Watch More Colourful Footage Of Atelier Meruru In This Latest Promo Video

By Ishaan . May 23, 2011 . 9:01am

Gust released another trailer for Atelier Meruru: Alchemist of Arland 3 today. This one shows off little bits and pieces of the new shop, combat, as well as Meruru, Totori and Rorona interacting with each other.



Even though Totori is Meruru’s teacher, it’s odd to see her being referred to as “sensei”. Then again, it’s odder to see Rorona — who’s Meruru’s mentor — as a little girl with a high-pitched voice.


NIS America haven’t talked about Atelier Meruru yet, but that’s because they’re focused on releasing Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland in the U.S. and Europe this fall.

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  • Rarutos

     Aaaah, I’m so hype! It looks beautiful, and so much fun! Can’t wait to play it! Well, after Totori at least. :x

  • Looks pretty neat. Would Atelier Rorona be a good place to start for someone new to the series, or should I go back and pick up some of the PlayStation 2 titles first?

    • Zero_Destiny

      Rorona would be a great place to start. ^_^ The PS2 games are from the Iris Trilogy and Mana Khemia series. They have different gameplay mechanics than the Arland (Rorona, Totori, Meruru) games on the PS3 anyways. Plus the stories aren’t connected. The PS3 games stories are connected but have nothing to do with the PS2 games stories. Those games are in a different canon.

      To get complex:

      Atelier Iris Canon: It’s got Atelier Iris 1, 2, and 3 (All on PS2, all brought out by NISA). The order goes Iris 2 (it’s a prequel), Iris 1, then Iris 3 takes place in a seperate world and is more of a What if game. Iris 3 is very loosely connected. The Iris trilogy takes place in it’s own world and doesn’t relate to any Atelier game that doesn’t have Iris in it’s name.

      Mana Khemia Canon: It’s got Mana Khemia 1, and Mana Khemia 2 (Both on PS2 and both brought over via NISA). The order goes from 1 to 2. Mana Khemia is it’s own world. Doesn’t relate the any other Atelier game that isn’t Mana Khemia.

      Arland Canon: These are the three games on the PS3. Rorona, Totori, and Meruru (The canon goes in that order). They are all connected but it’s not too connected. You could prob pick up any one and figure out the story but the thing is you won’t know how the charas relate to each other and miss out on some finer story points. These three games take place in their own world and don’t relate to any Atelier game that doesn’t have Arland in the title.

      That being said I really enjoyed the first two Iris games (I haven’t bought Iris 3 yet but I’m working on it). And Mana Khemia is probally one of my favorite Atelier games yet. I haven’t gotten Mana Khemia 2 yet ether (but yeah I’m gonna get it soon).

      All the games are fun and enjoyable. If your just looking to start out I’d say the Arland (PS3) games are a good place to start. The PS2 games are fun too. You might want to track them down too if you become a fan. You can usually find them on the cheap.  I just bought Iris 2 (on the PS2) last December for $10 with the case and everything. The PS2 games aren’t that hard to find. :)

      •  Thanks for that! :D

      • Kai2591

        Thanks for the explanation~ Been curious as well~

  • Neckbear

    That new Rorona’s dangerous. GUST seems to want their players to have heart attacks from the cuteness…

    Also, jesus christ, that music.


    • Ravage27

       The Atelier series is one the exceedingly rare games that makes me smile while playing :)

      And no….i’m definitely not a pedobear :p

  • hadjimurad

    I think this looks beautiful. Color!!!  

    • Guest

       Are you getting Gears of War III too?

      • hadjimurad

        haha, but please don’t mention Gears when i’m in my happy place. the contrast is too nauseating!

        • Guest

          Yes it’s like eating cotton candy and skittles with…..pea soup and gravy

  • Zero_Destiny

    Meruru-chan <3 <3 <3 <3 Hehehehehe :3
    This looks like the best one out of the Arland series yet!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  • The art gets clearer, cuter, and more vivid.
    The characters get- somehow -cuter and given ever more wealthy design.
    The music is ever gentle, crisp, and coordinated.
    May the Alchemist of Arland series forever warm our hearts.

  • Luna Kazemaru

     First day buy for me.

  • As always beautiful. 

  • Guest

    Gust really puts the PhyreEngine to good use.

    The guy who mixed the music for this trailer should be shot though.


  • duyxbox

    How can I wait 1 more year for this game ? Rorona and Torori won’t be enough :(

  • Yukito

    So, is it a spoiler to ask why Rorona is so young in this game? It is weird, it is like she is a teenager in her game, gets older in Totori, and takes a complete twist around in Meruru. If it is a spoiler among the series, don’t tell, but if it isn’t, why did they do this? Not that I don’t like it, I love cute little kids, and Rorona is as cute as they come. :)

    • We’ve said this a dozen+1 times now, but if you didn’t catch it before the reason why Rorona is a child has not been revealed by Gust. Even fans in Japan that played through Totori have been mystified by the transformation, it appears that’s going to be one of the plot details for Meruru.

      • Guest

        Well I hope she turns back I hate little loli brats

      • Yukito

        Not every article and comment is read regarding this and every other Atelier games. Some people read some of them. All people don’t read all of them.

        • Fair enough but it’s been mentioned over and over and over and over again. You could have checked the Atelier Meruru tag for reference, but I did directly answer your question. Not every comment is directly answered either.

          Anyway the answer is out now, so check the latest Atelier Meruru post if you don’t care about spoilers.

          • Yukito

            Odd the answer was revealed in such a short time between these posts, but eh. Thanks.

  • HarryHodd

    Looks fantastic especially the in-town scenes and animals in the wild.

  • joesz

    Can’t wait to see Rorona at the age of 70.

    • SolidusSnake

       Hell yeah, GILFs FTW

  • Did Rorona create some elixir of eternal youth?

  • AzureNova

    The Atelier series brings me to tears sometimes. These are the prime examples of what amazing RPGs are! >_<

    • Kai2591

      Same here :)
      Just listening to that music makes me wanna cry haha~

  • PrinceHeir

    sooo lovely :)

  • Kai2591

    Awesome flute music is awesome.

    Flute music should be included in every JRPG!

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