Deathsmiles 2X Dodges Retail, Hits Games on Demand Next Week [Update 2]

By Ishaan . May 12, 2011 . 9:37pm

Last month, the ESRB rated Deathsmiles 2X, listing Cave as the game’s U.S. publisher. At the time, we theorized that perhaps Cave would release the game as a digital-only title via Microsoft’s Games on Demand service on Xbox Live.


That is indeed going to be the case, according to a post on a Cave’s Facebook page. What’s more, Deathsmiles 2X isn’t far from release at all — Cave will release it on May 17th for $29.99 through Games on Demand, with its original Japanese text, effectively making it a digital import.


Cave say that they were approached by Microsoft with the opportunity, and will be giving the format a try “for getting some of our Japan-only shooters released overseas.” This means you can expect to see more Cave shooters released via Games on Demand in the future.


This release makes Deathsmiles 2X the first digital import release in the U.S. on the Xbox 360. Capcom’s Resident Evil Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4 HD will follow in its footsteps later in the year, but both those will be in English.


If you missed it and are curious, you can catch up on our Deathsmiles 2X playtest from last year while you wait for the game’s release.


A deep bow to jbug_617 on Twitter for giving us a heads up!


Update: Cave have just informed us that Deathsmiles 2X cannot be purchased using Microsoft Points; you’ll need to use a credit card if you want to grab it off Games on Demand.



Update 2: Microsoft just got in touch to say the game can be purchased using Microsoft Points after all. The information in their press release was mistaken.


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  • Locklear93

    I don’t mind this at all, and I’ll probably break down and get it, but for a $30 digital only, I do kind of feel like it ought to be translated.  I’d rather pay full price and have it localized, honestly.

    • It’s a shmup, who plays a shmup for the story 

      • Code

        I don’t know, there’s a good handful of shmups with solid story lines, or continuities that I’ve enjoy following. A similar argument is usually given about fighting games. Sure the gameplay takes forefront in both of of those genres, but doesn’t mean one can’t appreciate there story and characters. Hooray Akai Katana demo up? I better check that out owo~!

        rar, just tried Akai Katana, rar it’s deliciously good, I want it now omo;;

      • Aoshi00

        I did, I was a fan of the world of Deathsmiles :) Got all the drama CDS too (I actually read all of Inoue Junya’s manga).. The story is pretty stupid and cute in the sequel, not as gothic as the last one..  they should go back to 2D sprites if there’s ever a DS3…

        But yea, no translation isn’t that big a deal, and $29.99 for games on demand is actually a very good price… compared to $80.. But for $30 Otomedius Excellent is getting a retail copy too.. DS is way more fun than Otomedius though..

        BTW, for those interested, Akai Katana demo is open for silver now.. finally…

        • Is the demo region locked do you know?

          • Aoshi00

            Akai Katana demo is region-free (just booted it up), just like all other demos from Jpn marketplace.. I’m not sure if I’ve ever encountered a region locked Jpn demo.. actually if the demo is region locked they wouldn’t let you d/l it in the first place, the only one that comes to mind is Operation Darkness demo, for some reason it just wouldn’t let you d/l it from the US, doesn’t matter if you have a US or Jpn 360..  but other than that, to the best of my knowledge, all US and Jpn demos are region free.. like how people have tried El Shaddai, GalGun, etc… the thing is we just needed to wait a week, because chances are most of us don’t have Gold for Jpn Live.. So yea, the d/l is not big, give it a spin :)

            I don’t mind d/l’ing some XBLA games, but I’m w/ you on hating DRM :(….

          • daizyujin

             I have indeed encountered one demo on the Japanese marketplace that was region locked.  I don’t remember the title but I believe it was some soccer game.  It let me download it but when I went to boot it up, it told me the software was for the wrong region so it can and does happen, just very seldom.  I only remember because it was very puzzling to me and I have yet to ever encounter it again.

        • daizyujin

          Ah fun demo.  Just got done playing it.  Perhaps this one will come out here in some form.

      • Obviously not you…

        • It’s nice to have I guess as Aoshi00 said but I’ve never seen anyone see it as a primary focus or a deal-breaker 

      • TrevHead

        I still think its in Caves best intrests to atleast translate any menu text into english. I can imagine it would wind up allot of gamers and the journalists reviewing it. Remember Guwange and how ppl got confused and angry with its option menu, I imagine we will be seeing lots of gamers playing on hard mode thinking its easy and vise-versa or having the screen settings totally wrong

    • Aoshi00

      If they’re not translating anything at all, just like the VC or PSN imports, wonder if the achievement names would stay Jpn as well…  Since I got the Jpn ver alrdy and this wouldn’t be localized there’s no need for me to double dip.. would be nice if they translated the text to English though like Guwange…

    • Covnam

      Agreed on the translation. For $30 I would expect a translation. I can’t imagine that this has much text to begin with and I think the extra effort from the company would show compared to just throwing the original on games on demand as is and seeing if anyone will buy it.

