Dragon Quest Anniversary Collection Brings First Three Games To Wii

By Spencer . May 10, 2011 . 7:21pm

dq Square Enix won’t release Dragon Quest on Virtual Console. Instead the first three games in the Dragon Quest series are being bundled together Super Mario All-Stars style into Dragon Quest I・II・III.


This Wii compilation includes the Famicom and Super Famicom versions of each title. So, you get Dragon Quest I (Famicom), Dragon Quest II (Famicom), Dragon Quest III (Famicom), Dragon Quest I & II (Super Famicom) and Dragon Quest III (Super Famicom) on one disc.


Dragon Quest I・II・III is being made to celebrate the series 25th anniversary in Japan. Square Enix plan to release the Wii collection in Japan this September.

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  • Ive never played Dragon Quest before, but now, with this collection, it would be criminal of me to not take up the chance to play it..Hopefully it comes out in 2011….in America!

    • Zero_Destiny

      Well I don’t know if the Erdrick Trilogy (aka the first three games) would be right for you. I would love it if you took a shoot at them but these games are bit “old school” I guess by today’s standards. It really depends if you like simple stories and level grinding. If you have to have this big epic swooping story full of plot twist, I say look somewhere else. And if you don’t like to grind it my get on your nerves since grinding is half the fun of these “old school” RPG’s.

      I think it’s best for people who are more use to the “newer”RPG’s to start at about Dragon Quest IV (This is the start of the Zenithia trilogy which covers games IV-VI). These games are a bit less harsh on you. There isn’t so much of a grind and they offer a bit more in terms of story. But if you really want a more modern RPG I say skip ahead to Dragon Quest VIII. It has beautiful cel-shaded graphics. It almost looks like a cartoon. And the gameplay in VIII is probably the easiest for a Dragon Quest beginner to get into to. Sadly it’s only on the PS2. I think you don’t have one right? So you might have to just skip it. Though PS2’s are becoming cheaper. Maybe if you ever decide to get one you can get the game. It’s not hard to find and shouldn’t cost you more than $10 or $15 new.

      There’s IX of course but I remember you saying you don’t like the job/class/vocation systems and that’s a big part of IX. So really I don’t know. If your very willing to get into the first three games they can be quite fun and rewarding. The story isn’t up to today’s standards but they are still fun and do pack a good emotional punch every now and again. If you don’t mind 16-Bit sprites on a 32-bit polygon 3D world than the DS remakes of IV-VI maybe a good place to sink your teeth in. These games offer more in terms of story and are less harsh on you. Plus the gameplay becomes very streamlined. I skipped VII because as of now its kinda rare but more importantly it’s SUPER LONG. It took me like 110 hours to beat and I didn’t even do nearly half the side quest in the game. It’s all about the job/class/vocation systems too. But VII offers one of the better stories in the series. Graphics wise it’s on par with the DS remakes of VI-VI since those games were made with the same engine as VII.

      VIII is a good place to start but yeah it’s on the PS2. And IX is all about the job/class/vocation system. You may be best to hold out till X like you said you would. Seeing as the older re-releases don’t seem to be your cup of tea (from my understanding of taste that is) and the later games are on systems you don’t have access to. So if you really don’t feel like searching for Dragon Quest IV-VI on the DS or picking up IX then maybe waiting for X might be the right choice.

  • Hope it comes to America– I know we never got the Super Nintendo versions of Dragon Quest 1-3, so it’d be cool to get this.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      I have a good feeling that Nintendo will publish this here like they have done with DQVI and DQIX.

      • lostinblue

        Seeing they are essentially VC games, some of which have not been localized here… I doubt it

  • neo_firenze

    Sooooo want English version of this. My Super Famicom DQI&II and DQIII remakes are cool, but having them in an official English release would be amazing.

    Pretty pretty please, Square-Enix and/or Nintendo of America?

  • Zero_Destiny

    US Release!!!!!!!!!! Dear God I’ll give anything for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Though I have to say I’m bummed we didn’t get the GameBoy versions since in my opinion those are the superior versions out of the three. Oh well. I’ll be there at the store day one if/when we see a release. :D

    • DQ5 3D PS3 FULL REMAKE!!

