See Devil Survivor 2’s Thirteen Devil Messengers

By Spencer . May 12, 2011 . 1:08pm

Atlus opened a site for Devil Survivor 2 with character art and the page shows thirteen different characters. Ah, that makes sense since Devil Survivor 2 is about thirteen characters that signed a pact with a devil so they can fight against mysterious invaders.


image16 image3

The protagonist is a third year high school student. While walking home from a cram session, he ran into the devil messengers and awoke as one of the thirteen.


image18 image4

Io is an honors student at the same school as the protagonist. She’s said to be a dream girl for many guys since she has brains and beauty.


image24 image5

Daichi is also from the same school and a childhood friend of the main character.


Atlus… hasn’t revealed details about the characters below… yet. Since there are ten more, I’m going to go out on a limb and say these are the other Devil Messengers in Devil Survivor 2.


image20 image9 image22 image11 image26 image12 image4 image13 image6 image14 image8 image10 image10 image8 image12 image7 image14 image15 image28 image6


More artwork shows some of the locations you’ll visit in the Nintendo DS game. A few should be familiar, if you played Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor.


image19 image15 image13 image11 image9 image7 image21 image5 image3 image25 image23 image27 image17


Devil Survivor 2 is slated for release on July 28 in Japan.

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  • I’m not sure if its a good or bad thing that the bust size of the women is the first thing I noticed when glancing at these pics…

    • It’s kind of hard to ignore given that the artist tends to draw ’em like they’re solid glass globes in a push-up bra with truly magical capabilities.

    • godmars

      Was thinking push-up bras myself.

    • solbalmung

      LOL, big boobs ftw xD
      Anyway I really like the style of this artist (I think he is the same dude who wrote and drawed Durarara and Baccano!), the girls he draw are kind of cute and smexy at the same time :3

      • Ren

        Suzuhito Yasuda is the illustrator of Durarara!! novel and author and illustrator of the manga Yozakura Quartet, while Durarara!!’s author is Ryougo Narita. Baccano!’s novel is illustrated by Katsumi Enami(Star Ocean 4) and written by Ryougo Narita.

        • I didnt expect him to get into the boob’s path that strongly though…

        • solbalmung

          Oh yea right, my bad. I remember now he’s also the mangaka behind Yozakura Quartet (not bad of a manga).The Durarara novel awesome, its bieng translated to english by a fan (I think he/she is up to vol5 or 6 if my memory serves me right).

  • malek86

    There is something terribly off with Io’s portrait. The position of her arms and the size of her back, the distance of the head from the bust… makes it look like her neck is standing behind the spine, not above it. I’m not sure if they got the perspective wrong, but this goes straight into uncanny territory. Now I can’t unsee it.

    The girl with pigtails too, look at where the belly begins under the boobs, and then look at the shoulders. She’s either incredibly fat or they just got it wrong. On the other hand, the other girls look ok. For the snow hat one, you can see her back is curved.

    By the way, I just noticed, but the main character is Kirihara.

  • boobs

    that aside, this really does look like a step up from DS1. I even like the blue motif a lot more than the red used in DS1. … it was an awful lot of red.

    Hoping to see some new demons soon too.

    • Guest

      teh boobs are defying gravity

      • Super adjusted to size bra

        • glemtvapen

          dem tits are perky.

          • Guest

             You’ll poke your eye out!

    • Man I couldn’t help but notice too

      Devil Survivor 2 sure has some impressive breasts this go around.

    • PrinceHeir

      wow the Durarara Artist really “sharpened” up those oppai O_O

      if you look at side by side between Shigenori Soejima and Suzuhito Yasuda art. they fit soo nicely. colourful and birght :D

      the first girl’s boobs is awesome, the chinese dress girl looks shy, the blue girls boobs are hard as rock, the red girl is mysterious, the meganekko orange girl is hot, and finally the doctor girl’s bra color can be seen in her left oppai :D

      soo far sooo good :D

  • breasts

  • Zero_Destiny

    Looks awesome. Cool guys and hot (and obviously well endowed) chicks. :D lol I’m starting to sound too much like Raioh now. :P I can’t wait to see more. Really want to see more about those invaders. Am I the only one who thinks the main looks a lot better with his collar down instead of popped?

    • Lol, that’s a natural effect of my influence~

      I agree the designs are nice, and while I like the girls here, something seriously distracts me from 2 of them, I dig the blue haired woman though, she looks super cool!

      Also I agree, it looks not as silly when it’s down. xd

    • Guest

      whereas in Western games it’s “Buff steroid guys and Amazonian chicks”

  • I hope we’ll get #DeSu 2 …in America, since I missed out on the 1st one. >_<

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      Well, you can always get the 3DS version that coming this summer.

  • I’m most fond of Hipster Akihiko, Female Gender-Swap DS1 Main Character, Psycho Midori, and Junpei With A Towel Over His Head.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Boobs indeed.

    The art is definitely stepped up for this game. Some of those characters look more like rivals/evil summoners than heros.

    And it is Durarara’s character designer.

  • Holy crap. Some of those characters look way better than the first game. Aside from the guy in the purple jacket, they come off as very personable.

    • Guest

      The guy in the purple jacket is Ishaan

    • raymk

      Yep and it looks like naoya and haru(well at least it looks like them anyway) are back this time around. I love all these designs though =D.

      • Noooo Haru, what are you doing in that skimpy outfit?! 