  • Code

     rar, I’ll be curious to hear if it can be downloaded on Japanese 360’s this way opo; I’ve heard that Games on Demand are regional locked oddly enough. 

    • I hope @MajorNelson:twitter and the rest of the 360 team would allow region unlocking for this service, in order for this service to work.

      • Code

        I think you’ve misinterpreted what I was saying, which was I hope that they don’t regional lock the game to US regional setting, so that it can’t download it on Japanese system >w<''

        • mikanko

          I won’t be surprised if they do.  Games are region locked on games on demand based on their retail counterpart, ie Ridge Racer 6 on demand from the US store won’t work on a JP 360.  The US release of the only localized Cave game(Deathsmiles) is region locked, so it’s hard to say.

          • Code

            Yeah I figuring it’ll be the case, I’ve heard even non-regionally locked games, are usually regionally locked when there put on the Games on Demand service. But still I like the hope of cheaper then usual Deathsmiles 2X even if it is fleeting >w<;

          • mikanko

            The really lame thing is it doesn’t tell you, so it’ll totally let you buy the game and download it and try to load it up before it gives you the “this game is meant for a different territory buddy!” message. =/  

            I found out the hard way when I owned a JP 360 a few years ago, luckily it was just a 800 point Ninja Gaiden Black, but still kinda sucked.

          • Code

            Aww lame omo glad I asked, because I might have been tempted to test it myself >w<' 360 really is a regional locking minefield omo; Still figure picking up J360 was a wise move, but seems like it did happen just as shmups are starting to make there way overseas opo;

    • Yeah, Games on Demand are region locked! Well.. more IP locked so Cave will have to re-release Deathsmiles II on Japan’s store. But, I’d imagine in Japan they will sell it as a Platinum Collections game first *then* digital download.

      • Code

        Yeah I figured, I wasn’t entirely positive though, but appreciate you and mikanko clearing it up for me owo; Sadly can’t used Japan’s Games on Demand service either because of Japanese credit cards opo; but still can always import the disc with time >ww<'

        • Aoshi00

          You could get digital Jpn MS points from P-A too.. I just bought 3500 pts today and got the code the same day, didn’t realize they were that quick.. it was $60, but used $5 coupon so it’s $55.. expensive but still the best price compared to ebay…  I really need to use these points wisely though.. I once spent 1200 pt getting the Mushihime-sama Futari Black Labeland didn’t realize the same DLC was sold on US Live :(..

          I think it has to be the Jpn points, Asian points probably wouldn’t work..

          What are the points for…. um… Dream Club Zero clothes lol *.*…

          • Code

            Really? Mushihime-sama Futari’s DLC is on US market place xpx;; lol. Well who would have guessed really. Still I don’t think you can buy Games on Demand with points can you? They always show values in yen and dollars, so I figured that was the only option. I’ve bought points on occasion through PA, yeah kind of expensive, but really one of the only options; at least it’s fast opo;

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, because Mushi was region-free, so somehow the BL DLC ended up on the US marketplace too, which I never would’ve expected, major facepalm and a waste of precious Jpn points :(… and BL was too hard for me anyway..

            I think you can use points to buy from games on demand from Jpn marketplace, before you confirm, you could press x to switch from yen to point value, but not for Cero Z games like Chaos;Head or Dead Rising Ep Zero, that would need a credit card to show you’re over 18 or the MS points would show as a ridiculous 99999…

            You’ve bought points from P-A too?  Did you get Asian or Jpn points?  You know if Asian points work on Jpn marketplace at all?  They’re cheaper but the description says for Asian Xbox Live online so I never dared try… I’ve bought Jpn MS point cards before (Idolmaster ones), this is the first time I got it digitally from P-A… I heard some people had to wait a bit, I guess they just have some codes available now.. I should’ve gotten the Dream Club MS point cards when I had the chance, now they’re extinct.. and I didn’t think I would have use for so many points back then.. would be so nice if they let us use US MS pts to buy from Jpn mktplace..

          • Code

            Ohhh, that’s pretty good to know, I had no idea you could switch them over to point values. I’ll have to keep that in mind in the future. Yeah I stuck with Japanese points too, I didn’t wanna blow money on something that didn’t work either >ww<'

          • mikanko

            Games on Demand are IP blocked though too… like, it’ll let you buy a game from the US store since you live in the US, but it doesn’t bother to check that you own a Japanese system.  If you download games on demand off the JP store it says, “whoa their bub, you’re not from around these parts!” and doesn’t let you dl it, even though it’ll work on your JP 360.

