Damnation Is Inevitable With Devil Survivor 2’s Devil Count

By Ishaan . May 31, 2011 . 5:32pm

In Devil Survivor 2, the thirteen protagonists sign a pact with a devil to become devil messengers. Like the first game, you can also bid on devils using a devil auction feature to add them to your forces.


How many in total? Retailer Game Star reveals that Devil Survivor 2 has over 220 devils to acquire and train.


That’s enough devil-dealing for a lifetime membership to hell.


Japan will get to meet them on July 28th when Devil Survivor 2 hits the Nintendo DS. Meanwhile, Devil Survivor Overclocked, the updated port of the first game, is slated for a summer release in the U.S. on the Nintendo 3DS.


Food for thought:

220 devils sounds expensive. Perhaps hell should consider some sort of service similar to PlayStation Plus, where if you pay a subscription fee, you get a certain amount of free devil access. Get with the times, Lucifer!

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  • the females on this game have a very distinct look to them. idc as long as their sexy :D and they r lol

    • leadintea

      Really? They look like ass to me. They have big boobs, sure, but it looks so unnatural and makes them look stupid. The doctor is the only one that looks fine, IMO.

      • CleruTesh

        Nothing wrong with big boobs. At least it’s not Eiken.

        • Oh Bel do NOT remind me of Eiken. Seeing that art actually felt disturbing.

      • not a fan of big gravity defying boobs either but i meant in their facial features and such

        • Testsubject909

          It’s called a Push-Up Bra! (Or a corset worn underneath. Seriously I’ve met some girls who look like their breasts are like jello held in a pair of cups that are her corset keeping her breasts locked upward.)

      • Exkaiser

        Their boobs aren’t even that big.

        I don’t see why everyone keeps talking about them.

        • Compared to realistic proportions…yeah. I get the feeling that in DeSuverse women are generally at least one cup size larger than the average. That actually explains why Haru’s outfit in the first game looks like it’s about to fall off. Her normal sized bust simply wasn’t large enough for the clothes.

      • AnimusVox

        I already forgot their names but I don’t really care for the 2 blonde-ish chicks. The red head with the glasses is kinda hot [glasses fetish] and the 2 gals with the black hair are pretty nice looking I think.

  • Sell your soul and you get your free access, that’s less expensive than PSN Plus, I mean who the hell needs their souls?!

    I like the sound of 220 demons to aquire, I was kinda disappointed with the lack of demons in Devil Survivor, too less and too uncool ones, but it seems this time I will get me some nice amount of them! :D

  • All I see are tits.

    • endaround

      You really should see a doctor about that

      • Sadly its only with Devil Survivor one and two and I can’t get meds for it.

      • RablaAndrews

        There is no medicine strong enough for the likes of DeSu

    • Testsubject909

      How odd! Me too!

      …Oh wait, should I actually post a picture of Diana from SMT? I’ve no idea if that’s would be a good idea…

      I mean, there are fourteen viewable nipples on her. And sure, it’s from a game, but… It’s still a lot of uncensored nipples…

  • AnimeRemix

    I really want this game badly… I’m so close to beating Devil Survivor now… And I’m addicted!!! And this game seems like it might be better than the first one!!! O_O 

    Give me Devil Survivor: OVERCLOCKED and Devil Survivor 2 to satisfy me SMT needs! (Well, until I get around to playing the other SMT games!)

  • But are they cool lookin’? Cuz…ugly demons are UGLYYYYYY…

    Also, hey look a bunny!

  • I want to be the very best,
    Like no one ever was!
    To own them all
    is my real test,
    and to fuse them is my cause!

    *___* I will make Black Frost mine!

    • Testsubject909

      Black Frost isn’t too tough. It’s getting Lucifer that’s a bit bitchy in terms of preparation.

      Though once you have him. Everyone’s a joke.

      • That’s exactly why. I don’t like high level demons, most of the time, because they plow through everything. I like fusing lower level demons that have ridiculous skill sets.

        Like a Hua Po with Mabufudyne or something like that. >:D

      • Barrylocke89

        The thing about Lucifer in most megaten games is that if you’re at a high enough level to fuse him, you can probably demolish everything the game has to throw at you anyways, so it’s kind of a trophy demon.

  • PrinceHeir

    “Game Star reveals that Devil Survivor 2 has over 220 devils to acquire and train.”

    now you can catch them all.

    Devil Style :D

    • XypherCode

      nice one :P

  • XypherCode

    there should be an eShop for devils alike :D

  • Silly Ishaan, SMT Lucifer believes in total freedom to do as you please. Everybody bids on demons and spends as much as they wish.

  • How many demons did the first one have?
    I LOVED the first one, but I’d love some addition mechanics-wise.. I’d buy it even if it stays the same, mind you, but I’d love some new mechanics..
    so far we have..
    demon fusion for crossbreed..
    demon-skill transmission..
    demon upgrade in the same family..
    Something like demonic mantainment? As in, sure you’re strong and all, but you made a pact with the devil and keeping devil in check cost some resource (that gets passively refilled to full after each battle)..
    1) When using the demon passively you gain all of its weakness and ONLY the resist (no immune, null, reflect) AND half-stats bonus, if you use demon mode actively you gain all of its resistance, weakness, etc..
    2) For each turn in inactive demon mode you gain N*2 demon control point (demon control point are calculated based on your level, basic demon family affinity and demon rank), accordingly the same applies when in active demon mode, but you loose N demon control point (so when you’re weak-beginner character it makes sense that you’ll have to balance demon-mode and human-mode, but as the story progress and you become more powerful the things change).
    3) I’d like to see something like a skill tree for the characters themselves, possibly individual AND with some story contraints…
    Say something like
    Character A: Gloomy, Moody, Hooded guy X
    Skill Tree starting point (name –> effect *skill commentary in-game*):
    Glory of the Arcana –> Your demon costs -10% to mantain, *the loneliness has made you stronger*
    Malicious Destiny: -15% to dark attack sustained, +2% holy (hama that is) chance/damage taken//etcetc *your destiny? to spread despair*
    and at some point during story you unlock new “areas” in the skill tree.. for example after majro battle Y that gives you insight about this character past and relieves him of some of his grudge against the world you unlock
    Light of Hope: 3% that you intercept an attack that would kill an ally.. If that attack would kill you, you remain with 1hp. This effect cannot occour more than once every 4 turns. *you start caring about those surrounding you*
    and that’s just for starter.. I mean, atlus i love your game, but check the internet, or simply ask your employee to squeeze something new, whilst your game are GREAT, hardly your fan would whine if you squeeze more juice out of the mind of your game developer :)

  • Saraneth

    Why do the main characters have terrible in-game portraits? This is really bothering me.

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