This Is Mega Man’s Final Design In Mega Man Legends 3

By Ishaan . June 10, 2011 . 8:24am

After a lengthy process based on votes sent in by fans, Capcom have locked down on Mega Man’s final look in Mega Man Legends 3. Here’s what it looks like, with and without his helmet:


You may recall that the final round of votes came down to two costumes, designs D and E. Along with the finalized design, Capcom also posted the results of the votes:


Votes from Japan are on the left, while votes from overseas fans are represented on the right. As you can see, both preferred “D” to “E”.

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  • BK0000

    It’s too bad that the game will probably never get made.

  • Awesome.
    Definitely a cool choice.

  • I definitely voted for E, metal diapers=no… Oh well I do like the final design as it reminds me more of a modern version of the original.

    • BK0000

       Your opinion’s bad and you should feel bad.

      • Your opinion /=/ everyone’s. Get over it.

        • I felt he said it like a joke xD

      • Be careful, you’re walking a tightrope. Others have been banned for less.

        • Ive been around for a long time and i can easily say that what you say is a LIE! *phoenix wright pointing pose*

           Mods here give off warnings when is not that big of a deal (and sometimes it is, but they warn first), if they dont change, then banning time 

          • DanteJones

            OBJECTION! (Not really, just wanted to post a picture of Edgeworth XD )

          • There can not be phoenix where there isnt edgeworth xD, they are the sun and the moon. (and yes, i know this isnt truth, but the sun and moon way of putting sounds more classy >8D)

          • I’ve been around for about as long, if not longer. See my reply above. It further clarifies just what I meant. I tell no lies, but I’m warning based on observations.

          • Well, maybe lie was saying too much, i just know you are wrong because of what i’ve seen, and i havent seen you that much before, so i couldnt really tell if you have been “long” or “longer” (wich i doubt) unless you changed your name and avatar, i just think you are wrong then, i think Spencer pretty much explained it you you, and what he has said is all i have seen to happen.

          • I lurked for a while, but I do remember when you first started posting. Can I give you an exact date and time? No. But that’s not the point. I’m not invested enough to really argue it out, but I can think of a few instances where what I’ve described has gone down. Maybe they didn’t see it that way, I don’t know nor do I care, really.

        • Are you.. serious? We leave the comments rather open. In fact other people have told us we should ban more, but I’m against that because I want speech to be open.

          • evilkaz

            yes, but if speech is open then you let in all the trolls. DO YOU WANT TROLLS ON SILICONERA!!!

          • No of course not, but a troll is relative. What is considered trolling is subjective and usually a difference in opinion with a little bit of melodrama mixed in, nothing more nothing less.

            While I’d like to keep that out of the community as much as possible, being open has a price. Keeping all of the opinions and comments in a certain line wouldn’t make sense either. Then there wouldn’t be anything to discuss.

            I would like people to think before they type though. I mean that would be awesome and perhaps in that case I’d comment again.

          • That’s all well and good, but as I’ve been seeing, the ones who only contribute negative, useless replies, such as above, are the ones who mysteriously (Or not so mysteriously in some cases) vanish after being warned a few times. I’m not saying anything that isn’t true.

          • We haven’t banned people from being over negative, although there have been people who have been banned for other reasons and were rebanned (again and again in certain cases) – yes we’re aware of who these people are. Perhaps, that’s what looks so “mysterious.”

            There are no conspiracies here.

            Seriously after looking at all of the comments recently, *if* I really wanted to ban people I would have done it a long time ago. There’s a reason why I stopped commenting on my own site…

          • SolidusSnake

            They just got bored, dood.

          • There was no talk of conspiracies or mysteries, I just threw that in there to try to lighten things up a little.

            We clearly differ on the methods of dealing with it, but I’m in no position to really DO anything to help it, so I wash my hands of it.

            You’re the boss, Spencer. *shrugs*

    • I voted for an “E” costume as well. 

      It wasn’t just about a chastity belt. The E megaman has more of a human shape to him. The other one is obviously robot from head down.