            At least that was my experience when I had enough points on a JP account to dl something a couple years back on my JP 360.  Had no problems dl’ing other stuff from the JP store, but games on demand checked your IP.  I suppose if you went to the trouble of setting up a proxy server for your xbox 360 you could get around it, but that sounds like it’d be a nuisance.  This might have changed since then, since it was the first month or so of games on demand.

            Whether or not it’s automatically region locked though, I’m not sure.  I’d think if a game was region free, like Halo Reach, and you bought it on demand it should work on your system.  Unfortunately games on demand tie directly to the system your account is associated with as soon as you purchase it, and it won’t work on another system even if you sign in with your account.  So you can’t sign a friends account who has purchased it on your system to check it out.  Unless said friend doesn’t mind buying it on your 360, then calling tech support to have the license transferred over to his or her real Xbox 360, something they only let you do like once a year I think. <.<;; 

          • mikanko

            Asian points don’t work on the JP store, and JP 360 points don’t work on the Asian store… Asian points do work on the Korean or Hong Kong(and I’m sure there are others) stores though(only stores I’ve tried them out at), but depending on what you’re looking for they might be on one of those.  I know I bought Asian points from PA years ago and went to the HK store with no luck, then Korean and found what I was looking for (don’t remember what it was, but it was DLC for a game not released in the US)

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks, I figure Asian points probably won’t work for Jpn store, that’s why there’s the separate more expensive Jpn points. 

            Yea, it’s really scary that it lets you buy stuffs that you can’t play unless you have a Jpn system. If you can’t play it, they really shouldn’t let you purchase it.. so far I have never gotten a full game on Games on Demand yet, either the price is too high and not worth it (Jpn points cost almost double, might as well get a retail copy) or I want to have it on disc so it’s not restricted by the license… like Chaos;Head is around 2000 points, I can’t buy it anyway because it’s Cero Z and needs a Jpn credit card.. or the value would show up as 99999 like an infinite amount..

            I hear you about game being associated the system you d/l’ed it on and the license transfer thing that only lets you do once a year… I got Bionic Commando Rearmed on Jpn store before (not sure why I did that, figure I didn’t have much to spend on Jpn store then, but now so many cool DLCs) and I play it w/ my US act on one system.. then I switched to a new system and didn’t do that license transfer thing and the game won’t boot w/ my US acct and would only let me play if I sign on to the Jpn acct, very lame.. and the videos you d/l’ed are associated w/ your system as well.. so if you switch to a new system, then you have to sign on to your Jpn acct to watch the Jpn videos..   anyway, it’s quite a pain because I use 2 systems now, one US and one Jpn.  But if I were to ever upgrade my Jpn system to slim, I would need to transfer the license of the DLCs, or I can’t continue playing w/ my US acct. accessing the same DLCs..

            I guess it’s still cool MS does let us use the Jpn store signing it w/ a different acct.. unlike Wii or DS, only system of that region could access the store of that region.. the ironic thing is Nintendo lets you use your US credit card to buy stuffs on Jpn store (so no need to import overpriced Jpn Wii points)… while PSN and Xbox marketplace don’t… so convoluted..

  • If only this was also on Games For Windows Marketplace… le sigh.

    •  That’d be pretty sweet, though I’m not sure what GfWM even looks like in Japan.  Still, it is a shame that we don’t have an English version though I wish they’d do this model for all the niche Japanese 360 titles that won’t be coming over.

  • Super exciting, amazing year for shmups, so glad I didn’t buy a JP 360 

  • Belenger

    In a good light, this could pave the way for games like Dai-fukkatsu or Ketsuipatchi, Otomedius G and Excellent, while Excellent was announced for US we know how vaporware goes Konami at times, the only downside… “games on demand”, regional console locking + IP locking = no happy people from outside the US :(.

  • mikanko

    I wonder if this means Aksys can release Arcana Heart 3 on games on demand now.

    This is really cool though, since digital distribution is easy peasy for them to do without worrying about localizing, I hope we see Akai Katana and Daifukatsu follow suite.

    • This is why region locking is bad. I want a disc… but “we region locked it so we could release it in other regions…” but then it’s released as worthless digital downloads instead leaves people like me not able to buy it.

      Cave has effectively lost sales.

      • Though there are plenty of good reasons to argue against DD-only releases, it’s unwise to say that this is a losing move from a sales perspective just yet. Not enough supporting evidence.

