What Are The Prospects For A New Rival Schools Game?

By Ishaan . May 8, 2011 . 11:31pm

In a recent “Ask Capcom” video Q&A, Capcom USA VP, Christian Svensson, addressed a question from a Rival Schools fan, asking if one would see a new Rival Schools game in the future. Rival Schools is a 3D fighting title that was released by Capcom in 1997. The updated PlayStation One version in Japan had a life-sim aspect to it, which was cut from the overseas release of the game.


“I won’t speak specifically about Rival Schools,” Svensson replied, “but Seth, myself, [Street Fighter IV producer, Yoshinori] Ono-san, Michael Pattison, who’s our head of pan-western marketing, and I sat down a week ago to discuss…let’s call it our long-term road map for fighting games. The future of fighting games.”


“I think it was actually titled ‘Blue Sky’,” Seth Killian, community manager, interjected.


“Yeah, something like that,” Svensson continued. “And we had [an] extremely great ‘come to Jesus’ planning session, nothing of which I can talk about. You never know what franchises are going to show up in the next five years from us, but nothing I can talk about on Rival Schools right now; just that we’re thinking very carefully about our future fighting [???].

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  • z_merquise

    “. . .to discuss…let’s call it our long-term road map for fighting games. The future of fighting games.”

    Looks like they were really planning for more fighting games. Things are seems to be looking good for Capcom after the huge profit they got recently.

    So HD-2D Darkstalkers then?

    • A new Rival Schools or Darkstalkers would be good, either or.

    • Letiumtide

      Darkstalkers, yes! please!

      I actually just found Vampire Savior for the Saturn the other day and have been playing it.

    • I’d be even more psyched for a new Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures!

      • Zero_Destiny

        JoJo. ^_^ I’m ready for anything from that franchise coming out in the west. Especially if it’s a videogame. :)

        • I’d really like a new rival schools, but a new jojo’s game would be even better! (Steel ball run or Diamond is Unbreakable preferably.)

          • Guest

            Did you ever play the two PS2 beat em ups

          • just a lil bit of the phantom blood one

      • Capcom has to talk to either Shueisha, rival company that has game rights to JoJo, or the author himself, just to make that happen.

    • It’s gonna be 2.5D, since Capcom moved on from pure sprites for their recent and upcoming fighters, as of 2008.

      • z_merquise

        Could be but I do wish that they should try making an HD-2D fighting game with Darkstalkers. Heck, if developers like Arc Sys, SNK Playmore and Vanillaware can do it, why not them who got bigger budget in game development?

        • mikanko

          Capcom outsources most of their fighting game development between Dimps and 8ing etc. They don’t have any staff that still does sprite work. There are also far fewer people in the industry who do that kind of sprite work now and none of them work for Capcom. The only way a Capcom fighter will be in HD 2d is if they outsource it to Arc System Works like they did Sengoku Basara… and considering how much more in direct competition Capcom and ASW are now, I think it’s kinda unlikely.

          edit: Or outsource it to someone else, ASW is about the only option out there though. SNK has enough problems and has the tiniest of staffs right now, which is pretty much the same for any company still making hand drawn sprite games right now, Examu etc.

          The problem really lies that after SFIII was such a commercial failure for what money the spent on it back in the late nineties, they stopped making 2d fighting games, and those people had to get jobs elsewhere.

      • Guest


    • PrinceHeir

      oh yes please :D

  • Christian Wright

    whatever shows up in the future, i hope it doesnt involve the word marvel and the number 4.

    • Those 2 together mean complacent gaming for the hardcore fighting game players… in America. Same old, same old. I won’t find it hard to believe if they brought back Cable in 4. >_>

      • Christian Wright

        @B4ULoveShine:disqus i was surprised there was no cable or cyclops. those two were huge favorites up there with magneto and sentinel. gambit and venom too. i havent played against not one modok. definitely a troll character

        • Well, @Marvel:disqus called the shots on their side of the roster.

    • mikanko

      It won’t be 4… it’ll be Hyper Marvel vs. Capcom 3, set to come out next Summer with an added ten characters and reworked online interface. As long as it’s more playable since you can select who you fight against based on connection it’ll be an improvement, but it’ll still have poor netcode. That’s all conjecture, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

  • why does it sounded like “we’re keeping rival school in mind but not really…maybe next time.”?

    • landlock

      Really I read it as “Yes we mentioned a new Rival Schools nudge nudge wink wink but I didn’t really say that”.

  • Rival Schools OMG yes PLZ!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hours

    A new Rival Schools is one of my most wanted video game requests.

    It’s my favorite fighting game series, not to mention one of my favorite series of any genre.

  • All the more reason to try and find an actual copy of the game…

  • mikanko

    They were also answering questions about a possible Vampire Savior when saying this, the 40 minute+ interview is up on Capcom Unity still I believe. So either of those two are quite possible.

    I only hope they can build a new engine rather than using the pre-existing SFIV or MvC3 ver. of MT Framework because apparently 3d games need to be built from the ground up with rolling back data in mind if they want a netcode similar to GGPO.

  • krokounleashed

    Guys. Capcom will never ever again go the 2D Sprite-Way. 2D Gameplay? Yes. 2D Sprites? No, they won’t.

    • Guest

      They didn’t use sprites for Rival Schools.

      • krokounleashed

        I mean the 2D-HD Darkstalker-Guys ;)

      • Testsubject909

        I myself am also quite confused by his comment.

  • thaKingRocka

    “And we had [an] extremely great ‘come to Jesus’ planning session, nothing of which I can talk about.”


  • Scallion

    Oh my god.


    Screw Darkstalkers and whatever else you were thinking. Rival effing Schools using an awesome modern engine would bind me to you for eternity. It’s so much more interesting and colorful than 95% of your other fighting games.

  • I’m really pretty glad the contents of this post weren’t just “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no.” I would be pretty psyched for a new Rival Schools.

  • I want PowerStone

  • omg I remember that game now. I used to use the blonde girl.

  • Megurine

    Wanna! *-*

    Sakura + Akira FTW o/

  • cmurph666

    Ugh, I’ve been bitching on the CAPCOM forums for years about them releasing Rival Schools 3.

    I don’t think they feel its profitable enough to make a sequel. Maybe if they get enough people demanding it they make it just to please the fans. Kinda like Mega Man Legends 3.

  • While Rival Schools 3 would be rather amazing, I for one would really enjoy a Project Justice port (or even the original RS) to XBLA / PSN. Considering it was rather underground even for a ‘cast game, it’d be cool to see the unloved sequel given a second chance.

    Also, as it wouldn’t truly be an EdgeKun post without saying so, +1 for Vampire Savior XBLA/PSN. Just sayin. >______>

  • The PR/community manager statments are way too subtle for me.

    Well anyway:
    Considering how story heavy these games have been so far, maybe a genre switch wouldn’t hurt. (e.g. turn it into something like the One Piece “Unlimited” series). I’ve always liked these games for the character designs, artwork, voiceovers, but not for the gameplay.

  • Guest

    “The updated PlayStation One version in Japan had a life-sim aspect to
    it, which was cut from the overseas release of the game.”

    I hated when they did that because I played the import version and that was cool; it’d have been great to have it in English

  • SoulEater98

    He mentioned himself twice…”but Seth, myself, [
    Street Fighter IV
    producer, Yoshinori] Ono

    san, Michael Pattison, who

    s our head of pan

    western marketing, and I sat down a week ago to discuss”

  • xxx128

    I would love to see rival schools 3 in 2d. The 2d artworks in these games are amazing. I am so bloody tired of textured polygons by now. Sadly it will be hard to bring the original staff back together.

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