Angry Eyes Kirby & Regular Kirby Finally Together On One DS Cover

By Spencer . May 20, 2011 . 8:34am

For Kirby games, Nintendo of America redesigned cover art to make the pink puffball look "tougher" in the States with angry eyes. It’s a change from his usual cutesy look, but Gather! Kirby puts both versions of HAL Laboratory’s character on the same cover.




That’s the box art for Nintendo’s upcoming Kirby game for the Nintendo DS. Coined "colony action" by Nintendo of Japan, Gather! Kirby has players control up to ten Kirbys at the same time in one cooperative adventure game.


Gather! Kirby is scheduled for August 4 in Japan. While most first party DS games run at 4,800 yen ($58), Gather! Kirby is a 3,800 yen title ($46). That’s the same price as a Nintendo packaged collection of romance novels and Picross 3D.

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  • Nice box art!

  • Nintendo is still making non-3DS games?  Counter productive me thinks.

    I wonder if they’ll put out any “3DS enhanced” DS games, similar to how there are DSi enhanced games.  

    • kylehyde

      Actually is not counter productive.

      Many companines support the predecessor during many months until the successor have stabilized their situation (i.e. the ps2-ps3 situation). The counter productive would be abandon a system that still sells, specially if we considerer that the 3DS has not many titles to sustain itself, not yet at least (this E3 would be very important for the handheld), also, the fact that 3DS has retrocompatibility could help to the 3DS to have a title that could help it.

    • Joanna

      It could just be that this game was nearing completion and it would have been more unwise to restart it as a 3DS game. Well either way, this isn’t the first for Kirby. If I am not mistaken, wasn’t there a NES Kirby game released after the SNES was already out?

  •  I can’t wait until someone shops them all looking angry.

    • Just wait, that ‘someone’ is going to be Nintendo of America

  • neo_firenze

    Gotta say, not a fan of the way Siliconera has been translating Japanese game titles lately.  It’s one thing to note the English translation in the article, but why not leave the Japanese name alone?  This is a site where most of the people who visit are comfortable with Japanese names, so I don’t understand why the need to change things and add more confusion.

    It’s also odd that sometimes you choose not to translate game names and leave them in their original Japanese (Zero no Kiseki, Mushihimesama Futari), but sometimes you do (Atsumete Kirby! reported on as Gather! Kibry, Akai Katana semi-translated to Red Katana).

    If an English localized version with a translated name is announced, by all means go ahead and use that.  But for a game that is Japan-only at the time of the article, and has no official English name, why not use the Japanese name?  Making your own translation only causes confusion (is it announced for western release? is this the same game? why aren’t other English sources using the same name?), and might be renamed something totally different if it does get a localization.  Plus, it just strikes me as somewhat disrespectful both to the game and your audience (we understand we’re reading about Japanese things).

    • I’d say the commenters are accustom to Japanese names, but general gamers are not and our audience (believe it or not) is more wide spread even though they may not comment.

      One of our goals is to make Japanese and unseen games more accessible – not just for regular readers of the site. Japanese games can have a name that just doesn’t click in English and, in my opinion, makes these titles less accessible outside of the hardcore crowd. Kirby is probably the exception to the rule since he’s a universal character, but still I’d argue in the case with Kirby even the average reader may not get the gist of the title, which is why I translated the title to English.

      In all cases our goal is to increase awareness and understanding beyond existing fans.

      • nyoron

        I think at the very least the original Japanese title should be referenced somewhere in the article, so people can more easily search for information about the game beyond this site.  

      • neo_firenze

        Perhaps there is a wider audience, and I do respect the desire to get more people into this stuff.  I respectfully disagree with changing proper names, but even if you are going to do that I feel that at least you should at least specifically note the Japanese name somewhere in the article. 

        It honestly makes things more confusing for less savvy readers if they see an article a day ago on “Atsumete! Kirby” and then a follow-up article calling the same game “Gather! Kirby”.  Someone who has been reading articles on this site this week could very easily think that the difference was due to it being announced for a North American release (honestly, that was my initial thought until I read carefully). 