        The fact is, we don’t know which is larger: the number of people who won’t buy this because it’s only getting a (so far US-only) GoD release at a not-really-budget price that can’t be paid with allards, or the number of people who wouldn’t have bought a region free release because it would have been too expensive/not readily available/etc. The import market is small, especially for super-niche titles like this. And at least in the US, that market is shrinking daily due to the continual erosion of the dollar/yen exchange rate.

        •  Well from my own personal evidence… they lose $90 from an import I would have paid for. They lose $30 from a digital download I won’t touch & they lose $60 for a domestic retail disc they didn’t release. Regardless of price… they’ve lost a sale.

          • malek86

            So, wait, you would have paid $60 more for a physical copy?

            I don’t think a piece of plastic is that much better than digital bits, not for that price difference. Playing is what matters. I thought that was the most important thing, not whether you get a cloth map for preordering or anything like that.

            When I found Crysis 2 for a lower price than usual on a digital delivery service, I was all like “to hell with the physical copy, I’m saving $15 here, can’t argue with that”.

          •  In 10 years when I can still play my games on disc without having to resort to pirating them because they were DRM Digital Downloads… yes… I’d gladly pay $60 (or $90 for the import if they won’t release a domestic copy) for a disc as opposed to $30 for a DRM Digital Download.

          • malek86

            And that’s what the $15 saving is for. On the other hand, $60 sounds a bit extreme. But ok, your calling. I just wish people noticed that this kind of model is slowly becoming the only viable option for the smaller companies.

      • The best option for niche publishers who can’t get anyone to pick up their game would be to make their game region-free AND a DD release and from what Asada said it looks like that is there plan – to release Mushi and the others on GoD if DSIIX does well enough 

        But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t region-lock your game because the amount you might make from an overseas publisher picking up your game might be greater than what you would make from import sales and the best way to ensure that happens is to region-lock. That’s what CAVE did with DeathSmiles IIX and Dodonpachi Resurrection – they planned on Aksys or someone localizing it so you can’t blame them for that just because it didn’t work out. 

  •  still glad I imported the limited edition ;)

  • nyoron

    I initially held off on importing this in the hopes of eventually getting a cheaper US version, but… I guess I’ll import after all. I’m willing to pay a premium for an actual disc. Now I just hope it gets a Platinum Collection release soon.

    • It probably will get a PH release but consider supporting this model for the people less fortunate enough to own JP consoles because this might open the gates and allow every other region-locked import title to follow 

  • Arcm

    I’ll pass on this… I love the fact we are getting it but I don’t like not having a physical copy of it this is why I hate region locking. : (

  •  please please pleaseput espgaluda 2 on it! I’d love Cave forever.

    • Ladius

      Espgaluda 2 BL is region free (the regular edition, that is), you can safely import it :)

      •  Just went Platinum not too long ago too, so you can save a bit on it. Just got my copy from NCSX earlier this week.

  • Hmm, conflicting feelings. On one hand I’m grateful that we’re even getting it, but I also despise digital distribution! D:

    I’ll buy it though. I bought Guwange and just about every other XBLA shmup, and I wont be the guy that doesn’t support Cave. Plus, I like the sound of even more Cave games releasing on the service (Akai Katana, Ketsui, Daifukkatsu! :D).

    Sorta odd that they’ve pinned their hopes on DeathSmiles twice now though. Always thought that magical girls would be a tough sell in the West compared to planes. Then again, I suppose following up your first NA release with its sequel makes sense.

    Edit– I don’t suppose anyone knows how big IIX will be? Only have the 4GB of storage on the 360 S Arcade. :(

    • Aoshi00

      I checked, the DS2X HDD install is 1.2Gb, so the digital d/l should be similar?  and you could transfer to flash drives right?

      • mikanko

        Actually games on demand are worse than other things you buy as far as being tied to an account.  Games on demand are actually tied to the SYSTEM you bought it on period, and can’t be played even when that account is signed on.  IE: XBLA games work while you’re signed in on the account, but not the system you purchased it on, while games on demand will not… This is regardless of region etc.

        • Aoshi00

          Man, I understand they don’t want friends sharing a d/lable game.. but DRM for games and vids w/ the account or system is really inconvenient, especially for me because I have more than one system myself :(…  and the save files are tied to your account as well.. of course that’s necessary since save files is tied in to achievement..

          So yea, to avoid complication.. if a game has retail I would not buy digitally (like Games on Demand) even if the retail copy is more expensive.. I would pay more for an original and never get greatest hits or platinum hits either if possible, for my stubborn aesthetic preference lol..

          • daizyujin

            Thing is I have not seen one instance where a digital is cheaper than the retail. The price is equal at best and very rarely even that.  SSFIV is $29.99 on GoD and costs a mere $14.99 at Best Buy.  It just does not make much sense fiscally to purchase games from GoD.

