Yes, Of Course Gundam Was Namco Bandai’s Most Popular License Last Year

By Ishaan . May 15, 2011 . 2:59pm

Tekken 6 and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 may have been Namco Bandai’s best-selling games last year, but they also own a whole bunch of licensed properties in Japan, such as Gundam and One Piece, which continue to bring in revenue for them.


Here’s how those licenses contributed to Namco Bandai’s sales last year, and how they plan for them to contribute in their ongoing fiscal year:

You’ll notice Mobile Suit Gundam is by far the most lucrative license, followed closely by Masked Rider (perhaps better known as Kamen Rider). Bandai even opened a Gundam Café in Tokyo’s Akihabara district last year, which you can read impressions of here.

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  • Well not surprise really on the top 3 since they are still popular just don’t like how they kill the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai

  • eilegz

    now release gundam extreme vs in america 

  • Uh, Gundam Café, definitely need to take a look at it when I’m in Akihabara someday! Also, yes it’s quite obvious that Gundam is a mega seller franchise in Japan and my personal favorite in that list is Pretty Cure!! Love the shows~ x3

    • PrinceHeir

       yes i would love to go to the Gundam Cafe

      also Maids FTW :)

      • Awesome video, though can’t deny it the maids part was probably the best! xD
        The Cafe looks awesome, I wish there was one here, I would chill out there every day! xD

        • PrinceHeir

           I LOVE MAIDS as well as MEGANEKKO.

          put them together and im in heaven O_O

  • kroufonz

    and yet gundam games treated even worse than tales series outside japan (-_-)

    now if only NBG can give us other gundam game that isn’t warrior series fo PS3 or PSP outside japan.

  • heartless141

    Gundam vs Gundam Extreme Versus!
    :( if only they make a ps3 version of it.

    • KyoyaHibari

      Hoping for that too, if we don’t get a port, I’ll bite someone to death…;P 

    • PrinceHeir

       i want Gundam with the same gameplay as ZOE and includes every mecha franchise out there. including Armored Core, Ace Another Century, and Xenosaga.

      that would seriously blow my mind O_O

      • “Every mecha franchise” includes Macross, you know.

        • PrinceHeir

          yes, Macross is bound to be happen since they are popular, same with other franchise like Evangelion, Tengen toppa, hence i didn’t list them.

      • heartless141

        imo, Gundam vs Gundam series and Armored Core ( at least the Formula 1 on PSP) has the best elements that is needed for a perfect Mecha fighting game so far. if only we can fuse em together, i don’t mind a new franchise with new mecha (or just make it a new Armored Core)

        that said, we haven’t seen AC5 yet, so no comment there

        • PrinceHeir

           hell yeah :P

    •  Namco and From Software should just make a ACE game without Macross in it, just for the states. Then I’ll be happy.

  • malek86

    One Piece is growing a lot.

    And do they still watch Power Rangers over there?

    • Zero_Destiny

      Wait Over Where? I know Japan is watching the Pirate Sentai right now. If you mean over here in America. Then yes. This Feb we saw a new show Power Rangers Samurai. ^_^ From what I’ve seen it’s pretty cool.


      • ninjaonizuka

        tht is a disgrace to samurai’s everywhere such as myself i hate it D;  everywhere such as myself i hate it D; 

      • kylehyde

        The nostalgia, the nostalgia, seriously I think that I feel like a kid again during some moments, also Bulk. I know that the series was really cheesy, but still it was a guilty pleasure that I liked to see, too bad that during the disney era the things didn’t turned good.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Well the license is in Saban’s hands again. ^_^ This is the first new series they’re doing. They even changed up the logo a bit to add in Saban. They really want to attract the older fans with this show. The show’s been pretty cool. I’ve only seen a few odd episodes here and there but I really like it. I’m hoping for DVD release since it’s hard for me to watch it. I ussally have work or school whenever they show new episodes on Nick. The recent years in the US has seen some pretty cool Tokusatsu adaptions. :) There’s this and the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (from Kamen Rider Ryuuki). Cool stuff really.


          Bulk was my favorite. From what I remember as a kid at least. He was funny and a grew as a chara. He’s probably the best non-Ranger chara there is.


  • They only release two Naruto games in a good year, they should do more in case any of the properties collapse.. Ben 10 is the only property that makes it out of JAPAN, unless they count all aspects of the license, then we get anime of their Gundam multiple times a year…which they need to do on Blu-Ray. Gundam 00, please, and the manga. 

  • katamari

     Nice to see Pretty Cure in there. (Yes, I am a fan of magical girls (no, I am not ashamed to admit that)).

    • Virtual High Five! Pretty Cure needs more love, it’s an awesome magical girl series and I loved every show so far! :D

  • Well I hope Gundam the 3D Battle comes to North America…>_>;

  • ninjaonizuka

     japan has everything i luv gundam alot maan if they make extreme vs for ps3 prob wiff even more ppl and a big strory and online versus it wud be great! i wud buy like 5 copies lol xD 

    BRING MORE GUNDAM GAMES TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    G Gundam ftw :3

  • Yukito

    0081 got me really interested in getting another PS3 gundam game. It really was amazing, and I am not even a Gundam fan. Cmon Namco, get Bec to work on another PS3 goodie.

