If You Want To Play Uncharted 3 With Japanese Voice Acting…

By Spencer . May 31, 2011 . 8:07pm

uncharted…you can. Sony Computer Entertainment will release Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception in Japan. In the Land of the Rising Sun, the game will be known as Uncharted 3: Atlantis Sleeps in the Desert.


Uncharted 3 will be fully localized for the region with Japanese voice acting. Shigeru Chiba who voices villains like Kefka in Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Raditz in Dragon Ball Z was cast for Victor Sullivan, Nathan’s mentor.


Uncharted 3 is set for November 2 in Japan, just a day after it’s release in North America on November 1. Overseas, the game will retail for 5,980 yen ($73).


P.S. should we give Uncharted 3 a look during E3?

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  • I don’t know much about Uncharted 3 but by the names of the Japanese name, it looks like Atlantis is somewhere in the Desert. Hahahaa…

    • if you think about it like this, we just got heavy spoilers on drakes next adventure

  • shion16

    Its like playing No more heroes in japanese, the voices arent bad, but it feels weird

  • What? That is mighty fast, that must imply the game would be done for a mighty long time, unless Sony is phenomenal at doing things in tandem across regions. You go SCEA. It would be so odd to hear all the characters in JPN, I wish it was offered on disc on all versions, Id try it.

  • PrinceHeir

    amazing :D

    now all 3 Uncharted games have dual audio(and hopefully with subs!!)

    “Shigeru Chiba who voices villains like Kefka in Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Raditz in Dragon Ball Z was cast for Victor Sullivan, Nathan’s mentor.”

    i hope he still the same guy that did both 1 and 2 :P

    • Aoshi00

      The US ver. most likely only has Spanish, French, Portuguese or something (like Heavy Rain has several European languages but no Jpn).. BTW, does the US Ratchet have Jpn dub when you switch the system language to Jpn?  I imported both Ratchet for dual track, and when you play it in Jpn, Ratchet has thicker brows lol..

      I don’t know if people know, many Warner Bros blu-rays can be switched to Jpn if you set the PS3’s language to Jpn, but not from other studios, it’s pretty weird…

      • PrinceHeir

        not familiar with Rachet and clank series :

        “I don’t know if people know, many Warner Bros blu-rays can be switched to Jpn if you set the PS3’s language to Jpn, but not from other studios, it’s pretty weird…”

        it seems their locking out languages depending on the settings :(

  • Aoshi00

    I imported the Jpn ver of Uncharted 2 as well for the Jpn/Eng dual track (same for Heavy Rain), I think the US ver has the usual Eng/Spanish?  Touchi Hiroki does sound a bit deep compared to Nolan North.. but Katsuki Masako (Tsunade in Naruto) sounded pretty sexy as Chloe..

    Also I liked this cover better, kinda quirky cartoonish movie poster style, but better Drake hanging on a cliff :)


    I guess this time the US cover is not so bad..

    It’s cool to just watch the cutscenes in a different language.. and I don’t care much for the French/Spanish in the US ver since I don’t understand it..

    • PrinceHeir

      yeah drake’s voice sounded too old XD

      actually i just watched the JPN walkthrough like a minute ago XD

      damn japan will be getting this early with dual audio and subs? wow O_O

      • Aoshi00

        It took a while to get used to :), Touki Hiroki was Marion Cross from D.Gray-man, or the over the top macho Afro bakery manager from Yakitate Jpn, he was also Cliff from Star Ocean 3.  Yea, it’s Eng and Jpn for audio and text, but they don’t have Spanish.. which is more useful as a secondary dub for the US audience I guess.. Chloe’s Jpn voice (Tsunade) is sexy though.

        I guess the same happens when you get a Spanish dub, the guy would have a much deeper voice and sound more macho :)

      • Just to be clear the leaks from Famitsu didn’t mention dual audio or English subtitles. We wouldn’t want anyone to import expecting that when it may or may not be the case :P It’s fully localized in Japanese with Japanese voice acting.