      It would have been nice to see a diaper-less Megaman running around. Something about that metal crotch piece just makes me think of clunky 90’s designs (and Samurai Pizza Cats). 

      At least it seems to be a solid update regardless. The character art transformation from stylized chibi to this more megaman network inspired art is a good one.

      • Exkaiser

        Legends Rock has never been a stylized chibi? And he’s predated the Network series..?

        If anything, Network was inspired by how thin Legends’ design was, since both classic and X had much bulkier limbs. It’s not as if it didn’t already have a bunch of nods to the series in its character designs.

        That said, what they’ve done with the crotch-piece gives it less of a “metal diaper” feel, I think.

    • DanteJones

      Yeah, I voted for E too, but I do still like D’s design. Maybe they’ll have an option in the game to switch between the two? That would be pretty cool.

    • Zal_Yagun

      I also picked E, but as long as they modernized/updated his design it’s
      all good for me. His helmet look pretty sick while still looking like
      the original

    • Cloud_ST

      I agree,metal diapers suck IMO but even voting for E I knew they would never choose it sadly.

  • Best choice IMO.  If Capcom cancels this game after half a year’s worth of development and devroom contests, I will personally stop supporting them.

  • XypherCode

    everyone buy the damn prototype version!!! :D

    • kahoseclipse

      I thought it was free..?

      • BK0000

         No. You have to buy it. Capcom is going to use the sales of the Prototype to determine if they actually make the game or not.  When the Prototype bombs because people don’t want to pay for a demo, Capcom will use that as justification to not greelight the main game.

        • KotaroInugami

          And squeezing money out of potential buyers to cover more development costs isn’t a bad idea either.

        • its not like it will be thaaaaat expensive anyway. It will be a trouble for me to get the poins used on the shop since i am not from the US, but i still think its not that big of a deal

          • BK0000

             The biggest problem is that they’re letting the game’s fate rest on a paid demo on a system with a small install base. It’s like Capcom is trolling us. They’re setting up the Prototype to fail so they can rub it in our faces that we won’t get Legends 3 because enough people didn’t buy a demo.

        • XypherCode

          yeah so just buy it even if you don’t wanna play it! :P

      • Exkaiser

        It’ll be about three dollars.

  • Metal crotch FTW!

    • I was thinking more of a chastity belt, but that works too!

  • Surprised to see the Japanese and overseas fans agree on something for once!

  • Good, good. Gotta protect his refractors 

  • Megaman: Hey doc, what’s with the crotch plate?
    Dr. Light: Better safe than sorry!
    Megaman:…good point.

    • Sal

      More like Dr.Barrell

      • Or Yuna, given the circumstances. ^^

        • Or the true humans who created Legends entire world, people (carbons), and units of the system(Megaman Trigger, Juno, Yuna, and Sera).^^  :P

    • Exkaiser

      That must have been an interesting conversation back when the original Rock was upgraded into a Super Fighting Robot.

      “Why is this the only armor I get?”

  • Revoltech Rockman. I can see it.

  • I hope they put mega man in the new smash bros they could use this look but i hope they use X look

  • I always liked this megaman’s design, his face suits the personality i imagine of him perfectly :D

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Logic prevails! The properly armored Mega Man is the winner.

  • Yes! I’m glad that Design “D” is the winner, “D” looks more Megaman than “E”.
    Design “E” makes him more like a human which he is not.

  • The legendary diaper is back!

  • Exkaiser

    Perfect. Just perfect.

  • theworldofnoboundries

    Anti low blow or low shot armor lol.

  • Thomas Maloney

    I approve.

    However, leave it to the overseas fans to want the E design more than Japan.You damn kids, keep playing your Battle Network and get off my lawn!

  • XypherCode

    where does he keep most of his hair while wearing the helmet? :P

  • #DASH3 #Legends3 I’d rather support Design D, since Design E would mistake Trigger for a Rockman Zero/MMZ character!

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