX

          You misunderstand. I was saying the PS1 version was lacking the better translation of the DS version.

  • HarryHodd

    Don’t buy virtual Console games anymore due to lack of space and clunky interface.

    I guess I better get me sone PSN cards.

  • SoulArbiter

    Yet another great classic hitting the virtual console! What can I say other than, “Awesome!”

  • scott

    The ultimate in defense for my, daughter!

  • Norwich Retro Gaming

    Hahaha, at least we have options of how to play this game now then

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