Kid Icarus: Uprising’s Multiplayer And AR Features, Special Controls For Southpaws

By Ishaan . June 7, 2011 . 2:15pm

Now, we come to the game that Nintendo debuted the 3DS with at E3 last year — Kid Icarus: Uprising. While Uprising designer, Masahiro Sakurai, gave a talk about the game at the Nintendo World event back in January, there’s still a lot to be discussed about the game that was revealed at E3 this morning.


Quick recap: Pit can’t fly by himself, but he can receive the power of flight from Palutena. This lets him fly for about five minutes at a time. Because of this, each stage has an air battle followed by a ground battle. While Pit’s airborne, Uprising plays like an on-rails shooter. On the ground, Nintendo say it will be closer to a third-person shooter. This is stuff you’ve probably already read about.


However, Kid Icarus: Uprising also has multiplayer features and augmented reality features. In multiplayer, two teams — 3-on-3 — can battle each other. When one team has been entirely defeated, the last offed member is revived in the form of Pit. The winning team then has to hunt him down in order to complete their victory.


In the augmented reality mode, Uprising makes use of AR Cards. The 3DS cameras read the cards and make the characters pop out of them, and battle each other.


If you’ve played first-person shooters on the Nintendo DS, you’ll be familiar with how Kid Icarus: Uprising controls. The analog pad is used to move Pit. The L button fires ranged weapons and is also used for melee attacks. The touchscreen is used to look around and aim. This may not work as nicely for left-handed players. Nintendo say they’re preparing a special control option for southpaws.



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  • Multiplayer in my precious Kid Icarus? Do not know if I like. The images look hawt.

  • Guest


  • “This may not work as nicely for left-handed players. Nintendo say they’re preparing a special control option for southpaws.”

    How thoughtful of them.

  • The rich colours and enemy designs are awesome, can’t say much about the gameplay like with the other announcements, though for the moment, also lol thanks Nintendo for thinking about us left-handed people~

  • Zero_Destiny

    The videos look amazing. I’m really excited for this. The gameplay looks awesome and the story blips sound pretty cool. Anyone else think Pit sounds a little like JYB. lol I must be going or crazy or he really is in everything. XD

  • Advent_Andaryu

    Online multiplayer or just local? Why does Nintendo always leave these details out…

  • Gio32k

    You know the problem with collectable AR cards? Whats stopping anyone to simply scan em with a scanner and distribute them freely on the internet?

    • Avojavo

      Sure, I don’t think they’re going to stop people from scanning them. Or maybe they will.

      But that’s not the point. The point of collectables is to collect them. You can play any trading card game with slips of paper that have the original card information on them. But people want the cards. 

  • theworldofnoboundries

    It seems another must buy and hell my wallet only exist to keep the money that i am going to spend buy this whole helluva expensive games.

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