Shining Force Cross Raid Trailers Give A Glimpse Of Co-Op Arcade RPG Action

By Ishaan . May 31, 2011 . 3:28pm

In Japan, Sega operate an “arcade RPG” of sorts based on the Shining series, titled Shining Force Cross. Sega recently released new trailers for an expansion to the game, Shining Force Cross Raid Ver. A:




That looks kind of reminiscent of the multiplayer Phantasy Star games, doesn’t it? While it may seem odd, watching the trailers, I felt like the idea it was almost an extension of the concept of classic co-op arcade brawlers. It makes one wonder if Monster Hunter wouldn’t make for a fun arcade experience, too.

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  • I can’t wait for the Action/Shooter/Hybrid RPG fad to die off so we can finally get Shining Force IV, Phantasy Star V, and some good JRPG Square titles.

    • godmars

      Right with you, but what makes you think something like this is any indication that the fad is dying off? Shining Force and Phantasy has been moving away from turn based combat since the PS2. Square especially have been treating it as an active evil since FFVII.

      • Oh, I forgot FFVIII, IX, X, X-2, and XII were action RPGs.

        • godmars

          Except for IX, they tried to ignore turn based mechanics even though they used them. 

        • you should remove IX from that list, since it’s pretty much a traditional RPG with mixes of the new.

          Really, people just want Square to make quality Final Fantasy games like they used to, not pretend the previous installments improvements or gameplay mechanics didn’t matter, and do something “new” and “exciting” for the newer installment.

          IX got the right blend of old and new, at least in my opinion.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Sega, how hard is it to understand that when we hear “Shining Force,” we want it to be an old-school SRPG? Just take the Valkyria Chronicles engine and apply it to Shining Force. This is not rocket science.

    • godmars

      But it is computer programming – on a non-government budget with expectations of short rather than long term profit. That makes it more complex than rocket science. :p   

    • I agree for Shining Force side of things, but Shining isn’t all about strategy the first game in the series wasn’t even a Force. In this case the game probably should of just been called “Shining Cross”

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        Totally agree. Each of the Shining titles have been different and that’s fine. But Shining Force should be turn-based strategy RPGs.

    • Ladius

      Apparently there’s far more market for an action or classical Shining Force game than for a strategy Shining Force game, as the sales of Shining Force NeoExa (or of Shining TearWindHearts, for that matter) show if compared with the lackluster numbers of Shining Force remake on GBA or Shining Force Feather on Ds.

      We could argue that they should use the Shining brand for non-strategy games, but ultimately if they can have better sales using the Shining Force one combined with different gameplay they will do so, and we can’t blame them if the market just isn’t there anymore.

  • I think this looks cool. o 3ob

  • Day2Day

    Can I play as something other than a furry?
    But in all seriousness, they’re rather deviated from the Turn-Based gameplay of the older Shining games, haven’t they?
    It looks rather like a High-Def version of Phantasy Star, though…

  • solbalmung

    wasn’t Sega supposed to be working on a new Shining and that they said that they will come back to the roots (Meaning Tactical RPG not the action trash one)? I remember reading about it in here Silconera for some time now…

  • Man another negativity filled article…that makes me a sad panda friends. :(
    I find this quite good looking and colourful, I also liked how fast paced the attacks are and all, the interface is quite big though, which could distract, nonetheless I loved the blue dragon fight looked fun as hell! :D

    I like my classic JRPGs with turn based battles, but really what’s wrong with action? They are a lot more fast paced, sometimes even more fancy looking and make the battles more individual, also in our time most gamers(at least the ones not THAT into JRPGs) want fast paced gameplay, the charts speak for themselves, I believe, so I don’t see anything wrong with evolving franchises into ones with more modern oriented gameplay, imo.~

    • really depends on the term of evolution you’re using. Dragon Quest gets a lot of bad rap from people for sticking with tradition, but anybody who’ve actually played through the entire franchise could see the slow evolution and perfection of the core mechanics, and the new ones added over time as just icing on the cake. Let’s call that, natural evolution, since it’s slow, and calculated.

      Then there’s Final Fantasy, which really stopped evolving that way after IX, and began a bit of a radical change. X, IX, XI, XII, and XIII are very different games, with really nothing connecting them. They’re their own beasts, and don’t share much of a common ancestor, if you will. This would explain the general lack of polish that came with most of these titles as well, as they each tried new things, and dropped the previous successes of their predecessors.

      Don’t get me wrong, however. I do enjoy seeing a spin-off or hybrid every now and then. I love action RPGs, and the Tales of franchise is probably one of my favorite (which is in some fashion a blend of fighter and RPG). Tales of had a natural evolution, and some rather interesting spin-offs, but you’ll note that they kept the core mechanics alive, allowing them to grow and learn from each other.

      I’ve yet to play any Shining Force game that wasn’t a strategy RPG, and I’m willing to see if they’re either an example of natural evolution, or the latter “evolution”

  • Sweet heavenly Jesus..

  • What system is this for?

  • FFS

    We want SRPG

    sega your breaking my heart again

  • Thiefofhearts

    As much as I’d love a turn based Strategy Shining Force, this game would be awesome to play over XBL or PSN as a downloadable title.

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