Arc System Works Now Owns The Rights To Guilty Gear [Update]

By Spencer . May 24, 2011 . 5:10pm

imageAfter Sega and Sammy merged, Guilty Gear became an issue. Arc System Works developed the game, but Sammy Corporation owned the IP. During the shuffle, Guilty Gear transferred to the newly formed Sega Sammy Holdings.


Arc System Works went on to develop BlazBlue, but they haven’t forgotten about Guilty Gear. When we spoke with Daisuke Ishiwatari, creator of the series, he promised fans a new Guilty Gear would come "eventually."


When that day comes Arc System Works won’t have to worry about Sega. In Japan, Arc System Works recently filed a trademark for Guilty Gear, which was published on the Japanese trademark database today. If Sega retained the rights to the series Arc System Works wouldn’t be allowed to trademark the title for video games and related categories. It seems Arc System Works reclaimed the rights to the Guilty Gear series by purchasing them from Sega. We’ll check in with Arc System Works to see if they have anymore information regarding this trademark and the future of Guilty Gear.


Update: Arc System Works responded and confirmed that they completely own the rights to Guilty Gear now.

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  • ManaKnight

    Freaking awesome and about time.  While I like BlazBlue, Guilty Gear is still my favorite.  I’ll but whatever Guilty Gear they put out next (as long as it isn’t a sequel to Guilty Gear 2 on 360).

  • Good stuff :3

    • Wait a minute… you… you work for Aksys! The guys who bring these games over! With that in mind, this comment just made my day. XD

  • I hope Arc System Works would continue on with their flagship, now this legal hurdle is over.

    Also, I feel SEGA is aware ASW knows what it’s doing, hence the sale (just pointing out the obvious >_<).

  • leadintea


  • Altritter

    Sweet, hope this means we get an announcement for a new game relatively soon.

  • Cool now there will be a new GG game made by ArcSys! :D

  • z_merquise

    I’m happy that Arc Sys got it back. Now they can start producing a new Guilty Gear game without any issues.

    HD 2D Guilty Gear fighting game is now turning to reality.

    • Wait, does that mean that the reality we live in will turn into a 2D HD Guilty Gear one, where we all have some crazy backstories and the most awesome weapons and BGMs????

      • z_merquise

        Haha! What I meant was that a new Guilty Gear fighting game is now a huge possibility and not just something that we only wish but would never happen.

        But what you describe also work.

    • Don’t forget online play!

  • Cast BlazBlue back into the depths of hell where it belongs and give the world what it REALLY wants, ArcSys

  • Awesome, I hope this marks a series of sega returning IPs to the companies that know what to do with them, Sell Shining back to Camelot next please!

  • cmurph666

    2D HD I-NO~!!

    That’s all I really have to say about that.

    • YsyDoesIt

       Great.  Just great.  Now I can have maniac-mode I-no rape me in hi-def.

  • Code

    Awesome and approved, it’s a shame it’s taken this long though omo;

  • I much prefer BlazBlue, with its in-depth world (for a fighting series), fun story, and character interaction. I hope ASW keep BB as their leading title over Guilty Gear.

    • Ren

      I hope they keep both(If it means more Ishiwatari music).

  • PurpleDoom

    Sweet! Totally looking forward to whatever they put out now that this is cleared up.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    *insert bison yes video here*

    • And don’t forget, “FINALLY, GG HAS COME BACK TO A-S-DUB!”

  • GG Vs. BB
    Make it rain~

    • If it happens, I’m going to make everyone face their counterparts.

      Ragna vs Sol Badguy!
      Ky Kiske vs Jin Kisaragi!

      • I honestly don’t know who Bang’s counterpart would be.
        I mean, who in GG has his level of manliness, plus his ninja-hero antiques?
        Like… maybe if Anji and Chipp had a baby… a jacked, full facial haired baby.

        • Zefux

          No one has his own theme. :D


  • Im happy to hear this news…i figures it would happen some day now maybe the GG & BB cast can come together for a great story.

  • Exkaiser

    Mite b cool.

    Nice to see that the rights aren’t an issue anymore, at the least. Though, personally, I haven’t really cared about Guilty at all since I started playing Melty.

  • PrinceHeir

    Blazblue HD Sprites and Health Bar(the health bar in GG games are too low)

    keep the movement speed(fast paced) and bring all the characters from GGAC+(including justice and kliff) and include some in GG2(Valentine, Sin) and finally a final boss battle against “That Man”

    bring on features from Blazblue like gallery mode, tower mode, abyss mode, tutorial and challenge mode, dual audio, ability to change resolution to fit the screen or stretch, ability to change text to english or japanese(regardless of any version), a awesome network code, and the most important of all, ability to pick any music and stage(which guilty gear already featured since the FIRST game)

    now that it seems a new Guilty Gear is being made, how about a Samurai Shodown VII and Darkstalkers IV SNK and Capcom?

    • Advent_Andaryu

      All I ask for is a Story mode like BB has!

    • “and finally a final boss battle against “That Man””
      May very well not happen. I recall that in an interview long ago Ishiwatari said he wanted all his final bosses to be female.
      Justice > Dizzy > I-No > Valentine
      Could make the case for Leopalden and Order Sol in XX SLASH, though I figure those are exceptions to the rule.

      Now that said, I for one like these suggestions. :D Here’s to looking forward for a glorious new G.Gear!

