Free Pokédex 3D App To Mark Pokémon’s First Appearance On Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . June 1, 2011 . 3:48am

Excitebike won’t be the only free app Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to grab when the eShop launches — Nintendo are also releasing an app titled Pokédex 3D, which is exactly what it sounds like.


Pokédex 3D won’t contain information on every known Pokémon, however; just the ones from Black/White. You’ll start out with 16 Pokémon and unlock the other entries by scanning QR codes, using Spotpass over Wi-Fi (up to three random monsters a day), and by trading data with friends.


The app will allow you to view each Pokémon in 3D with a proper 3D model that you’ll be able to rotate and examine. Pokédex 3D will also include filtering and bookmarking features, and will use the Nintendo 3DS’ augmented reality capabilities to insert Pokémon in pictures taken by the 3DS cameras.

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  • National Dex or nothin’, Nintendo.

    • Exkaiser

      Three dollar upgrade.

      • Even worse: You have to boss rush every region’s gym leader, Elite 4, and Champion.

  • puchinri

    That’d be handy for image ref when drawing. Or for anyone who just really likes Pokemon.
    I want it… ouo;

  • I still wish they’d called Smugleaf Smugleaf, Snivy isn’t nearly as good a name.

    •  But “Smugleaf Snake” doesn’t nearly sound as good “Snivy Snake”. 8)

      That’s why I named my Oshawott “Revolver”.

      • I thought it was Solid Snivy, Revolver Oshawott, and Tepig Boss?

        • Solid Snivy doesn’t sound as cool as Snivy Snake to me.

          You also forgot Oddishcon. C:

    • Code

      rar, I agree so hard with this omo;

  • malek86

    I guess this is the KA they needed.

    • Too bad its free.

      • malek86


        • Ren

          Free app, paid DLC. They could do that.

  • Ive had White since day 1 and still yet to play it…Anyway, I hope this paves the way for Pokemon Black/White Battle Revolution 3DS, I love the stadium games and would love to take it on the go.

  • Its like a dolls eyes.

  • XypherCode

    sweet!!! :D

  • raikage

    awesome, maybe they will add more Pokémon in a future update

    • Probably in a future paid update.

      • raikage

        well, if it wouldn’t be too expensive, I would even pay for it ^^

        • XypherCode

          pay to catch ’em all huh? :))

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Pokemon Stadium Portable is coming if they are rendering 3D models like this…this is just the tech demo.

    • As much as I would -absolutely love- this, I have trouble wrapping my head around how one would transfer (or rather copy) their Pokemon from the DS cart to the Stadium Portable cart.

      Actually, considering the platform I’d consider this more of a tech demo for the next Pokemon game. It’ll be sick when we can finally get Pokemon Stadium presentation in the handheld games.

      • SetzerGabbiani

        I can see Nintendo creating a special catridge just for this.  Sort of like an Action Replay device that would allow you to insert a DS and 3DS cartridge.  Since it’s one of their most profitable franchises, they would splurge on this in a heartbeat.

      • Code

        What about just transferring them via two systems, like they’ve nearly always done. Pokemon B&W in one system and new Pokemon game in the other system? Plus DS can communicate with 3DS for this kind of thing too boot, so I wouldn’t figure it to hard owo; Although might involve finding a friend with a system as usual xpx;

        • I think they could always make it so some data is stored in the system’s memory, so that you can swap carts in the middle of the game for transfers. That would probably be the easiest solution, but I don’t know what kind of security/game hacking loopholes it would create…

          • Code

            Ohhh I like that idea; I’d really like to see something like that owo; Although hard to say if Nintendo is thinking that far ahead to make B&W compatible with such a feature; or is capable of making a future Pokemon title work with such method. Although it gives me hope for the future, because in theory that could work >w<

          • Yea, B/W really spoiled me, to be honest…I’m not sure I’m willing to put up with any of the older inconveniences any more at this point. I really want the next game to step it up further with streamlining/making it easier to communicate and trade and interact with other players. =_=

          • Code

            Haha yeahh, I know the feeling, I really feel like Pokemon really needs to focus on upgrading/streamlining it’s structure omo; So many things like Pokemon Storage/Breeding/Trading/Battling feels like it’s been stuck following rules made in the Gameboy era. My bicycle should not be an incubator >O>~! But I was really glad to see in B&W GameFreaks is starting to shake out some of those old mechanics. But I’m like you next game I’d like to see even more done owo;

  • Now we can see the incredibly inspired Hideous Trash Bag Monster and Ice Cream Cone in 3D!

  • TomSkylark

    Well, this explains why TPCi was going after independent developers who released Pokedex apps for the iPhone and Android markets. Still, this hardly seems functional given that you have to unlock things in order for it to be of any use–why would they make that decision?

    Moreover, can the 3DS Save State a game (especially a DS game) in play, return to the Home screen, run an app, and then return to the Save State? If not, this is pretty much useless for actual play. The assumption here seems to be that I should play BW on my old DSLite, but keep my 3DS on and open to this app (assuming I’ve unlocked enough content for it to tell me anything).

    TL;DR Version: This is very silly.

    • malek86

      Uhm, I hadn’t thought about that. No, you can’t use the Home function while playing a DS game, I’m afraid. That might be a problem.

      • Grrr. DS support is so lacking. They need to fix how terrible the games look, too.

    • Exkaiser

      It’s definitely not designed to be an aide for playing B/W, especially considering there’s already a Pokedex in there.

      It’s most likely intended as just a small, gimmicky program. I don’t think it was ever intended to be functional.

  • skyblaze

    Am I the only one who feels Pokemon would look way better cel-shaded than in normal 3D?

  • I completely disagree with the limit on the QR codes per day.  Of course, we just exploit the system time clock and get everything at once.  Nintendo probably plans on adding in all the pokemon over time.

    I could this as a test in capacity for all those 3D models in preparation for the 3DS pokemon titles.

  • Covnam

    A full pokedex was probably too large to release all at once. It’ll be interesting to see if the remaining dex gets released if it will follow the same model and be free or be paid dlc. That decision could set a tone for how Nintendo plans to use the eshop.

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