  • Guest

    Cmon at the least, release SD G Generation games to the U.S. since it’s all Gundam so no license issues and it’s SD so less $ spent on Sunrise franchise fees and what not. Bamco is just lazy

  • Oh Bandai, you never fail to amuse me by labeling both Power Rangers and Super Sentai in one category!

  • Klarktastic

     I’ve been meaning to watch a gundam anime since forever, but the sheer amount of animes this series has scares me. Could someone tell me where to start? (no mater how old the series is) 

    • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is my favorite one and was really compelling, a good one from the last decade but amazing. Setsuna F Seiei!  

      • Klarktastic

        I will give it a try, thank you 

    • Zero_Destiny

      The two classic series that are highly acclaimed by Gundam fans are Zeta Gundam and Turn A Gundam. They are THE masterpieces of the Gundam series. Both are very great and amazing series.  What Sawada told you about Gundam 00 is true though. 00 is a very good series. It’s main problem is that the very beginning of the show moves at a snail’s pace and is quite boring and predictable. But the pay off is good because those slow episodes help to build up and create a very rich and well thought out setting.

      00 is most interesting because it serves as a way “to break the trope”. Lots of recent Gundam shows are about how cool and powerful the main charas are because they have their Gundams. But this show kinda tries to break the main charas and puts them in do or die situations. It’s an interesting take on the whole thing. The animation in 00 is also very good. 00 is a good place to start for someone looking to get into Gundam right now.

      The classic Gundams though are the Universal Century (UC) series. These shows are all in one big canon to each other. But you don’t need to see the previous shows to understand each one because every Gundam show goes out of it’s way to explain the basics to newer viewers at the beginning. New Alternate Century series don’t relate to each other though and are stand alone shows kinda like Final Fantasy. Universal Century shows are one continuous story that stretches over time. These are mostly created by the creator of Gundam Writer/Director Yoshiyuki Tomino. But not all the UC shows are created by Tomino. The shows Tomino produced are often considered classics though. I myself am a big Tomino fan. But over time Tomino kept killing more and more charas. He’s even earned a nickname kill them all Tomino. Anyone can die and lots of people do die in a Tomino show.

      UC shows center around the same poltics about Earth and it’s relation to space colonies, as well as the mythos of Newtypes (Who are kinda like the next step of evolution in man. They’re similar to psychics). Not all the UC series focus on NewTypes though, some are meant to be about the everyday solider. But most of the shows are about Newtypes. The biggest simalties between UC shows though is the obvious fact that they all take place in the Universal Century. This is a new way to tell time. It’s after AD. (So BC then AD then after mankind is able to live in space they created a new time system UC. So if it’s UC0087 that means man has been living in space for 87 years now. Get it?).

      Luckily because Bandai is awesome. ^_^ They’ve uploaded a lot of their series to youtube, where you can watch them for free, legally. They uploaded:

      Original Gundam – []
      Zeta Gundam – []
      Gundam Wing – []
      Gundam 00 Season 1 – []
      Gundam 00 Season 2 – []

      All those shows are there in there entirety and are all classic and good shows. :)

      For making the most sense about what you should watch. I’d say don’t watch Double Zeta (ZZ) without first watching Zeta (since Double Zeta is it’s sequel). Don’t watch season 2 of 00 without seeing season 1 (duh lol). Also don’t watch the 00 movie without watching all of the 00 show since the movie is a sequel to the show. It will spoil things in the show and not make any sense to you, if you haven’t seen the show. Don’t watch SEED Destiny without watching the SEED first (SEED Destiny is the sequel to SEED. While you can easily understand everything in Destiny since it goes out of it’s way to explain things, if you see Destiny first it will really spoil SEED for you). And don’t watch the OVA/movie of Gundam Wing Endless Waltz without first watching Gundam Wing. (Once again Endless Waltz is a sequel to Wing. It won’t make any sense if you haven’t watched all of Wing yet and it will spoil some stuff about the end of Wing too).

      Try to watch those in order to get the most out of it. I’ll also say don’t even watch Gundam Unicorn the latest OVA in the franchise. This is an amazing show but it’s all about UC Gundam. If you’re not familiar with those show you’ll miss out on all the really fanservices they put put in it and it won’t be nearly as entertaining for you as it is for everyone else. You might want to catch up on UC Gundam shows first before watching this one.

    • My personal favorite is still the original Mobile Suit Gundam. I believe the full TV series is about to get rereleased on DVD sometime soon. It’s from 1979 and it shows, but it’s excellent.

      The three compilation movies were the first thing I watched, but I’d done a lot of reading about Gundam beforehand, so it’s tough to say exactly how coherent they’d be going in cold.

    • neocatzon

      For UC gundam (gundam, Z, ZZ, etc), best start from the 1st series but actually you can start from any series. For alternate timeline (G, Turn A, Seed) any series is okay and just like what Tsuna said 00 is good one. For alternate timeline (G, Turn A, Seed, etc) any series is okay and just like what Tsuna said 00 is good one.

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