        •  Music industry wasn’t kind.

          • How depressing…she was my favourite character, too… ><

            @Barrylocke89:disqus But they aren't that large…compared to the rest, I mean. But yea, probably isn't her.

        • Barrylocke89

          There’s no way that’s Haru, because she was the only Devil Survivor female who DIDN’T have big perky boobs.

  • They guy with the fish t-shirt looks so cool! Great designs from everyone, though I think the breast sizes are a little too much. Just a bit unnatural, y’know?

    • It’s not as much the size, that’s quite decent for anime characters, it’s more that they defy gravity and look like they’re rock hard~

      •  I guess that’s probably it. It’s just that something was a little off, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Metal brassieres seem to be all the rage.

  • MisterDandylion

    WOW the designs looks really good.

    mmmm The artist must be related to Durarara! or Baccano :)

    As always Megaten games with uber-trendy cool guys aaaaand women whose breasts may have it’s own center of gravity xD I’M IN! ;)

    • Durarara!! and Yozakura Quartet. Suzuhito Yasuda is the name of the artist, as for Baccano! no the artist for that is Katsumi Enami.

  • LynxAmali

    First two shots of the unnamed characters….Naoya?
    Fifth looks like Kaido and seventh sorta looks like a older Atsuro.
    Literal Sequel please?

  • Protagonist and Daichi look utterly awesome and cool. I hope for a DS2 Overclocked with a release for the US.

    • Ren

      From the 3 main protagonists Daichi has the best design. Io looks too much like Sonohara Anri from Durarara!! and her breasts are too distracting and Gainax. The non scantly-clad redhead and the guy with the garbage bag on his head are cool too.

  • Tits

  • I dunno if i should wait for a 3DS ver. of the game >_> i find it stupid that they are releasing the sequel on DS when the prequel got moved to 3DS

    • LynxAmali

      The prequel is on the DS though. The 3DS version is a port.

      • Yep, that’s what i meant when i said “moved to 3DS” xD

    • malek86

      Kinda gives away the fact that they’ll put this one on 3DS too, doesn’t it?

      • Yes, that’s the problem, now i dont know what to do haha

  • Exkaiser

    Digging that dude with the hat. Matching his flat cap to his jacket? Classy.

  • MarkMario

    1. The protagonist looks awesome

    2. The ladies have really big…

  • I am in love with the character artwork already <3

    This game makes it CLEAR who is male and who is female.

  • amagidyne

    They’re pointing upwards?!

    Good lord, I think I’ll stick to my Kaneko and Soejima games. I also don’t own a DS so that’s the real reason.

    • BTA

       “They’re pointing upwards?!”

      That’s exactly what I thought. It kinda ruins any, err, “appeal” that they were going for, to be honest… :x

  • CleruTesh

    I find the number 13 to be really awesome. I am wondering if we will see they are vaguely analogous to Jesus + 12 apostles. That seems like something that would work for SMT. (Yes, they made a deal with the devil, but Gnostic theology setting Jesus against God removes the contradiction)

  • Saraneth

    It’s kind of weird that of the three main characters the nerd has the best design this time around. The MC’s design isn’t very appealing, imo, compared to Devil Survivor 1’s. I also think that it’s probably a bad idea to attempt to have 13 playable characters. How are all of them going to be developed anyway? Still, it’s Atlus, and this is probably going to be awesome.

    • Ren

      Well, if the second game is going to be anything like first, different characters will probably be only playable on specific routes, so there will be more than enough time to develop them. And I don’t really think the MC’s best friend will be a nerd like Atsuro, I think of a weak hearted Yosuke from what I know of him.

  • AnimusVox

    Ohhh I like hooligan cap fellow.

  • SeventhEvening

    Looks like we’re going to Osaka at some point.

  • Breasts…ARE TOO BIG. No flat female characters???

  • xNekux

    jiggle factor

  • hadjimurad

    i hope this devil survivor thing continues as a ‘pillar’ in the SMT game world. in my mind their would be these, persona, then SMT ‘proper.’ all awesome in different ways. 

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Ahhhh big boobs… weakness.

    If they’re gonna port this over to the 3DS with improved graphics and extra content (like they did with the first Devil Survivor), then I might as well just wait.

  • The character art is simply superb… I’m looking at you, Io.

  • It’s really hard not to get atracted by the boobs XD but I like the designs, the artist has improve the colors and the draws. I really like the characters now.

  • XypherCode

    We need The World Ends with You 3DS!!! 

  • hitosura22

    iono why but i find the art style very appealing. it is very modern and stylish to me for some reason. i cant wait for this game :D. so will this game have VA? or no?

  • DDanny

    Dunno, so far I like DS1 character’s better mostly due to their outfits, seems almost all of them are wearing black and white.

  • Darkrise

    I like all the character designs already =D

    And… Breasts pointing upwards! X0

  • DS1
    +Bedhair -Headphones on MC
    +Peacoat -Bandanna on Yuzu
    +Scarf -Beanie on Atsuro
    =DS2, profit!


  • The protagonist is hawt. (And the same for the last DS1 lol) and Daichi with Io are even more hawter. Biased I know.

  • Joanna

    I am the only one creeped out by the doctor lady? She looks like she’s hiding a knife and is ready to stab you while smiling crazily. :|

    Other than her though, I am liking the designs. Even if the breasts are ridiculous. 

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