Two Shinigami Strike In These UnchainedBlades ReXX Videos

By Spencer . May 13, 2011 . 1:47am

The dungeon crawler made by the creators of Grandia and Lunar has not one, but two shinigami or death gods. Manga artist Kumichi Yoshizuki created Silvy, a female shinigami with an honors student personality.



Lucias, created by Linebarrels of Iron artist Eiichi Shimizu, is Silvy’s older brother. He views being a shinigami as a curse, forced to live for thousands of years. He longs for death, an eternal sleep.



Marie, an emotionless Dryad, has nature spells. Her design was created by Hexyz Force artist Sunaho Tobe.



Hector also has video game roots. This golem prince was designed by Summon Night series artist Shinichiro Otsuka.



All of these characters travel with Fang, a dragon emperor who was turned into a human. Crunea cursed Fang with humanity for his arrogance and in UnchainBlades ReXX players will help restore Fang’s powers. Furyu will release the game on Nintendo 3DS and PSP on June 23.

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  • Caligula

    What does an “honor student personality” entail, exactly?

    Anyway, I really like Hector’s design.  His voice definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought he’d have this deep, gravelly voice or something, but he sounds like a young teenage kid. Weird.

    • Exkaiser

       Well, he is a prince, so I suppose he’s a young one.

    • Darkrise

      The type of person who likes to be perfect, punctual, doesn’t like immature and cute stuff even though they secretly do, and appears strong on the outside but are weak on the inside.

  • puchinri

    For a second there, I thought that maybe the entire Game Arts team was working on the game and got incredibly excited, but it’s just two of them. Which is still good. The characters are sounding more interesting too. I’m very interested in the game, I hope it gets picked up for localization. 

  • Hearing Midorikawa in this game really raise my interest in this game, but seriously dungeon crawler?

    • I dont see the problem

    • epy

       Same here. He is one of my favorite voice actors and I don’t hear much of him lately.

    • thebanditking

      agreed I have a really hard time getting into these dungeon crawlers. I play RPG’s for the story and open exploration not to wander around and look at the same wall texture being repeated for 20 digital miles, lol. Also I don’t like first person RPG’s much, I always find them disorienting, the last one I played was Shining the Holy Ark on Saturn (which I love still to this day)

  • seishuun

     One of the voices in the first video sounds like Rukia from Bleach. I think It’s the same actress.

  • Looks really fun, especially like the whole “different character designer” gimmick.

  • Avojavo

     I’m kind of disappointed that they’re using the “wriggle” animation for enemies being struck. It’s the worst use of manpower to have your designers create goodness knows how many struck, death, and attack animations for the creatures, especially if there are more pressing concerns. Still, it’s these small tweaks that turn a game from feeling retro to feeling reinvigorated.

  • Wantz, i think the one with the most chances to localize this is XSEED

  • skymap

    Nothing … is animated … 

  • Joanna

    I love the golem’s voice. I find it so oddly endearing. I think it’s because he has a big body but a cute voice. Makes him twice as charming and teddy bear-ish. x3

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