        And regardless, why the inconsistency across games?  Why don’t you translate Zero no Kiseki?  Why don’t you call Mushihimesama “Insect Princess”?  What makes Mushihimesama something that non-Japanese speakers can handle, yet they need you to step in and give assistance or they just won’t understand “Akai Katana”?  Seems very inconsistent, and the easier solution to me would just be to use the proper name a Japanese game has been given in Japan until an official localization changing that name is announced.

        At least give some thought to what you’re doing.  If you want to make a wider audience more comfortable with Japanese games, trying to hide their names probably isn’t the way I’d go about it.  That just makes them seem more foreign and inaccessible when these people DO see the Japanese name somewhere else (or in other discussions on this very site).  Why not work on making it not a weird thing to see a name in Japanese, with a helpful discussion in English explaining the game and reporting news about it?  Visibility and seeing Japanese words as normal would help comfort levels a lot more than trying to modify things for the tastes of an audience (including the non-commenter type) that is smarter than you give them credit for.

        Would you change a person’s name from Guiseppe Rossi to Joseph Red? Juan Blanco to John White? Those are proper names just like these game titles, and I believe that deserves some respect.

        • I agree there is some inconsistency, partially due to having multiple writers. Ishaan wrote the first post, I wrote this one. It’s not that we’re not trying to “hide” names, posts often got more confusing when had both in every article, typically one language in parentheses. This is something I will consider for future posts.
          And I respectfully disagree that we’re not putting “thought” into what we’re doing. We hear from Japanese developers directly all the time that Siliconera helps increase awareness, which can turn the tide for localization.

          Sometimes I feel the hardcore crowd is so demanding and self-interested (my way or the highway mentality), I can’t even comment on my own site anymore. Just to be clear this isn’t a specific reference to you (although I did stay up working on a mobile version of the site… which no one really uses after your request), but I’d ask people in general to try to think outside their box. All of the work and “thought” extends beyond the usual suspects.

          • neo_firenze

            Of course you can comment on your own site – and part of what’s awesome about you reading the comments and discussing things is that you interact with the readers and can get feedback.  We’re not always going to agree, but seeing other opinions can’t be a bad thing, right?  Just hoping to make my voice heard and maybe give you something to think about when you decide whether a game really needs a name change… maybe sometimes you’ll feel it does (fine, your article), but maybe sometimes you’ll think it’s not necessary. 

            And I use the mobile site often and think it’s fantastic…  Makes Siliconera so much easier to read when I’m not at home.  Perhaps I should praise it more so others start using it!  Maybe it’s just a matter of more people getting smartphones, since that seems to be exploding this year.

          • Specific to name changes – when games have an existing fanbase we try to stick to it. When they don’t and a title is like “Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari” I think a lot of people would ignore it, which is why I translated the title.

            Of course I can comment, but I hardly feel welcome anymore as strange as that sounds. Usually, I have to come in and comment to defend myself – 4 Heroes of Light LIES! Why are you covering Tales (insert Japanese game) again when we’re not getting it? Why are you covering a Western game you’re a Japanese site! (It’s funny how groups of people can think the opposite way.)

            I still read the comments, but I think throwing my opinion out, even in my online home, is just asking for discord from all angles, because with respect to Siliconera I’m not focused on what “I” want, I’m focused on the readers and this extends beyond commenters. Although, your voices get heard quite a bit I do pass down discussions with developers and bring questions to interviews, etc.

          • neo_firenze

            Specific to the interviews point you made… definitely deserves some praise, your interview questions are always good and I’ve noticed you make a point to try to solicit reader questions. 

            I can tell you care when you do stuff like ask for that input, give little cryptic hints about stuff you can’t tell us, do something about the mobile format (again, PEOPLE CHECK OUT THE SITE ON ANDROID/IPHONE). So try not to sweat it too much on the unreasonable stuff – you’re appreciated by those of us who know better.

