Otomedius Excellent To Get Collector’s Edition, We Doubt It Includes A Chair

By Ishaan . May 24, 2011 . 9:28am

Konami aren’t really talking about Otomedius Excellent, but Gamestop kind of are. They updated their listing for the game to a $50 collector’s edition package. There are no further details on what this will include, but we doubt it’s the one that came with a chair in Japan.


Amazon still have the regular edition of the game listed at $30. Gamestop list Otomedius Excellent for June 17th.


A big thanks to Denpa no Sekai for the tip!

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  • Code

    Maybe it’s a blowup chair opo~?

  • It’s worth noting that the collectors edition on gamestop used to be the $30 normal edition. Placed a pre-order with Amazon because they’ll probably make the same change, could end up getting the CE for $30

    • OneOkami

      Good thinking.  Gotta love the preorder price guarantee.

    • I noticed that yesterday, too. With Amazon at $30, I wasn’t sure if that meant there were two editions or something, as GS tends to get some privileges like that.
      Amazon also lists the game for July 19:
      Oh, just noticed the release date at GS also has July as the release date now on the page. (7/19)

      For a game that’s supposed to be released somewhat soon, Konami isn’t very coordinated about releasing details. :/
      At any rate, I love the boxart they have for it at their site.

      • How long has that site been up?

        • Just checked yesterday, while I was looking for the N.A. cover as Play Asia and other sites had Otomedius Gorgeous’ cover being used for this release for some reason.

          • I was wondering about that myself. GameFAQs has the same cover up and nobody there seems to have noticed.

      • That _is_ a sweet cover. Shame about the schedule mess-up. 

        The few SHMUPs that do get released outside of Japan all suffer this fate.

        • This is true, ’cause in the meantime I was also looking to see if Radiant Silvergun was also released yet when I saw this:http://youtu.be/cvNEUd7D_oM
          It’s so close… I can almost taste it.

  • Did anyone watch the us trailer for this game and compare it to the japanese one and notice that censor stuff they added to the us version?

    Not cool with that.

    • That’s just for the trailer, isn’t it? The whole Konami conference it premiered at was pretty… distracting, so that was the least of my concerns.

    • IIRC, the game’s not going to be censored. They just needed an all-ages trailer for the conference.

      …Though the way they went about it was pretty terrible. It came across like they were trying to hide completely exposed breasts when the reality is pretty tame. I can understand that whoever was responsible for the presentation stuff probably had to throw it together last minute and had no budget, but it would have come off better if they’d done something similar to how Cartoon Network censored the Tenchi Muyo bath scenes.

  • europe plz

    • Guest


  • TanyaRei

    Ive waited too long to get to use my hyperstick pro

  • Darkrise

    Awesome! Can’t wait to buy this day 1.

  • Aoshi00

    Personally I thought Gorgeous was quite mediocre and the sequel seems to be no different from Amazon Jpn’s reviews.. whatever bonus they’re throwing in (artbook, OST, etc), $30 is the max that I’m paying for this game.. this would probably drop to $19.99 quite quickly :(…  I’m usually not that stingy when it comes to importing fun shmups..

  • PrinceHeir

    soo lovely :D

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