Fortune Street, The Dragon Quest X Mario Board Game, Has Online Play

By Spencer . June 15, 2011 . 3:20pm


Fortune Street, a localized version of the long running Itadaki Street series from Enix, is basically Monopoly with Mario and Dragon Quest characters. And playing a board game by yourself is… well boring.


Famitsu notes the Japanese version Itadaki Street Wii supports online play over Nintendo Wi-Fi. The game has country wide online battles, so it doesn’t sound like you’ll be able to challenge a Fortune Street veteran in Japan. For newcomers, Fortune Street has an easy rule set to get players started.


Nintendo of America have Fortune Street slated for release this holiday season in North America. Square Enix will publish the title in Japan later this year.

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  • Code

    rar, awesome >w<' Consider this sold, I know it's a stretch but maybe this is a sign Square might look into future Itadaki Street games overseas opo; Probably not since this seems mostly like Nintendo's doing. Still I approve.

    • I cant believe they just waited until this late in the gen to bring one over.

      • Code

        Yeah really xpx; I think it’s even surprising we’ve had to wait this long for an Itadaki Street game, I mean the series has been around since like 1991; and then on top of everything it’s Nintendo of all companies to bring it over. I’m calling a fluke on this one >w<'

      • I believe it. Risky localizations like this are common late in a console’s life.

  • AnimeRemix

    Really looking to owning this game! *__*

  • Do we know if a outside company developed the Wii and DS Itadaki Street games?

    Same goes for Mario Hoops and Sports Mix, I dunno, kinda funny for SE to be doing all of these in-house.

    For example, Mario Superstar Baseball and Sluggers were not be Namco/Namco Bandai, but actually by NOW PRO, who helped with a number of recent Sonic games, but also made the Little League World Series on Wii for Activision.

    • Mo

      Itadaki Street games, like all Enix franchises, are never developed in-house (since Enix did not have an internal studio). Don’t know who is responsible for this game though.

    • We’re well aware of development outsourcing, but that information has not been spilled yet. And I’m sure as you know some publisher keep the true developer a secret.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    The game looks like it teaches younger gamers about finance…kind of like Monopoly.  I can see sales going either way.

  • looking forward to pwn @Zero_Destiny:twitter in this game

    • Zero_Destiny

      Hehe Just wait until Ren, Lee, and I kick your butt hard core in this game!!! XD Don’t come home crying to ya momma afterwards though Okay!!! (Gotta love Wi-Fi)

  • I think i’ll stick with mario Party games this doesn’t look fun to me might for others but not for me.

  • I hope it’ll have WiiSpeak/Headbanger support, or else my friends and I are using Xbox Live for our voicechat. 

  • I hope they’ll also bring over the DS version if this sells well enough, as I’ve got no Wii.. :/

  • Barrylocke89

    As someone who loves this kind of game but isn’t sure if I could get his friends into it, I approve of online play.

  • This looks way to technical for me:). Mario party is just a fun pick up and play game without a whole bunch of rules. I think my mind would die playing this game, but the inline play is a big forte for me :). I might think about it…..

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