          •  I have tried the mobile site out on android and it’s nice, but the advertisement at the top quite often blocks out the first few articles or so

          • Code

            rar, that’s no good, I always love seeing all the staff comments omo; it makes it feel like there isn’t a big piece of invisible saran wrap separating the comments from the staff/site itself; I think staff’s active role is something that makes Siliconera different, and I think it really rounds out the community >ww<' I can't think of one other site where staff actively answer comments omo;

            But it's always disheartening seeing people come in here and leave crappy or hostile comments directed at the site and staff omo; nothing burns me up more omo;; (not referring to neo_frenze, I think he’s making a mature, well thought out point, that I’ve been curious about too) But seriously I’ve always appreciated your hard work, and level of professionalism here, and I always love seeing your comments >w<~! Keep up the good work, because it's the best this small niche of the internet has got omo' Believe me, I checked, those other guys — they don't know what there doing zmz;; like at all opo;

            Sidenote: What is your avatar now omo; I keep looking at it, it looks like a snake eating an a cookie!

          • I think the best thing to do would have the name that is official (that is, not translated unless the game is being brought to English-speaking locales) initially, with the translation in parenthesis. So for instance, Akai Katana could be, “Akai Katana (Red Katana)” or “Akai Katana (translated as Red Katana)”.

          • Again, these complaints are often about games with “established” names among a fanbase. People are aware of Akai Katana already, but you’re forgetting about other games like – Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari, which I bet no one would have paid attention to if we didn’t use an English name.

          • Joanna

            Late to the party as usual but I just want to say that I’ve been using the mobile version from time to time and I really do appreciate it. It looks really pretty and sleek. :)

            Also I hope that a few bad apples (not directed at neo_firenze) won’t stop you, Ishaan, or Jenni from commenting. I really do agree with Code, it gives the site a more welcoming close-nit feel unlike any other gaming sites. And the reason I keep coming back to Siliconera even though I’m so behind and have stopped keeping up with any other site.

            As for the naming, I don’t mind which way you settle on it. I honestly do not have any problems either way, but perchance this may be because I’ve got a pretty good memory of what’s what and where it’s released or announced. I do agree that it does give you a more intimate take on the game than just a romanized Japanese title since you can actually understand what it says. I really appreciate you going out of your way for those of us that would have no idea what the title was suppose to mean otherwise. :)

      • Apollonis

        Just to add my 2 cents into this tangential discussion, I think it does make things more relateable/accessible to have things simply translated even if they haven’t actually been announced that way, I had been noticing you guys doing that.  Having multiple translations and parentheses everywhere does make things kind of cluttered and feels unnecessary, and if/when a different English title is given you can simply start using that.  Those who just want official Japanese names can check Andriasang or something.   

    • I think the better question is, why do you have such contempt for your own language?

      • neo_firenze

        I don’t have contempt for my own language (which, by the way, despite me speaking English you have no idea what my native language even is).  I just don’t like when titles are translated unless it’s an official translation.  This goes for Japanese games, Swedish movies, American things, etc.  It’s nothing about wanting news in a “pure Japanese form”, it’s about using an accurate proper name. 

        It arguably makes things more confusing with multiple unofficial titles floating around out there, and if I’m a person who gets interested in the game it’s even harder to find to import it.  Importers aren’t going to be selling an item called “Gather! Kirby”, it’s gonna be “Atsumete! Kirby”. 

        • See, you already know which name to look for it by in import shops!  You’re literally complaining for the sake of complaining.

          • neo_firenze

            Yes, *I* know the name.  Because I read Isshan’s post the other day.

            But I’m not everyone – someone who just stumbles across this article or one like it (without the Japanese name) and decides they do want to try to import the game is not going to be equipped with that knowledge.

    • I like partial or near translations, I have no way to pronounce or even remember those JPN names truth be told, without resorting to misspelling or calling it, ‘that Kirby game’.

      • Code

        I use to be like that too, Tsuna >ww>

        • neo_firenze

          Exactly – I agree that I’ve become more comfortable with Japanese words and less intimidated about getting into these games the more I have seen them discussed with their native titles. 

          I mean… Tsuna, just look at your screen name!  Tsunayoshi Sawada is a pretty exotic sounding name for someone who isn’t comfortable with Japanese.  But the more you see it, the less weird it feels.  Heck, your frequent posting here alone probably helps people get less freaked out by dealing with Japanese names!

          • I think peoples names are different than translating titles and objects to be honest especially in the offline world.

