Square Enix’s Itadaki Street Series Localized For The First Time On Wii

By Spencer . June 8, 2011 . 4:16pm


Nintendo quietly announced Fortune Street, the first English version of Enix’s long running Itadaki Street series. Taking inspiration from Monopoly, the Itadaki Street titles have players purchase property on a game board, buy stocks, and play the occasional mini-game in a race to amass a fortune the fastest.


Fortune Street for Wii brings together Dragon Quest and Mario characters. The build I played at E3 had Mario, Bowser, Bianca, Angelo, and Slime available. The final game will have more characters from the Mushroom Kingdom and Dragon Quest franchise, but Nintendo did not say how many or which ones.


I picked Angelo as my mascot and rolled the dice by shaking the Wii remote. Six? No! I walked right onto another player’s territory. After paying a small fee, Fortune Street gives players a chance to take over the land by buying it for a multiple of the original price. Acquire adjacent plots of land and you can level up an area, which makes unfortunate players pay more when they step on your property. Square Enix put over fifteen boards in Fortune Street. Each has a different theme and land placement.


Never played Itadaki Street or any of the popular Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest crossover games? There’s a beginner’s mode to teach new players the ropes. Graduate to advanced mode and you can play the stock market to earn even more money.


Fortune Street is slated for release this holiday season in North America.


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  • I’m sure a lot of people will wonder who the hell the Dragon Quest characters are.

    • SerendipityX

      My sentiments exactly even though I love DQ lol

    • I know everyone but slime… WHO IS “SLIME”!? AHH!!!

    • Barrylocke89

      well at least if they played Mario Sports Mix, they may recognize Slime as “That random guy in Mario Sports Mix”

      I hope this game has wifi compatability, I’ve always wanted to try the Itadaki Street games.

    • Having played DQ XIII and IX I’m at least familiar with Angelo and the ever popular Slime. I do need to catch up on the earlier titles.

  • yay I’ve been waiting so long for one of these games to come out stateside! who will i choose? Of course, Bianca!

  • AnimeRemix

    This is what dreams are made of…

    Anyways, never heard of this series, never played a game in this series, but will be buying it. Why? Isn’t it obvious? It’s just like Monopoly! I love Monopoly! And I never played a Dragon Quest game before either (And I bet your thinking “Oh, so I bet you never played a Mario game either?” Well, I have! Surprisingly!)

  • Wanted to play the DS version but glad to see the Mario/DQ crossover make it in a different form.  Between Mario Party 9 and Fortune Street, FS actually makes me want to play it.

  • Are FF characters not making an appearance then?

    • puchinri

      It does mention that only DQ and Mario games for this one. The DS Itadaki St was only DQ and Mario characters too. It seems like the game is usually DQ and whoever characters (which makes sense, since Yuji Horii is the creator).
      Maybe next time FF characters will appear too?

    • Usually it’s in the title and really hyped up if they show up. So far only the Itadaki Street PS2 and PSP games had Final Fantasy characters in it.

  • AnimeRemix

    The trailer makes this game look awesome, XD


  • Code

    Hooray finally >w< I'm glad to see Itadaki Street finally get localized, although I would have liked to have seen the PSP version get localized a little more opo; But I'm not complaining, it's about time!

  • day one for me!!

  • Looks like a fun party game, nice to see S-E growing some balls 

    • Releasing Itadaki Street, a party game, on a system known for multiplayer and party games, is hardly a strong sign of testicular fortitude. The last ballsy move I’ve seen from any publisher is Aksys’s release of Record of Agarest War.

      • Barrylocke89

        It’s ballsy considering that it’s fairly obscure, and most people who see the box will probably say “Oh hey, it’s Mario…but who the heck are THOSE guys?”

    • Technically, Nintendo, since it’s the company actually publishing Fortune Street in North America.

  • I thought it was the Final Fantasy x Dragon Quest version until I kept reading. Mario characters? Gonna have to pass.

  • raymk

    Glad to finally be able to play one of these.  I just wish like many other’s that it was the FF x DQ games but I can see this one being more popular due to mario being in the title. Who know’s though maybe if this does well enough they’ll make a FF,DQ,Mario title with mario party style mini games.

  • Mario party or this …. hmmmmm …..

  • I squealed with joy when I heard about this localization. I’d have loved to see the DS one in English, since it had WiFi multiplayer, but this is just as good. :D

    • I had the same reaction. :3

  • Sweet. Didn’t think we’d ever get this stateside. *adds to wish list*

  • Guest

    omg i can’t believe it. finally my dreams have come true. like a month ago i manage to buy Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in itadaki street for ps2 for 20 dollars on ebay from this guy who had it in mint condition. this is a day 1 purchase fror me. looking forward to playing with ya in the future.

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