      • Zero_Destiny

        Only if it comes packaged with the far Superior Dragon Quest IV and Dragon Quest VI!!! XD

        • Only after wild arms 2 FULL HD 3D ps3 remake with Okage 2 as a bonus disc…

          hahaha, …it’s sad that what i just said wouldnt happen even in my wildest dreams T_T

          • Arcm

            Get out of my head sir!!!

          • PrinceHeir

            only after making the next Suikoden and Valkyrie Profile 3 :P

            and a “Rebuild of” version of Xenosaga :P

          • lostinblue

            Oh, I want Okage 2. I don’t understand the whole focalization on remakes in “full hd 3d” though.

            Plus, this gen is past the FULL HD thing, the more juice they pull (which is what you’re asking) the more it’ll be 720p or sub-hd.

          • I want a remake, so they will start from zero, making a ps3 game, i just said that to “exaggerate” what i said anyway :P, just a remake for ps3 and im happy, even if i know that wont happen.

          • lostinblue

            @wildarms:disqus Ah, by Full HD you meant done from scratch for it/them? roger.

          • Exkaiser

            Wild ARMS: Alter Code F2.

      • lostinblue

        No point in asking for unlikely stuff on unlikely platforms. This is old games packaged in, not the artepiazza remakes.

        And you have DQ5 remake on PS2, that’s the closest you’ll get.I wish they remade Dragon Quest VII with an artepiazza’s engine; any platform suffices.

        • I know it wont happen, but it’s good to have hopes you know? xD

          • lostinblue

            Not to be a wet blanket then.

      • they already made a ps2 remake, so I really doubt that…but you never know.

        sorry, didn´t read lostinblue reply.

    • I’d love for the SFC version of DQIII to come out here finally. It’s gorgeous.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Me too :3 I like how the beginning is a bit different for each version of Dragon Quest III. Each one has a different kind of Revelation while under the waterfall. The Super Famicom one is probably the most interesting interpretation of that dream sequence out of all three versions.

        Personally I still like the GameBoy version is better though because it adds some more new play features like Mini-Medals and does a little fine tuning to the story to tie it in better to the other two games in the Erdrick Trilogy. Though not as much fine tuning as Dragon Quest I and II got. It’s not too much but the small nuances and changes in plot made the GameBoy versions feel more complete to me. This is of course my own personal opinion though.

        • Barrylocke89

          The Super Famicom version also had Mini-Medals you know.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Ah nice!!! :3 I only played like 5 hours of that one. lol
            I’m more psyched now thanks for the info. ^_^


  • Aoshi00

    I love the old Toriyama art.. can’t believe I still have some old DQ and DB Famicom games in my drawer, they’re like vintage now… they should do a Wii collection for the old Famicom DB RPGs too…

    • Zero_Destiny

      Personally I like his art now but his old stuff has this really chibi charm to it. His newer stuff looks more like “Argh Angry Face.” But at times it can still be cute. It’s funny as you watch his art change over the time. Feels so weird now.

      Perfect Example of Toriyama’s Art Evolution (plus I love this vid):


      • Aoshi00

        Cool vid.. yea, I’ve been reading Toriyama from Arale all the way to Kajika/Sandland and such.. I liked the style in the middle of his career the best (that goes for most artists), the lines are softer and rounder and more detailed (lots of shadow) but not extremely angular, the late Piccolo and early Saiyan art was my fav. Of course Freeza, Cell, and Chrono Trigger were good too.. right now he doesn’t put as much effort to it.. like the Blue Dragon chars have stick figure arms and legs.. I liked the DQ Swords design he did though..

        Recently he drew this Goku & Arale for the earthquake..


        • On the Stick figure thing… Maybe because he was getting tired of nothing but dudebro muscle characters. I know I sure was getting sick of it. Blue Dragon is one of his best works. Love everything about that series.

          And for this collection… we won’t see it for awhile. But the series is picking up here in the US so it might, but not under “Anniversary”.

          • Aoshi00

            I loved Blue Dragon too (just the 360 game, not the DS spinoffs, manga, or the anime), and I know he didn’t want to draw muscle bound chars, but still the chars’ arms and legs are so bony, the art is not detailed and feels very rushed and rough.. it’s like not much effort went to it, compared to say DQ8 or DQ Swords. Like if you look at this old DB drawing, the chars are not buffed but their arms don’t look like sticks either.. they’re in proportion..


