Rumour: The Last Story Will Unfold In Europe

By Ishaan . May 30, 2011 . 11:47pm

Several of our regular readers recently wrote in to us to point us toward a rumour concerning The Last Story’s overseas release. According to the rumour, sparked at, Sakaguchi hinted at a European release, speaking to an attendee at a recent concert in Paris by Final Fantasy XIII composer, Masashi Hamauzu.


Naturally, we’d advise everyone to treat this purely as a rumour for now. We can confirm, however, that Sakaguchi was indeed recently in Paris, according to his recent posts on Twitter.


In the mean time, we’re checking with Mistwalker to see what they have to say about the affair, and are currently awaiting a response.


Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the tip!

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  • MrDolomite

    It’s a bit discomforting that a bunch of titles I’m really interested in are being announced for Europe without any mention of a US release.
    I really don’t want to import these games if I can avoid it.

    • NanaMiku

      hopefully they’ll announce something on E3

    • Subsenix

      This is how we felt in the PS2 Time and before of course
      Devs start to see where they can make money in this Gen…In the US only CoD,Gears and stuff sells and you see it on J-RPGs in General…USA became to manly for that stuff.

      • How does that relate to Nintendo? Gears is not available on the Wii, and Wii receives incompetant versions of Call of Duty (year old release of Modern Warfare 1, no DLC in Black Ops has arrived on it, no hint of a Wii release of Modern Warfare 3), Conduit 2 failed to deliver. Your statement just doesnt work to explain why Nintendo, a company which makes no FPS, has failed to bring out these games from themselves in the US.

        • I just think subsenix is talking about in general for gaming.

          However, with the Nintendo products, RPGs are normally overlooked by the general consumers, unless its someone who’s actually been following RPGs for years. Most people who buy the Wii/various versions of the DS really get it for:
          the party-esque games that they can share with other people they have over at their houses, for Mario games, for Cooking Mama, for music games (RB/GH/DDR), for TV-branded shows (iCarly, Phineas & Ferb, Ben 10, Batman, Avatar: TLA etc), for mainstream anime based games (Naruto, DBZ, Pokemon, Bakugan, etc), for fitness, and so on.

          Maybe if there were more marketing (outside of video game magazines or section of stores that sell video games), like they did the TV commercials for Professor Layton/Dragon Quest/Rhythm Heaven, then maybe RPGs might sell better. But only if it’s done decently to where people will notice them and maybe look into them more. Maybe do more Nintendo tours, like they did during the Christmas season, but show off more than just the first party games? Offer some demos on the Wii/DS for players to try the game a bit? I know all that will cost a bit more money to do but it could also help their sells of the games which means more RPGs might come over..

  • epy

    Hope it does unfold in Europe, that way I can import if the fools at Nintendo NA don’t want my money.

  • Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, Xenoblade and The Last Story. Such wonderful games right before Nintendo decides to give up on the system. 

  • I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but with E3 in a week and rumors like this, I can’t help it. Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story NA releases would be the bee’s knees.

    Just do this for us Nintendo and I’ll never bring up Terranigma again!*

    *I’ll still probably pester you about the Mother series though.

    • puchinri

      Since I just watched part of the The Princess and the Frog again, I couldn’t help but smile that you used the bee’s knees.

      And they can never be pestered too much about the Mother series. That will always deserve some pestering (until we’re all happy and get what we want, of course).

    • thebanditking

      imo it would depend on the US release time frame of Cafe. It takes a lot of work to localize an RPG and I just don’t think Nintendo would release the two of them so close together (meaning this fall). Its possible that they could just leave the Eu localizations as is but we will see.

  • Nintendo of America, are you even trying?

    • No?

    • puchinri

      Well in their defense in these cases, these people are talking specifically about EU releases and are in EU. But once someone here questions someone about TLS (or Xenoblade again), in person preferrably, then we can definitely say that.

    • They lost me with the continued lack of Inazuma Eleven DS. 

      • puchinri

        Didn’t EU just barely hop on the IE bandwagon though even? That might have more to do with level-5 than just Nintendo though.