          • Aoshi00

            Very true, price-wise, it just doesn’t make sense.. by the time the game ends up on Game on Demand, the retail copy’s price would’ve dropped even lower..  so I really only get XBLA games and not GoD..  but now they just bundle a triple pack on disc for Trials HD/Limbo/Splosion Man, if I haven’t gotten those games alrdy, it would’ve been nice to own all 3 on a disc.. but the thing is I bought those games on sale for 400/800/400 points, much cheaper than $30…  but I mostly buy XBLA games when they’re on sale.. for GoD, their price is way too high…   The Jpn games on GoD are actually much cheaper.. but Jpn point cards are expensive, especially w/ the dollar being so weak now.. so again, it’s better to import than getting GoD on Jpn marketplace..

          • TrevHead

            well tbh many of the newer AAA games on steam are priced more then the Disc version especially as bricks and mortar sellers put heavy dicounts on older PC games. The only saving grace for steam imo is the sales and indie games. Overwise I tend to buy games from a shop for less

          • mikanko

             I like games on demand when a game I know I’ll never tire of is released on there, and I don’t have to look for a disc whenever I want to play it, but generally yeah it’s kinda bad.  The only games I own off of it are 19.99 too (Bayonetta, Ridge Racer 6), so I wasn’t breaking the bank even if you could get it cheaper elsewhere. 

            If your xbox 360 ever breaks down you’d be able to transfer the license to a new 360 once a year… Regardless it’s still a bad system, I hope in the next system iteration they improve on the price point a bit, and are little more lenient with the system use.  Steam is still the best by miles and miles.

      • daizyujin

         It might even be smaller.  I believe that sometimes GoD releases have extra material such as on disc trailers and such removed.

    • “I don’t like digital distribution, but I’ll buy it anyways” is what keeps these things being digitally distributed. Why don’t people understand that? The reason all this DLC is released at ridiculous prices is because people are voting with their wallets… stop buying it if you don’t want to see this in the future! You’re going against your own agenda! You’re voting for the other side.

      • Except for such small niche games like this, they’d probably LOSE money not to rely on digital distribution.

        • Pretty much. DD is the savior of niche gaming, not the enemy. The sooner everyone realizes that the better off everyone will be.

          • I have no problem with DD as long as it’s $10 or less. I won’t pay more than $10 for a rental that is worthless digital bits you can’t do anything with later on.

          • Digital releases should obviously be lower than physical releases because you are able to avoid the cost of retail distribution and packaging but it’s ridiculous to expect everything to be 10 bucks or less especially as the budget for these games are increasing year after year so you’re right and wrong at the same time

            And don’t give me that rental crap. The ‘move to another country and lose access’ thing is a bit trite. You also can’t resell it. Other than that you have the same benefits as a physical release, right? 

            That’s your choice if you choose not to buy a game because you believe your purchases are temporary but personally I don’t think they are temporary. The OG Xbox might have had a few DD games that are no long available but I also think it’s fair to say that nobody expected anything more and so far Microsoft has proven that they won’t be pulling another OG Xbox because even the games that are delisted on the 360 can still be redownloaded as long as you bought the game in the past. What kind of rental service allows you to do that? Consumers have invested so much in their DD platform that it would be suicide to say that “ok you’ve had your fun with this but now you can’t play the games you bought anymore”. Personally I’ve invested hundreds of dollars on XBLA and I fully expect that those games will last forever and even carry over to future platforms and I’ve been given every reason to expect that and almost no reason to expect anything else not because I trust Microsoft but because they would only be hurting themselves if they were to do anything else

            Is there a best case scenario where everyone wins? No. Personally I won’t buy DD games from Nintendo for the same reason why you won’t buy them from Microsoft but I don’t think that makes me a hypocrite because of the reasons in the above paragraph. You have safe bets, good bets, bad bets. I’d say DSIIX on GoD is a good bet, definitely not a rental but maybe not as secure as a disk release. Still I greatly prefer this option over paying $400 for a JP console and the JP version of the game lol

          • Meanwhile, in my case, if I get the physical copy, I would have to pay around 80 dollars for the game itself, 10-20 dollars for shipping, cost anywhere between 5-25 dollars due to the product being shipped overseas , and it’ll take at LEAST 2 weeks to get to my location (Canadian shipping ;_;). I’ll take it for 29.99 and little waiting, even if it means that I don’t get a physical copy of the game.

            The only times I buy games digitally is through Steam (One exception being Arcana Heart 3), but if it means that I can support a company non-existent in North America that happens to make one of my favorite genres, why not? Besides, the whole GENRE is pretty uncommon around here. I doubt it’ll have any real success, so might as well support them as early as you can.

