A Large Harvest Of Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns Screens On 3DS

By Ishaan . June 9, 2011 . 9:25pm


Natsume are publishing Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns on both the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS, and they just sent out a enormous batch of screens for both versions of the game.


Since there are so many screens, we’re dedicating separate posts to each version of the game. You’ll find screenshots for the 3DS version in this post.


Screenshots of the regular DS version can be found here.



hm_twotowns_3ds_20 hm_twotowns_3ds_02 hm_twotowns_3ds_03 hm_twotowns_3ds_04 hm_twotowns_3ds_05 hm_twotowns_3ds_06 hm_twotowns_3ds_07 hm_twotowns_3ds_08 hm_twotowns_3ds_09 hm_twotowns_3ds_10 hm_twotowns_3ds_11 hm_twotowns_3ds_12 hm_twotowns_3ds_13 hm_twotowns_3ds_14 hm_twotowns_3ds_15 hm_twotowns_3ds_16 hm_twotowns_3ds_17 hm_twotowns_3ds_18 hm_twotowns_3ds_19 hm_twotowns_3ds_21 hm_twotowns_3ds_22 hm_twotowns_3ds_23 hm_twotowns_3ds_24 hm_twotowns_3ds_25 hm_twotowns_3ds_26 hm_twotowns_3ds_27 hm_twotowns_3ds_28 hm_twotowns_3ds_29 hm_twotowns_3ds_30 hm_twotowns_3ds_31 hm_twotowns_3ds_32 hm_twotowns_3ds_33 hm_twotowns_3ds_34 hm_twotowns_3ds_35 hm_twotowns_3ds_36 hm_twotowns_3ds_37 hm_twotowns_3ds_38 hm_twotowns_3ds_39 hm_twotowns_3ds_40 hm_twotowns_3ds_41

hm_twotowns_3ds_42 hm_twotowns_3ds_43 hm_twotowns_3ds_44 hm_twotowns_3ds_45 hm_twotowns_3ds_46 hm_twotowns_3ds_47 hm_twotowns_3ds_48 hm_twotowns_3ds_49 hm_twotowns_3ds_50 hm_twotowns_3ds_51 hm_twotowns_3ds_52 hm_twotowns_3ds_55 hm_twotowns_3ds_56 hm_twotowns_3ds_57 hm_twotowns_3ds_53 hm_twotowns_3ds_54

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  • wonder if they’ll have a friendship mode that’ll get censored o 3o

    All kidding aside, looks fun so far, and more HM is always welcome

  • kupomogli

    3D aside, 3DS version looks like it could run on the DS.

    • There was also some games on the DS that looked like they could run on an SNES. 

      • Zero_Destiny

        You guys know that this IS a DS game and that Natsume is having it ported over to the 3DS in America. It wasn’t made for the 3DS at all. Just wanted to remind ya all of that. :)

  • Samken

    are these black bars intentional? I hope they at least give an option to widen the screen image.

    • Mary Tiemeier

      Those black bars just show the different screen ratios of the top and bottom screens.  The top screen is wider than the bottom screen; there won’t be any black bars taking up any real estate on the actual images.

  • raikage

    I don’t get it. Why did they port a DS game to the 3DS? You could just play the DS version on your 3DS…

    • Joanna

      I guess it’s because there is this “new gadget” mentality and Natsume wants a piece of that pie as well. Perhaps they also reasoned that 3DS owners are much more likely to buy a 3DS game than a DS one and since there aren’t a lot of 3DS games, it will stand out more.

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