          • Code

            Yeah I use to be much more intimidated by Japanese pronunciation and figuring out how to say words, and even trying to remember them. But I’ve started to get an eye for how to break down words, and you get use to it, and I definitely owe a large part of that too Siliconera, and Japanese games >ww<'

            @Tsunayoshi Sawada
            Just think about and try and break down and remember what your reading Tsuna and you’ll pick up lots too >O> You’ll be all like “dei ichi akachann >O>~!” Then you’ll DEFINITELY make everyone face palm!

    • Code

      I can kind of relate to this, Akai Katana in particular strikes me too, I’d personally rather not see them translated at least until a localized name is released. Plus I’ve found myself, as silly as it sounds, learning a good handful of Japanese words just through game titles owo;

      • I see what you mean about “Akai Katana” and that kinda rolls off the tongue. Plus Cave fans are already aware of it under a certain name. However, games with names like Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari for example just make people go “huh?” since it doesn’t have an existing fanbase.

        And I’d like to point out how a post about localized cover art blew up into a discussion about unofficial names.

        • neo_firenze

          Well, it did kind of tie into the localization theme of the post… which had a picture with a gigantic “Atsumete! Kirby” (in Japanese, yes) in the middle of the box art. ;)

          Sorry for getting off on a tangent, but at least an interesting somewhat-related topic for me.  Thanks for sharing your input too.

        • Code

          lol >wwwO>”

          • neo_firenze

             Yeah, if anyone is to blame for heated discussion I also point to Angry Kirby!

          • Hey thanks :) I do try to answer questions, but I hope people understand when crickets chirp if someone asks if “X” game is coming over.

            The comment wasn’t directed to you, neo_firenze or anyone in particular, but I think its a problem with certain groups. I’d like to come in and make more offbeat jokes, but sometimes when I read the comments people are so… uptight? It’s kind of hard to go in there (and this is me speaking personally) saying lighten up – there’s no need to get so worked up about things we like. Passion is great, but perhaps too much douses enjoyment to some degree.

            Oh and this is a dinosaur! A wooden dinosaur I got, something that kinda inspired me for a wood style design. I dunno if it will happen, but I’m dreaming of it.


      Check out them search results.  Go bitch to the several other websites that are using the name “Gather! Kirby” as well.

      • neo_firenze

        1) I’d rather not waste my time with trash websites that I’m not going to visit.  I do care about Siliconera because it’s a good site. 

        2) Trivialize things as “bitching” if you want, but I think it’s fairly obvious that I’m attempting to give constructive and polite criticism.  It’s not my site, so I don’t make the decisions, but I do hope that my comments will be food for thought.  Spencer seems like a reasonable enough guy that he doesn’t just stick stubbornly to his ideas without considering new viewpoints, which is why I thought it was worth discussing.  Maybe he won’t agree with me at all, maybe there will be subtle changes, but at least I can put the idea in his mind.  Even though I have some disagreement, I’m being civil here – perhaps that’s not what you’re used to on the internet.

        3) Everyone else is doing it, so why don’t you?  Is that your argument?  Questionable journalism is questionable regardless of how many people are practicing it, and citing low end fan blogs as evidence of good journalistic practice (properly citing the proper name of the thing you’re talking about) is pretty sketchy.   Plus, understanding the nature of the amateurish game websites online (even some that are supposedly “professional”), a lot of them just swipe news from some other source anyway – wouldn’t surprise me if some of them were just reposting Siliconera without attribution. 

        4) To be fair, many of the other sources translating the name ALSO specifically identify the Japanese name.  Which I think needs to be mentioned at a minimum.

  • maxchain

    I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised the Kirby game wasn’t caught up in the 3DS exodus.  (I’m still pretty ticked about Super Paper Mario.)

  • JustaGenericUser

    In before America gives them all angry faces.

  • ufoflash

    Ten Kirbys? wow that is really something. i’ve really been looking forward to a new Kirby game and this and the new Wii one look like they are very promising. man i cant wait. oh and nice to see that the game will be on the DS not the 3DS.

  • APixelatedMind

     This box art makes me want to buy the game.

  • Well this came out of nowhere.  I wonder how it plays…

  • And here’s the american cover ( minus the text )

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