            And hey. CAVE listens to their fans on twitter, facebook, and whatnot. If the game does well, I’m sure they’d be more willing to release other games in physical form in NA in the future. Heck, that’s why they released some of their games region free.

          • Well it looks like I can’t reply to you guys directly because the chain is too long… so hopefully this works.

             @Firo_Prochainezo:disqus That’s fine for you. I’m glad you can enjoy a game you’d like to enjoy at a discount. I won’t pay that much for a digital only title but I’d definitely be willing to pay the $90 + waiting two weeks etc… to obtain my own copy of the game. I’ve imported every game Cave has made Region Free so far (including the LE of Muchi Muchi Pork/Pink Sweets) and I’ll continue to do so. My problem is that I’m left with no option to play this game.
            @twitter-212445382:disqus You obviously never had an O.G. Xbox and witnessed what happened once Microsoft took away XBL access from it or you don’t own any Capcom Digital releases on PSN (that you don’t have the ability to play now that PSN is down). The day your Xbox 360 can’t access Live… you come running to me about how your DRM Digital Download games and DLC don’t work anymore and I’ll point you to this post. DRM Digital Downloads & DLC are RENTALS. I won’t pay more than $10 to rent a game no mater how much the cost it was to produce, make cheaper games! No one tells people to spend $$$ millions to make these games. The industry is getting to big for their britches… it’s going to crash.

          • TrevHead

            I understand your feelings about DD with regards to what happens in 4-5 years time, personally I hope that MS will at the very least make XBLA and GOD games playable on whatever new console they bring out. Considering how the graphical arms race in consoles has almost come to an halt, I see there is nothing stopping MS from making it backwards compatable or use some form of emulation. If I was to use the word rental for a DD game ild say Zeit2 on steam is such a thing as it uses TAGES DRM (ie 3 activation limit with no way to get extra activations)

          • TrevHead

             My main point is that you say the game isnt worth more then $10 (£6) as DD, surly you jest as even if MS turn GOD off in 4-5 years most of us will have spent enough time playing the game that we gotten our monies worth out of it and then some. The only ppl who wont get value for money are sealed game collectors who have no intention of playing the game which they still have the option of buying the J360 version.

             £6 / £10 is really bugger all considering the cash and manhours Cave have put into making the game. Personally if this game came out in the UK on GOD ild happily pay more then $30 knowing ild spend hundreds of hours playing it

        •  I don’t see why they can’t make limited print runs of physical copies as well as making it DD. It doesn’t cost much to manufacture discs… I can manufacture a print run of 100 discs for $2 per disc.

          • And you’ll have to pay royalties on those 100 disks, even the ones that retailers don’t buy. If retailers can’t sell the copies the copies that you shipped them then you might end up buying them back. Plus all the console manufacturers force you to print a MINIMUM number of disks (can’t print only 100) so you’re COMPLETELY SCREWED if you have a game that retailers don’t want

            It would be great for more niche games to have retail releases but you can’t say it wouldn’t be a huge gamble so like I said, you should be proud to live in this age where DD releases can make it possible for gamers to experience more niche games

          • Because disc manufacturers like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have minimum print runs that well exceed 100 discs. In addition to that, retailers won’t stock a game with so few copies. They want to see marketing campaigns and even press to gauge orders.

            I’ll assume though you were thinking of online sales only, so that may not matter. The first point is still an issue though.

          • 100 was just an example of what I could run. The more you produce the cheaper it is to make them… so when I said 100 discs for $2 a disc… was just to show how cheap it is to produce… 10,000 would be even cheaper. Also yes… Online only sales would be fine… you’re telling me that you don’t think a short print run of discs would sell out? I bet they’d sell out pretty damn fast.

          • You’re forgetting that the discs must be made by Microsoft in this case. They set the price for printing, royalties, and a minimum order. Cave can’t pull out a CD burner and produce them on their own for Xbox 360 games. Sony and Nintendo have similar policies.Sony and Nintendo have similar policies.

    • You can save content on flashdrives now so HDD space isn’t a biggie anymore  

  • Well, I can understand why they’re doing it, even if I’m not pleased with it. You got one sale from me cave. Dunno how long it’ll take for me to get an xbox though, but when I do, I’ll use the free Gold Pass thing to buy this game, and never touch online ever again.

    • Kris

      You don’t need gold to buy stuff off of the XBL marketplace :) 

      • Oh, you don’t? Guess I can save it for later.

