Catherine Shares Her Thoughts On Girls In This Round Of English Screens

By Spencer . May 5, 2011 . 10:55am

Atlus sent us another batch of screenshots from Catherine with lines from Vincent, Orlando, Johnny, and Catherine dishing about relationships.


catherine_screens_27 catherine_screens_28  catherine_screens_30 catherine_screens_31 catherine_screens_32 catherine_screens_26 catherine_screens_29 catherine_screens_25


Troy Baker, the voice of Kanji in Persona 4 and Snow in Final Fantasy XIII, will play Vincent. Laura Bailey voices the vixen Catherine and Michelle Ruff is Vincent’s girlfriend Katherine. We spoke to Ruff about her role and if you missed the interview catch up here.


Catherine will be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on July 26.

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  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    The character modelling for this is sublime. Still hard to believe it is running on Gamebryo (El Shaddai too, even though it’s a modified version, I think).

    • Guest

      I wish more games looked like this. Especially visual novels -_-

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        The moment visual novels look like this is the moment I start playing them!

        • Guest

          Well I hear Ever 17 for 360 and Photo Kano (Photo Girlfriend) for PSP will have 3D modeling. Only thing is they won’t be cel shaded. : /

  • Trisagion

    Can’t wait to see the trailer with English VAs. :)

  • PrinceHeir

    ahh Catherine, my love one :P

    can’t wait for my Pizza Edition ^^

    • AnimusVox

      Psssshhhhaaaawwwww it’s all about Katherine.

  • Christian Wright

    can we choose between english and japanese voices? idr

  • Ereek

    Most women I know nowadays are more interested in pursuing their career than getting married.

    Your logic falls flat on me, Catherine.

    • Guest

      You live in Japan?

      • Ereek

        Funny you mention this because, yes, my husband is Japanese and I met him there on a business trip. I am acquainted with a few Japanese women on his side of the family.

        Also, the game takes place in Chicago, not in Japan, as far as I’m aware.

        So, I can’t say I’m seeing your argument, either.

        • The game takes place in a fake-American version of Japan. The characters are unmistakenbly japanese and so is the setting beyond the superficial layer. You can chalk it up to poor research on Atlus’ part, but that doesn’t change it.

          Vincent’s entire character is based of a societal “issue” Japan is facing. His lack of ambition and refusal to conform to the sociatal norms Japan expects of its youth is a central theme to the story. People like Vincent are often reffered to as “Herbivores”…..actually, in an interview about the game, Hashino flat out said Vincent was supposed to represent one. Why did they have it set place in a foreign country, then? Great question.

          ……..And your anecdotal experiences means jack, I’m sorry.Its entirely dependant of where you live and the people you encouter. I assure you, Catherine(really, Vincent is the one who’s talking, but I digress) is not intented to be a statiscal gathering and fact spouting human database. The character is speaking from personal experience and is probably(read: definitely) not a projection of the writer’s opinion.

          Funny that you mention those Japanese women who think of their careers first and then marriage. One of, if not the primary reason, why this sociatal issue exist is because the current generation of Japanese men and women were taught very specific gender roles all their lifes – but with the country becoming less and less patriarchal – are learning that reality these days doesn’t work that way.

          Here’s a good article on the issue:

          • tr1gun1212

            I agree with what you are saying here, but to say that it is a fake version of America even seems a bit weird – there is that izakaya, and the woman in the yellow family restaurant uniform. I guess it is just semantics, but rather than a fake America, it seem more like a mix between Japan and the U.S., and not specifically located anywhere. That’s what I was trying to say. I completely agree with the rest of what you have written, though.

          • @tr1gun1212:disqus I am not too sure what you are trying to imply. That atire such as what the waitress doesn’t exist in the US. Or that Izakaya are not in the US.

            Both of which are completely wrong statements.

          • Ereek

            I fear you’re taking my comment far too seriously. I was saying it in more of a teasing manner.

          • Bah! well its 1:30 AM and I’m trying to procrastinate from this pile of schoolwork next to me, so bite me >:(

        • tr1gun1212

          To my knowledge, and double checking right now, Catherine is not set in any specific city. That said, in just these screenshots, both an izakaya and a pizza place can be seen, so my guess would still be Tokyo. Or at least, that is what the Japanese audience will imagine, if they tie it down to a specific place at all. More likely, it is imaginary, and need not be attached to a real-world location.

          And about many women being more career oriented – that might be true when they are younger (not in Japan, but), but certainly heading into one’s 30’s, there will be plenty of women that are starting to wish for a family.

          • No, she’s right, the game takes place in America.

            ….I do not recall hearing Chicago namedropped in my playthrough, though.

