Hands-on With Luigi’s Mansion 2

By Spencer . June 7, 2011 . 11:48am

Starting outside mansion gates, the Luigi’s Mansion 2 demo at E3 today began with Professor Gadd explaining how to use the Poltergust 5000. Hold R to make the ghost busting vacuum suck. Hit L to make it shoot a blast of air. Move the 3DS to aim. That’s right, you use tilt controls to look around. However, once Luigi turns the vacuum, on he’s stuck in a plane of motion. I noticed this early on when I tried to suck a row of coins around the fountain. After grabbing one row, I couldn’t turn to grab the other coins until I let go of R.


Coins in hand, I entered the mansion. No ghosts yet. Just suits of armor and jars to shake with more coins inside. The door in front of me was locked so I headed left into a room with an antique automobile. There must be something inside, I thought. I turned on the vacuum and grabbed some more coins. Tilting the 3DS allowed Luigi to grab coins in the rafters that weren’t in plain sight.


While vacuuming like a mad man I happened to suck up a blanket and revealed a treasure chest. What luck, a key was inside. I grabbed it and suddenly a skinny green ghost appeared inside the car. Gadd said to use the strobe light by pressing A to stun the ghost then suck it with the vacuum. As soon as the vacuum made contact, a 10 count appeared on the ghost’s head. I pulled back as the green guy tried to float away, but it was too late for him. A prompt came up to press A and strobe the ghost while drawing it in. I did it, and brought the ghost in before the meter reached zero.


Two ghosts appeared next, and one of them tried to punch Luigi. Since the green ghosts have limited range it was possible to dodge their attacks while vacuuming another ghost. I moved back to the foyer, unlocked the door and tried to walk up a staircase. A ghost with a mushroom like head popped out and taunted Luigi by turning the staircase into a slide!

I headed left again into a room with more ghosts to bust. A new enemy was added here, a portly red ghost. This specter took 30 count to defeat and had a "sonic clap" attack. This attack had more range so I tackled him first.


After defeating this group I tried to walk up the stairs a second time. The Braniac boss ghost popped up again and sent Luigi down the stairs on a slide. This time, I was locked in with green and red ghosts. Since they flew together it was possible to strobe and vacuum multiple ghosts.


Finally, I reached the boss. Set in a library, this ghost disappeared within the bookshelves. With a 75 count, the Braniac ghost escaped my grasp a few times by hitting Luigi with a book in the back of his head. I chased the Braniac ghost around the room, but he had a tendency of hiding in the same spot – behind a desk. Each time I lost him I walked back to the desk, strobed it, and found him sitting there like a teacher waiting for class to start. After defeating this ghost, the demo ended.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 is slated for release next year.

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  • XypherCode

    i really had fun with the 1st one. can’t wait to play this up next :D

    • Same here.  Got a launch Gamecube with this and had a blast.

    • Same here now the problem of thinking on game play is how can you aim with the ghost vac since there is no C directional stick.

      • The article says it’s controlled by tilt, which is rubbish unless you’re at home. It won’t be possible to do that on a train without looking stupid.

        • XypherCode

          hmm it’s still a long way from the game’s launch so i’m hoping for motions controls for the game to be optional. 

  • kyuketsukimiyu

    I loved the first Luigi’s Mansion! I am really glad that it is finally getting a sequel.

  • It sounds great! Thanks for posting impressions. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it show up during Nintendo’s press conference and can’t wait to play it next year.

  • It kind of looks like the 1st Luigi`s Mansion to me…. 

  • A sequel to one of my favorite Gamecube games?!! Sign me up!

  • I read the first few lines and lost interest. I can’t play this on the train with silly motion controls. I knew this would happen. First Skyward Sword, now this.

    Dammit Nintendo!!

    • As long as what you’re worried about isn’t looking somewhat weird in public, I doubt you’ll have a problem. It sounds like it’ll be using the gyro to move the camera, and nothing to do with the accelerometer, so it should only jostle your screen a bit. If you were lining up snipes in an FPS it would be a serious problem, but from what I can see you only have to aim in the general direction of things to fire at them, so you should be good.

      • It’s not only looking weird, I just don’t like gyro or accelerometer controlled games, I’d much rather relax and play it with buttons only. As for the train scenario, moving the handheld around looks childish and might worry some passengers that I’m pointing it at them to take pictures.

        Great for people who enjoy playing games this way but it would be nice to have an alternative for those that don’t.

    • Exkaiser

      From the gameplay video on Kotaku, it seems the motion controls are very light. Mike Epstein had a video of him playing without moving the 3DS an inch- he did show off the gyro controls, but he literally only tilted it half an inch to aim all the way up. Seemed totally intuitive and not something that would stand out.

      It’s not like, say, Face Raiders. It’s a very slight motion. I’m sure it will be fine on a train.

      EDIT: I figured it would behoove me to link to the video in question:

      Too many edits for something that’s not such a big deal.

  • now if they can make a super mario sunshine 2 that would be even better!!!

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