        • Aoshi00

          Only gold to play online and to take advantage of the discounts :)

  • Ladius

    Lack of a proper localization, digital distribution, region lock to games on demand and credit-card-only purchase make a good news far less appealing : I have imported my copy and have enjoyed it on my Japanese X360, but even if I hadn’t I don’t think I would support this kind of business model.

    Still, it really makes you wonder how hard Death Smiles bombed in the western markets for them to change strategies in such a way :(

    • I wouldn’t say Deathsmiles bombed in the West. If there was a Cave USA or EU that could give it a retail release on their own their business model might be different. Deathsmiles was a licensed title for Aksys, which is a different kind of deal.

      • Ladius

        Of course I don’t have any sales data, but seeing how Aksys hasn’t announcend any more Cave localizations and how Rising Star Games’ European DeathSmiles is being sold at 10 pounds on (even less from the Amazon-associated retailers) I am more than a bit worried about the feasibility of shmup localizations, even with their little translation costs :(

        In the PS2 era we had a slew of budget shmup releases in Europe (mostly by 505 Games), it’s a pity that things have changed so much.

        • malek86

          Keep in mind that the european version of Deathsmiles was launched at a budget price of £25, so selling it now for £10 is not abnormal, given that this kind of stuff is very frontloaded. Also, for some reason, game prices in UK drop very very quickly, even for the successful titles.

        • TrevHead

          Times have changed, most gamers wont pay full price for 2D / retro games, it has to be a modern looking FPS / TPS game overwise they think theyre getting ripped off as they see similar games are available for dirt cheap or free.

          Its sad that modern gamers / reviewers have such a skewed opinion on value for money and dont understand that gamers need to pay extra for quality games just like the 2D super mario bros wii game. Instead they judge games on crap like total playtime and file size on the disk. Or if the game has some crappy tacked on online co-op mode or other filler. Such a shame

          Also the NA version of DS sold very well (better then the jap version) It just wasnt a shmup version of SFiV which is what everyone was expecting it to be.

          • Yeah, the direction of the industry saddens me. 

            It appears that everything must be really really pretty, over 23892734982374 hours, use 3D because 2D is apparently “gay”, can’t give off the feel that a game is “Japanese”, have a online multi-player, and have achievements/trophies.

          • TrevHead

            Also imo Japanese shmups are kinda like UK / US manga / anime industry as english manga is a niche product with a small print run compared to the Japanese originals so that they need to be priced higher for there to be any chance of turning a profit.

            If gamers want quality niche games (those super niche games that only a few hardcore fans will play) then they are probably going to have to pay above the norm for it or risk it never getting released or worse been changed into some bland vannila game to appeal to a wider Mass Effect 2 / 3

        • Speaking for North America, that budget market has dried up. If you’re aiming for the bottom of a Walmart bin, that’s one thing, but Walmart won’t even stock die hard shooters there anymore. They’re really big on hunting games though, which perhaps saved Mastiff.

          Also Aksys not announcing more Cave localizations does not mean that the game sold poorly in North America. In fact Aksys said they were pleased with Deathsmiles.

    • Cave is constantly bombarded with pleas for region-free releases and localizations, and while I’m not sure about the former, I can see why localizations for these games don’t come often.

      Plus, this will be significantly cheaper than buying a J360 and each game at $70+ a pop. It looks like Cave is meeting their Western fans halfway, which seems like a fair compromise to me.

      • Ladius

        Surely this is far better than having no release at all, I guess my point of view is a bit skewed by the fact that I already caved in and imported a J-X360 (really worth it, by the way).

    • Why wouldn’t you support this kind of model? Not every game will be localized because some are simply too niche and among those you have many that are import-friendly but region-locked. This is the solution to that. Personally hoping this is a huge success and we get Ketsui and many others. 

      Anywayz, there’s always a chance of an English-language patch. Hit up CAVE on twitter I say but it could always be that they’re not willing to spend money on translation until they know whether this model is financially feasible so that’s just another reason to support it. 

    •  The words from The One at Aksys was “reasonably satisfied”
      So, it doesn’t sound like a bomb, just didn’t do gangbusters. Shmups are a hard sell.

  • i am very pleased with this news, digital import is a great idea. and i can still buy art books and ost etc from the cave webshop. 

  • nilcam

    I may get this using one of those disposable credit cards. After the PSN debacle, I won’t be using my credit card for DLC purchases through any video game company, especially considering MS’s idea of security in Windows.

    • Explain?

    • Doesn’t the new dashboard update allow Paypal? Not bad but I’d like to see a Google Checkout option 

    • I was thinking the same thing myself when I saw one of those at Radio Shack. Last time I used a credit card on Xbox Live, I noticed that auto-renewal was turned on without my knowledge a few months later. It takes 30 minutes on the phone to switch it off.

