You Can Talk To Your AI Teammates In Binary Domain, Literally

By Spencer . June 9, 2011 . 2:00pm


Binary Domain, a team shooter from Sega’s Yakuza team, where you lead a squad raiding Japan for creating humanlike robots. That’s in violation of an international treaty established in the year 2080.


Before starting a mission you can select other players like Big Bo (a heavy gunner from America), Faye (a recon sniper from China), and Charlie (a demolitions expert from the UK). Hiroyuki Sakamoto, the producer of Binary Domain, stressed that the members of Dan’s team were from various nations.


Players cannot switch characters, you’re always in control of Dan. You give orders to the three other teammates by talking into a headset. "Charlie." "Regroup." A Sega staff member said while demonstrating the feature. Charlie acknowledged and ran to Dan’s aid in the heat of battle. All of the commands you say in Binary Domain are simple phrases like "cover me," "fire," and "charge." Of course, you have to specify who you’re talking to first. Characters will talk to you in the heat of battle too asking if you’ll flank left or right, for example, and you can respond by speaking too.


If a character can’t understand what you said, they’ll say something like, "Can you repeat that?" Otherwise, the computer controlled allies acknowledge the player before following through with your orders. Voice command is still being worked out for Binary Domain and had some issues during the demo. There is also an option to give orders via buttons too, if that’s your preference.


Sega is looking into utilizing Kinect’s built-in microphone for the Xbox 360 version. Right now, Binary Domain just supports headsets plugged into an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

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  • Re10

    I don’t think the voice thing is necessary. Not like you can say “take that guy over there!” May as well use the dpad for those commands… Faster than saying it too that is if they allow you to map buttons.

    • Guest

      WE GO…THERE!

  • This is kinda like something that requires a headset, or the Kinect. :/

  • Phlo

    “There is also an option to give orders via buttons too, if that’s your preference.”

    Now that’s a relief.

    • PrinceHeir

      go go go!! :P

  • PrinceHeir

    i wonder if they’re using the Vanquish engine? 

  • hush404

    Not sure how I feel about games adding simple voice commands to stuff. I would get tired of “Fucktard go left” all teh time.

  • Apache_Chief

    The unoriginal webcomic jokes just write themselves sometimes, huh?

  • Aoshi00

    Mass Effect 3 is having the voice option too, like you command your team how to fight or when you pick an answer from the conversation, I guess it’s kind immersive if it works..   it might seem more troublesome than pressing btns, but I guess this is the direction we’re going, like in the future movies when you come back home, you say light on or something..  I still haven’t really used the voice command w/ Netflix yet..
    I guess it’s like Macro in MMOs right, now you just say it out loud.. could be pretty cool if it picks up the voice commands well..

  • mikanko

    The real question should whether or not you can look down a female AI teammates neckline while playing ping pong with them.  You’d think after this developer did that the first time they’d have learned it should be a feature in everything.

  • Cover me.
    “Can you repeat that?”
    “Can you repeat that?”
    “Roger, using all of your health packs.”

    • I feel as if that comment compliments the distaste in your avatar. lol

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Not sure I like the idea of having to give voice commands. I prefer to use buttons. Now, getting commands, over a headset from the AI is a fun idea I can only recall playing in MGS4, and wishing it was implemented in more games. 

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