          • Aoshi00

            Definitely.. If there are women who are past 35 and still not married, I’m sure some would like to but just couldn’t find the right partner (their friends would all be married and have kids), not that they don’t want to.. since it’s not safe to give birth after a certain age.. no woman wants to be 60 yrs old when her son/daughter is 20 right? She’d be like her grandma..

        • Guest

          Ah-hah hah! So business wasn’t completely on your mind when you went over there then! Muahahaha!

      • puchinri

        I think it actually to the US and Japan (and probably plenty of other places). The Japanese girls I know certainly aren’t concerned with tying the knot at all.

        But Ereek has a point, the game takes place in Chicago, so I guess that’s either Catherine being old-fashioned and generalizing (but considering her identity, it isn’t far-fetched) or what the devs think might be on the mind of the ladies.

        • Vincent is expressing a very common sentiment in Japan.

          ….Why does something a character say always have to be indicitave of the thoughts and feelings of a writer? only the most incompetent, hamfisted writers pen down their stories that way.

          • puchinri

            I didn’t say it was just the writer. I honestly don’t think the writers themselves are that old fashioned. Hence I said the character (wrong character named at the moment) being old-fashioned, or the devs. To me, it was more likely to be the character and really, either of them fits that. Catherine for obvious reasons if you know her identity, and Vincent I wouldn’t be surprised about, just because of the way he is (I love him but I can’t bring myself to love him). But honestly, it’s not like some writers don’t believe that kind of stuff.

            Personally, with the way games are handled now (and the masses of ecchi titles or just random ecchi, etc.) I feel like I won’t be surprised if they believe that (not Atlus really, but other companies). It certainly seems like they don’t think girls play games or at least don’t want fanservice of their own. Either way, you gotta admit, there are some ridiculously written female characters compared to ridiculously written male characters. x’D

          • “Either way, you gotta admit, there are some ridiculously written female
            characters compared to ridiculously written male characters. x’D ”

            In games in general? Yeah, sadly.

            In Catherine? I respectfully disagree.

            Lets not get into spoilery territory, though.

          • puchinri

            Yeah, it gets pretty depressing to me.

            But in Catherine? I think the women are handled well. I think it’s actually Vincent that is written as a really flawed character, and it kind of works and doesn’t. But the way the fans read it is very different than the reality of the characters themselves. They’re pretty much reduced to “hot temptress worth cheating with” and “hot but bitchy girlfriend” most of the time. And even if it’s not that bad, it gets in this place that’s really weird… The game is probably more interesting for the social aspects it’s brought out in gaming fandom than what’s going on in the game. x’D

            But I’m glad we have games that make people think and have these perspectives and stories that aren’t told often (it’s just a shame how they’re received at times).

    • Well, that really depends on the person and it’s surrounding… But yeah, women nowday are more into becoming profesionals, of course, if they were 30 and didnt had that big of a job, i imagine they would look forward to marry a bit more

    • Aoshi00

      I guess depending on how old the women are right? If they’re 20, no rush, 25, hm.. no rush, 30, a bit rush, 35, a bit worried, 40… Katherine is 31-32, she’s not old, but she’s definitely not young… And you’re married alrdy, so you don’t have to worry right :)?

  • Screw Catherine, theres Tobias! Cool!

    • puchinri

      Lol, looking at those screens, I actually agree with this comment. x’D
      (And normally, I’d be saying ‘There’s Katherine!’.)

  • The whole love triangle story seems pretty contrived but whatevs, the game part might be fun

    • I don’t see what’s contrived about getting drunk as hell and waking up with a naked woman next day.

      That’s…..kind of a common scenario with affairs.

      And, to Siliconera: Its Vincent who is saying that line which the article quoted. Look at the screenshots, it his mouth that is moving.

      Also, I played te game, and he’s saying that in response to Catherine’s stance towards Marriage. he’s commenting how different it is from most girls he’s met.

      • And that’s totally natural, not what I was getting at (though Vincent doesn’t seem like the type to sleep around, dude is way too submissive).

        It’s mostly the duality aspect – the way that Catherine and Katherine are built up as polar opposites of each other to deliver some kind of message which I find so contrived

        • “- the way that Catherine and Katherine are built up as polar opposites”

          I don’t think you’re really qualified to make that call without playing the game. The game throws some curveballs believe me.

          • uh… even if you don’t know what the game it’s pretty obvious just by looking at the logo (black vs pink, the two main characters sharing almost the same name, etc)

            I think duality can work great as a single layer to a story so maybe that’s all it is and maybe you’re right, maybe there’s more to the picture, just not feeling it right now

          • Aoshi00

            I’ve played thru the whole game a couple of times.. the love triangle is actually not that contrived.. on the contrary, the relationship for the main chars and the NPCs (they all have personall issues) feel quite realistic.. one of the more mature games I have ever played, up there w/ Anata wo Yurusanai… tackling problem like cheating/infidelity for one thing.. Maybe I’ve just been thru some complicated personal experiences so I could relate more lol (I have not cheated because I am not married, but I had made somebody cheat, it’s not pretty… I’m not saying it like it’s a good or moral thing.. but life is just not so simple sometimes..)