  • Unimpressed by the lazy efforts of Cave. Cave ISO dumps the original Japanese disc (which was region locked btw…) and throws it onto GOD for $30. I’d buy a lazy ROM dump for $10 maybe… I’d gladly pay $60 for the disc. Next time Cave… make your damn discs Region Free so I can choose.

    • It would be closer to $90 with the f’d up exchange rate… They probably would’ve made it region-free if they thought Aksys and nobody else would be interested in picking it up (which is why Muchi Muchi Pork is region-free after they said Espgaluda II would be their last, they thought the others were safe bets, were proven wrong apparently at least for NA) but not everything works out as you planned. Aksys currently has no plans for future CAVE releases and they’re the best bet as far as publishers go so at least CAVE is willing to take this opportunity rather than giving us NOTHING at all!

    • TrevHead

      I prefer RF just as you but I fully understand why Cave have region locked their major titles since it was a relativly safe bet western publishers would pick them up. As jerry has said things didnt go to plan and Cave are trying the make the best of it. As someone who is usually very cynical of the game industry I think of Cave as one of the better devs out there who in general listen to their fanbase, but at the end of the day they are a company thats out to make money.

  • Darkrise

    Well, I’m happy that it’s coming out in like a week  but the fact that we don’t get a disc release and the use of credit cards… makes me less content…  

  • cj_iwakura

    Disastrous fail, Cave. Should’ve let Aksys do it.

    •  If the Cave Facebook post is accurate, it seems MS was the one that approached Cave.
      360 producer Makoto Asada mentions that we were approached by Microsoft
      with the opportunity, and we will be giving this format a try for
      getting some of our Japan-only shooters released overseas.”

  •  Like many here, going to be buying this just to support the model. This is kind of a token example of why digital distro is a good thing. Can’t get a publisher? No problem! (Though like many I’m confused that Aksys isn’t handling IIX as well)

  • LynxAmali

    Someone grab Vader. We need some No.

    Anyway; bought the first game. Loved it. Wanted the second with a physical copy. Got a “Nope.jpg” instead.

    Bad move, Cave, bad move.

  • R.B

    Microsoft told Joystiq that you could use points to buy the game

  • daizyujin

    Not localized?

    I would complain but then I remembered the translation on Nin2-Jump and decided this may not be a bad thing.

    • Aoshi00

      Hm.. the translation of Nin2-Jump was pretty spot on and funny I thought.. reading along the Jpn text.. like the gang leader was translated as “president” because the Jpn word was a play on Daitouryou…

      • daizyujin

         Perhaps, but to a native speaker who has only a limited knowledge of the language, it just comes off as bad.  Of course what really bothered me was:

        A: When I kept having to be bombarded by all those voices 100,000 times.  Seriously the same 5 audio clips?

        B: When after I beat the game and went back in to 200/200 it, a bug erased my save file.

        • Aoshi00

          lol.. I thought the soundbytes from the kiddy audience and narrator were cute even if they’re repetitive, and the cutscenes were funny..  I was annoyed by the bug that keeps messing up the save file too, had to replay from beginning to 200 it..  wish they would patch that so we wouldn’t lose our save file..

      • daizyujin

        Right now my favorite is the dub of Trouble Witches.  Loved that game back on PC.  The dub is horrid.  It sounds like it was recorded by one of the developer’s drunk relatives whose English skills were gained by attending 20 sessions at Nova.  Thankfully you can switch it but if it is going to be done so bad, it would have been better to not even do it.  The most embarrassing dub I have ever heard since Force Five.

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, tell me about it, thank god you could switch to Jpn audio for Trouble Witches, I listened to the Eng dub for literally 2 to 3 secs maybe, it was god awful.. 

          Actually I don’t like it the game doesn’t let you toggle the text option to Jpn unless you change your system’s language setting to Jpn..  I didn’t like how they translated the game (many Jpn cultural references were forcefully changed to a close American equivalent.. like onmyouji to astrologist.. or cosplay as Halloween costume, just don’t sound quite right..), but if I were to change the language to Jpn, the achievement would be unlocked in Jpn which I don’t want..  and the names of the characters/bosses are changed too w/o much reason..

          I like the game okay.. not my favorite shmup.. I had more fun w/ Nin2-Jump..

          • You weren’t amused by the “Irish” green bird :P

  • thebanditking

    Well I did not expect this to happen. Ahh my nemesis Digital Distribution, so we meet again…..

  • I’m hoping they’ll release an English translation as a patch or
    DLC if it sells well enough. I hear it’s a bit more story-intensive than
    the first one, so missing out on that doesn’t seem like much fun.

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