        • Aoshi00

          I think there’s a high chance the Jpn ver would have full Eng and Jpn since both Uncharted 1&2 did, just like Ratchet 1&2.. Gears 1&2 also had dual track..  usually they follow a pattern like GTA never gets a Jpn dub (neither did Red Dead Redemption, so it is quite hard for Jpn players to play reading subtitles), or unlike CoD where they have 2 ver in Jpn.. Heavenly Sword had dual track too, but no Eng text… I got it cuz the Jpn Nariko cover was many times sexier lol.. of course it’s always safer to confirm first like before I imported Heavy Rain I made sure it also has English (too bad it was censored a bit though..)


          • Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if Uncharted 3 has both, but I don’t want to misreport, just in case it doesn’t:P

        • PrinceHeir

          well judging from the 2 games, i can’t see why this one will be an exception.

          plus aoshi will import this to confirm this news right aoshi-kun? :P

          • Aoshi00

            If they have a nice cover I will lol.. I haven’t finished Uncharted 2 yet though, just the first game :(…

          • PrinceHeir

            you need to finish that as well as play multiplayer online :P

      • b

        I think its funny how the Western developers are releasing the game worldwide within a day of each other. Now if only the Japanese could do so, they wouldn’t be so behind.

        • Aoshi00

          But not all Western games though.. Gears 2 took a full year for a Jpn release.. and Jpn gamers who couldn’t wait had to import the US ver…

    • protofox

      I like on the Japanese cover how he’s got his “rape” grin

  • mikanko

    Uncharted has better voice direction, script writing and acting than pretty much any localized dub of a Japanese game.  Obviously that’s just my opinion, but they at least know to have the actors record their voices together while I feel most English dialogue in jrpg just sounds clunky and disjointed in comparison.

    This is kinda a neat novelty, but not much more as I don’t see a lot of people clamoring for Japanese Dureiku.

    • I agree actually.  I mean I guess the option is nice, but the dub of Uncharted 2 is half the reason I loved the game so much.

  • P.S. should we give Uncharted 3 a look during E3?

    Yeah totally. The more the merrier. Also, I look forward to hearing that. xD It’s like playing Heavy Rain in Spanish. (Well I thought it was great.)

  • This is great.  I bought the 2nd one while living in Japan and have become so accustomed to the Japanese voice actors that listening to the English voice acting is awkward to me.  I’ll definitely be picking up the JPN localized version come November.  This makes me super happy.  n_n

  • gatotsu911

    You would have to be a certified W[CENSORED] King to import Uncharted just to play it with Japanese voice acting.

    • Aoshi00

      Why?  I want my games (or movies) to have as many languages as possible..  If the US ver has Eng/Spanish, and the Jpn ver has Eng/Jpn, then the latter is more relevant to me because I don’t understand Spanish.. and the Jpn ver is exactly the same as the US ver (for Uncharted 1 & 2 anyway, most likely 3 as well) except it has Jpn in addition to English, plus a more stylish cover (arguable, personally I didn’t like the US cover at all..) Like Metroid Another M, if the Jpn ver has Jpn/Eng and the US only has English, why wouldn’t I want to pick a ver w/ more options?

  • Vashyron’s seiyuu as Drake. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    • Aoshi00

      Hm.. but Touchi Hiroki has been voicing Drake alrdy, not Narita Ken.. even though the Eng Vashyron was by Nolan North..

    • ya..They sounded kind of similar..

  • doubletaco

    I enjoyed the original English acting, and an extra audio track is certainly not going to be worth the overhead of importing it.


  • cmurph666

    Why would you want to ruin the game?!

  • GamerKT


  • Masengan

    I remember playing Uncharted 1 with English voices the 1st time around and then the times after in Spanish and it felt like a different game for some reason, really fun =D, if the US keeps the Japanese voices I will definitely give it a try.

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