          • I loved all the Blue Dragon Games. Blue Dragon Plus almost beats out the 360 one with me. Even the manga “Ral Grad” it gave a more dark story to the myth of Blue Dragon. Yes now I will say the Anime was rushed, but I am glad it wasn’t the same as the games. I don’t want to see the same story over again. (Kinda like the Kingdom Hearts series, We all know the story of Kingdom Hearts 1, so why make us play it over and over again?) Sorry I just get really mad when I talk about that series…lol. But any way. Yeah, there is just somthing so simple to the Blue Dragon World that makes it so wonderful.

            I am a huge fan of Blue Dragon, and from what I read about the series, most likely also the THE biggest fan of the series. (Just Joking…) But as you can tell from this picture of my Blue Dragon Collection, I am a fan. http://thespiritferret.deviantart.com/art/My-Blue-Dragon-Collection-206653326

          • Aoshi00

            It’s good you like the franchise.. I do have the 4 vol. of manga (was disappointed by Obata’s art after DeathNote) and watched the whole first season of anime (the anime seiyuu cast was different from the game’s), but didn’t really like them.. I did like the music Uematsu did for the game.. I tried BD Plus but wasn’t too big on RTS..

            Actually I just wanted a console sequel the most.. it’s a pity we never got it.. I think they could’ve done something nice w/ Blue Dragon 2.. w/ Shu and gang all grown up, as teenagers instead of kids, or something..

          • Zero_Destiny

            @Atom I love Blue Dragon too. :3 The animes are pretty cool. I wish we can see more season 2 already. But the subs are far and few in between. I loved the first game to death. Wasn’t much of a fan of Plus but still liked it and had fun. Awakened Shadows was a real blast. I woulds absolutely love to see a true sequel that’s a return to the “Old School” RPG gameplay.

            To me the first will still be the best. It also has one of the best OST’s in it. I love the Ral Grad Manga too. Blue Dragon is still not Toriyama’s best art though. I think it’s some of his more cute art and I love it but I know the man can do better. Is about how I feel about it. Really nice collection you got there though. I’m jealous of it. I like it a lot. =]

            @Aoshi A real sequel as a return to form with the “old school” gameplay is what I would love to see as well. But I say enough Shu and the gang and this time give us a new set of kids with new shadows. But keep Blue Dragon. ^_^ I would love to see that.

            From what I’ve seen of season 2 of the anime it’s a lot better. But still I know how you feel about it. lol I always did wonder why the cast change though?

        • Zero_Destiny

          Oh my God Aoshi That is just a great picture. I love it. :3 Little Arale is just so cute. ^_^ Really nice drawing there.

          I think his Blue Dragon art is alright. He’s just drawing more petite thinner charas now. I think Dragon Quest Monsters Joker II has some of his worst art though. And the Blue Dragon Awakened Shadow. Those main chara designs are real weak. The hair is just terrible too. Not all bad but I know he can do better. Just glad he’s still doing it though.

          Oh speaking of Dragon Quest Swords. I love this video. It’s great. :)


          • Aoshi00

            Yep, his chars and style are just so iconic, making us feel all genki :) Very cool vid for DQ swords, I loved the design for that one.

        • I like to think of early (Slump to Mid DB)Toriyama being a great cartoonist, and modern (Rest of DB to Present) Toriyama being a great illustrator. I think the noodly arms and legs of late are Toriyama overcompensating for the tortured musculature of those later years of Dragonball. He’s probably relieved to not have to draw like that anymore, but I do really miss his coloring from that period- his computer coloring is just now catching up.

          • Aoshi00

            I didn’t want ultra muscles, but I was a bit put off by the simple bony arms.. like Marle/Ayla in Chrono Trigger, or No. 17/18 were skinny chars but their arms and legs were not like stick figures.. simple stuff like that might work for his shorts and parodies like Cowa, but for designing and illustrating major chars of a game, I would like him to put more effort into it (like DQ swords was good).. I definitely prefer his old coloring instead of photoshop… most artists had to learn how to use the computer to color digitally in recent years.. like Watsuki is doing now for Enbalming..

      • PrinceHeir

        awesome video :D

    • lostinblue

      I felt Toriyama lost a lot of his “edge” in recent games tbh.

      Original Chrono Trigger had awesome art, the re-issue for the PSone though… not so much, it was too much GT-era, too generic, the coloring and trace on the original were just beautiful by comparison.