      • PrinceHeir

        i just want to fight “That Man” either way :)

        Dizzy, I-No, Valentine all in glorious HD O_O

      • Code

        But That Man could be a female! THAT MAN’S A TRAP >O>~!

  • alundra311

    Heaven or Hell
    Duel 1
    Let’s Rock!

  • blah blah

    I actually loved button mashing and playing around with ghosts in GG2, but servants were a pain to manage.
    I hope we’ll get a new GG with an emphasis on story like we have with BlazBlue and overture

    • mikanko

      GG2 footage in Japan shows it to be a pretty interesting looking game when played competitively between two people who know how to play the game.  Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to find a good match online.

      Game gets too much hate for not being a real GG game, and people assume it’s anything like a Musou game (which it’s not).  Game is really closer to spiritual successor to Herzog Zwei than anything else I can think of. 

  • Yesshua

    Well, this is a curious turn of events.  Arc System Works made a franchise, and then had to purchase the right to create within that franchise.  I would be hugely interested to find out how much the rights sold for, and if there were any other bidders.  I wonder if SEGA had any other plans for the franchise whatsoever – if so we hadn’t seen anything of them.  I wonder if Arc Systems Works and Sega are on generally good terms right now, or if ASW is a bit bitter about Sega Sammy taking their baby away.

    There’s so much I’d love to know about this.  Siliconera staff!  You have impressed me before by conducting interesting and exclusive interviews with industry figures.  Please – go forth and find the answers to my questions.  This is your quest.

  • CleruTesh

    Sega probably didn’t care about Guilty Gear because when it comes to 2-D fighters, they must have their hands full working on a new Eternal Champions.
    Am I right?

    • I wish. It almost happened… :(

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        Really? I would love to see a new Eternal Champions.

        • It was planned out from the team, iirc, and they added some interesting elements to the gameplay. For a fighter (granted, the balance was a little off the wall) it had a layer of depth more than the Mortal Kombat clones popping out at the time, but for whatever reason the whole franchise was canned.
          Some say it was because Sega wanted to focus on one fighter, which was Virtua Fighter, but who knows. I know there were a couple games based off the series, one involving Shadow and another with Larcen.

  • Christian Wright

    best news i’ve heard all day!

  • DarkWaterClone

    Well this is great news. Maybe a NGP version of Guilty Gear could come out of this. I just hope that this does not mean that BlazBlue will become a forgotten brand. Great news & I can’t wait to see what will come out of this.

    • mikanko

      The best GG game is already on PSP and will be playable on NGP if you buy the digital version for whatever it is off the PSN store(less than $20 for sure). 

      They won’t make a GG game for portable before making it for arcade first as that’s where the majority of their following would want to see the series in Japan.

      • Guest


        • mikanko


  • Apache_Chief

    I am constantly resisting the urge to scream like a little girl.

  • mikanko

    All I ask for is a deeper game than BB at it’s core, which Accent Core + already is.

    I do like BB, and am far from a great player at either game to really criticize, but AC+ still feels a step up from CS2.

  • hadjimurad

    uggghh post edit. anyways, i feel like there has been a lot of good news on this site recently.

  • RagnaXBL


  • RagnaXBL

    Am i the only person that thinks a GG vs BB wouldn’t work too well :/

    • Nite

      I like both series, but personally I would rather they stay separate. It could probably do well if the BB characters played closer to
      GG. I’d hate to see the reverse of that with GG characters having BB’s
      speed and limitations.

    • GG characters would slaughter BB characters. Mechanics and all the differences are too great to just copy and paste.

      I’d also keep’em separate.

    • Aiddon

      I think Daisuke or Mori said they weren’t too hot on having that happen.

  • BadenBadenPrinny


  • idk which one id prefer an HD 2D Guilty, or a 2.5D Guilty, shits gonna get real either way

  • I’d really prefer for those two series to stay separate…
    As good as they are, they do overlap too much style-wise and gameplay-wise..
    I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be GOOD to play, far from it, since even the worst GG was far from being bad (albeit too recycled), but I’d prefer GG to be GG and BB to stay BB :/

  • I’m extremely happy to hear Arc System Works have Guilty Gear back. Now there will be no problems to Daisuke to get around to making us a new HD Guilty Gear.

  • Lovely news. Good going ArcSys!!

    But do keep the two series separated.

  • Klarktastic

    Does this mean we can finally get a GG HD sequel somewhere around 2012 and 2013?

  • Yay. I’m glad Arc got what they deserved. Love Guilty Gear.

  • Guest

    What about Hokuto no Ken?

  • YES!! I’m totally with the people who are in the boat of “liking BlazBlue, but wanting more Guilty Gear.”

    This is GREAT news!

  • Yeah! Finally!

  • Watch it be for rights for something other than the fighting games.

  • LynxAmali

    Now the question is…..

    When will we get a crossover? I want see Ragna fight his older twin.

  • thaKingRocka

    It’s all about Potemkin.

  • Jeremy Melendez

    yessss BlazBlue x Guilty, Wheels of Nox Nyctores VS Gears….. what a crazy story line that will be

  • YsyDoesIt

    I just want a reasonable d-pad to play any new Guilty Gear on.  Can’t anyone put a d-pad that resembles the Saturn’s or original Xbox S controller?

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