Radiant Silvergun On Xbox 360 Includes Two Versions Of The Game

By Spencer . May 24, 2011 . 8:22pm

RADIANTSILVERGUNScreenshot02Treasure and Microsoft are bringing one of the rarest Sega Saturn games to Xbox 360. Treasure added anime cutscenes and a storyline to Radiant Silvergun for consoles. The original arcade game didn’t have dialogue.


The Xbox 360 release will include both versions – arcade and Sega Saturn. Earlier, the ESRB leaked the news that the Sega Saturn cutscenes would be included in Radiant Silvergun on Xbox 360.


Famitsu also notes Radiant Silvergun will cost 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15), but the magazine does not specify a release date, just a vague 2011.

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  • OneOkami

    This is a day one buy for me, without a doubt.  Ikaruga blew me away and is one of my favorite games of all time.

  • Arcm

    This is beyond awesome I cannot wait until this baby releases

  • Zonic505

    Cannot wait for this to be released.

    Also, it’s been confirmed the game will have avatar awards. One of them’s a prop of the ship!


    • Joe

      Oh man that’s awesome

    • Aoshi00

      Cool ship!

  • Code

    rar, looking forward to it; going to add the points for it tomorrow likely owo; Noticed the achievement list for it lists Arcade Mode and Story Mode, so likely Story is the Sega Saturn version owo; But definitely picking it up, I heard June 7th for release.

  • bVork

    Well, the Saturn version already included both the Arcade version and the Saturn mode, so this just sounds like it’s a port of the Saturn game.

    And Radiant Silvergun is hardly one of the rarest titles on the Saturn. The problem is that it’s uncommon, critically acclaimed, and in ridiculously high demand. Liquid Kids is an order of magnitude rarer and yet it goes for around the same price.

    • Code

      Although Liquid Kids is part of Taito Legends 2; where as Radiant Silvergun hasn’t received any lower price release until now >w<'

  • Awesome. I like the idea of more story in shmups. Usually I just wanna (attempt to) dodge some rain and shoot wacky things, but every now and then I’ll catch myself daydreaming about how a genre that isn’t typically story-driven manages to boast some of the most interesting game worlds I’ve ever seen.

    Glad they included both modes, now localize it and bring it to the U.S. please! :D

  • in for one.

  • neo_firenze

    Not a bad game, but one of the more overrated games I can think of (and yes, I’ve played it extensively).¬† I suspect a lot of people who haven’t played it but have heard the raving for years will be underwhelmed when the game fails to live up to the almost impossible to meet hype.¬† Still, worth $15.

    But if we’re talking XBLA shooters, Strania plus the recently released side Vower DLC is MORE worth your $15 ;)

    • malek86

      I actually like this game much better than Ikaruga. It’s closer to a standard shmup, and the different weapons are fun to use. But I’ll admit the weapon leveling was annoying, especially because it forces you to play for score even if you want to just try and survive in the later levels, otherwise you won’t have enough firepower and later bosses will last forever.

      The Saturn version should make up for that, but at the same time, it would be no fun playing the earlier levels with superpowerful weapons. I think they should have just balanced it so that weapon power always stayed the same, or was increased through standard power-up items like any other shmup.


      After i play it extensively me and you are going to debate like Gentlemen

  • thaKingRocka

    I’m not cool with the price at all, but I’ll still be buying it. Ten is generally the max I’ll pay for a digital item I may not have access to in the future, but after years of wanting to play this game, I will actually pay their asking price.

    • malek86

      “Ten is generally the max I’ll pay for a digital item I may not have access to in the future”

      Well, look at it this way: you are still paying ten… percent of the average asking price for the Saturn version.

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