  • imaguni

    Praying for E3, but… why did I move from Europe, geez…

  • DanteJones

    Please don’t let us down at E3 NoA, I promise I’ll buy your next system if you don’t. 

  • Weird, I heard the rumour coming from someone talking to an Nintendo rep at MCM Expo, which was an even less reliable source. Someone needs to do it thoughy, dammit.

  • puchinri

    I saw that rumor right after I e-mailed about the one of someone talking to a rep at the London MCM. But it was on a French site so I just smiled forlornly and kept on browsing.

    It’d be awesome if Last Story was released in EU though. And hopefully if Last Story sees a EU release, our chances of getting it will increase. I kind of wouldn’t mind not seeing TLS or Xenoblade announced at E3 as long as we get them announced some time this year.

    • shadowind

      I confess the person you’re referring to may actually have been me as I was at the MCM Expo on the Saturday cosplaying as Rude from FFVII and I actually asked one of the reps at the Nintendo stand if there was any chance of The Last Story coming out in Europe because of Xenoblade coming out later this year and he said that they actually showed the JP version at a event held in Surrey (which is near London) a few months before and there seemed to be interest from people at that event in the game. I think he also said that if the game did come out in Europe, it definitely wouldn’t be this year.

      • puchinri

        Ahhh. So you were the one from 3DStribe? Or were you there for something else? Because if so, then schway. But if not, that’s nice that they confirmed it to more than one person. Too bad it won’t be this year though. But I suppose that makes sense~.

        • shadowind

          I’ve never heard of 3DStribe, tbh, and I was attending the Expo as a congoer myself.

          I think it will come out in Europe, NOE would have to be insane not to release it, especially if Xenoblade does well here and in the UK, the official Nintendo magazine have been singing Xenoblade’s praises a couple of times already.

          • puchinri

            Ahh, okay. Then it was someone else. But that’s great! The more people that were talked to about it, the more of a likelihood of its release.

            I hope to see it get a release there, but I feel there’s a high chance it will.

  • Hope it gets the success it deserves this time around

    • Ladius

      Sadly it isn’t such a great game as the hype would have you believe, Xenoblade is leagues better in almost every possible way.

      • malek86

        Lost Odyssey didn’t particularly grab me either.

        Has Sakaguchi lost his touch?

        • Aoshi00

          Or you just don’t like old school turn based RPGs anymore?  I’m the total opposite.. almost don’t play much JRPGs anymore except Sakaguchi’s.. I thought Lost Odyssey was one of the best RPGs I’ve played in years, so was Blue Dragon, ASH, and Last Story.. at least it was more fun and engaging than FF13.. so I don’t think he’s really lost it.. he’s really been making the same great games he always had.. maybe to traditional for some.. I thought his story is still filled w/ heart, both emotional and light hearted at times like the old FFs, which S-E doesn’t make anymore… and of course, it’s always nice to hear Uematsu in the Gooch’s games.. Looking forward to his next RPG if he’s not retired yet.. and he did do real time action this time since most people don’t like traditional turn-based anymore…

          • malek86

            That might be the problem. He’s too stuck in the past. That’s like asking people to keep playing the old Pac-man when there’s the Championship Edition available. Some will, most won’t.

          • Aoshi00

            I thought his games are like Pac-man Championship.. w/ some new elements added to the basic traditional core gameplay, BD, LO, ASH, and esp Last Story all had something different to offer, even though the battle system is mostly command turn based (except LS, more like Gears + FF)..   since I don’t care much about Tales, Atelier, or most S-E games, I’m glad Sakaguchi is still around though..

            If you have DQs that sells millions every time w/ not much new really, I don’t know how some could complain about his games having the “similar spirit”.. The novellas in LO were really touching though, not many games makes me shed tears of joy and sadness… anyway finally finished Red Dead Redemption (can’t believe I put it off for so long), what an amazing game, now half way on LA Noire, also amazing :)

          • puchinri

            I don’t think it’s so much that he’s stuck in the past but rather yet, he never loses the charm and niche that he incorporates in his titles. If there’s a dev/artist/etc you enjoy and follow, generally you keep up with their work because there’s that one or few elements that you like and want to see more of. Once they lose that and become like everyone else, why keep up them in particular anymore?

