The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s Motion Controlled Epona Of The Sky

By Spencer . June 13, 2011 . 2:45am


Set in islands in the sky, a horse (unless it was Pegasus) wouldn’t work in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Nintendo has a mount for Link and in this game it’s a giant red bird.


The bird riding demo began with Link, still dressed in regular clothes, leaping of a cliff with his friends and onto the back of a red bird. A short event scene also introduced, as the game calls her, the Lovely Zelda. She’s a regular girl in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.




The goal of this demo is to catch a golden bird. I moved Link and his avian steed by tilting and turning the Wii remote. Flicking the remote didn’t have an effect, the bird riding demo was most responsive when I gently moved the controller.


Just like Epona, Link’s bird has "carrots" or feathers seen on the bottom of the screen. Press A and you can use one to get a quick burst of speed. The feathers, at least in the demo, restore quickly. I found myself rapidly hitting A, only stopping for a few seconds for all three feather power to recharge.




The golden bird weaved in an unpredictable pattern. I saw another player trailing it from behind, but I had a different strategy. I waited until the target turned, then intercepted it by using all three feathers to charge at it in a straight line. That worked, but one of Link’s "buddies" a guy riding a blue bird was jealous of Link hogging the glory. He knocked Link away from the bird, so I had to catch it a second time.


My reward was a bird statue and a scene of Link bird riding with Zelda.

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  • The ammount of motion controls in this game makes me sick. I didn’t enjoy the last E3 demo because they’d crammed it into EVERY part of the game. I’ll be surprised if they don’t make me strap sensors to my feet to move Link.

    I’m still hoping there will be a Classic Controller option otherwise I won’t buy this game. It’s too much after the novelty wears off, and that took all of 5 minutes for me.

    It’s a shame because the game is shaping up nicely.

    • lostinblue

      Fat chance.

  • Yui

    I swear, this game just keeps getting better and better. I hope the bird’s movement is freeform so we can explore more of these islands in the sky. That’s probably the biggest draw of the new mount for me at this point, reminds me of Ricky. :D

    • They’re probably the only means to get from one Island to another, I would love to spend hours just flying randomly in those skies to be honest~ :P

      • Yeah! I would too, similar to sailing the seas randomly in Wind Waker! :)

  • Flying in the skies would be awesome. So I guess the world is full of floating islands? Because that is great and I’m looking more and more forward to this game. Gotta get Wii Motion Plus though…

  • onilink888

    Hmm… I would’ve thought a Pegasus  would be the closest equivalent to a to an airborne Epona. Meh, mutated pelicans work fine, too, I guess. :P

    • At first, I thought a dragon steed would be cool, but I realized that they were a bit overused, and EAD would probably go with something more original.

      Though I don’t mind them using birds… I would think they would go with something, I dunno… a little cooler? I mean, there a lot of cool looking birds out there, like hawks or eagles.

  • The graphics still need much polishing. Heavy reliance on motion control, do not know if I want. I hope the HUD gets further decreased. It takes up so much precious screen real estate.

    • Code

      I definitely agree with ya about the HUD, it just feels so obnoxiously large in this game opo; I’m hoping there’s options to remove it, or something.  

    • lostinblue

      They took out the giant wiimote at least.

  • I haven’t got Motion Plus yet, I still yet to decide either to get Wii remote with moition now (with Fling oR Wii Sports Resort) or wait until the inevitable Skyward Sword bundle is release, possibly with special edition wii remote!

    • Except you at least get speed boosts here, the slow constant speed of the boat in Wind Waker made exploring the seas less exciting than it should have been

      • Yes I agree, it would be nice if there is speed boost of sorts, also I guess they can also do what they did in Wind Waker which was have some mini-games to get extra rupees or something while travelling

    • I believe they’ve already announced that the special edition will come bundled with a gold wiimote+ :)

  • Digging the style. It doesn’t have as much charm as Wind Waker or the mysteriousness of Majoras but it’s a good trade-off between what “fans” want and what actually looks good, definitely doesn’t completely turn me off like Twilight Princess did

  • Let’s hope this bird controls much better than that bloody vulture in Mario Galaxy 2. :I

    Otherwise, I’m somewhat interested in this.

  • YsyDoesIt

    I really want Sheik to make a comeback.

    I just don’t feel it happening in this environment.

  • KeyCross

    I hope there is going to be some action while flying or at least the distance between the islands isn´t that big. I would enjoy watching the characters fly for a couple of minutes, but after a while I can imagine myself getting bored. Specially if there is going to be many delivery quests.

    The art style looks great, and the whole scenario makes me remember the sky dungeon of Twilight Princess.

    So, “the hero of time” uniform is older than the royal family lineage? Now that´s something I didn´t expect.

  • IB2004

    Maybe this zelda was the first before her family became royalty

  • Epona as a bird? Whatever works I guess, makes for a little change of pace to fly instead of the usual horse riding.

  • animation is okay on this just like wind waker but i think twalight will always be a rare and wounderful looking zelda game XD!

    i cant wait for this release!

  • XypherCode

    i kinda like the non-serious look of zelda :D 

  • are you sure the name of the bird is epona?

  • ZBaksh386


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