Phantom Breaker Combos With Second Downloadable Demo

By Spencer . May 24, 2011 . 9:02am


5pb, perhaps, didn’t feel their Phantom Breaker demo was up to par. The company best known for publishing visual novels like Steins;Gate has another Phantom Breaker demo planned and its coming to Xbox Live on June 2nd.


That’s the same day Phantom Breaker debuts in Japan too. 5pb did not detail what will be new in the second Phantom Breaker demo. Online play would be nice though!

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  • malek86

    I guess they didn’t expect having to delay the game after uploading the first demo.

  • Code

    Probably a good idea if they’ve improved the game since they delayed it, since the demo prior to that delay really wasn’t terribly appealing.

    • malek86

      Weirdly enough, that can be said of many of this kind of games.

      Sometimes I wonder if our status as niche fans makes us more forgiving of some games’ flaws.

      • Niche gamers can be pretty critical about what features they want…

        I’d say the 1.5 million people that bought Iron Man 2, after seeing the previous Iron Man game, are more forgiving.

        • malek86

          Well, that’s not exactly what I meant. The 1.5 millions people who got the Iron man 2 game probably didn’t even know what they were getting themselves into, only buying because of the name. It’s not exactly related to the quality of the product.

          But for us, we may be demanding in some terms, but other times we just go “the battle system is bad? But it has cute girls, so it’s ok!”. Hey, I’ve been guilty of that too, at least a couple times.

          • Code

            But, but! I didn’t say I wanted it any ways because of cute girls ToT~! I said I didn’t want it because it can’t hold a candle to competent fighters, lol! This seems like a whole series of replies that don’t match together, lol >w<

          • Guest

            Well cute girls are a feature too and sometimes you can’t have everything.

          • I’d say that’s the same way some of the people who bought Iron Man or other licensed games though – “gameplay is generic? But I get to fly around as Iron Man – sold!”

        • Code

          Definitely not a game I’d buy; needs more Blazblue for my tastes zoz~! But still I’d try the demo, mostly out of curiosity if they’ve improved the game any since the first demo, and the second. To me it was too chunky to play, and like it needed reworking badly xpx; 

          I think part of the difference between niche and more mainstream games, is the amount of research that is done before a purchase.

  • AzureNova

    Sigh, i wish this were multi-platform

    • PrinceHeir

      yup2 same with Otomedius Excellent :P

  • At first glance, it looks kinda boring. But the graphics are really pretty.

    • Aoshi00

      I tried the demo, I thought the chars’ fighting animation didn’t even have that many frames and felt jerky.. and as a fighting game it just wasn’t that fun to play, compared to even Arcana Hearts, let alone BlazBlue…  I really think the demo didn’t do much other than turn people off..  usually demos are supposed to get you pumped and can’t wait for the release of a game..  the trailer seemed more exciting..  I guess they got the feedback people weren’t interested…

      It was actually after playing the Phanton Breaker demo I had 2nd thought on 5pb’s Bullet Soul (at that time the demo wasn’t up yet)..  I would stick w/ them for some of their visual novels though..

      • Guest

        How was it compared to the Wii’s Twinkle Queen

        • Aoshi00

          I have no idea, I didn’t import Twinkle Queen… I heard that game is only so-so right? I saw some videos and wasn’t interested in it.. Just blew a lot of money importing Pandora’s Tower and Akai Katana LE :(, but should be worth it..

          • Oh, I doubt it’s as bad as Twinkle Queen. >_> Nothing could be that terrible.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, I remember Twinkle Queen’s gameplay vid was pretty horrible.. it’s dirt cheap on Amazon Jpn, so probably true.. I didn’t like the Phantom Breaker demo though.. but I’m getting Bullet Soul from 5pb after trying the demo..

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Hmm..I’ll have to check this out

  • Guest

    If 5pb really wants to ‘expand globally’ like they said a few weeks ago, they should think of releasing their games to PS3 as well as 360 and globally as well just like ASW does for Blazblue, Guilty Gear and Arkana Heart series

  • I have an addiction that forces me to put US $’s in the pockets of JPN game developers….  pesky dealers keep hanging around my game systems…

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