            I think it’s just that Sakaguchi has his style and there’s also the matter of the stories he tells, how he tells them and oft enough the characters he tells them with. They may not resonate with some people, but they resonate with others because it’s what they enjoy about him and like to keep up with.

            Erm, if any of that rambling made sense (in context of the discussion).

          • Guest

            Stuck in the past? Man you guys are bent. There’s no JRPG that plays as innovative as The Last Story. It’s action based/turn based/ has stealth elements like MGS, third person shooting (crossbow) etc etc etc. Get a clue please. Anyways hope this rumor is true.

          • exhume

            I’m still butthurt ASH never made it over to the west :

            (Also, turn-based FTW)

          • Ladius

            I respect your opinion and I can somewhat understand your point of view, but sadly I have to disagree. Lost Odyssey tried to be a mature, epic, old-school jrpg and the first hours really made me think Sakaguchi could have given us a masterpiece, but its horrible lack of characterization, pacing and dialogues really damaged it in the long run. Its immortal, 1000-years old heroes were far less mature than Trails in the Sky’s well written and believable teenager leads, the antagonists were practically a parody, the dreams were almost completely disjointed from the actual world you had to explore and the terrifying amount of fillers in CD2 and 3 was something I don’t even want to remember, not to mention the lack of variety (Grand Staff) and how the party stumbled upon events without any kind of build-up. And the world map? After Blue Dragon’s one (easily the best this gen along with Tales of Vesperia) the player had every right to expect something more than what LO offered.

            Blue Dragon at least was more honest about its nature (not to mention some interesting design choices and that wonderful world map), but still I found it somewhat mediocre. Its DS spin offs were apparently really bad too (never played them, though), and Archaic Sealed Heat wasn’t anything special (not to mention it had some really annoying game design problems, being a strategy jrpg).

            Last Story is probably Mistwalker’s best work so far, but even with its pleasant innovations it was still an extremely linear and repetitive game that rarely challenged you to use the whole array of skills and possibilities. A funny game and an interesting title in its own right, but surely not the masterpiece many believe it to be.

            There are still many developers able to create great traditional jrpgs, but unfortunately Sakaguchi has yet to show that he’s able to produce something worthy of the hype commonly associated with his name, at least imho.

          • I don’t know even if the 1000 dreams had nothing to do with the actual story, they were very well written and really interesting to read, they were probably the parts of the game I looked most forward to. I found the battles to be entertaining, I liked the idea of front and back rows and timing your physical attacks for better damage and all the accessory items from which your immortals could learn the skills and all, the music was beautiful and while I agree that some of the characters were quite bland or embarassing, they had their points.
            It surely is no masterpiece or anything special, but it isn’t bad at all, imo.

            I agree with the DS spinoffs, they were bad, but the original game was funny, it was your standard JRPG, but it didn’t need to be more, it was really funny and at the time of its release we really didn’t have much choice.

            I can’t say anything about ASH or Last Story, have yet to play both, but from what I have seen and heard of Last Story, it should not disappoint.
            But your reasonable so I can respect that. :)

      • Aoshi00

        I don’t think Xenoblade and Last Story could be directly compared since their gameplay and presentation are entirely different.  Personally I prefer LS, finished the game in 40+ hrs and played some multiplayer, really liked the chars, music, story, and battle system, a bit on the short side for some, but just right for me, unlike Xenoblade which could be really long.. while Xenoblade is certainly a great game, I didn’t have the motivation to go finish it yet and only clocked in about 20 hrs thruout the months..  maybe the dungeons are just too long for me, and the format is more MMO or MonHun-like (the save anywhere feature helps a ton of course), even though the individual battles are still engaging… I like how fast paced the story of LS is..

        The one major (or minor) gripe I had w/ Last Story was there wasn’t a log for the progress of side quests. I finished most of them. There were times I really wanted to do other things but as soon as I’m given a task I went to finish it first because I wouldn’t remember it later. If this is localized, adding a log would be really helpful, but I doubt they would add such feature..

