One Of These Final Two Suit Designs Will Be In Mega Man Legends 3

By Ishaan . May 20, 2011 . 1:32am

Up there are the final two designs Capcom have arrived at for Mega Man’s look in Mega Man Legends 3. Only one of them will make it into the game, and you get to help decide which one. You can do that by voting on this page.


You can find some of the earlier designs that were up for consideration and out-voted in this older post.

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  • d19xx

    I got kicked in nads before, so I voted left(detailed)…

  • The manthong looked weird on Zero, but on Volnutt it looks fine.

    The second one means dat ass, I guess?

  • Exkaiser

    I voted E, but I like both of them equally. I ended up choosing it only because the collar is slightly larger, and large collars are boss (See also: P4).

    Anyways, the vote is heavily leaning towards D (I suppose everyone who voted A in the previous on moved to D), so it looks like that’ll be the winner. Not bad.

    I rather like the energy meter they added to his Megabuster, even if it probably won’t do anything in-game.

  • I like the right one better, because the breastplate looks less bulky. Bulky breastplates can be pretty inconvenient, and probably uncomfortable when hugging.

  • E looks really slick, going with that. D is fine too, but it’s far too close to classic Volnutt and I’m a sucker for new character outfits. Especially after going MIA for 11 years, needs a fresh look!

    It’d be awesome if Capcom included multiple skins in the final game, or even as a really cheap DLC pack.

  • katamari

    I vote for no metal diapers.

    •  I did vote for no metal diaper but in the end diaper won.

      Design E would result in lots of blushy fangirls  and make Megaman more popular as well.

    •  Haven’t you said that last time? xD

  • DanteJones

     It wasn’t easy, but I went with the E design. I love the classic look, but the new one is pretty awesome too.

  • heartless141

    D  is more megaman than E, much, much more megaman-er than E :P

    • I couldn’t agree more. 

  • Pichi

    Going with E all the way. I admit I do like the tush. Also its less bulky. 

  • I’m still of the “All of the Above” persuasion

  • APixelatedMind

     Thankfully I still have my PS1 discs of the first two games.


    As a fan of the original games, I must say that D is a FAR more fitting choice for a legends game.

  • I think “E” has that new modern flair.  I think they should start the game off with the more traditional “D” suit and then have a plot event that has MM transition into the new “E” suit. 

    It would be really weird to have MM come back from the moon and suddenly have new armor for no good reason. 

    The other easy solution is include the other armor as an unlockable.

  • I voted for E, I actually like the classic-er style more, but for the sake of story elements and sexier Megaman, I ended up with E, lol. xd

  • Natat

    Desing D looks so much more Megaman-y, but I bet they will change it should it win, kind like with Aero lol

  • tubers

     the D looks to be more faithful to the original design.. why not have em both? as a different set of armor with a different or better attributes?

  • KyoyaHibari


  • darkfox1

     E because it’s Manlier 

  •  I must go with E on this one.

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