            Usually you make some great comments, I strongly recommend you give this game a try, and no super-easy cheat mode :) This is one of the best and most unique games for me in recent years, again a mature game too..

          • Well, yeah, duh. Catherine is freedom, Katherine is “the old values” in the context of the narrative.

            But you weren’t talking about duality. You said the way the game presents this two females is contrived….which I took to mean that it immaturely painted one of the sides as good and evil.

            Catherine does not do that. And if that wasn’t what you meant with “contrived”, what did you mean?

        • puchinri

          Ya know, I think Cucumber has a point in regards to the game itself, but the way it’s playing out in fandom really reflects that well. And sometimes, I can’t tell if I’m reading too much into comments or not, whether or not they’re joking (I have seen some surprising stuff, so I don’t even try to guess anymore).

          • Yeah, pretty spot-on about the fandom aspect. Vincent is weak and insecure, just like the Otaku market that buys into these games. Then you have the overbearing girlfriend character that wants to settle down and the young hottie that just wants to have a good time so you have Vincent stuck in between these two… yeah, not buying it. In the real world Katherine is gonna pussywhip Vincent into marriage or Catherine is gonna make Vincent her bitch because in the real world men like Vincent don’t have any power – Atlus is just feeding the Otaku fantasy

            Anywayz, that’s just the vibe I’m getting, have’t played the game so maybe Cucumber is right but Atlus’ marketing sure isn’t doing him any favors

          • puchinri

            Pretty much. Early on, people were even making claims about Katherine being so bossy and such, but I thought, she may be a little, but if you were dating someone for years and are already nearing or in your 30s (and you might be pregnant), I’d better at least get a proposal too. That’s the mentality of a lot of guys even. And people were just perceiving Catherine as some innocent bystander. Considering the twist there is in the game (it certainly is one of those supernatural Atlus twists and well done), I can see how it still deviates from reality and they handled the game well enough in points (I only spoiled the ending for paths I didn’t care about), but really? Being realistic? It’s too perfect a reflection really of otaku culture and such.

            To me, just looking at the game and the basic endings, it seems like Vincent might always end up happy no matter the path. So he ends up happy for getting to be free and wishy washy and choose neither girl, or for choosing the one he has a one-night stand with. Maybe it’s different entirely throughout the course of everything, but congratulating that type of behavior plays into certain mentalities that don’t need anymore comfort and stroking to me.

            But agreed. The way the game is being presented and advertised doesn’t entirely sit well with me. Fan reactions just accentuate that feeling. I think some of the fan reactions just make it worse for me actually (and I don’t mean just people on here, but there are some).

          • So, uh, yeah, I made a very mild-mannered post but it apparantly got moderated for….some reason. Anyway, I’ll quickly summarize what I said:

            You guys are making a lot of assumpations based of a character bio.

            Vincent isn’t a thinly veiled wish-fulfillment for otaku. First thing’s first, Vincent is confident in his abilities and looks, he’s not a quiet nerd by any stretch of the imagination. He is social and a great liar/smooth talker….Him being weak-willed, uncertain and scared of commitment are genuine character flaws which aren’t exclusive to otaku. Had he had none of those three qualites, there would be no game here and no conflict. Also, he would have been a super boring 1 dimensional character.

            I think you’re both being silly. And I don’t feel like arguing with someone who hasn’t even played the game he claims to understand its themes of and how it is a “perfect reflectment of Otaku culture”.

            ….Actually, as someone who has played the game, that last statement is ridiculous. I’m sorry, but I can’t even respect that line of thinking. Why don’t you clarify that statement for me for a sec?

  • puchinri

    I was waiting to see how antiquated Catherine’s thoughts and opinions were on the matter. And they’re basically what I thought they’d be, lol. But I guess, it technically fits for her? Going by the game’s context…

    I really love the expressions they give them. x’D

  • Zero_Destiny

    I’m super excited for this game. :)

  • Where are people getting the idea that this takes place in Chicago?  If anyone has a link or something, please tell me, because the only evidence I’ve seen of this taking place in Chicago is people with no proof commenting on articles like this one that the game takes place in Chicago.

    Also, if it DOES take place in Chicago, then they didn’t do the research, because smoking is banned in all public indoor restaurants, bars, etc.

    Also, @Cucumber, while you’re right, and Vincent is an obvious “herbivore,” are you really acting like we don’t have people similar to Vincent in America?  From the American point of view, Vincent doesn’t want to get married and feels he’s being pressured into that.  America is full of commitment-phobes who do not want to get married.  Please stop acting like Vincent, or any other character in this game has to be specifically japanese.

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