        I think both Xenoblade and Last Story are some of the best games for the Wii though.. looks like Pandora’s Tower would be the 3rd one :) Can’t wait for that.

        • Guest

          And Earth Seeker.
          Also don’t mind Zangeki no Reginliev, Arc Rise Fantasia, Tales of Graces, and of course DQ X coming

      • Guest

        The game is awesome you on drugs

  • The only better news we can hear from Nintendo this year would be something like Xenosaga 4 announced at TGS for the new system.

    • malek86

      Isn’t it Namco who has the rights to Xenosaga now?

      • Nintendo holds the majority of the shares in Monolith Soft.

        • malek86

          Yeah, but does Monolith have the franchise rights? After all it’s Namco who published the games.

  • Xenoblade and the Last Story in Europe…ok, I don’t want to get pinched coz this has to be a dream and I don’t even want to wake up!!!

  • Yes. Yes! And YES!

  • XypherCode

    a rumour i really love to come true :D

  • eilegz

    and NOA its stilll sleeping….

  • Jrpgfanatic

    I would absolutely love Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower before the Wii dies off. Honestly though I really doubt we’ll even get two of the three.

    Still, I can hope that I’m wrong!

    • PrinceHeir

      yes i hope we do get all three along with Earth Seeker, and Fatal Frame 4 and 2 Remake :)

      • Earth Seeker is 3rd party (Kadokawa games) and would be funny we get the game before any of Nintendo’s RPGs.

  • Juuu

    If this is true, kudos to you NoE. Kudos. If only NoA could learn something from you.

  • neo_firenze

    Hmmm… ironic that the one region-free console of the three current ones is the only one on which I rarely need to use that feature (hi there, PS3 Initial D).  Yet I had to get a J-360 to feed my shooter habit, and had to mod my Wii for games that don’t come to the US.

    At this point I’m just happy to see a European release.  Might be a little more convenient to get them officially released in North America (cross your fingers for E3?), but as I’ll be able to play these games in English even though I have to import, I’m fine with that.  No different from what I had to do with Disaster and Another Code R.  Still a bit shocking to see Europe getting the English localizations while things are silent for the US – what a change. 

    • puchinri

      I was really considering modding my Wii, but I’ve heard that some games might not work? Does your Wii still work with everything just fine?
      And it is an interesting change. I’m glad for EU for getting localizations, but I wish we were getting more.

      • neo_firenze

        I’ve never had an issue with any game not working.  I haven’t played too many non-US games on it, but no issue with the ones I have – original imports of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (JPN), Radilgy Noah (JPN), Zangeki no Reginleiv (JPN), Another Code R (EU), Disaster (EU).  Never a problem with dozens of US games I’ve played either, or with any WiiWare/VC games.

        • puchinri

          Alrighty, that’s good to know. I believe I might just start looking into modding my Wii then.

  • AzureNova

    I’ve been waiting to hear more about this game. Hopefully it will get localized soon.

  • NoA? Hello? Hello? Hellllllllooooo? …Make us happy please? Helloooo? 

    We’re just asking for Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, Xenoblade…and maybe Earth Seeker?

    …Why don’t you want our money? D:

    NoE, if this isn’t a rumor, you’ll take our moneyz.

  • xenoblade, last story, pandora tower, and zelda skywoard swords … please release all of them this year …

  • Just another step forward if this is true.
    Dang it Nintendo of America, this better come true. You better announce the Last Story, Pandora’s Tower and Xenoblade Chronicles for America at E3 this year, or you’re not getting 150 bucks from me >:O

    Oh, and if you’re bringing Xenoblade Chronicles, plus cut off the Chronicles part. There really is NO point to that whatsoever.

  • Oh please, just make my dream come true will ya Mistwalker?

  • Souji Tendou

    Woooooooo, please let this news be true god, amen.

  • Im aroused.

    Xenoblade,The last story,and zelda

    Im going to purchase a wii the son of a bitch sure knows how to go out with a bang!

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