      From 2000 onwards I really felt he was resting on his laurels and didn’t really care anymore… Then DQIX came. I’ve yet to play it, mind you, but I really like the art… the first time in 10 years that I really enjoyed the art. (I realize you as a Toryama fan might disagree, I also realize I haven’t played everything he did in those years yet, from dragon quest monsters games to dragon quest IX itself.) But that’s what I felt.

  • Zefiro Torna

    I should have known this would end up happening, rabble rabble rabble… Nintendo set a bad example… rabble rabble rabble bad Enix rabble rabble rabble still, I’ll buy it instantly if released outside of Japan.

    Anyways, it’ll be cool if the Famicom Dragon Quest had the option to switch between “always facing forward” and proper directional facing sprites.
    Just for laughs, it can be called Japan mode and NA mode, respectively.

  • joesz

    Thanks for these awesome news! I’m really happy:)

    Spensa,there is asmall typo within the context .It’s not that Important,But just wanted to tell you:)

  • Yukito

    This partnership with Nintendo makes me fear DW7 won’t see anything in a long, long time. I would love a re-release on PSN or something. Easily my favorite game…

  • IceRomancer

    Omg that would be epic!!!
    I would love to have that in north America! I hope someone from nintendo is reading Everyones comments on this post!! You will make monies!!

  • tbustin79

    Personly I would of liked the collection to be on the DS or PSP so it fits with the other remakes. Those 3 games are very small and I don’t think it would take much to remake them pretty quickly with the DS engine they used for the 4-6 remakes. But thats just me. I’m just excited to see them get rereleased in their SNES format…hopefully we get them here. *crosses fingers*

  • YsyDoesIt

    That is one awesome collection. I sort of doubt a US release, which is unfortunate; the chap that earlier mentioned the great visuals for Super Famicom DQ3 is quite right.

    • PurpleDoom

      Nintendo’s been pushing the series here lately, so I can’t imagine they’d pass this up. It’s possible, but I hope they won’t, at any rate.

  • PrinceHeir

    i just hope the options are improve in this.

    the super mario collection one was a mess, they didn’t even bother reconfiguring the controls

    • Aoshi00

      The control was that bad :(? I actually bought the Mario collection just for well.. collection.. and didn’t even put it in the Wii yet.. I remember playing SMB on VC feeling weird because I couldn’t configure the btns on the classic controller either…

      • PrinceHeir

        i actually bought it myself a few weeks ago. yes there bad, like they didn’t gave you options to configure your controls. even exiting a game can be a mess, it’s not even full screen, and the games are lacking(where’s Super Mario World?)

        also you can only have 3 saves per game(and the save can be locked depending which mode did you pick) if you pick 1 player mode, the save is stuck in that mode. if you want to play in 2 player mode, you have to make another save using the 2 player mode. so basically if you finish the game in 1 player mode. you can’t replay it again in 2 player mode.

        im also wary on how Mario controls(then again, it;s been over a decade since i played this on a SNES)

        so yeah very disappointing, the extra disc was nice though.

        oh and btw opening the box without having to scratch out the logo is impossible. whoever taped both up and down sides needs to be kick in the face.

        • Aoshi00

          I hear you, I can imagine how inconvenient the saves and controls are… dang, all this time I still haven’t even opened the package yet even though I picked up the game as soon as it came out.. I heard it was disappointing, and the soundtrack didn’t have much.. but I just got it for nostalgia’s sake.

          • PrinceHeir

            lol same reason :P

            though i haven’t played a mario game so i thought this would be a good time to restart. guess i’ll have to buy the New Super Mario Bros instead.

            oh well :

  • PurpleDoom

    DO WANT.

    I’ve been hoping these would get re-released FOREVER.

  • Barrylocke89

    its too bad we probably won’t get this.

  • Gio32k

    ARGH! I so want to play these! Too bad this will probably never see US release.

  • Reading this first thing in an otherwise stressful morning just made my day—particularly as it will include the original versions.

    But please have it come to Europe. :/

  • Extra_Life

    What the hell?! May 10th is one of the most impressive gaming news days I’ve experienced in some time!

    I hope it wouldn’t be too optimistic to yearn for a US/Europe version…

  • Oh wow I was wondering when they will give special treatment to I-III, I will buy this for sure if released in US.

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